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Death is Coming – 90% of Americans will die – soon!

Thursday, May 14, 2015 18:16
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(Before It's News)

90% of Americans will soon be dead! The damned lawlessness amongst Government types is going to get us all killed. This blatant disregard for the Constitution, the obsessive thirst to run the country on borrowed money and the phony low interest rates are going to catch up with us eventually. When that day comes, and I believe it’s coming soon, the vast majority of Americans will be dead in less than 90 days. No food, no running water, no sewers, no power and no welfare checks in the mail and the part is over. Raise interest rates to Government at the FED or have one of our foreign creditors like China cut us off – And this party is OVER… and I mean OVER. While folks are distracted by sex, drugs, Tattoos and cell phones, The smart folks are digging in and loading up for the inevitable. Question is; Are you ready to die for your lack of concern? You better be! God Bless the USA.

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    • Senator John McCain signs joint partnership with Georgia’s fugitive ex-president Mikhail Saakashvili  for the newly-formed International Advisory Group that will help Ukraine’s president Poroshenko in “conducting reforms.”

      The list of Masonic Neocon Nazi members included in the advisory group which includes current and former European politicians. 

      “Most of the active members consist of German and European Parliament as well as  currentChairman of the European Parliament Committee on Foreign Affairs Elmar Brok, Sweden’s former Prime and Foreign Minister Carl
      Bildt, former Prime Minister of Slovakia Mikulas Dzurinda, and
      Lithuania’s former Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius.” 

      “Back in February Saakashvili was appointed as a non-staff adviser
      to Poroshenko. The ex-Georgian president, who was in power from
      2004 to 2013, faces numerous charges at home, including
      embezzlement of over $5 million, corruption and brutality against protesters during demonstrations back in 2007.”

      Senator John McCain has a proven track record of colluding with low life scumbags and is clearly in violation of the Constitution for the United States for America.

      Traitor and wanted fugitive John ‘Songbird’ McCain has absolutely no business negotiating anything on the behalf of the American people and has been caught aiding and abetting multiple enemies of the state. 

      John McCain is a brain dead baby-boomer and should be committed to an insane asylum.  This psychopath is the enemy of humanity.

      • Stay Tuned for another hard hitting “Breaking Wind and Comedy” Report

      • McCain is just another Rh Negative Blood Type O- = Fallen Angel = AskeNAZI Jew = Pharisee Jew

        Obama AB-

        Hitler A-

        Mao O-

        Bush A-


  • another commie fear porn moron trying to scare the goyim.

  • Probably Boredom from reading this Fearporn..

    Grow up and get a life..

  • “sex, drugs, Tattoos and cell phones”, amazing.

    100% of Americans will die in the next 120 years.

    • Ted

      Where do you get that Statistic?

  • All these comments are from morons ,t seems they don’t know anything,get it over with and kill us the sooner the better americans are the dumbest people on earth ever!!!!!!

    • dude, it’s really not that bad. i mean, it’s bad and everything is broken and backwards, and we have to fix literally everything, but it’s going to be ok. this life is just the blink of an eye.
      don’t let them put you in that state.
      things could be worse. just breathe.

  • Concern is one thing. Preparing just in case is another. What do YOU propose that people do, exactly?

    WHAT IF people?

    Go underground? Earthquakes may bury them alive. Surface Air will still be needed…..what will be mixed together in that? Flood waters can drown you too.

    Go to the mountains? That too may be worse. Earthquakes, Landslides, etc.

    In reality, There is nowhere to run, nowhere to hide that will be guaranteed safe.

    There are So many possible extinction scenarios that can possibly happen. How can anyone be correct? We know that people want to survive at all costs, but, really, what comes may not be what is expected or prepared for and may cause ones own death. SAD but true.

    Volcanic eruptions? Earthquakes? Tsunamis? Asteroid collisions? Floods? Fires? Virus? Disease? Toxic gasses? Contamination? What will you do if a person dies in your bunker?

    This is a true reality check for all Preppers:

    Another and the most important thing to consider is; All of the global wide nuke plants, Chemical plants, Biological (Virus) research centers, Fuel depots, all which could go up and spread across the entire World so quickly without anyone’s knowledge (if one is underground). Without any radio, internet or other communications. How could you possibly know the full story? Did you prepare for that too?

