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By Dr. William B. Mount
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US 5th Fleet Blockades Iranian Convoy Headed To Yemen

Thursday, April 23, 2015 22:02
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(Before It's News)

This morning several supply ships from Iran left the harbor and have been blocked form delivering “Humanitarian Aid” to the nation of Yemen.


(((Please pray – Visualize – that those wishing to start WW3 become so sick that they cannot even speak for the rest of their lives)))


This action by the US 5th fleet has been almost completely ignored by the western media so let us take a deeper look at what is going on.


Under the Bretton Woods Agreement, and subsequent treaties, the US Military under the control of the US State Department of Population Control (Control being dropped several yrs ago)  is tasked by the IMF (USC 2, Sec 286) with doing exactly what the IMF tells them to do and this outfit is currently being run by the Red Dragon Family members.


Under their orders the US Military sold weapons to the Hootie Muslims last year and supported the War Lord that was ruling Yemen. Since the population exceeded certain limits the US Military is tasked with starting a war to reduce their population.


Furhter, with the advent of the BRIC Nations the US must support it’s Federal Reserve Dollar by placing in power Puppet Governments that use US Debt to fund themselves.


In exchange every Felon from Yemen will be shipped to the United States and given $4,000 Social Security Refugee Pay per month (Plus free medical and dental) and given “No Interest No Pay Back Loans” from the US Small Business Administration to buy whatever small business they wish an long as their government uses US Debt Notes to trade with internationally.


Additional State programs funded by the US Treasury pay for the immigrant’s home for 2 years and if the immigrant  remains there in their home  the County is given additional funds to give them the house at no tax consequence to Felon brought into America.


Thus we have millions upon millions of convicted murderers and child molesters being shipped into the United States and they cannot be incarcerated under thees treaties – they may thus rape and kill until they are killed themselves. It is in the treaties.


Take away our guns and we have massive murder in the streets – a Joy for Lucifer and his bunch of nasty little Demons.


In the mean time the 4,000 American Citizens who are trapped in Yemen  and being bombed by US planes painted to look like Saudi Planes are forced to stay and spend their US income there in Yemen to boost their economy. This is why President Obama has ordered these US Citizens not to be evacuated. It really does not matter how many US citizens Obama kills, as long as they spend their money there to support the local economy while the killing continues.


The longer the war takes the better – more death and destruction for Haliburton to rebuild. If you notice the supplies to rebuild Yemen in the image of the US Corporation are already staged in Europe in military bases.


 As an US Army Engineer I have been offered over $300,000/Yr tax free to help rebuild US war-torn  areas all paid for by the US Tax Payer to spread the US Dollar world Wide — and Maintain the Empire of the IMF, which is owned 54.5% by the Rothchilds (Real Name Bauers) , which bank with the banks in Frankfurt, which are owned by the Vatican Bank, which is controlled by Lucifer Incarnate — as he declared himself in 1869 – the Roman Pope.




The US Corporation (Under the IMF) set up the “House of Saud” to run Saudi Arabia and the oil the US Corporation receives from Saudi Arabia it gets for free and in turn protects Saudi Arabia from the evil Russians and Evil Chinese. In exchange the US pays for the Saudi Arabian Army and pimps them out to do their killing for them.


The US Corporation then resells the oil to the Oil Companies at about $15 per barrel and has done so for about 50 years now. Oil for 450 a barrel never has existed – and it only exists in the world of speculation.


You have been lied to again.


Remember John Shapiro, Assistant Secretary of State 1 June 2012 under Hillary: “The Purpose of the State Department is to sell weapons.”


NATO was established under treaties written by Colonel Terry Schwan in the early 1950′s and they clearly state the purpose of NATO is for the US to have the exclusive rights to sell weapons to Europe.


According to US Secretary of State John Kerry the Marshal Plan  is still in full effect in Europe. What this means is that the US Tax Payer is paying for the arming of Germany, France, Spain, Greece, Italy, Etc. This guarantees the spread of the US Dollar world wide. It is part of the Bretton Woods Agreement.


Without the US Federal Reserve Dollar Input the Socialistic Governments of Europe will collapse almost instantaneously. This is why the Euro is tied to the dollar.


Thus the US is tasked by the IMF (Red Dragon Families) and thus the UN to block aid going into the nation of Yemen in order to create the maximum amount of Anarchy and Death before the US Marines  re-enter the nation and set up another Puppet Government.


Any Non-US Ambassador (Acting President) knows these facts.


Take their guns, force them into a religion they do not understand, and control them like little slaves.


Multiply this by 25 other countries and you understand why the system is about to fall apart.


IE – Operation Jade Helm.


Complete control of the population and elimination of those who oppose these Evil Satanists at the top.


That is exactly what is happening.


As for the US Intel Machine – when the killing begins you know too much and you will be the first to go — Fudge Boys at Langley, US Army Intel, etc and the Enlisted die since the Officers already have well stocked underground bases to hide in.


OK – Thats Enough For Now.


Everything we have stated may be confirmed on the Intenet.


For those following GOD – HE will take care of you. HE always has and always will. No mark by Lucifer, no chip in your hand, no tatoo on your arm, no scar on your legs,  or chips implanted in your head will take away your relationship with GOD.


Nothing Lucifer throws at you can change your relationship with GOD. Do not fear what is coming – HE has it all under control.


The Illuminati has stabbed me, shot me, poisoned me many times and this has only driven me closer to the Living GOD. The VA even put a chip in one of my teeth and filling fell out. Nothing they do to you can remove your relationship with GOD. Nothing.


The News You Need


Honorable Grace

Dr William B. Mount

Cpt (Ret) USA

Knight of Malta – Russian


Please see the videos on You Tube:


Why Walmarts Are Closing


Operation Jade Helm – Why


The Cure For Cancer


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