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Legends of Stone (A St. Patrick’s Day Article)

Friday, March 17, 2017 10:13
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Legends of Stone
By Deanna Jaxine Stinson, Metaphysical Geologist
Halo Paranormal Investigations – HPI International!/groups/HPIinternational/
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You carve my name out
With light into spaces
Of stone which I know
Without doubt
In our faces
We travel at
The speed of love
And with the
Weight of wings
Formed from above
We fly down together and
My future on Earth
Is running out like
An hourglass body
Sand for a heart lunging
Falling into places in
Your time trap
Pieces of desert
Pyramid traces
That we see
Yet, I’ve always found
As the best teacher
So then
I will listen
To the wisdom
And be free

Legends of Stone
The legends of stone are immortal pieces of a long forgotten Earth, which remind us of the powerful past, of many civilizations of humans and Gods. The stories that we have collected from previous generations of culture and society, have made their way into modern philosophy and prophecy. We are one race, coming together, into a future of technological advancements.

With this article, I hope to share with you some of my favorite collections of stories, written about in the ancient past, where magick was accepted as a daily part of life, at a time when Gods could bring great honor and beauty to their people’s lives. It was a time for wonderment and belief and all precious treasure, which is all but eradicated in this scientific and material world, today.
Some of us do not lose hope that there is divine fulfillment and we rebel against popular notions and explanations for forcible beliefs of existence and survival. Our egos drive us to become fulfilled and so, we have come to a point where mystery is yet to disappear, in chance to evolve as a species, into one mind, as a universal force successfully.

The time will come when everything we know fails us and we will rediscover the power of our souls as one planet, in this gigantic galaxy. We will understand what cannot be spoken and worship none who are without glorious purpose. We will glow as starlight and energy, leaving behind all the worldly titles and comfortable serenity, we have found here. We will lift up the dimensions of time and space, to live on, as an evolved race. No, not all of us would understand a galaxies purpose, not even an ever changing, living goddess herself, could comprehend her ultimate power.

Blarney Stone
This limestone resides at Cork, Ireland. It was set into the castle tower approximately 1446. If anyone kisses the stone, they will be blessed with the gift of gab. They will be lucky to speak eloquently and with much charm, humor and grace. Many people from all over the world travel to see Blarney castle, for this experience.

The beginnings of its mystery, are with a lawsuit in the fifteenth century, which Cormac Laidir McCarthy, the builder of this place, was in a battle to win. He asked the goddess Clíodhna, to help him and she instructed him to kiss the stone of the castle, to be gifted with divine speech. He did before court that day and the outcome was in his favor.

Clíodhna is a great goddess of Ireland and Queen of the Banshees of the Tuatha Dé Danann. She has three brightly colored birds, which eat the apples from a celestial tree. Her song is said to heal the sick. She has her palace in the center of a pile of rocks, about five miles from Mallow, which is known to the locals as Carrig-Cleena.

There are many magical histories connected to this object. Some believe that this is the “Stone of Destiny,” brought to Ireland by the prophet Jeremiah but, there are many loosely held beliefs as to this piece of history, which I will get into later on, within this article. However, modern scientific analysis suggests that the stone is not related to the Stone of Destiny. Others still say that it may be the stone brought back to the Irish, from the Crusades, named the ‘Stone of Ezel,’ behind which David hid, when he fled from his enemy, Saul. A few though, will claim it is the stone that gushed water, when struck by Moses, from the Christian bible, as instructed by God.

Her birth begins in the Asia Minor lands. She has no record of her existence, if only for the statues and carvings, left in temples of stone. Therefore, she is shrouded in mystery and lost knowledge. She is often found to be a mother goddess and one of the mountains as well.

Inscriptions reading “Matar Kubileya,” at a Phrygian rock-cut shrine, dated approximately the first half of the 6th century BC, found here, translate as “mother of the mountain.” There was a cult following of her here. She is associated with lioness and power energy. This strength all combines, to form into a primordial mixture of Queen Hood and majesty.

Her beautiful figurines are found in Çatalhöyük, Turkey molded from; alabaster, basalt, blue and brown limestones, clay, marble and schist.

