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Novorossia\Ukraine update 4\25\2015.. What the Americans want is a major war in Europe, but one contained to Europe

Saturday, April 25, 2015 11:26
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The authenticity of the footage is yet to be confirmed, although it seems chillingly real on first viewing.

The brutal murder was reportedly carried out by members of the Azov Battalion, which was converted into a regiment last year, making it a de facto part of the Ukrainian Army. The paramilitary group forms “the backbone of the forces fighting against the local self-defense militia advocating independence from Ukraine.”

Ukrainian nationalist volunteers have repeatedly been accused of carrying out “ISIS-style war crimes” during the conflict, including beheadings.

The clip shows a hooded man kneeling in a field as five Ukrainian militants stand around him while one reads a statement. The militants then grab the victim, who is gagged, and place him down on a wooden cross.

The man’s arms are taped to the cross and his hands are then nailed to the structure as he groans and writhes in agony.

The victim is then lifted up on the cross, which is planted in the ground before the militants light a fire at the bottom. The video cuts off at the point that the fire reaches the man’s feet and he begins to scream.

The execution, which was reportedly carried out near the village of Shirokino, came with a message from Azov fighters to pro-Russian rebels; “All the separatists, traitors of Ukraine and militia fighters will be treated the same”.

Pro-separatist hackers Cyberberkut, to whom the video was sent, responded by vowing that no Ukrainian Army or militia fighters would be taken alive in future.

There is very little doubt left in anybody’s mind that the junta will resume a full-scale attack on Novorussia. Likewise, it appears that any hopes for a weakening of the US and/or European support for the Nazi junta are now dead. If the long string of murders of political opponents including a well-known and iconic figure like Oles Buzina shocked *nobody* (least of all the millions of European “Charlies”!) then probably nothing will. Furthermore, there are no signs of another “Maidan” which could topple the junta. Yes, there are protests here and there, but nothing which could seriously threaten the regime. To the contrary, all the signs are that the US is holding the Ukraine in a very firm grip and that the predictable US plan is to restart a full scale war between the Nazi-occupied Ukraine and Novorussia with the option to involve Russia (which has been the plan all along).

The regime is clearly “going for broke” and not even pretending to solve any of the innumerable problems of Nazi-occupied Ukraine. Both Poroshenko and the Ukie Rada apparently are spending all their time and efforts into further provoking Russia by seriously discussing a law to nationalize all Russian assets in the Ukraine, re-writing history books, adopting resolutions saying that Russia has invaded the Ukraine, etc. Nazi death squads, now trained by the USA, are now crucifying and burning “separatists” alive, while the US Gauleiter in Kiev tweets photos of Russian air defense system taking in Moscow in 2013 as proof of a Russian invasion of the Ukraine.

In the meantime, the US is doing exactly what it always does: it sends in US forces to train local deathsquads while building a “coalition of the willing” (US+UK+Canada+Poland) to do with no form of mandate or permission that which it could not get approved legally (by the UN or even by NATO!). It appears that the debate inside the US “deep state” about the risks of the current strategy is over and that the Neocons have prevailed.

In practical terms this means that we are back to “square 1″: the question is now “can Novorussia withstand the Nazi onslaught alone with only the help of the “Voentorg” and “Northern Wind” or will Russia be forced to intervene?”

Honestly? I don’t know. And neither does anybody else.

By all accounts, the junta forces have become better but so have the Novorussians. Zakharchenko has recently announced that the recent voluntary mobilization was successful at 110%, which sounds very good, in particular with only volunteers, but does not really tell us if Novorussia will have the 100’000 men under arms by June as promised by Zakharchenko. Also, there appears to be a lack of equipment for such a large force, but then, judging by what happened this winter, we can expect the Russian Voentorg to fully open it’s spigot as soon as the Russian intelligence services conclude that an Nazi attack is inevitable.

