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Monday, April 27, 2015 6:13
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All Jade Helm Roads lead to Walmart

All Jade Helm Roads lead to Walmart

The absurdity of the Midland Walmart story in which the store had to be closed because of plumbing issues is amazing. In Midland, the Walmart is closed and we see a plethora of military activity at the store. Since when did the military service Walmart plumbing? Yet, there are some Americans who still believe this cover story.

All roads related to Jade Helm lead to Midland, Texas. Midland is at the heart of Jade Helm. If Jade Helm could be turned back in Midland, the globalists would have to find another means to subjugate the American people.

“I Don’t Know Nuthin”

In the past several days, I have talked to six people from both Midland and Odessa, Texas. Some of these people who form the economic backbone of the area, and they have figured out what is coming. I know there have been multiple private conversations about what to do about the growing Obama administration cancer growing right in their backyard among local business leaders.

In Midland, the number one Walmart, with regard to per capita spending in America, is suddenly closed, without warning, fires its employees and the former store is now a hotbed of reconstruction and military activity at the site and is crawling with military and the DHS personnel and vehicles. Where is the outrage?

From local business leaders, I have been able to ascertain that the cover story regarding Walmart’s faulty plumbing being the reason for the closure is a complete fabrication. The Midland, TX. Walmart had its plumbing updated six months prior to the closure of the store and no new plumbing permits have been obtained.

Unfortunately, every person I have spoken to is afraid to put their name on what they know to be true. They want to tell their story, but they are afraid of any consequences associated with standing up, exposing tyranny and doing the right thing. In this time of extreme crisis, we do not have the time to play games. If one is not willing to speak out ad be accountable for their statements, then do not masquerade as a freedom fighter. Since Saturday morning, I have spoken with five men and one woman and each one expressed fear and concern that they and their family would be victimized if they spoke out and they told what they knew. I am looking for people with courage in Midland who are outraged by this takeover and are willing to investigate and go on the record.

To the people of Midland, Texas, your city has been taken over by the Obama administration. Some of you are feeling the consequences of the takeover, the rest of you will soon feel the consequences of the takeover. Despite the fact that you will soon live in modern day Auschwitz, you remain relatively silent. Many of your people are being used to retrofit this Walmart, the economy has negatively been impacted by the closure of the Walmart, the military vehicles are at the closed Walmart for all to see and yet, the business and political leaders of your community “don’t know nuthin”.

Right now, today, there should be people in the streets protesting the military takeover of Walmart in Midland. Instead, we have a couple of people with video cameras attempting to covertly get the word out of the military invasion that has come to their town.

What We Know

Look at the following video it is shaky and unprofessionally produced, however, it shows the world what is going on in Midland where evil is triumphant because good men and women are saying nothing.


In the following video, please fast forward to the 22 minute mark, which is a must watch. At the 22 minute mark, Pete Santilli reports on his talk show how he has inside information that Walmart, Facebook and the DHS, (Editor’s Note: Pete has the documentation to support his position), have partnered to install facial recognition software in every Walmart because at some point in time, 85% of all Americans go into a Walmart.  (Pete’s report can be accessed at the 22 minute mark on the tape). In the same Santilli presentation, he played an ABC report which stated that plumbing permits for the closed Walmarts were not acquired and that includes the Walmart in Midland, TX.

Coincidentally, the following video also references the great work done by Deborah Tavares on Future Strategic Issues/Future Warfare (Circa 2025). I say coincidentally, because Deborah was a guest on my show last night and she spoke of these revelations. On page 101 of the report, available at Deborah’s site, there is a reference to the fact when we take vaccinations, we automatically have a bio-identifier implanted in our system that can be scanned to identify where we are at any given time. I have learned from my sources, that these markers are not totally reliable because they can biodegrade over time. Yet, the intention is clear, DHS is attempting to tag us before they bag us.


Walmart Is Part of the Purple Command Structure

My sources tell me that the Walmart Supercenters are going to be used as a multi-purpose facility. The Walmarts that are open will indeed be used to identify everyone who enters their store and the information will be instantly relayed to DHS. Therefore, if you are a person on the Red List, you better stay out of Walmart. In fact, all Americans should be encouraged to stay out of all Walmarts.

