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Does The New World Order And The Illuminati Really Exist?

Thursday, February 19, 2015 23:43
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Does The New World Order And The Illuminati Really Exist?

Theories on New World Order (NWO) and the shady agenda of theIlluminaticirculate deep within the realms of the internet, frequenting alternative news websites and blogs and usually ridiculed in mainstream news. But does this mind-controlling, humanity-dominating and depopulating plot really exist and why are the Illuminati blamed for the plight of society?

Conspiracy theorists have warned for decades of elite network attempting to instate a totalitarian world government and this high-ranking bloodline of politicians, royals and corporate powers have been carrying out this agenda for many, many years.

Three World Wars explains that “their intention is to effect complete and total control over every human being on the planet and to dramatically reduce the world’s population by two thirds. The NWO global conspirators manifest their agenda through the skilful manipulation of human emotions, especially fear”.

English NWO researcher, public speaker and author David Icke characterises this agenda in his book ‘The Biggest Secret’, which details that the Illuminatiuses the tactics of ‘Problem, Reaction and Solution’ as its modus operandi.

The technique involves creating a problem, by funding and assembling an ‘opposition’ group to stimulate turmoil and crisis in an established political place be it a country or region, deploying factions to fight against the entity that they themselves had manoeuvred into existence.A key example of this is ISIS, as reports have claimed that although the US Government and its Arab allies have expressed determination to tackle the extremists, evidence shows the Islamic State group were funded and trained by the coalition in the past.


isis are suspected to have been funded and trained by the us government and arab allies


ISIS are suspected to have been funded and trained by the US Government and Arab Allies

Then comes the reaction from the public, using controlled media outlets to bombard civilisations with horrific photos, videos and reports to provoke them to call upon the government to do something. And after this, the solution is provided by Illuminati puppeteers such as military deployment, sending ‘UN Peace Keepers’, aid workers and other reinforcements.Furthermore, the Illuminati are believed to be controlling humanity in many ways, whether it’s by enslaving us to the corporate private banking system and making us heavily reliant on money; making us more docile by lacing our food, water and skies with chemicals; using genetically-modified organisms in bioterrorism plots to slowly start eradicating a majority of the world’s population; or creating false flag events to instigate conflict narratives. In addition, we are constantly watched and monitored by a network of Big Brothers, including the NSA, GCHQ, CIA, MI6, police departments and other authorities all working for our governments.


But although the evidence seems to be overwhelming, many still cannot see that this is all happening and it raises questions on whether the theories are actually just paranoia and delusion.

A post on Above Top Secret says the Illuminati aren’t actually the problem with the world, in fact it’s every other ordinary person. Blog user Jwest06 writes, “The problem with the world is not the Illuminati, it’s us. It’s you, it’s me, it’s every person you’ve ever known and every person you’ve ever come into contact with”.

“What do you think your purpose for existing on this planet really is? Are you here to complain about the things you do to yourselves and blame it on someone else? You need the Illuminati just as much as they need you, as much as it’s their duty to be here for you”.

These notions are echoed in a post to David Icke’s forum, where a member says, If there were an enlightened New World Order with the planets best intentions in mind then surely this would be a good thing. A NWO with microchips, depopulation and control of humanity as an agenda would only keep us in our frequency prison”

“A NWO could bring together humanity and end chaos and negativity on the planet. As David said only we are to blame for our current situation, we are only trapped in this prison because we have allowed ourselves to be. The only way to free ourselves from this prison is with love, only then can we achieve our true potential. If we direct hate to the New World Order then we are creating the negativity they want”.

will hating world leaders such as blair and bush only add fuel to the fire


Will hating world leaders such as Blair and Bush only add fuel to the fire?

“Hatred towards Tony Blair and George Bush will only fuel the fire, if collective consciousness says they are evil then that is how it is. Infinite love is the only way to free ourselves and a NWO with the right intentions could unify our planet and help reunite us”.Certainly a more spiritual outlook on the matter and definitely raises some interesting points. Ted Twietmeyer also wrote a somewhat sarcastic article onRense detailing 21 reasons why New World Order may actually be good humanity. “All those whining patriots out there – why do you think you’re kidding?


The following is based on documents and statements made by globalist leaders that know what’s best for you”, writes Twietmeyer. He goes on to detail Illuminati-affiliated concepts that humans benefit from in their day to day lives, such as having microphones and cameras everywhere in the streets for our ‘protection’, pharmaceutical medicine and doctors and driving UN-standardised vehicles.

Essentially these points pertain that the problems with the world weren’t caused by an evil elite attempting to control humanity but humanity itself is to blame. A plausible explanation, yes, but one must realise that the tools have caused these issues aren’t really in our power. Furthermore, there are many shocking and gruesome atrocities also associated with the Illuminati and New World Order.


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  • What rubbish….the elite are evil….have existed since the fallen angels were kicked out of Heaven. These luciferians will always twist the truth to make themselves seem above us. They are the cause of all the problems….the war of good vs. evil. They incite trouble, racism, wars, murder, brainwashing, indoctrination, tax slavery, child trafficking, drugs, GMOs, chem trails, organ trafficking, to name a few…and this is our fault…BS.
    I understand David Ickes take on love…to be pure in spirit and heart. but the illuminati are the pond scum not worthy of life…or anything else unless they reject satan which won’t happen. The Book of Revelation calls them the synagogue of satan….very real…very evil.

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