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Can Anyone Save This Hell-Hole Called The United States of America?

Friday, March 4, 2016 5:45
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Do You Still Have Time to Get of America?

Do You Still Have Time to Get Out of America? Can anyone save what has become our hell-hole?


After the disgusting rhetoric in the Republican debate, last night, I am left wondering if anyone can save this hell hold called America. It is time to revisit the notion of leaving this soon-to-be-fallen country before it is too late to get out. 


It is time to leave America? Is it possible to leave the country and leave with your assets in tow? And where would you go?

There are many indicators that tell us that we have totally lost our country. Nowhere is this more evident than it is with what our media is choosing to glorify and so many of our young people are choosing to emulate the trash that the media is putting out.

We Live In a Country That Glorifies What It Used to Call Perversion

You now live in a country where nearly every vaccine contains aborted fetal cell products. Cecile Richards (i.e. the modern day Dr. Mengele, president of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, defended the organization’s practices of selling aborted fetal body parts. Why isn’t this monster in prison?

Wanted by Planned Parenthood.

Wanted by Planned Parenthood.


What Kind of Country Do We Now Live In?

We live in a country that murders millions around the globe so corporations like EXXON can garner a bigger market share.

We live in a country that is under de facto martial law with a record number of troops on the street and we call it Jade Helm. And the media, doesn’t report Jade Helm for what it is, the first military occupation of this country since Reconstruction. Jade Helm is being reported as an event that only conspiracy theorists would find objectionable.

We live in a country in which it is merely a matter of time until bail-ins come to our banks and gobble up your life savings and retirement accounts.

We live in a country, under relative tyranny, where every email is read, every phone call is listened to and your every movement is tracked and dissident journalists are harassed and even murdered by federal agencies such as the rogue NSA, CIA and IRS? Are you thinking about escaping our corrupt and criminal government that has been hijacked by the bankers? The level of growing tyranny and brutal martial law enforcement is off the charts.

Many are too old to fight and to fat to run. However, if you want you and your family to have chance to grow old in relative peace, my advice to all Americans is simple. If you are not going to fight, then you better get out of the country while you still can because the sides have been drawn and the conflict is coming.

Should you leave America, can you leave America? Are there more reasons to leave America? The answers to the first two questions are unclear to many. However, the answer to the last question is an unqualified yes!

Record Expatriation of US Citizens

expat 1Americans are leaving the country at record speed and the annual rate of expatriation is growing as over150,000 Americans departed the former land of liberty for greener pastures overseas in the past year. In fact, there are now over five million Americanswho are choosing to live outside the United States. Just why are Americans leaving this land of “freedom” and opportunity in record numbers, with no end in sight?  

Would you renounce your U.S. citizenship if it meant you’d be sending less of your hard-earned dollars to Uncle Sam? Do you want affordable health care? Do you desire to live a long and healthy life? Do you want your children to have an affordable college education? Do you want to retire in relative comfort?  Do you desire to live your life with more freedoms than you presently enjoy and not have to worry about government harassment? On balance, should most Americans stay or go?

There are reasons and myths which both favor and discourage expatriation. Below, I have listed a set of generalized statements about the viability of leaving America and these notions are examined.

The Highest Taxes In the World

expat 3The number one reason that Americans are fleeing the country is because of high taxes. The income tax rate rose last year to 39.6% from 35% for individuals earning more than $400,000 a year and married couples earning more than $450,000. Also, 77% of Americans will pay higher federal tax rates because the cuts in Social Security payroll taxes expired when Congress passed its tax package on New Year’s Day 2013 . The Tax Policy Center estimates that those who earn more than $1 million would pay an average of $170,341 more in taxes. If you are middle class or poor, you may not have the means to leave and your taxes have not been as dramatically impacted as the wealthy. It is a fact that expatriation does favor the upper middle class because one has to have a significant income to benefit from a potential move. In other words, if you are the owner of an Obama phone, you are better off staying in the country because you have little to tax.