It is not just Walmart that Red Listed people must worry about. The problem for any people who have been “Red Listed” is that they do not know how many other public venues will have the same capacity for facial recognition. Four years ago, when I was investigating Intellistreets technology which included plans for DHS to install facial recognition software in every traffic camera and light pole, I learned that most traffic cameras are already tied into the NSA and DHS database with facial recognition. There can only be one reason to possess this technology and that is to identify and to eliminate political enemies of the state.

The military term “Purple Command” means that a facility has a joint use function. For example a military base may play home to the Marines and the Air Force. This is looked at as a cost-savings measure. However, it is also a means to unify the military under one strategic command in a Gestapo type of approach that will be needed to control the military and its personnel in the coming purge.

The Purple Command structure of Walmart, at this point, appears to be two-fold. The Midland Walmart as well as the other closed Walmarts, as I have identified before, have been converted into a military logistics operation. It is clear that tunnels are connecting the Walmart under the guise of plumbing supplies. Additionally, an inordinate amount Walmarts are located near railroad tracks and this certainly helps to confirm this intention. The question that is not being answered in these Walmart conversions is what is the Obama administration preparing for? I will address that issue in the conclusion of this article.

Back to Midland for a moment, I was told by two people that there is construction going on inside the Walmart in which many of the product shelves have been replaced by much bigger and much more sturdy shelves capable of sleeping two at a time. This was their words not mine. This speaks to a second purpose for this Walmart and that would be slave labor. Does this sound far-fetched?  It does not when one considers Executive Order 13603, issued by Obama, which calls for “unpaid consultants” to do the work assigned to them by the Department of Labor in Section 502.

Again, the credibility of this part of the report is compromised because both parties were to afraid to provide any identifying information. My media colleague, Paul Martin has been told EXACTLY the same story and Paul is not afraid to use his real name. People of Midland, your community has been invaded by the Obama administration and you need to put eyes on this Walmart and begin to release credible accounts that can verified. You will never know if you could turn this back with enough attention unless you try.


All Jade Helm roads to lead to Midland. In this former Walmarts lies the clues which tells us where the Jade Helm crisis is headed.

The latter development, listed above, with the notation of the installation of sleeping facilities speaks to the fact that we are looking at the second (purple) purpose of the Walmart takeover and that is most frightening of all. The closed Walmarts will be used as work camps for the receipt and distribution of military hardware. This explains all of the military vehicle activity we see at the Midland Walmart.

What are these Walmart centers and the 133 closed Target centers in Canada preparing for? Who are going to be the combatants. That will be the topic of tomorrow’s article.


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  • So if Midland is where it’s at, why don’t all you story tellers haul ass down there and show us some real pictures of what’s going on instead of hearsay?

    • That is an interesting question. The answer to that question is because they are not real journalists. I guess you could say they are “armchair journalists” but that might even be taking it a bit too far.

      • Great reporting Dave. Keep posting your cutting edge research and do not pay any attention to those who speak nonsense in the comment section. More often than not they work for the Government and come fast and furious on you posts.

        Everyone needs to know beyond the shadow of a doubt that the Satanists are in a hurry to round up the true Christians and kill them as Jesus is now bringing His Kingdom into the earth and is about to raise up the Supernatural Army of Joel Chapter 2 through the rapidly unfolding events of Revelation 12!

        Read all about it at and

      • Well, I grew up in Andrews, which is about 25 miles from Midland and I’ll be going there this coming weekend to see some family. I’ll make sure I go the extra 20 minutes out of my way drive by and take a peek. :cool:

      • In Dave hodges case, not even armchair journalist. More like bonafide a$sclown

      • Cluck you…Jade Helm is “treason”.

      • 3SquirrelsNoNuts…you and ovomit have gender confusion…time to collect some/any testosterone and some/nuts princess.

      • Equalizer, 2 out of 3 of your comments mention men’s genitals. Says a lot about you, clappy

    • Military crawling all over? Really?! The only photo that has been posted so far is what appears to be a handful of military vehicles parked — not directly on Wal-Mart property — but along the street behind the Wal-Mart and in plain sight of OTHER buildings and passers by.

