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This Is the Only Reason That Clinton Is Not in Prison

Wednesday, March 16, 2016 12:59
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I have documented, nine times Sunday, that Hillary Clinton is guilty of the following transgressions:

1. Whitewater Scandal with a trail of bodies. 

2. Voter fraud in Arkansas

3. Trail of bodies in Arkansas

4.  Vince Foster’s suspicious death

5. Fast and Furious.

6. Benghazi

7. Email Scandal

8. Selling uranium to the Russians which could be used in maknig nuclear weapons.

Amazingly, this criminal is running for President. Why isn’t she being prosecuted?. 

The elite will do anything to make Clinton the President. She will start WW III and will collapse the economy and usher in a nightmarish future. 

In short, Lynch is a criminal and she is keeping another criminal out of prison.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch

Attorney General Loretta Lynch

Lynch is clearly working for the other side. 

In the aftermath of the San Bernardino, ISIS-inspired mass murder of 14 Americans, Attorney General Loretta Lynch, took it upon herself to violate the First Amendment of the Constitution based solely on her own authority, when she announced that her office was going to prosecute any journalist who dared to say anything critical of Muslim inspired terrorism.

Of particular interest to Lynch is her intention to prosecute journalists who dare to criticize the Refugee/Resettlement program of the Obama administration being carried out on behalf of the United Nations in which Muslims (no Christians) are admitted to the U.S. without being screened for threats to national security.

It was during this same time frame, that Doug Hagmann had a clandestine meeting with a Depart of Justice official who informed Doug that Lynch has created an entire DoJ division of over two dozen employees which is headed by an U.S. Attorney.

In short, Loretta Lynch has declared war on anybody who is critical of Obama’s immigration policies. Subsequently, I have decided to turn the table and investigate the current Attorney General. The revelations are stunning and very disturbing and point to the undeniable fact that Loretta Lynch is not fit to hold any governmental position in which there is an expectation that the U.S. Constitution is going to be upheld. Here are the results of my very cursory investigation.

Attorney General Lynch Belonged to Jew-Hating, Pro-Terrorist Harvard Group While Attending Law School

Belonged to a Harvard group that supported terrorism anti-semitic views.


Belonged to a Harvard group that supported terrorism and anti-semitic views from a known terror group.


Lynch’s expressed desire to act against those who purposely endanger Muslims is an expected part of her role as the Attorney General of the United States. However, he expressed intent and the carrying out of this intent by persecuting journalists for daring to disagree with the administration’s immigration policies is completely unconstitutional.

While attending Harvard Law School, Lynch advocated and helped to organize the presence of PLO terrorists to come to Harvard University. Her group would not allow Jewish students to challenge the views of the PLO. The PLO is a known terror group. At that time, in 1984, the PLO was actively advocating for acts of terrorism against Jews and they further supported efforts to destroy Israel. The would-be Attorney General supported Jew-hating terrorists. However, she has an issue with journalists criticizing the act of bringing in unscreened Muslim immigrants who come from a part of the world that is decidedly anti-American.

Loretta Lynch Is a Race-Baiting Criminal

Loretta Lynch was a charter member of an all-black Harvard sorority, the Xi Tau Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority
 along with Eric Holder’s wife, Sharon Denise Malone. White females were not allowed to apply for admission.

Lynch’s association with the Holder family is very concerning to say the least. Former Attorney General, Eric Holder, left the position in a cloud of controversy as he was found in contempt of Congress, for his refusal to tell Congress what he knew about the illegal gun sales to Mexican drug cartel members which led directly to the murder of Border Patrol agent, Brian Terry in what became known as Fast and Furious. Loretta Lynch is of the same ilk as Eric Holder.

Who could forget the Black Panthers with billy clubs, along with their silly paramilitary outfits as they blatantly confronted voters at a voting station?  Holder was shown video, proof, and took no action.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch has inherited this open investigation and has done nothing with it. This is a case of selective law enforcement coming from the Attorney General’s office and it clearly smacks of racism because the victims were white. Just imagine if the tables were turned. How quickly would Lynch have responded then? As a white person, am I naive to expect the Attorney General, regardless of race of gender, to defend American citizens against such actions?

Loretta Lynch sworn in as Attorney General, as she swore before Almighty God, to protect and defend the Constitution.


Loretta Lynch sworn in as Attorney General, as she swore before Almighty God, to protect and defend the Constitution.



Why isn't Lynch holding Clinton accountable?


Why isn’t Lynch holding Clinton accountable? Simple, she is going to be the President and lead us down the final path of destruction. 