We Can’t Leave Our Great US Pensions Behind

Meet the new robber baron, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew

Meet the new robber baron, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew

It is a myth that America has a good set of retirement systems.You are not getting the best pension package compared to other Western nations as America ranks dead last in overall pension benefits. And this is in the backdrop of the nothing-to-lose, second term Obama Administration, who is preparing to seize your 401k pensions. Secretary of the Treasury Jack Lew has already starting raided federal pension funds this last year so the government does not exceed the debt ceiling. America, your money is not even safe in the bank as witnessed by the fact that the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals who ruled that banks can steal the money of its depositors and it is legal!   There are no golden years in America unless you are in the infamous 1%.

Americans Stay for Higher Pay

Americans no longer live in the highest salary paying country in the world. In fact, the United States does not even crack the top ten list of the highest salary paying countries on the planet in which Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Japan, Norway, Austria, Belgium, Ireland, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom round out the top ten and pay their workers more than workers in the United States. In fact, the United States only ranks 20th in terms of overall gross pay! One would be very naive to call America the land of opportunity.

If We Leave Our Children’s Education Will Suffer

 The Education Policy Institute assessed the affordability of higher education costs and found that the United States ranks 13th in higher education affordability. At a time when our schools are producing students which are common coreperforming last in math and science as compared our industrialized cohort nations, leaving the country, in many cases, would benefit a child’s educational attainment. And do not forget that the Common Core Standards have come online and they will dramatically increase the dumbing down of American students. Most Americans mistakenly think they will help their children to rise above the rest by going to college. That type of thinking can be a financial death trap. To those who think your children can borrow their way to a degree, think again. Today’s U.S. college loan practices, which serves to underwrite much of the cost of a college education, are the most predatory in the world. As of 2013, bankruptcy cannot cancel out a student loan debt and delinquent college students can now go to jail for nonpayment. In fact, several federal agencies have even “swat teamed” many delinquent student loan defaulters. Nowhere else in the world can we find evidence of these types of predatory practices being used against college students as we do here in the United States. Even those who are degreed and/or skilled in fields such as engineering or information technology skills, are really wasting their time working in the United States. Eight of the world’s ten highest-paying countries for information technology (IT) managers are in Western Europe, according to a new  by Text-Enhance”>survey by Mercer Human Resource Consulting. The survey found that Swiss managers are paid the most, followed by those in Germany and Denmark. In fact, IT management is another field where U.S. workers fail to crack the top ten in income, the United States ranks 14th in IT management compensation. Even debt ridden Spain, Italy and Greece pay their IT managers more than what Americans earn on average. If you child is striving to become a high tech employee, they would be better leaving the country.

We Cannot Leave This Good Health Care Behind

The United States spends more than the next 12 nations for health care. However, it seems as if we are spending more and enjoying it less as, despite our exorbitant spending on health care, the United States ranks 50th in the world in life expectancyCuba, Puerto Rico and Spainhave higher life expectancies than the United States. Americans live in the only country in the world where its citizens cannot bargain shop for its medicines in foreign countries because the pharmaceuticals have convinced congress to establish a pharmaceutical monopoly over U.S. citizens. Death by doctor has increased to 225,000 per year. Healthcare would be an excellent reason to leave.



nsa tyranny keep telling yourself you are free

The Most Compelling Reasons to Leave

The NDAA, which allows for unconstitutional and indefinite detention by the administration without any due process, is reason enough to leave. If you are unfamiliar with the NDAA, Google the term and be prepared to be shocked.

Executive Order 13603 is also reason enough to leave the country. Go to the search engine on this site and Google this executive order and you will see that slave labor is part of the equation as well as the forfeiture of all private property and business interests.

With the release of the federal government documents pertaining to entitled FM 3-39.40 Internment and Resettlement Operations (PDF) came to light. The document was originally to be kept secret, but everyone in the military command structure, as we know, is not on board with the encroaching tyranny sweeping across this country. The document is a recipe book on how to organize and maintain a FEMA camp. I would suggest that all Americans turn off the TV for an evening and read the document which spells out what life will be like for millions of Americans. The language makes it crystal clear that one of the primary purposes of these numerous camps will be slave labor. The stunning descriptions of these plans can be read here. What happens to the elderly, the handicapped and the infirm? History clearly demonstrates that when slave laborers no longer serve their intended purpose to the state, they are exterminated. Is this what these well publicized FEMA coffins are for?

Is self-preservation enough of a reason to fight or flee?