There also are animal worship idols and a male deity collected alongside these works. The animals being more common then she is. She is displayed as a woman with large breasts, stomach and behind her is bones and flesh, connecting her from the physical to spiritual realms. She has a feline on her right and left side, as she sits upon a throne. Analysis and interpretations are still open to question but, the fact remains that she is indeed immortal.

At Pessinos in Phrygia, this goddess takes her artistic formation from an unshaped stone of black meteoric iron. She is revered as a boundary between two worlds such as Earth and Heaven, life and death or civilization and wildness. So, to be carved into such rare and high quality materials would make sense and also fulfill its purpose as a magickal artifact.

Broteas, a hunter and son of Tantalus, was mentioned to have carved the most ancient and legendary image of this Great Mother of the Gods, before the 2nd century CE. Because of Borteas unwillingness to follow the patron goddess Artemis, who was very popular, especially with hunters at the time- he found himself cursed and eventually was sacrificed in a fire. All the while Cybele, today, is mostly lost to time and memory. Her sculptures and temples lay crumbling and forgotten.

The sculpture in question is carved into the rock-face of the crag Coddinus, north of Spil. Pieces of her have broken off into the landscape below.

Rome officially adopted her cult during the Second Punic War (218 to 201 BC). They saw meteor showers and their civilization was not prevailing and so, they thought it was perhaps because they had at first not accepted her. She is therefore pronounced as patrician property, as a stone being, by the people, whom acted for the clear benefit of the Roman state. The Megalesia festival to honor Magna Mater began on April 4, which is the celebration of her arrival in Rome.

During the 6th century BC, cults to this Anatolian goddess are still being introduced in other parts of the world. Here they go forward from Phrygia into the Greek colonies of western Anatolia, as mainland Greece, also with the Aegean islands and the westerly colonies of Magna Graecia.

Reliefs depict her amongst young attendants, with their torches and vessels for purification and healing lifted. To raise this energy up, it is told that dancing and music will help awaken her.

It is rumored that she at one point, unfortunately required blood sacrifices. Her supernatural allure spills out and demands to be cleansed by mortal life energy. She craves notoriety and attention. She has a hunger than, which cannot be fulfilled, as she lies in balance of the world of the known and unknown, still to this day, seeking more…

Below, I want to recount to you a dream I had, which inspired me to write this article. Dreams are oftentimes the link between our conscious and subconscious world, which transfer us into a hybrid reality of fantasy and decision. Please read on to breathe the breath that I have, while sleeping and give into the visions of solitude and humanity.

Friday, March 3rd 2017
The Dragon Balloon

I am in many places at once. The time may be unstable because I am shown these different circumstances, as if I am many different parts of myself, existing separately as fragments of memories.

There is a house, which appears to belong to my mother’s family, as I can read imprints in the wood and walls and know them. I am in an upstairs room, with only a blue blanketed, iron frame day bed, white dresser and a bronze, glass top, lamp. It is the attic because the ceiling is slanted in.

In the center front of the room is a window that is a circular octagon shape. I find myself drawn to it and I slowly walk into the energy field.

The outside is a gigantic mass of grass. There is sunlight and a small breeze. The breeze picks up a large balloon in the wind. It is an Asian style dragon, which is floating up, gently in the air.
I giggle as I realize that I am actually on top of the dragon balloon, riding inside of a basket. However, the body of the beast lay beneath my feet. My hair is black, as I appear to be a child, riding nobly.

I hear a knocking next, outside of my door, which causes me to turn and notice. It is a wooden door, painted the colors of the balloon, yet darker; royal blue, orange, yellow, white and red, all slashed about in diagonal designs.

I do not answer but, I hear myself speaking. I am on the other side, trying to give a message. I listen to shoes on the floor, pacing loudly.

The noise is mumbled into soft words, without a translation. I have too much fear and cannot unlock the portal, to let myself in, to clear this up.

I stay in this room, walking about and touching the walls, trying to understand what is happening. I can’t think straight so, I go back to the window again.

The sun is set and there is a round and soft full moon staring back at me. I see myself again, climbing a brown ladder to the lunar surface. I am climbing up, very carefully. I am in an adult stage now, with long blonde hair, catching fire in the wind and dancing about the breeze.