      I’m not saying there isn’t games afoot but you seriously discredit yourself with unfounded, non-vetted sensationalism.

    • A Racial Program for the Twentieth Century (occasionally A Radical Program for the Twentieth Century) was first publicized by Eustace Mullins.

      Written in 1912 by Israel Cohen, a British Jewish Communist, the text first gained public notoriety on June 7, 1957, during a debate on the Civil Rights Act of 1957, when Rep. Thomas Abernethy of Mississippi read a reputed quotation from it into the Congressional Record:

      We must realize that our party’s most powerful weapon is racial tensions. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by whites, we can mold them to the program of the Communist Party. In America we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the whites, we will endeavor to instill in the whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negroes. We will aid the Negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause.

  • mitch51

    What kind of reporter are you anyway, Dave? You told everyone to go to the Bundy ranch in southern Nevada. Although you were just down the road in Arizona, you didn’t even bother to show up. What a damn FEEEEEEEEEER POOOOOOOORN© Poofsters you are. And now, you make no effort to go to Midland to get a possible Pulitzer and expose this? What in hell is the matter with you, Hodges? You ain’t any reporter.

    • Biach 1/5 stooge extraordinaire…your so full of BEEEEEEEEEEER & POOOOOOOOOOOORN©…time to get off your poor Mom’s computer before she gets home and finds out what you have been doing and wash your winky!

  • Texas Tribulation ~ Suitable Toxin Rat

    Texas ‘n’ Tribulation ~ Next Brutilisation

    • First Flood Then ~ Filth of Rodents

  • Rick Joyner is a false prophet. He is wrong more times than he is right.
    He endorsed the likes of Todd Bentley who unceremoniously dumped his wife and 4 kids so he could move in with the church secretary. This guy does not hear from God.

  • At long last, sir, have you no shame? is there not a more logical, and sane, explanation, that being that walmart is retaliating against THE store where all its labor protests began??

  • AllRoadsLead2NWO

    Great, a ‘contributor’ already copied part of my handle here already- yeah your not welcome. I will write here what
    I do know for a 100% fact about 2 Walmart locations where i am currently staying in the company(state) that is ’round on the ends and hi in the middle’ within the corporation of columbia(america). There are 2 walmart stores that are both located literally down the street both within 1/4 of mile of National Archive Warehouses. Why? Coincidence? Who knows, but usually nothing happens by accident and really there is no such thing as coincidence espeically when comes to politics and so called ‘government.’ Besides this fact, anyone with half a brain- which i know is 99% of the population of Columbia( a nataion of blind and brainwashed sheepish slaves) can see what the Walmart logo is. it represents the Eye in the center of the pyramid- more precisely the left eye of the God of the this world ‘Lucifer’. For those supposed Christians it is right there in your bible. It clearly states Lucifer is the God of this world- and is clearly depicted on the reverse side of the Foreign Independent bankers Federal Reserve Systems One Dollar Paper Note- which (Coincidence again,lol) is Identical to the Illuminated eye in the pyramid on Aleister Crowley’s magical hat. The New World here which was solely created to usher in the New World Order has been in the works for thousands of years and dates to ancient Egypt ( again coincidence) the All seeing left eye of Lucifer- the bringer of light and intellect into this ‘his world’ which is Our Morninmg Star -the thing we call the Sun (our Star). It is Starshine- not ‘sunshine’(Sonshine). Take a minute from your busy day. Go look at the video of the NUCLEAR SECURITY SUMMIT. With all of the world ‘leaders’ attending, including Dick Cheney and George Bush’s cousin- the guy who calls himself obama. See the PYRAMID HOLOGRAM SPINNING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROOM??? Look at thye color? See WALMARTS EYE LOGO IS EXACTLY THE SAME EYE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE PYRAMID.

