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Kevin Barrett says Putin set to drop “truth bomb” on USA

Thursday, February 12, 2015 16:42
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So 9/11, the neoconservative New Pearl Harbor, has hollowed out America, not strengthened it. The false-flag attack on New York and Washington has left the US morally and financially bankrupted, without a functioning Constitution, fragmented in every conceivable way, lacking domestic and international legitimacy, and no longer in a position to be even a first among equals, much less a self-styled sole superpower.

The neoconservatives, whose top priority has always been Israel, are in a panic. Their only hope is to flee forward into ever-bigger wars. That is why Netanyahu is so desperately lobbying for a war on Iran that would set the Middle East, and perhaps the whole world, on fire. And that is why such neoconservatives as Victoria Nuland are pushing for a war with Russia that would in all likelihood go nuclear.

World War III is the last desperate hope for the neoconservatives and their Likudnik allies. Such a war would usher in martial law, enable the suppression (or at least continued obfuscation) of the truth about 9/11, and save the neocons from treason trials, and Israel from dismantlement.

Though Putin doesn’t want to play his ace in the hole, the 9/11 truth card, until he absolutely has to, the moment of truth may have finally arrived. As soon as it becomes absolutely clear that the US is never going to back off from its attempt to turn Ukraine into a hostile NATO base; that the economic war on Russia has reached a point of no return; that the neoconservative “flight forward” into World War III is inevitable…

…at that point, no sooner and no later, Putin will slap his 9/11 truth card down on the table and let the chips fall where they may.

If he plays it too soon, he is taking unnecessary risks.

But if he waits too long, the move will lose its impact. (Once World War III is underway, 9/11 truth from the Russian government will be dismissed as propaganda, and censorship under martial law will turn the truth bomb into a dud.)

I believe the moment of truth is at hand. Strategically, Putin needs to play his 9/11 truth card now.

The Pravda story, confirmed by VT’s inside sources, suggests that the card is about to be played.

Gordon Duff reported here Tuesday – and as discussed on today’s False Flag Weekly News click here for story links)


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  • I agree, Get out while is still has value and there are no major distractions. Most of the informed world already knows or has a good idea what the truth is and this release will convert a lot of fence sitters if done right. Get it done. Please!

  • MSM Outlet Predicts The Future Of 9/11 Truth Revelation, Government’s Game Plan Disclosed

    INQUISITR Eerily (And Probably Accurately) Predicts The U.S. Government’s Response To Putin’s 9/11 Disclosures

  • Putin is THE ANTICHRIST!

  • This web site here is always full of lukewarm or half-baked pieces of news which get misnamed as “red hot” .

    The above-named” truth bomb” is such a lukewarm hamburger.
    It would have no real impact or effect at all, for
    1) there are already lots of people in the West who believe that there has been something very wrong about 9/11; to see their doubts supported by Putin would surely make them happy, but it would not “convert” anyone else.
    2) it already IS too late – U.S. officials would dismiss it all as war-related disinfo / lies / propaganda, and the major part of US population would gladly listen to them and not to Putin, just because they are “ours” , not “the enemy”.

  • Ted

    Netanyahu is trying to defend his country and his people against aggressive & belligerent neighboring countries that have threatened to “wipe Israel off the map”! I’m certain that only Iran would be stupid enough to start a nuclear war; all that crap about the 13th imam. Muslims are the problem. I don’t think Putin can drop a “truth bomb” regarding 9-11, it was MUSLIM TERRORISTS that brought the towers down and killed nearly 3,000 innocent people. DEAL WITH IT! :razz:

    • Why, Ted, we really do not care what your perverted Fox-ed mind has to say!
      Here, PREY like a jew with me, ameriiiSCUM TRAITOR!

      MOVE TO isra-HELL, YOU free kin SHILL for isra-HELL!

      The Talmud

      “When a Jew murders a gentile (‘Cuthean’), there will be no death penalty. What a Jew steals from a gentile he may keep” (Sanhedrin 57a).

      “Jews may use lies (‘subterfuges’) to circumvent a Gentile”
      (Baba Kamma 113a).

      “All gentile children are animals”
      (Yebamoth 98a).

      “A Jew may have sex with a child as long as the child is less than nine years old”
      (Sanhedrin 54b).

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      (Shabbath 116a).

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      The time to Honor you 3 monolithic zionist judeo-christo-muscle SCUMDUMB white-skinned led all male THUG-HOARDING-KILLER CULTISTS WILL SOON BE OVER!

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