As the moon creeps in, upon my face, there is me again, knocking. The words come out loud and strong but, it is another language, which sounds like slow rain, dripping on metal. It is drawn out and sharp, yet serene too.

The energy saturates in the room and then it becomes clear. The woman’s voice comes to me, as a soft voice creeps into my ears, which speaks, the truth emerges; “The moon does not lie, where it appears…”

Easter Island
This island is in the Pacific Ocean, at the south east point of the Polynesian Triangle. It is a world heritage site for its ancient culture and famous statue heads, which are called moai. The earliest human inhabitation of this place is said to be from 300 CE or as late as 1200 CE. Evidence of the Polynesian culture is found primarily by the widespread evidence of ancient sweet potato crops and the heads. Easter Island is one of the most remote inhabited islands in the world. The name “Easter Island” was given by the first recorded Dutch explorer, Jacob Roggeveen, because he encountered it on Easter Sunday in 1722, while searching for Davis Island.

The moai, or Easter Island heads, are carved stone representations of ancestor spirits. There is a chief head, which was organized over nine cults in the area. The high chief is the eldest descendent of first-born lines of the island’s ancient founder, Hotu Matu’a. It is held in belief that the people were encouraged to make offerings to the ancestors through the stone manifestations, in order to ensure their physical and spiritual needs would be met successfully in the future.

During the 1700’s the population declined drastically from about 15,000 inhabitants down to just over 2,000, because of the extinction of many plant species, caused mainly by the Polynesian rat. This invasive species was newly introduced and they thrived and reproduced rapidly, causing widespread damage. They easily chewed through the vegetation, until there was scarcely anything leftover.

In December 1862, Peruvian slave raiders stole approximately half of the island’s population, including the heir to the founding father. Along with the capture, much of the culture was lost with the people, who knew how to speak and write the ancient languages. After a bit, they were eventually forced to return the people, whose immune systems were severely weekend and many died from smallpox. This caused such devastation, that body’s lay where they die and could not be buried. In the end, about 97% of the population was destroyed. In 1966 the remaining Rapanui are given Chilean citizenship.

Amongst some of the ancient artifacts are bird men, who were also popular in Hawaii. They are thought to represent the Makemake, a grand God. He is the creator of humanity and a powerful fertility charm. The God has a trans-Neptunian dwarf planet named after him, because it was discovered shortly after Easter 2005 and the first European contact with Easter Island was on Easter Sunday of 1722.
Because of the highly intelligent artistic significance held in this culture, it is believed by some that perhaps the people were coerced into creating such beauty and advances by extraterrestrials. Because the heads can weigh tons each, it is often put into question as to how they would have carved and moved them into place, with seemingly, such grace and precision. Also, the ancient bird men figurines and depictions often found in the area can represent a space person or perhaps, the many species of birds, which lived in the trees. Whatever the case, Easter Island is legendary.

Egyptian Pyramids
The universe’s oldest monumental structures, existing at least 2630 BC, are constructed of dressed masonry, known as the Egyptian pyramids. The most famous are found at Giza. Several of them, are known to be the largest structures ever built. The Pyramid of Khufu being the largest Egyptian pyramid. There are over one hundred structures like this, in Egypt.

Such architectural and spiritual concepts of the bridge between Heaven and Earth are built into these magnificent stones. Imhotep is credited with being the first to materialize these ideas into actual tombs, mainly built for royalty. It is no secret that the ancient beings respected the pharaoh as a divine and transcendental character of the other realms.

The pyramid was designated in shape, to most easily access the dimensions of the Gods. The material used is a shiny limestone, with many different variations, to fill its mixture. It was made to represent the celestial objects of the sky and to be aligned with solar systems and constellations, which were held with high regard. All of these Egyptian pyramids are built on the west bank of the Nile, which, at the sight of the setting sun, appears to be the realm of the dead, understood in Egyptian mythology.

