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Russia: We Can Reverse Putin’s Stroke Damage In 3 Days

Thursday, March 12, 2015 22:32
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(Before It's News)

While giving a speech yesterday President Putin began slurring his words. He left and all future appointments were cancelled. These are symptoms of a stroke.


President Putin is in very good health so it is doubtful the stroke he experienced was indiced by natural causes.


AA) The stroke he showed symptoms of can be caused by:


1) GMO Foods


2) Satellite – like Michael Jackson when Cosmos 2450 fired at him causing his heart to explode.


3) His DNA can be coded into a phone and tiny amounts of energy can interfere with his hear rhythm causing a minor stroke.


4) The Way It Happened: A Small Microwave Sender the size of a finger or pen is used at fairly close ranged to literally ‘Cook The Heart.”


BB) So who wants Pres Putin Dead?


1) The friends of Putin’s Opposition Leader who was just killed by the CIA.


2) Those who feel President Putin was behind the 3/11 Fukushima Attack on Japan.


3) The CIA – to allow US Tanks now in Estonia to over run St Petersburg and completely destroy the Capitol of “Russia,” not the Russian Federation. In this case the Microwave weapon was an Artificial Finger on a US Operative sitting in the rood with President Putin.


CC) We can reverse the damage in short order. See the video: THE CURE FOR CANCER on You Tube and then call. Stroke Damage is very easy to reverse – if the patient cooperates. Yes – President Putin’s Anatomy is different but it will work just the same.


DD) Just a little about 3/11: It was an underground electrical charge – like lightning – caused when a rift was opened into the Astral Plant. The Lightning causes this odd Blue Flash and the odd behavior of the water.


If you wish to track “Who Done It” then find out who sold nuclear Power Stock three days before the Tsunami and who reinvested about 1 month after the Tsunami and it will lead to the Puppet Japanese PM Abe and his cronies.


Japan – you need to go back to an Emperor. It is your heritage.


Who would have the technology to create this Underground Lightning: Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and I am sure a Russian Military contractor and their inter-dimensional allies.


Hillary – the one worth the Wart on her left lip – knew about it before it happened, although she was not involved. She might have stopped it – but why – they are only “Japs” in her eyes. Well Hillary – you committed Murder by not warning these people. It could have been stopped by the navy.


I wrote about it and told Japan it was about to happen 48 hours before it did.


Whether Putin assisted in 3/11 I do not know.


Either way – a dead Putin is bad.


We have the technology to reverse the Stroke Damage in 3 days but you need to call.


Three Days. President Putin can be fully healed by Monday Morning.


The News You Need


Dr William b. Mount


Kremlin denies Vladimir Putin had a stroke as rumours swirl

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  • Putin is THE ANTICHRIST! The head injury has now occurred. He will recover as THE ANTICHRIST!

  • Nobody thinks the Fukushima stuxnet virus and the Magna BSP cameras with the DT fusion nukes in the base are the work of anybody but Mossad.

    Apart from that, this article is not worth commenting upon or reading.

  • “The Watcher” (wrongly named) is either a complete moron, an adolescent, or a brainless shill, perhaps even all of the above . .

    • Neo

      Yep, anyone who says that there is no god, no Jesus. no Satan, quotes from the satanic bible and believes Putin is the antichrist has got some serious mental issues…

      • i’m sure you are right neo.

        you yourself file into your place of worship every sunday and sing to an invisible man in the sky,an individual for whom there is not a single shred of evidence. you even go down onto your knees and praise him !!

        if anyone would know about serious mental issues,it would be you…

    • It used to use a one-eyed avatar, which as I pointed out once, is the mark of a beast.

  • Doctor Mount, please tell us more about those strange weapons, or at least where to find the info. Google is of no help about “underground lightning”, and has no relating information between Michael Jackson’s heart “exploding” and Cosmos 2450.
    I, and perhaps some others agree that a dead Putin is bad, but we have a hard time coping with your short-cuts. Please do us a full lecture.

