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Who Will Go to a FEMA Camp?

Sunday, March 26, 2017 10:35
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Among the questions that I am frequently asked has to do with FEMA camps. Who will be sent to a FEMA camp? What is the criteria? What does history teach about such things?

The following video addresses these issues.


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  • I wish we had actual Authors instead of people that just announced videos. But then again, most people under 25 have no reading comprehension.

    • Homeless will be first, then we’ll be the illegals and finally all the liberals just as Hitler rounded up all the useless activists prior to WWII.

      Patriotic libertarians and conservatives will never go.

  • The folks who are the parasites of the government will go first. Those who No taxable income and are on the dole.

  • Nearly all your politicians up there are RUBBISH. And you are right, if you call them and start showing some (in numbers) force they will back down because they are looking for excuses and that would be very reasonable to them if the populace goes against them.

    To convince the populace they are going to do something HORRENDOUS. The bigger the badder, er better. So horrendous and convincing you will actually be glad you are going along. It will be so convincing you will even turn in your weapons – then they GOTCHA!!

    Right now you are only dropping your pants (at the airport of all things).

    Only the very vigilant will catch on, but he better have swift feet. :twisted:

  • How can they do this with Trump in office. To be sure he would put a stop to this….

  • No one.

    This fear mongering about FEMA camps has been getting regurgitated for 20+ years.

    Guess what guy?

    You’re already in the prison THEY want you in. You are enslaved to debt. The cell is locked by your job. Your RFID chip is in your pocket, you pay $100 a month to make sure it stays working so they can track you, listen in to all your communications, and follow everything you do online.

    Welcome to the prison system.

    • I have no debt, and no personal cell phone, so imprison this!


  • News Flash. There are no longer any Homeless on the streets where we live. Last year, numerous white panel vans with Goobermint plates on them were seen cruising around our local Gospel Mission. Same time the Chinese Portable Cremation Semi Trucks were seen headed into Eastern Washington State, headed south out of Trail B.C. Canada.

    So it stands to reason that Goobermint either has collected the Homeless and sent them to Camp Fun Time, or they have been collected and burned while rolling down Interstate 90. Sound insane right? It is INSANE. It’s real and insane.

    When will you spineless cowards in Federal Law Enforcement start doing your job and arresting the Law Breakers? When? The answer is this: NEVER. Why? Corrupted Goobermint Officials at every level, in every department, at each and every agency. No hope, no justice, no resolution, no solution. Always more and more Federal Lawbreakers.

    And as far as you are concerned Mr. Hodges, How many times will you stand alone in the field and cry wolf, before someone takes you seriously? You must have over 2 million former federal employees who you cite as Anon sources. Your famous quote show after show is this: ”

    I have on good authority, my source, a former DHS official who wants to remain Anon…etc… has informed me… et all and so it goes. Nothing new under the Sun. The first person to go your FEMA Camp is you sir, Mr. Dave Hodges.

    • Hopefully they come do that in my city next.

      I’m tired of drunk people that smell like a neglected cat litter box pissing in the middle of the side walk when I’m trying to walk with my family.

      Round them up and turn them into fertilizer.

  • -Actually for a long time now I’ve been having dreams about concentration camps that are now called interment to Fema camps, just this odd thing about them. Though I witness such greats as Brad Pit running, escaping with his children in toll, no celebrity was exempt from these camps. As so I’ve been made to realized two dreams of Americans escaping into the closed borders of Mexico, now I guess we can suspect Trump’s Wall for this.
    -Now the greatest of such warning come, not only when I witness the entire country this parody of their procrastination, in a slow motion exodus. Though finding myself, though not me, by now, the Bride is escaped to the Lamb’s Wedding supper, so whosoever I represent. I’m in a great maze of a place, were schools and restroom are unveiled as traps for children, when I begin to see this single water cooler, again this parody of an unthinkable water shortage/
    -There are millions waiting in line, again this single water cooler, that when it become my turn, a woman bearing black bowls approaches, stumbles. So as it was, with my help, she I began a conversation, whereas soon she reaches into her pocket, and bring forth this card, again this parody regarding homelessness, and she hand me this card not about better homes and gardens, but about better homeless shelters, beware, we’re come to the end of the dispensation of grace, the church age and thus, Western Civilization, again I say, beware! see also

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