Many people speculate the existence of aliens contributing to the excellent placement of these soul habitats. This is because of the lost translations and meaning behind such popular concepts of the era, which are common sense to most of the time, yet they were not properly accounted for because of this. The highly advanced nature of creation has left many speculating the resource and loyalty of the persons of the time, which had to be inspired or forced onto them by a higher power, to be so perfect.

The lion is a symbol of strength and courage. Legends of lions have been written about in many cultures such as; the bible, Egyptian hieroglyphics and modern day artistry, like Disney movies and films. In Persia, there are many depictions on tombstones, walls and buildings.

The animal is special, mostly being portrayed as royalty.
Evidence of lions has been found in several places, such as; carvings in the Chauvet Cave in France, dating back to 32,000 years ago, cave paintings of Lascaux, which are approximately 15,000 years old and also an ivory carving of a lion’s head from Vogelherd Cave in Germany, which has been determined to be almost 40,000 years old.
The lion represents many mystical concepts, in a spiritual manner and energy as well, such as; a demiurge, which is an artisan-like figure responsible for the fashioning and maintenance of the physical universe and manifesting reality. This symbol is used commonly for awesomeness and can be found for Yaldabaoth the God, with the face of a lion and body of a serpent, The angelic name “Ariel” (meaning “the lion of God” in Hebrew) and whom also stands guard over places of ancient power, throughout the world.

Ariel is a high angel of God, who is known as a spirit of nature. Ariel has standing in Christian and Jewish religions. The origin of the purpose of this name is unknown; however, important references are made to the lion and lamb, in bible stories, which could serve as a clue and connection. “Ariel” has been called an ancient name for the leontomorphic Gnostic Demiurge (Creator God).

The lion was well known in the days of old and his might was more incredible, before the use of guns came into play. It used to take great strength and courage to defeat this foe and much honor would be bestowed onto the conqueror. In dreams, he still takes his status. In life he is regarded more so with beauty and art.

There is a beautiful sculpture, regarded with great care in the previous centuries, known as the leontocephaline (lion-headed), most currently living at the Louvre museum in Paris. This is originally part of The Mysteries, created in Mithraic temples. This Lion-headed marble figure is from the Sidon Mithraeum. It is connected with a serpent, like a caduceus, which also has strong association with Hermes, God of divine messages and immortal and mortal communications, in Greek tradition. He has four wings like those angels who deliver messages from the Abrahamic Allah, to this world, sometimes come in fours. He also holds one to two keys, symbolizing mystery and time, with a scepter, for proof of royalty and nobility. It is widely accepted, that the context of these perceptions, represents time and seasonal change.

Sidon is an ancient city, believed to have existed from at least 4,000 BC. This city carried very highly respected religious philosophies of a larger area. It was also very renowned for glass manufacturing. In 1111, Sidon was besieged and overtaken by the Crusader Baldwin, the future King of Jerusalem. Next, in 1187, it was captured by Saladin, but was lost to the Crusaders in 1287. Then, eventually, it changed hands into the Saracens. By the 12th century, “Saracen” is entwined with “Muslim”
in Medieval Latin literature. The Templars gathered it up shortly after but, were not strong enough to keep hold over it and was used by 1291 after the destruction and exchange with Mameluke forces. Maml#363;k generals used force to control a dynasty and ruled over Egypt and Syria, approximately from 1250 to 1517. The name evolved from an Arabic word for slave. This is the creation phenomenon of the specific warrior class of great political importance, ending the era of the crusades.

Approximately during the 15th Century, Sidon was now one of the ports of Damascus, where it becomes a part of Lebanon and is with French occupation. In Genesis, Sidon is a son of Canaan, a grandson of Noah.
The country earned independence in the year 1943.

Mithra is the Zoroastrian angelic Divinity (yazata) of Covenant and Oath. The mysteries are formed by Roman perceptions of (Pseudo-) Zoroastrian ideas. Also with Rashnu “Justice” and Sraosha “Obedience”, Mithra is one of three judges, residing at the Chinvat “Bridge of Separation”, which all souls must cross through. It’s a classic good versus evil weighing ceremony, which one must attend, to transcend time.