Now, let’s be honest here, the “military aid” offered by the “USUKCNDPL” coalition is bordering on useless, as is the gear shipped so far the the junta forces. These are much more about appearing to be doing something grand than actually getting anything done. Not only does it take a lot of time to train any force, (un-)natural selection has done a much better job than any US “advisor” to increase the quality of the junta forces. Still, the advantage in morale and tactical skills should remain on the Novorussian side.

Always keep in mind that the real goal of the next Ukronazi offensive will not be to defeat Novorussia, but to pull Russia in and then be defeated by Russia. Such a defeat at the hands of the Russian military will probably provide NATO with a rationale for the next 50 years and completely crush any European desires to rid itself from the EU’s current status of “voiceless US colony”. Should that happen, the much awaited “new Cold War” will be again in full swing, the US military-industrial complex in complete bliss and the US population suitably “re-terrified” by the next “global enemy”.

There are some indications that more and more European politicians are beginning to understand the risks, but they are too weak to meaningfully oppose the AngloZionist hegemony.

Having a war in Europe on a regular basis has always been the linchpin of British foreign policy and this “tradition” has been fully passed on to the US “successor empire” (which immensely benefited from both WWI and WWII). What the Americans want is plainly simple: a major war in Europe, but also one contained to Europe.

War therefore appears to be inevitable. How big it will be now only depends on women and men defending Novorussia against the Ukronazis.

The Saker

Specialists from the UK and Canada have already joined the teachings of Ukrainian guards and US Marines. Ukrainian security officials work out the skills of interaction in small groups. They will soon go to Donbass.

The official representative of the People’s Militia said:

Lugansk tactical direction – three violations. At 10:20 and 18:40 from the town of Schastye controlled by the Kiev law enforcement officers were fired settlements Oboznoye, Khrestovoye, Vesyolaya Gora. Shots were fired with 120-mm mortars and AGLs (automatic grenade launcher heavy machine gun). At 19:00 Ukrainian armed forces released three 82-mm mortar shells in the direction of the road near the monument to Prince Igor from Stanitsa Luganskaya.

Earlier Ukrainian side stated that they captured militia fighters around 18:00 of April 23 who were allegedly driving in three cars for intelligence, but they only reached the settlement Beryozovoye. Ukrainian representatives claim that one militia fighter was killed, one wounded and six captured as a result of the detention.

KIEV (Sputnik) — However, the Ukrainian president warned that he would impose a martial law in the contested region if government troops came under attack by pro-independence forces.

“I want to reassure you that the Ukrainian armed forces and I personally, as the supreme commander, give clear guarantees that we will adhere to Minsk agreement and will not launch an offensive [in eastern Ukraine].”

“…but if the Ukrainian troops are under attack, we will make all efforts to ensure their protection. A martial law will be introduced immediately,” Poroshenko said in an interview with Ukraina television.

He also pledged to do his utmost to prevent further destabilization in Ukraine during the May holidays.

A new peace accord was reached in Minsk, Belarus, by the leaders of Russia, France, Germany and Ukraine on February, 12 following almost a year of hostilities in Ukraine.

The Minsk deal includes a ceasefire, the withdrawal of heavy weapons from the line of contact between the Kiev forces and independence supporters as well as amendments to Ukraine’s constitution.

On April 24 situation remained stable but tense in Donbass. Areas where there are fights and firings are unchanged: Peski, Donetsk, Gorlovka, Shirokino, Bakhmutka, district of Schastye and Stanitsa Luganskaya. Full-scale hostilities are not yet conducted, obviously, the Ukrainian side is looking for some formal reason for the resumption of fighting and is likely to arrange the occasion on their own. Maybe it will happen in the near future, especially as the president of Ukraine has already made a statement that the Ukrainian military “follow” Minsk agreement, but they are ready to respond in case of an attack on the Ukrainian troops in Donbass.

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that security forces will perform Minsk Agreement and will not start the offensive in Donbass. He also added that the martial law will be introduced immediately in the country if the “Ukrainian troops are be attacked in Donbass.”


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