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Earth & Water Part II – Men of Stone

Tuesday, April 4, 2017 13:01
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“Earth & Water Part II – Men of Stone”
By Francis Marion

“In soft regions are born soft men.”
 – Herodotus

“Click here for Part IHerodotus tells us that as the first Persian empire swept westward that the nations and tribes they encountered were met with an offer of “Earth & Water”. I can imagine the response of the first Greek peoples to meet the Persian emissaries making the demand: “Hey Alkibiades, there’s a guy here from out east looking for earth and water. What should I tell him?” “Sounds reasonable. Give him a shovel and a glass, let him have his fill and send him on his way.”

The Persians of course, were looking for something quite different. An offer of “Earth and Water” was a sign of submission which meant that once offered and accepted, everything the Greeks and their neighbors owned now belonged to the Persian empire. Those who accepted the offer became vassals of the Persian state. Those who did not would face the might of their army. Submit or be destroyed. That was the choice.
The circumstances in the west today are not unlike the dilemma the Greeks faced some twenty-five hundred years ago. For the Greek tribes and city states, the Persians encountered, their submission was an issue of numbers. Each state would ask themselves, “could they resist and survive or was submission necessary to avoid being wiped off the face of the planet?”

The Athenians originally accepted the offer of “Earth and Water” from the Persians. They were at war with Sparta and thought that an alliance with the Persians would help them defeat their old rivals and neighbors. It turned out they were able to handle the conflict themselves and when they sent the Spartan’s packing on their own they formally withdrew from the alliance they had formed with the Persian empire.

The Persians, however, saw things differently. What the Athenians saw as an alliance the Persians saw as submission. In their view, one did not ‘withdraw’ from this sort of agreement. It was this critical misunderstanding that in part led to the Greco-Persian wars and it is similar to the misunderstanding that much of the west has today with regards to its relationship with Islam.

A quick look at Europe shows that the situation, this time in relation to the influx of Islamic peoples (mostly fighting age males) from Middle Eastern and North African countries, is, in fact similar as the people of the west, being, by and large, ignorant of both history and the culture of their new ‘citizens’ misunderstand their intent.

Unfortunately, the circumstances today are complicated further by the rise of political and cultural marxism within our societies. The marxist leadership of the west assisted by the army of useful idiots, brainwashed and led by a complicit media, have either grossly misunderstood the nature of the West’s relationship with Islamic nations or are complicit in their own destruction. In the old days, we used to call this treason. But I digress.

Some of the western European nations have fully succumbed to the Islamic demand for “Earth and Water” already. Sweden is perhaps the best example in terms of ignorance of the nature of the agreement. Their new ‘feminist’ government, recently in Iran, adorned themselves with hijabs as a sign of ‘respect‘ for the culture of the host nation. Their mistake is in misunderstanding the nature of the gesture. The women of the left have not figured out that wearing the veil is not seen as a sign of respect by their hosts but rather as a sign of their submission to them. That is how such a thing is viewed by the men they visit. In doing so they are not being ‘cosmopolitan’, they are being weak.

That women of this type of character hold positions of political power in nations like Sweden and then subsequently act in the manner that they do is a signal to those men in the Islamic world that their nation is no longer sovereign but rather owned by the men they willingly submit to, including the hundreds of thousands of Muslim men living within their borders already. The rape epidemic lead by these ‘refugees’ in Sweden, which is largely ignored by both the media and the government itself, is evidence that it is indeed a conquered nation. Not only do Muslim men now own the apparatus of government, as evidenced by the “feminist” submission in Iran, but the flesh of its women as well. That Swedish men do nothing is further evidence of the submission of the Swedish state to Islam in general.

But Europe is not lost. Like Themistocles rising from the ranks of the commoner to the status of hero in ancient Athens, statesmen, and men of obscure backgrounds will once again lead the way into the future for a new Europe.

Not all the ‘city states’ of Europe have capitulated and it is from those areas, particularly in the central and eastern regions, that new leaders are rising who will push back against the onslaught of Islamic migration and diplomatic/demographic warfare wrought by the ruling marxist parties and their masters who are so entrenched in power.
The words of Herodotus I quoted at the top of this essay ring true especially in the twenty-first century. The men of western Europe have simply had things too good for too long. Having never lived through the scourge of communism themselves they are embracing its bastard child, a form of economic and cultural marxism designed to wipe out not only the economic sovereignty of the nations it infects but their cultural identity as well. So it is not surprising that dissenting voices, the political heroes that Europe is so badly in need of during this turning, are being spawned in the central and eastern part of the continent where the memory of what marxist thugs can do is not so distant.

Hard men are coming from regions born of hard times. It is my estimation that the ‘official’ push back against the marxist elite occupying the political offices of western Europe will come not from their own people but from other nations like Hungary and Poland. How that will shape up as time goes on is anyone’s guess?

Indeed, in 2017 Western Europe is now in a position of occupation. The unholy alliance of marxist eurocrats, politicians and Islamic fundamentalists who come not only as migrants but who also occupy positions of political power cannot and will not be easily undone.

Even with the rise of populist political parties and homegrown, grassroots resistance the odds of the damage being reversed without physical conflict are slim. Freedom of speech, the last avenue for resolving political differences is essentially dead in most of western Europe. Individuals willing to speak up and point out the obvious have risked and in some cases lost it all.

The deep state in Europe is heavily invested in the current program of migration and submission, of Earth and Water. In the past, we would have called the actions of these sorts of elements treason. Today, it is the rule of thumb and to speak out against it has become a crime in and of itself.
Think of men like Tommy Robinson what you will but it is my estimation, particularly given the ease with which the truth may be exposed and recorded in this day and age, that history will judge him to be neither a racist nor a bigot, but rather a man who loved his country and his people enough to put everything he had and everything he was, on the line.

In the coming months and years Europe, if it is to survive the onslaught of Islamic migration that the marxist deep state elements have both created and encouraged, will require more and more men just like Mr. Orban and Mr. Robinson. Like Themistocles, from the common man and Miltiades born of the aristocracy, the west will have its heroes once more from both the obscure and the noble. And like the rest of our history time and our progeny will be their judge.”


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