Mithraism, also known as the Mithraic mysteries, is a religion founded on the god Mithras, which was practiced in the Roman Empire, around the 1st and 4th century. The religion was inspired by Persian worship of the god Mithra, where it became popular and widespread.
Zoroastrianism exalts a deity of wisdom, Ahura Mazda (Wise Lord), as its Supreme Being. Zoroastrian theology includes a duty to protect nature.

The religion states that active participation in life through good deeds is necessary to ensure happiness and to keep chaos at bay.

The Stone of Destiny
This stone is a historical and mythological piece of Scottish history.

It is a sacred object in which all royalty, since Kenneth MacAlpin of the year 843, is blessed with. It is used for coronation of monarchs from Scotland to England and Britain. Its importance lies in the fact that it has absorbed such legendary power into its being and has therefore become a bearer of good fortune and honor.

This artifact has ties with many magical persons. For example, in the Christian bible’s Book of Genesis, words hint that the stone in question is to be the one in which Jacob, running from his brother Esau, falls sleeping upon, in the city of Luz, heading towards Haran. He is laying his head upon a pillow and climbing a ladder into Heaven, while in slumber. During this time, he sees angels going up and down, through the process of this vision. The symbols stand for the connection, like a gate, between the Earth and Heaven.

God then goes on to proclaim to Jacob that the land is dedicated to him and his descendants forevermore. He then names the very spot, Bet-El, upon his awakening. Bet-El translates to mean the “House of God,” in his language. He consecrated a pillar, with the stone encased inside, on which he had been sleeping, here.

The stone then was removed from Egypt and was brought to Spain, by Gaythelus, the Greek prince. From there, it is moved to Ireland by the prophet Jeremiah, where St Patrick blesses it, so that it can be used as a coronation stone, for the future kings of Ireland and it brings more glory and power to the throne.

The stone was then taken again to a new location, where it becomes known as the Stone of Scone. This is because it resided at the monastery of Scone, Scotland, in the church, near to a high altar, hollowed out into a round chair, onto which future kings were sat for their coronation, according to traditions.

Scone is for almost 1000 years, the ritualistic crowning place of Scottish kings. Kenneth MacAlpin, first King of Scots, chose Scone as his capital. There is 38 Kings of Scots crowned at Scone. It is believed that no king has a right to reign as King of Scots, unless he had first been crowned at Scone, upon the Stone.

It is said to have been stolen in war. Now, it stays from approximately the early 13th century, onto the royal throne of England, at Westminster Palace. In The Treaty of Northampton made between the Kingdom of Scotland and the Kingdom of England, England agrees to return the captured stone to Scotland; however, riotous crowds prevented it from being removed from Westminster Abbey, for a while.

The Stuart kings and queens of Scotland sat on the stone at their coronation as kings and queens of England. The Stone of Destiny was used in 1953 for the coronation of Elizabeth II, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Then, on St Andrews Day, in 1996, Scotland’s coronation stone, the Stone of Destiny, was installed into Edinburgh Castle. After all the traveling, it remains in the Crown Room of Scotland today, at this very place.

There are many variations of this mysterious object, as record keeping has been kept loosely and the mystical beginnings from which it is born, seems to be of ethereal origins. In the 1950’s there was a small mishap with some students who tried to steal the stone and ended up breaking it apart and from there, the governments are not sure if copies were made and of the true return of it. The people in question were not very trustworthy as to their intents and purposes and basically cursed themselves severely by doing this. So, because of all the age and living of the stone, the record keeping may not be accurate.

Legends of Stone
Whatever moment we find ourselves in now, is the best one to start building our ladders into the otherworld with. Whether it is by actions, deeds or words, we should take the lessons from our ancestors and create a spiritual existence for our souls. After all, we are all climbing in life to our goals and dreams, so why not do the same in the afterlife?

As we take the visions with us into the terrestrial word, we can reach up into the outer confines of our minds and start to strip the veil which binds us into worldly slavery, where we master the art of systems and plans, all the while forgetting the true matter of the universe is ethereal and light. Where we fail, let us then leave a solid foundation to get back up again and achieve the impossible…

Deanna Jaxine Stinson, Metaphysical Researcher and Author
aka Wish Fire
[email protected]
Paranormal Hotline 916 203 7503

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