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Parallel Universes and the Déjà Vu Phenomenon: A Mysterious Mindboggling Connection (Video)

Sunday, March 12, 2017 6:58
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It is possible that Parallel Universes and the Déjà Vu phenomenon are mysteriously connected

Most of us have had, at least once in our lifetime a ‘déjà vu’ experience, that mysterious feeling where time seems to pass by in slow-motion, where you perceive information in such a way as if you had already experienced the current situation sometime in the distant past.

Ranging from paranormal disturbances and neurological disorders, researchers have been trying to explain the mysterious phenomenon for decades, yet no one has been able to understand fully how we can live the ‘déjà vu’ phenomenon so inanely.



‘Déjà Vu,’ which originates from the French languages and means ‘already seen’ is a rather common occurrence that we know very little of. When you come to experience a ‘déjà vu’ moment you feel mysteriously overtaken by a mysterious force which unconsciously tells you ‘this already happened before.’

The ‘déjà vu’ phenomenon is reported occurring on an occasional basis in 60-80% of people around the world. It is an experience almost always transient and occurs randomly.

Many researchers propose that the phenomenon is an experience based on memory and assume that the memory centers in the brain are responsible for the ‘déjà vu’ phenomenon. However, there are those who associate the ‘déjà vu’ phenomenon with prophecies, past life experiences or memories, clairvoyance, or a mystic signpost which could indicate a sense of fulfillment of a ‘predetermined’ condition in life.

A Déjà vu experience occurs quickly, without warning and has no physical manifestation apart from the announcement: “I just had a déjà vu”.

But if all of the above cannot explain this mysterious feeling that nearly everyone experience once in a lifetime, then what can?

There are some who have connected the ‘déjà vu’ phenomenon with the existence of parallel universes.

Parallel universes? But… do they exist?

Well actually, Scientists might have spotted another universe sitting next to our own. According to astronomers, light spotted in outer space might have ‘spilled through’ from another universe very close to our own. The bright patches could be in fact leftovers from another universe that began in the vicinity of our own according to scientific study. Scientists believe that they can actually get a peek at one if the said universe started out close enough to our universe, so the two were able to ‘touch’ which would then leave a viewable signature in our universe. In order to find these signatures, scientists have compared a map of the cosmic microwave background (which are leftovers from the early universe) with a picture of the entire sky taken by the European Space Agency’s Planck telescope. What they found after left researchers mesmerized. After they had subtracted one from the other, they saw an eerie patch of light in the sky, a patch of light that could be explained as being the remains of collisions with other universes.

But can a Parallel Universe explain a ‘déjà vu’ experience?

According to Dr. Michio Kaku, an American futurist, theoretical physicist and popularizer of science, Parallel universes can explain the mysterious phenomenon and states that quantum physics actually provide the necessary details which suggest déjà vu might be caused by your ability to “flip between different universes.”

The idea that other universes (multiverse theory) exist has been supported by several scientists, among them Professor Steve Weinberg, a theoretical physicist and Nobel Prize winner. According to Professor Weinberg, it is possible that in the same room an infinite number of parallel realities coexist with us.

“Nobel laureate Steven Weinberg likens this multiple universe theory to radio. All around you, there are hundreds of different radio waves being broadcast from distant stations. At any given instant, your office or car or living room is full of these radio waves. However, if you turn on a radio, you can listen to only one frequency at a time; these other frequencies have decohered and are no longer in phase with each other. Each station has a different energy, a different frequency. As a result, your radio can only be turned to one broadcast at a time. Likewise, in our universe, we are “tuned” into the frequency that corresponds to physical reality. But there are an infinite number of parallel realities coexisting with us in the same room, although we cannot “tune into” them. Although these worlds are very much alike, each has a different energy. And because each world consists of trillions upon trillions of atoms, this means that the energy difference can be quite significant. Since the frequency of these waves is proportional to their energy (by Planck’s law), this means that the waves of each world vibrate at different frequencies and cannot interact anymore. For all intents and purposes, the waves of these various worlds do not interact or influence each other.”― Michio KakuParallel Worlds: A Journey Through Creation, Higher Dimensions, and the Future of the Cosmos (source)

All of this means that it is quite possible that, at the exact moment you experienced a ‘déjà vu,’ you are in fact ‘vibrating in unison’ with another parallel universe in the cosmos.

Source Ancient-Code

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  • Not saying they dont exist but, one thing i read in a psycology book on the psycotheropy of the human genius, stated that de’ Ja Vus are probably, ( hidden memory ). The one thing it recommended when having a de javu, is too stop, and think , ( am i smelling something that i smelt from the past? ) , or am seeing something?, or feeling something from my own past , lol , here, on this world, plane. In most cases that is what happens too me. The feeling of De Javu is the result of usually a odor. , some odor i havent smelt in a long time. Please remember that our senses are powerful triggers in our heads that can even manifest itself in a physcical way on our bodies. Their have been examples of extreme trama from peoples past , like beatings, whippings, burnings etc, which 30 + years later , re-manifest themselves on the persons flesh!!, and only because of remembering. , so the idea of odors triggering memories, also triggers the sensations that came with it. The taste, of the food, or the smell, or the beatings of the past are very real, even if memories. I truly hope that came out ok., i was just interrupted, and lost my train of thought. On a side note though i wish too state that our Creator in his Infinite wisdom, is capable of creating anything, and he probably has. , so the idea of alternate universes is logical. Some of my personal De Javus are not explainable even though i tried too annalyze them thoroughly. , or their is also the ones which involves other people. Picture this:: you see someone that looks familiar, so you approach them and say HI i remember you , but please forgive me, i cant picture it, but i never forget a face, and yours looks soo familiar. Then you are about too continue with your logical reasoning with them, leading up too the inevitable ( did you go too my school in blah blah blah?), only too realize that the person finishes your sentence , and continues your very thoughts , like their reading your mind. Weird I have heard and seen weird things in my life, and many goes without explanation, soooo?? Alternate universes?, why not.

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