    This is another Conspiracy Fact amongst an endless line of Conspiracy Facts. Columbia(america) was created for this- the New World Order and has been under the control of the Masonic Lodge (CHURCH) SINCE DAY ONE. Look at Washington performing a Masdonic Rite (magic ritual) in his full masonic attire with apron and offerings and incantations at the laying of the corner stone of the White House. The truth is there is no ‘conpsiracy’ they have been doing everything right out in front of everyone- the problem is the people living here are gullible and ignorant and they know this. Read Joe Biden’s 1993 article entitle ‘HOW I LEARNED TO LOVE THE NEW WORLD ORDER’- WALL STREET JOURNAL 1993. And for Mr. Common Sense here- the fact is ALL ROADS IN AMERICA (COLUMBIA) LEAD TO A NEW WOLRD ORDER. That is all.

    • Well, finally someone who gets it, literally. We actually do live on Lucifer’s planet, but small minds can’t conceive of that possibility.
      Everyone screams about the NWO coming and the “beast” system. It’s already here! It’s always been here!
      Look on the back of the dollar bill it used to read: E Pluribus Unum, which means one for all.
      Now it reads: Nivus Ordo Secourum, which means New World Order.

      • AllRoadsLead2NWO

        I believe E Pluribus Unum loosely translates to ‘Out of many comes one’
        and Annuit Coeptis means ‘he approves our undertaking’ and
        Novus Ordo Seclorum translates to ‘New Order of the Ages’ i.e.
        ‘New World Order’. It was not coicidence that there were 13 colonies
        just like christians do not understand that it was not a coincidence
        that there were 12 disciples because with +jesus it is duh, 13.
        Before Pope(Roman Emperor) Gregory changed the calendar to what we have now
        the ‘Gregorian’ Calendar of course it was Julian(Ceasar)- but this is how
        we get the ‘leap years’ I am pretty sure it used to be measured
        again by Solar and Lunar cycles and was 13 months- with a common
        month averaging 21 days- just like the phantom limb phenomenon.
        It takes 21 days for your brain to apparently accept change of anything.
        If you accidently cut your right arm off today- your brain will think
        it is there for at least the cycle of 21 days.

        Anyway, Eisenhower ordered ‘In God We Trust’ put on all
        of the currency after his supposed meeting with ‘aliens’ at
        Holloman Air Base and during this encounter he stated that
        his God/Lord was Jesus and they produced in front of him
        a hologram of jesus actual crucification basically
        like live video feed but right in front of him and they
        apparently conveyed they knew all about it or whatever.
        Of course it freaked him out and He made the ‘executive
        order’but it does not state in which God they trust.
        Just god which coincidently is dog backwards- just like ‘live’
        is evil backwards and ‘lived’ is devil backwards- but perhaps
        that is just fun with the english language. Think about 13 though
        no coicidence that in 1913 the Federal Reserve Act was passed.
        I know i write too much for most people that think a paragraph
        or 2 is ‘a book’- which makes me wonder if they have ever read
        one in the first place. Check out ‘The Ultimate Delusion’ by Stephen Ames
        free online and ‘Pawns in the Game’ by William Carr circa 1958 free
        pdf online.

      • Yes. The earth is Lucifer’s planet made for the Devil himself… All these Bible thumpers should know that verse because it is stated… But they only pick and choose versese to fit their point…

  • Ever been to Midland?

    B O R I N G !!!!!!

  • Maybe it`s Joe The Plumber?

  • I don’t live far from Midland, and while your ‘phone cam’ (actually, the other sensationalist who’s also more-often-wrong than right, Dahboo7) does show a few armored Hummers on a flatbed ON THE STREET near Wal-Mart, this proves nothing.

    You did mention that Jade Helm is coming (actual dates are July 15 to Sept 15, 2015), you failed to point out that Jade Helm doesn’t officially start FOR ANOTHER 3 MONTHS still! Add to this, that we keep inching towards a war with Russia as well as Iran, and that MOST MILITARY BASES in the U.S. are IN the Southwest (like Bliss, Twentynine Palms, Cannon, and dozens of others), and the chances of you seeing active moving equipment and troops is high.

    If you want ‘assumptions’, start with actually being a reporter and GOING THERE TO INVESTIGATE! From all the information out there, that isn’t spun, twisted, or fear-spin, the actual facts are a lot scarier!

