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Russia Spills the Beans: Antarctica, Its Not What We’re Being Told! Will This be the Real Jurassic Park? (Videos)

Wednesday, March 8, 2017 7:46
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Ground-penetrating radar have discovered another continuent under the Antarctic ice. Is this the fallen angelic civilization that has captured the interest of world leaders, and particularly the Vatican? Now there is a ban on Antarctica, see why. Plus the Venomous 14-Arm Octopus!

Join me with the facinations of Antarctica. Amazing, even frightening developments and discoveries continue…



From DaVineVigilent



From Night Terrors

Russian Scientists in Antarctica battle Organism 46b, Antarctic Creature, Lake Vostok Octopus

Organism 46b hunts by first paralyzing its prey with venom. The strange creature seizes and dismembers prey using a powerful beak, breaking the food source into pieces.

The ancients believed in monsters of the deep, serpents hiding under the waves, threatening to capsize the heavy crawling ships of men. Today there is no ocean or lake that has not been probed, and found wanting for sea monsters. Except for the freshwater lakes buried beneath the ice of Antarctica.

There is a hidden continent under the ice cap of Antarctica. Ground penetrating radar established the existence of hundreds of lakes on this continent. Because of pressure exerted by the ice, these lakes are not frozen. They are liquid, containing fresh water that has been isolated for at least 15 million years.

The largest of these is Lake Vostok, covered by a glacier two miles thick. On top of the ice sits the Russian Vostok Research Station. It took ten years for the Soviets to drill a vertical tunnel in the ice in which a special elevator was built, designed to hold a single man. In 2012 the eliptical drill bit finally reached, down the eastern shore of the lake. A team of eight men was lowered to the original surface of the continent, one man at a time. What followed was a closely guarded state secret, until a Russian scientist defected to the West. 

Dr. Anton Padalka was a member of the Soviet research team. He became a defector after learning his government had military plans for a discovery made in Antarctica. Granted sanctuary in Switzerland, Dr. Padalka disclosed the existence of a life form native to Lake Vostok… a strange and lethal creature designated as Organism 46-B. During a scuba dive for which they required low-temperature wetsuits, the creature was encountered on day one of the expedition.

Organism 46b is a species of giant octopus, but with 14 arms rather than eight. It shares traits of its nearest known relative, “vitreledonella richardi”, the glass octopus. But 46b can do one thing that its smaller cousin cannot. It can paralyze from a distance of 150 feet because its venom is contained in the sac that is normally used for expelling ink. Expedition member Alexis Vindogradov, the radio operator, was dispatched in this way, and the radio was lost. 

Like the Mimic Octopus of the Indo-Pacific, 46-B has remarkable powers of camouflage. The Mimic physically changes its form to resemble one of fifteen other aquatic species, such as a lion fish, or a sea snake, or a jellyfish. Again organism 46-B takes this ability one step further. Dr. Padalka witnessed the creature in the shape of a human diver. They thought it was a member of the team swimming toward them. The scientist nearest to the creature, a marine biologist, became the second researcher to lose his life when the organism resumed its shape and ripped him to pieces.

At this point the expedition chief, A.M. Yelagin, decided to use a specimen tank to capture the organism. The only female member of the team, Dr. Marta Kalashnik, was used to lure 46b, not because she was attractive, but because as a former professional athlete, she was judged best able to defend herself. The trap was a success, but one of the sea creature’s arms threatened her. Kalashnik was forced to use her axeto defend herself.

According to Dr. Padalka, when the man-eater was brought to the surface it was confiscated immediately by Soviet security. The international press was told nothing was found. The entrance to the hole was plugged. Russian President Vladimir Putin now intends to weaponize the venom of the prehistoric beast.

From Sherry Shriner

The Rescue of those on Antarctica and What’s Really Going On

Update on Antarctica and what’s really going on down there with The Creatures…and why they are rescuing evacuating everyone down there and the military is on its way.

From Marins Reality



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  • 10 years to drill a hole 13000 feet deep only big enough to hold one man, guess they didn’t have a CSM graduate on the team.

  • You know the story about the Russian scientists battling a squid is a work of short fiction posted by the author on his website right?

    You also know that McMurdo Station is currently accepting civilian job applications right?

    You understand you’re just repeating other uneducated people’s nonsense, these people get away with it because everyone thinks of Antarctica as this mysterious far off place you can never get to.

    The fact is you can take cruises there, do flyovers, land and go skiing, etc.

    Maybe try researching Antarctica, before regaling us with taled of Russians fighting giant poisonous octopi, and other made up nonsense.

  • it might have had a tropical environment/ecosystem long long ago before it got covered in ice just like other places around the world today that are also still covered by ice

  • Oh no!, not the Decatesera opus .

  • So Jack, which beans did the Russians actually spill?

  • if you did the flat earth theory i dont want to hear a fukn thing you got to say, only a fing idiot would say the earth is flat

    • I suppose you believe in Santa Clause, The Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy.

      • He’s saying he thinks the Earth is not flat. You’re the one that dragged mythological characters into this.

      • What are you saying??? They dont exist????? :wink:

      • They do exist in most households while the kids are young.

  • So GLOBING WARMING is going to EXPOSE all of this, when all of the ICE FINALLY MELTS AWAY…

  • Man

    oh those Russians… they exposed aliens, flat earth, the NWO and now the antarctic.

    they are such honest, transparent people for the rest of the world

  • In Europe we did learn about Antarctica in school. Also about Admiral Byrd, he was not the first to discover as it showing in Video, Admiral Byrd was also killed in less then a year after returning back to America. We also knew the Germans used it trough out the war!! Having a family working for the government we did learn a lot more. As I am looking at the video it is all true, but what I don’t understand is why our elites evacuated so quickly from Antarctica not too long ago. After all here in USA they don’t even talk about the location. Many many people died in process or even just to get close to the location. It was not hush hush for us but this is a different world !!!

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