    On an other front, “we” are concerned by a possible Pearl Harbor type false flag in the making. I am speaking of the possible sinking of the French nuclear carrier Charles De Gaulle which is currently in the middle of the shallow waters of the Persian Gulf. The sinking of this ship by whoever would be blamed on Iran. It would be a giant Psych-op congruent with a military operation in order to drag NATO into an all-out war. A false flag rendered possible by unconventional weapons such as e-guided quiet nuclear torpedoes, of pre-planted nuclear mines.
    This said giant false flag (of the sinking of the French carrier Charles De Gaulle) has just been preceded by a very recent series of both military and social events in France following the false flag of Charlie Hebdo. First, on January 29, a Greek air force F16 crashed and killed a dozen of French air force personnel onto an air force base of Spain. Second, two helicopters collided in Argentina a few days ago, killing three French sport stars. Those two tragedies are naturally presented as being accidents, but it might have been foul play due to unconventional weapons, which in both cases were the e-hijacking of a 100% fly-by-wire F16, and of a 100% Airbus helicopter. All those flying ships involved in both tragedies were close to the ground, and therefore were within WiFi range for foul play… Let’s not forget the Air France Paris to Rio Airbus 100 % fly-by-wire airliner which mysteriously lost control over the South Atlantic Ocean…
    Unconventional weapons are been used everyday, sometimes to test the capacity of response of a country. France has obviously shown its weakness of response to “e-hijacking”, as well as of tracking hostile drones overflying nuclear centrals, and even the various embassies, monuments and palaces located in Paris.
    Unconventional weapons will be used by whoever hold them, so please Dr. Mount, tell the world all you know.

  • Did i watch the wrong video? Putin looked exactly like someone pretending they are fluent in English. Obviously the rumour mill is freaking right out and the paranoid part of me is wondering what we’re being distracted from.

    • Mayhem, your instinct is right, we may be distracted by “something”.

      I think that this “something” is to make belief in a “POWER VACUUM”. There has been two significant rumors lately: First the death of Komeini, the Iran supreme leader, and now Putin is rumored to be dead.
      This may-be manufactured power vacuum within Iran and Russia may plunge everyone into a possible mistake. This is the grim scenario: A mega false flag occur, something in the likes of the Lusitania or 911, etc. The goyim of the West, controlled by you know who enter into war, thinking of taking advantage of the power vacuum within the Russia/Iran/Syria block. The West attacks. Then the goyim of the East, controlled by the same you know who, suddenly find their leaders alive and well.
      The “you know who”, will have at last the long awaited WW3, manufactured by them, and for them.

  • kgb vagina? :razz:

    • Lord Gourd request antique white crawl in deep dark hole and die.

  • has it even been confirmed that Putin suffered a stroke? all the news i’ve read are denials from official Russian sources.

    and i’ve no doubt that the Russians are capable of reversing stroke damage. one of the most interesting novel compounds suited for such a role is actually Russian in origin: the nootropic *racetam Noopept.

    if anyone here is interested in nootropics and cognitive enhancement a-la the film “Limitless,” i’d strongly suggest looking into it.

  • Sad day when top 2 stories from contributors that no allow comment. Glenda Canadouce head hairless as baby’s bean bag.

    • yes i agree. he clearly feels unable to take any cristicism or comments on the stuff he posts.

      also,his articles are always preceded by his sales pitch.

      like i’m sure alot of people do,i never open his posts. if we all did the same ,maybe the cowardly censorship would stop!

      • I won’t read Glenns crap because he closes comments . And I’m not friend in him liking him on Facebook or buying and crap from him . I’d like to mark him as spam

      • ageed bobwire. it seems there is no mechanism for reporting actual posters as spam.

        there should be.

        any chance you can address this BIN ?

      • Canady is a tool. I would so like to meet that guy face to face.

  • A Stroke ~ KO Stare

  • Leo

    No Putin is not the anti christ neither is Obama

  • Let’s hope that Vlad is 0K, he’s the only adult in the mix. If you want the truth of what happened at Fukushima, go here:

  • Get a grip. He’s right where he should be, ” Putin is on paternity leave! After days of rumors that mysteriously missing Russian President Vladimir Putin was sick or dodging a coup, a Swiss paper is reporting that the leader was in Lugano for the birth of his love child.” He’s right where he should be, ” Putin is on paternity leave! After days of rumors that mysteriously missing Russian President Vladimir Putin was sick or dodging a coup, a Swiss paper is reporting that the leader was in Lugano for the birth of his love child.”

  • Get a grip. He’s right where he should be, ” Putin is on paternity leave! After days of rumors that mysteriously missing Russian President Vladimir Putin was sick or dodging a coup, a Swiss paper is reporting that the leader was in Lugano for the birth of his love child.”

  • ” These are symptoms of a stroke.”

    So is being pissed so maybe he had one two many beers.

    Please go for the pissed option to make Mr Putin look evil because we all know that President Sadam was on drugs and little Kim from NK eats human babies for breakfast.

    Anything to stop people taling about how its not so easy to kill all the blacks in the USA as it was to shoot all the indians all them years ago.

    You do like the police sate don’t you ?

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