    We are truly living in DARK TIMES. What can anyone really do? Only what each person thinks is safe for them to survive any proposed possible event or events that are catastrophic. We can only prepare the best that one can and pray that it is enough.

    Humanity toward others will disappear, for those that did not prepare as food and water will be low. Not to mention available bunker space.

    SO what is YOUR plan man?

    Perhaps nothing will happen and all of this is entirely a method of fear mongering to get people in control. Who knows? One thing is for sure a fact, the NWO is rolling along like a freight train. Ask the POPE, he supports and promotes it. Is that really the best thing for people? Who knows? Perhaps it is. OR NOT.

    Whatever happens…..WE will be there. OR NOT.

    GOOD LUCK People.

  • Stop using the word scary…it is a HORRIFIC time in America

    • Horrific?

      What’s so horrific about life in America?

      Sure, our leaders are corrupt, and so are the institutions. The police can be corrupt too but, 99 times out a 100, they’ll be there for you. Vaccines are optional, unless you choose a profession that requires them. Despite incredible propaganda efforts, no one is forced to believe anything and we have the freedom to express our own thoughts. You can’t own any weapon you want, but you certainly have many options to choose from. The food may be contaminated, and so is the water, but no one is forcing it down your throat. Things can be expensive if you work for low wages, but you do have the ability to buy just about anything if you can set yourself up with good credit. And jobs aren’t that hard to come by, just look at the daily listings in your hometown on Craigslist.

      There’s nothing horrific about life in America. The time will come when American’s will be forced into some kind of slavery, or martial law, or Sharia Law, or a second exodus. And I assume the trigger for this will provide for an immediate response, not prolonged. Either way, that time hasn’t come and, by no means, should a mentally healthy individual living in America feel oppressed to the point where they consider life here to be “horrific” or “scary”. Any “wise” person in America would have nothing to fear.

      • then he woke up!

      • scanner,

        you are right but you are wrong.
        things could be worse, but that is not the war cry from a free tribe of people. “we’re not the worst!”

        we are NOT permitted, by law, the believe what we want to believe in that what if i believe i shouldn’t pay taxes? what if i believe i should be able to drive my car from a to be without having to pay out the a** for it, coming and going?

        you see how free you are, free to do what you’re told.

        what i see happening real soon is a fire in the bellies and hearts of freedom-loving, sheister-smashing, corruption-expelling heroes. we need heroes now more than we have ever needed heroes before. every other country and people have had their *ss kicked, now they figure it’s our turn, so we have to protect ourselves and each other.

        a cathartic and healing and peaceful end to a tyrannical cabal who have always ruled over us. we are all slaves, always have been. and that we have in common.
        anyone who is opposed for some reason to freedom needs to rethink.

        oh we have such a pretty cage!

      • TLS, you live in Canada right?

      • Great comment!

  • All of mankind will be destroyed! YAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!

    …No Gir, that’s Bad!

  • ARC

    It is coming! Most will die of fright being caught unprepared.

    • bin award of merit goes to lynn, pipped lisa by a nose – most stupid, most insulting headlines ‘


      ZION is most pleased!

  • What a great post. It warms my heart.
    Americans killed over 1,000,000 innocent woman and children during their illegal invasion of Iraq.

  • Get off the Internet, ASSclown and take the Transgender Lyn Leech and His Wife Liea Haven with YOU!

    Oh, is that another New Account Lyn?

    “Breaking Wind and Comedy”

  • I don’t care if I die soon tell me why I should care if I will die soon. What a freaking nut job.
    I care to live my life now.
    Did someone promise you that you can’t die soon or something. Now he says he was lieing that you now are going to die soon instead.
    Any body can die any time. Sorry to have to burst your bubble. Brother.

  • “Sex, Drugs and Tattoos”? …Really? …uh NO. People are distracted by all of these entertaining ‘churches’ AND FaceBook….
    Though…death IS coming. It is 100% for ALL of us. The gov’t is the reason people are not concerned…hell, they take care of its people….you know…FREE FOOD< HOUSING< MEDICAL<EDUCATION…what the HELL should they worry about ? Sex, Drugs, and Tatttttttoos are NOT out to get them….are you crzy !
    I gotttta go wash my Jaguar…no time for this nonsense !

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