Juxtaposition for Ex-Pats

We used to joke in this country that Americans build fences to keep people out and the Soviet Union built forces to keep people in. The American government is presently implementing financial and new tax policies which allows you to leave, but a much greater portion of your money must stay behind. Do you remember when American comedians used to joke about the former Soviet Union by saying “In Mother Russia, you don’t watch TV, the TV watches you?”  Some articles write their own conclusion.

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  • The question is, why don’t the American people want to save it?

    Answer: They have become victims of the public school system which is controlled by the government, they will protect the only system they ever knew from cradle to grave.

    • Correct. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER, and NO KNOWLEDGE IS NO POWER! You have COMMON CORE and why back in the day, we were taught KNOWLEDGE IN SCHOOL! NO TODAY!

  • NO, everyone in america has become traitors to each other and the country, no fake god is coming to save your azz

    • correction.. no God will save you.. from yourself.. YOU must do that..

    • YOU: “NO, everyone in america has become traitors to each other and the country.”

      That’s how Bolshevik Jew Marxism works – Internationalism with no loyalty to your nation.

      “Jew film propaganda knows only three heroic types: the prostitute, the pimp, and the criminal.” – Alfred Rosenberg

      Yashua Messiah is now Britain’s and America’s only hope – Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.

  • I am quite curious,
    but Mr. Common Sense, – - -
    Where do you call home?

    It was so many years ago,
    and I read about Mystery Babylon,
    and G-D said – -”Come out of her!, my People,”
    It never mentioned whether anyone left or not.

    I often speculated you could count them (those who left)
    on your fingers.

    I know of no place to run anymore. :sad:

    • I am the thumb on your right hand. :lol: :lol: :lol:

      The Congregation of God is small in number – MANY are called – FEW are chosen.

      Home is The Kingdom of God which Yashua Messiah will set up here on this earth – very soon.

      In order to come out HER you need to come out of HER Beast system as much as you can. Work for yourself for cash, buy with cash, close your bank account, sell any property you have if it is mortgaged and clear all debts – buy a motorhome etc. etc.

      • PS Get rid of the Zip Code/Post Code ASAP.

  • You show fear and have not the wisdom that comes only from the Father’s Holy Spirit.
    America is the Holy Heavenly Father’s nation that He chose and is where His children reside.
    All that is happening has been prophesied of old.
    The Book of Revelation can give you insight on the plans of our Father but without Wisdom you will not
    be able to discern the true meaning of the Father’s Holy Words.
    I can tell you that the Father tests His children and have them go through trials.
    Going through these trials most fall by the wayside giving in to worldly desires.
    What scares you I welcome because I have already overcame the world and there is nothing any greater than
    having the love of the Father and His Son The Lord God Almighty and having the Fathers Holy Spirit abiding in you.
    This puts to shame all you have mentioned and if you are deceiving the Father’s little ones with these words and bringing harm to them , having them move from the safe place the Father has given to them it would have been best best that you had never been born.
    To The Father Be The Glory
    Peace be unto you

  • The Earth general cleaning
    The Creators of the Space blocks control world gave all gratuitously. But Earthians turned the Earth to the planet of evil and corrupt plutocratical slave domination civilization.The biggest evil empire all over the world is USA being under invasion and domination by shapeshifters of reptilian humanoids of the Lizard which are the four-dimensional reptile type walking with two legs and covered the whole body by scales just as all ruling layers of every nations.
    The 2nd new civil war in USA is imminent and occurs near.
    In result, the new American people’s revolution wins.
    American peoples must realize the new society of everything gratuitous services in all areas of their social life, following the Destiny of the Creators and the development law of planets.
    But, the dictator of US, Rockefellers’ clique being shapeshifters of reptilian humanoids of the Lizard and their CFR are trying to distort the new American Revolution for holding the plutocratical slave domination system to the ex Soviet Union type which was the national capitalist system.
    If Americans don’t follow the above mentioned Destiny of the Creators, the general cleaning of the Earth will be staged. Thus, according to a notice from the Creators, an asteroid bigger in 30~50 times than so-called asteroid 2013 TX68 will collide to the North of US. This will become the new catastrophe of the Earth since the dinosaur extinction era. The US and Canada will be annihilated. 3 billions people will die.
    But survived 4 billions people of Eathians will construct the new Earth society liberated from the evil and corrupt social system with aids of the Galaxy Federation of advanced civilization planets, following the Destiny of the Creators.