 Clinton must be kept free to do what she does best and rhat is why she not in prison and she must fulfill her destiny to destroy the United States. 

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  • Clinton needs to be indicted immediately following the inauguration of the next president. Any sooner, and Obozo will pardon her…

  • Hitler was a saint compared to this Puss ridden dog that’s overdue for a dirt nap.

    • Hitler was just what Germany needed at the time and he did do a lot of good at first not that our BBC or Hollywood would conceive of that in the history programs they show us that are still pumping out propaganda after the war has been over for 80 years.

      Carpet bombing by the British and USA lead to a lot of people starving to death and not just the jews and puffs of the day and if he was into gassing people to death then how come Hitler would never allow the use of gas on the battle field or are we to beleive that he didn’t have any.

      • Ever heard of Operation Rhine Meadow, Operation Keelhaul or the Morgenthau Plan?

        Search for it.
        It’s about killing millions and millions of Christians by the Jewish Zionists!
        This is the REAL holocaust of W.W.II

        But this is not in the (by the Zionist controlled) history books.

      • Spot on VG.

  • Communist have overtaken your government thanks to the cowardly Republicans who just stood by and watched but mainly because they have been beguiled by liberalism and racism. TWO hypocritical, self-accusatory and false doctrines.

    But how did it come about you say?? Easy-peasy, you have FORGOTTEN YOUR GOD!! You have put down your Bibles and picked up your “paperback writers” with their endless theories about everything, about self-help, heal thyself and why God is dead nonsense.

    You have now learned to prey instead of pray. Now the confederacy of dunces have taken over. Or what God calls the women and children to be your leaders.

    Look, a deluded crazed woman is poised to take over after a crazed and deluded sodomite negro!

  • It’s time to clean up crime in America.

    3142 counties are in America.

    If citizens within each county worked with the Sheriff Department in their own county to bring ALL criminals in their own counties to justice, that would be a good start.

    Also, if penalties in state courts were stiff enough to make crime not pay or be so attractive to thugs, that would be steps in the right direction.

    Many people think they are above the law and are more ‘special’ than others.

    It’s time for that to stop.

    If criminals are committing crimes in Washington D.C. they are most likely committing crimes in other places within the states when they travel or live within the United States.

    Many of those crimes fall within a county Sheriff’s jurisdiction.

    It’s hard to be in Washington D.C. committing crimes and sitting in a county jail for crimes committed within a state all at the same time.

    Sheriff’s in many places would appreciate heavy citizen support to clean up the crime in their counties.

    We can do this. We just need to get started.

    Contact citizens within our own counties and hold public and private meetings with the local Sheriff to see what we can do to support him in the cleanup of the criminals living in our own back yards.

    Regardless, if they are the local drug dealer or the federal and state employees or politicians.

    Crime in America is like a Big Elephant.

    By working with the local Sheriff in 3142 counties we will be able to eat that elephant by cutting it up into small pieces.

    Let’s get rid of crime and the criminals and Make America Great Again.

    • U CAN’T STUMP TRUMP :grin:

      • you will find out Trump is a huge con and liar no better than Hillary. Cruz is the ONLY ONE with a track record of protecting the American people. Do NOT believe the disgusting propaganda being said about Cruz. Anyone can create documents and say falsehoods and cover up the good someone has done. Happening to Cruz.

    • Excellent Sarah, the Sheriff Dept is our last hope of real law enforcement in this country.

  • this country is NUTS right now. We have vermin running this country and the planet. People are clearly asleep they watch FOX and think that fox IS looking out for them. It is amazing the job these slime balls have done to keep their history, their choice of religion, their gay or bi sexual preference (nothing “straight about these scumbags”, that they that they all worship satan and that all if not most are pedophiles out of the public view and yes owning 95% of all media is the key. Try telling my parents the Bushes worship Satan. They wont even hear it ::(

    Hang in there because some people seem to be waking up but most have no clue what is soon to come neither do I but I know something is brewing…..
    Economic Collapse
    Civil unrest
    Martial Law
    another False Flag bigger than any before :???:

  • The Clucker

    :arrow: :arrow: All roads lead to the secret Bush family Coup attempt of the White House and America back in 1933. Prescott Bush was found guilty by the US Congressional Courts of aiding and abetting the enemy and money laundering for the Nazi Hitler agression back during WW2. Yesh – the Bush family back in the 1930s while the US and UK had soliders fighting and dying in battle, Prescott Bush (GW’s Father; HW’s Grandfather) was laundering Hilters stolen money and valuables from the countries it invaded. And yet, the US people were fooled and call them a Patriot American Family? That is specficially who the US people are fighting against.