    From what they are doing, and how they are talking it up, the chances are that we are about to have a planet-catastrophe (incoming asteroid, massive volcano, pole-shift, etc.) something is about to happen, and the locations of the closed Wal-Marts, combined with the Jade Helm exercise, is set up at the perimeters of where this is about to occur. You are seeing them stage up for response to a major catastrophe. Man-made? Who knows. BUT, it sure looks like everything they’ve done for the past two decades is nothing more than dress-rehersal for what is about to hit us now.

    This doesn’t absolve them from anything they are planning, or plan on doing to the people. Them keeping it a secret in itself is a breech of trust to the public. That said, clearly this proves one thing above all others, THAT THE GOVERNMENT CAN, in fact, KEEP A SECRET. To those who say little green men don’t exist, because if it did, the word would leak out – I give you Jade Helm. Validation that if they don’t want you to know, you won’t.

  • Wal-Mart is being very clever here and taking a huge step against their competitors.

    There may be ANTI-TRUST and ANTIMONOPOLY LAWS that give others a fair chance. If Walmart is trying out a new distribution system and purchasing bandwidth (underground bandwidth) from DHS, the other stores including Kroger, Kmart and King Scooper should also be able to participate.

    Imagine being able to ship supplies on high speed trains across the United States with almost zero friction at near supersonic speeds. Yes they are putting in a plumbing system all right. They are putting and in connecting up some pretty big PIPES …15 to 20 feet tall!! But competition should always be fair….that is what ANTI-TRUST laws are all about…FAIRNESS TO ALL. Other stores need the same ability.

    Kroger, Target, Sam’s Club, Cosco, Sears, JC Penny, Kmart – wake up!!


  • I live and work in Midland three weeks out of the month. I am from the Tyler, Texas area. I had a friend ask me to check out the closed Wal-Mart so I drove by yesterday (4-26-2015) It is indeed closed, but there are no military vehicles anywhere in sight.
    As for the military vehicles in your video, they are not “parked” out back of the Wal-Mart in question. There are two Wal-Marts in Midland, and the one in your video, the one that I shop at, is the south Wal-Mart right next to I-20. Trucks park behind this Wal-Mart all the time. It just happens that a truck with military vehicles was parked there on the day of the video. I assure you that if I take a video today of the same location you will see a flatbed truck, or more likely a commercial enclosed van 18 wheeler. There is no conspiracy, and all is well in Midland, Texas. BTW, I am an Army veteran. But I believe that truth, not half-truth, will serve our cause well. The other side is in the disinformation business.

  • :idea: :arrow: Citizens. You all need to start to organize fellow citizens to stay a look out around the clock in your city once Jade Helm starts. You know the Gov and your city will do nothing, so it will be up to you.

    Gather as many people as you can, and start to plan key main roads in/out of your city, and ensure you have all overnight covered for these criminal government treasonous thugs. Maybe you could park you vehicle(s) need all major intersections and monitor vehicles; and if they look suspicious, follow them. Or you could have fellow citizens drive up and down your streets at night, looking for vehicles travelling… Or even have citizens in chairs on the corners. Also it might be nice to have walkie talkies so you all can keep in touch and pass on what you see to others so they can go and check it out….

    But simply relying on your city and gov to protect you is off the tables, so it is up to its citizens. Also, why not place color dots on your cities vehicles so when they pass by, they can be seen and known to belong there. This way here, you can more easily spot the criminal gov in your area…

    But having a around the clock (especially during the night) MUST HAPPEN for your communities safety. I highly suspect that with them sneaking in the dark of night, they will be doing something to dismantle your power lines so when the time comes, they can hit a button, and take down all your cities power/communications only at the same time. By the Gov targeting that specific key location in each city, will give them access in the dead of night to rig up some type of device to blow that cities vital link offlline. Doing it this way, they will only being doing one nighttime demolition that no one will see and notice, so it is up to each of your cities citizens to stop them.

    Good luck on your fight for our lives and country. Paul Revere


    I was doing some research on wooden shoes and such and guess what I found ?

    Wooden Shoes (clogs) somehow is related to Plumbing Problems in the crossword puzzle world !

    could just be a coincidence, but i find it to be a strange coincidence at least.