    • The People on Planet Earth have destroyed all that was created. All the oil it removes from the ground, is like draining the BLOOD from a living being. So like A DOG, (the earth) it is time to shake all the fleas that are feeding on its Blood!

  • I left the cesspool 5 years ago. What used to be GODS greatest country on the planet. Now the worst.
    I read a lot of commentators on the financial,moral,social,etc issues worldwide. Only a very few have the courage or knowledge to name the perps. John Kamisky, Rebel news and a few others. The kazarian jews are the enemy’s of the world’s people. rottinchilds.rottinfellars sorry soros,kissinger et al. They hate us goyim.
    I see no hope left.

  • Course not. All anti-racists are slaves. After the Moronicans who all think that they are bronze age Arabs? From there it REALLY starts going downhill.

  • Dave Hodges, you are most brave, and ironically most calm. I heard you being interviewed, I think by Doug Haggman. You were driving in your car on speakerphone while on the show… anyways…

    American people used to be able to think about more things at any given time, but now their brains have been so programmed and miswired, they can think (or care) about less.

    So, we must just rally around one topic. Really, let’s think about this. One of the NWO’s new superweapons against us is the zero-point energy anti-gravity spy platforms:


    If we can all wake up to the fact of the reality of this, and all work togethe to demand full disclosure on how these crafts were developed, and demand access to the technology – as our taxes and debt were surely used in financing Area 51, etc. Well, we could have a new economic revoloution, even worldwide because of this technological breakthrough. The technology also includes Zero Point (unlimited) energy from the so called “vaccuum” or space itself.

    This is something everyone should get excited about. It would take away one of the NWO’s ultra-powerful weapons, it would provide us adequate defense against such technology in the hands of enemies (and even unfriendly aliens), get us off the gridlocked highways, and power our whole world. First, we’d need to manufacture millions of the new vehicles first – public transportation needs would be met first.

    Otherwise if we foucs/fester on the 100 other ways we are being demonitated, we’ll all be fragmented and made downtrodden and ineffective. We need to focus on this single issue that can ultimately solve all our greatest problems. The pilots flying these are enslaved. They don’t like being enslaved, and being used to enslave the rest of us (their families and friends also). They would defect if we could keep them safe to do so. All the many other conspirators would jump on the bandwagon to have anti-gravity technologies freed up too. If we can do this, it would be a very fun and prosperous new era instead of a hellhole tyranny – if you can see what I am saying.

    Please write a followup article about this based of the plethora of information and evidence branching from the following article:

    beforeitsnews dot com/science-and-technology/2016/03/shadow-nwo-has-been-launching-unnancounced-silent-ufos-over-us-as-part-of-enslaving-most-of-humanity-lots-of-incredible-video-evidence-2812250.html

    • WE NEED TO GET TRUMP TALKING about the AG-AI pltform craft deployments above New York State – and also the ongoing “CHEMTRAIL SPRAYING” distaster being dumped on us all over most of the planet. Why is the world is Potential President Trump not answering any questions about the chemtrail spraying yet at least? What a rubberheaded twilight-zone culture today!

  • Vye do you always say we GOT TO LEAVE????

    Vye don’t you tell them to take up arms and tell the effing liberal communist Democrap to leave??? There are a few thousand CRAZED liberal communist Democrap up against 300,000,000 ARMED Americans and your are telling US to effing LEAVE???

    Whose side are you on anyway?? I always question people that tell us to drop our arms and just leave!! KAPUT, just like that!

  • Highest taxes ?
    No. Not even close. Because US does not have VAT (yet).
    VAT is in average 3 times higher than the average sales tax in the US.

    So an EU worker will actually only be left with max 1/3 (~30%) of it’s on-paper income. The company is taxed, the worker is taxed and the VAT is taken. Only these 3 make 67+% of the total. So the EU dictatorial state gets 2 times as the worker that works…for it’s work.

  • How in the HECK can Ted Cruz overcome this Issue here ???????? I mean if this is true , a Constitutional Scholar should Know Better !!!!!!!!!!

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