    Clinton has been part of the Bush administration for decades, and most recently, hasn’t Hillary been attacked by getting $2 million dollars for 3 speeches for Goldman Sachs? Well Goldman Sachs is the #1 criminal corporation on Wall Street, and the Bush family owns it. So you see, Hillary gets paid by the Bushs to keep their Lobbyists door open, and keep feeding it the US Gov money. Now you add in Ted Cruz’s wife, Heidi, she was the Managing Director over Goldman Sachs back in 2008, her and Ted got a $5 Billion dollar Wall Street Bailout payment during the last bank collapse. See how Cruz is and has been tied to the Bush Goldman Sachs? And then Mitt Romney was given $100s of million dollars to his privately owned Wall Street company called Bain Capital. Bain Capital is another major player who got money while GW Bush was President. See the Bush connection to all? :???:

    Now tie in Prescott Bush’s 1933 attempted Coup over the United States and White House, and his aiding and abetting the Nazi, and found guilty in a court of law? You see, you need to know who owns and controls the entire US Gov system, and take it down that way. :mad:

    Now do you understand why Cruz, Romney, and Bush need to stop Donald Trump? Their bribed cash flow will be stopped, so they all partnered up to stop him. Now do you understand why all Lobbyists from both parties have joined to stop Trump, because he will shut them all down and stop the Illegal Criminal cash from to their private business? See why now every single Lobbyists on both Democrats and Republicians have joined forces to stop Trump? Not one of them will have their criminal funneling money from the US to them, and like any buisness, if they don’t join, none of them can no longer get taxpayers money illegally, like they did for decades? :eek: :eek: :eek: Read more facts here:


    • Agree about Bushes and Clintons and Romneys. But you are wrong about Cruz. You are believing the lying hogwash being spewed. Koch brothers backed Cruz but Cruz refused to vote against the American people the way Koch wanted. Hence they dropped Cruz and started backing little Marco. The same would happen again and again if backers want Cruz to go against the people. Cruz has fought tooth and nail for we the people…winning every case before the Supreme Court….but that is never mentioned. Your Cruz vitriol is that of ignorance. Trump is a huge liar and con…if he were to become president we would enter the NWO much faster along with street violence, riots, much bloodshed. Trump is an insider….part of the establishment. Look at the George Soros/ Trump construction in Chicago. Anyone believing the Trump hot air is as out of touch with reality as those whom voted for the nightmare we have now. Amazing how much stupidity really exists. Amazing how people will believe anything without factual research. BTW Ted is a different entity than Heidi. Despicable to blame an innocent brilliant statesman for his wife’s choices. A man that memorized the Constitution while in high school. Cruz is the ONLY person qualified to be president. Hillary and Donald are 17th cousins from the same NWO blood line. Wake Up!!!!!!!!

      • And dumb ass where did you find all this written proof that Trump is what you think he is.

  • if GW-Bush can pull off a 9/11 false flag and Tony Blair can take us to war on a pack of lies and kill Dr Kelly and then set the Lockerbie bomber free after killing hundreds of people (if you beleive the story) then Mrs Clinton has nothing to fear, shes the best woman out of 180 million for the job and it has nothing to do with her being married to a previous president, Democracy is working……………….NOT

  • Everyone is forgetting that to who ever practices Islam, the Christian Bible is not theirs they can swear on it all day and it doesnt mean anything to them. So what can we expect? It is a dark time in history my friends when you are told up is down and wrong is right and left is right and vice versa be careful.

  • Man

    so appretly Dick Cheney is less accountable than clinton?

    • That’ll be the day. Who handed the zionists the plans to the nukes used in the twin towers?

  • Finally your #8 note and comment is correct. You all should see the details in and once the public knows this, the days of Hillary on the hill is only her dream and our worst nightmare possible.

  • Because she has all this ‘DOCUMENTED’ ( smoking gun ) information .. (That anyone can get, if they interested in knowing the ‘TRUTH’ -for a ‘CHANGE!’) about this lying, foreign national, Islamic ( Brotherhood ) Muslim, criminal POTUS and has threatened to release it ( as approved by another Democratic ‘Socialist’ to be released by their MSM )
    Even Bill O’reilly might believe, then.
    It is totally sickening that Our nation and Our Constitutional Rights are still being controlled by this criminal and his regime.



  • USA,USA,USA, had enough, thought so.

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