    • J

      The common sense show . com says wooden shoes were provided for slave labor detainees at concentration camps.

  • What a SCAM!!!! This is not even the Midland Walmart in the video!!! I live in Midland, my husband’s best friend is a plumber for Ervin Plumbing. He is AT THE WAL-MART right now doing the plumbing job! He is IN THE STORE and has been every day since last week! There are no military vehicles, no military personnel. This website and the reporters should be ASHAMED of themselves for scaring people unnecessarily. I don’t trust our government either, and I believe that Obama IS destroying our country, but this article is just NOT TRUE.

    • Excellent, now just simply prove that to everyone. Get a copy of the company contract for the plumbing services and post it here on BIN. That is proof and fact. Words mean nada without proof. Thanks Robyn. Oh, will it take 6 months to complete the plumbing job there? As stated by their official terms of closure?

      Please understand, people are not getting all the facts about anything lately. They want to know, SO, they put pieces of the puzzle together making them fit as they see the big picture in their own minds. Fear of the unknown causes humans to do that. Inquiring minds want and need to know. That is due to lack of TRUST.

      Be kind and be helpful in these times of so many unknown truths.

      • Why should she have to prove it? The poor attempts at journalism by the hacks on here are not fact checked or proven?

    • Robyn – Indeed it is a scam, as are all of Dave Hodges articles. There is obviously no story here and there hasn’t been, but that won’t stop ‘The Common Sense Show’ from raking in as much money of this non-story as they can during this time. Robyn if you have the ability to easily post some sort of proof of all this it might be worth doing just to shut this whole thing down. Dave Hodges and the other crazies of this site never post any kind of actual proof and always call B.S. when someone proves they are idiots.

      Good Luck.

  • Funny, I tried to tell the TRUTH on here, and my comment did not get posted.

    • The Real Truth or the Fake Truth you were talking about and want us to believe? So where’s your proof? Surely they will be able to take a photo or something… If you don’t have it, please give us their phone number so we can call and verify it…

      • When these hacks start proving their stories you’ll have a leg to stand on mr Anonymous. The author of this piece has no proof of anything in this article except JH15 is happening.

  • Fun facts about Dave Hodges:
    Even fatter in real life.
    Carpet matches the drapes.
    Favorite color: Donuts.

  • :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: JADE HELM IS NOT A EXCERCISE. How can they train to “Blend In” into Foreign Countries when they do not even speak their Countries Language? So how does “Blending In” in clothing fool citizens in Foreign countries when they can not read, write or speak their Language? 100% Proof this is not Exercise! Right?

    How will any american soldiers practice to “blend in” in civilian clothing to invade any foreign enemy in say Mexico, Cuba, Japan, China, etc? DON’T THEY ALL SPEAK IN A FOREIGN LANGUAGE? So how can these soldiers learn to “Blend In” BY NOT SPEAKING IN THAT COUNTRIES NATIVE LANGUAGE? Clearly, this is only to destroy America, where they speak “American”. Even going to Canada, they will not blend in because they don’t have the language, so this is 100% proof it is to Overthrow your Nation and Citizens. So how this “Practice” teaching them to blend in in Iran, or Iraq, India… Impossible! The gov is the citizens enemy and targetting it very own people. Plain and simple. No other logical reason can be given.

    • So at the end of JH15 in September, are you going to recant if none of this BS you spout doesn’t come true? Probably not.

  • I am literally looking at this Walmart right now. Not a single military vehicle is here.

    • You have to WANT them to be there.

      Turn out the lights, close your eyes, think real hard, and then you should be able to see them in your minds eye.

  • Remember, 1$1$ is Based out of Midland, TX! Go back through stories around Christmas, and remember seeing a Midland, TX white contractors truck in the so called “Middle East”? Just happened that it was featured in one of their videos, with all the flags on that white truck, and with that private contractors name, and phone # on it, and they claimed it was “sold” and shipped to the middle East? hahaha Wake the heck up people and don’t forget past stories… See, most of these are/were made in the Midland TX area, and people are leaking out photo’s and stories….

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