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Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee says Next Two Weeks Will Decide the Fate of Mankind

Friday, May 29, 2015 15:27
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No Diversions: Next Two Weeks Will Decide the Fate of Mankind | LaRouchePAC

At any moment, between now and June 5, the Greek government may formally announce that it cannot repay the IMF. That single announcement, alone, will set off a chain-reaction collapse of the entire European financial system, which will spread instantly to Wall Street. The entire British Empire system of gambling and looting is finished, and for that very reason, the coming days are wildly unpredictable, and can be the start of a catastrophic process, leading to world war, perhaps a war of thermonuclear extinction.

That overwhelming reality must be the sole focus of attention, for all sane individuals. There is only one action that can sufficiently shift the direction of this crisis, and that is the immediate removal of President Barack Obama from office by Constitutional means. The President has committed high crimes and misdemeanors against the US Constitution and the American people, for which he should have been impeached, or removed under the provisions of the 25th Amendment long ago. Now, it is no longer a matter of preference. It is a matter of life and death.

If Obama remains in office when the Greek default takes place and the system comes crashing down, there is a grave danger that desperate factions, associated with the British Monarchy, will use their control over their Obama puppet in the White House to launch the kind of military provocations against Russia and/or China that can lead to instant annihilation through thermonuclear war.

Military circles throughout the West and in Russia and China are well-aware that the coming weeks can bring about world war. Some are explicit. Military analyst John Schindler wrote today about a brief communication he received from a European NATO official, who simply wrote: “Probably be at war this summer. If were lucky it won’t be nuclear.”

President Obama has already provoked a near-war crisis with Russia, via his Victoria Nuland neo-Nazi coup in Ukraine, and the continuing NATO provocations along the Russian borders. Last week’s overflights over the Spratley Islands claimed by China was another provocation that has set the process of direct warfare into motion.

By removing the British trigger finger from the White House, war can be averted. Obama’s removal can open up a new domain of cooperation, already underway in much of Eurasia and in South America and Africa, through the BRICS process.

The British financial empire is doomed, and Greece is but one immediate trigger. If sane forces were to prevail, the entirety of the Greek debt would be cancelled–it is all illegitimate in the first place. The same is true for the more than one quadrillion dollars in derivatives and other gambling debt built up by the London and Wall Street banks. This garbage can be thrown out, and the United States and Europe can fully embrace the new BRICS paradigm, which is all based on the Hamiltonian principles of physical economy, directed credit, and national banking, upon which the United States was built.

What is crucial in the coming days is that there be no distractions, no diversions away from the central showdown that will be playing out. If Germany, France and, of course, London, don’t back down from their demands on Greece, and the Greek default is formally announced, there will be no grace period. There will be an instant crash of the entire British Empire system. That looming crash is the trigger for the general war that is no more than weeks away–unless the right steps are taken.

That starts with Obama’s removal from office.
Panic in Lew of Greek Solution

Speaking at the London School of Economics (LSE) en route to the G7 meeting in Germany, U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew called for a quick deal on Greece. Asked whether he is optimistic about an agreement on Greece, he said he tries to be, but added that the situation must be resolved quickly. To put it mildly, Lew is totally flipped out over the prospects of a worse-than-2008 systemic blowout that could easily be triggered by a collapse of the talks and a Greek default on its June 5 payment to the IMF. While Lew tried to appear calm, using bankers language, the message of panic was perfectly clear

Talk of World War Is Hitting the Media

The Drudge Report gave prominent coverage late Wednesday afternoon to a story from, warning about a growing danger of world war—as early as this summer. The article began with a note from military analyst John Schindler, who received a commentary from an active non-American NATO official this week, that simply said:
“Probably be at war this summer. If we’re lucky it won’t be nuclear.”

From there, the article noted that NATO has been engaged in some of the biggest maneuvers “on Russia’s front door,” in Ukraine and off the Baltic coast. One naval maneuver, involving 18 battle ships and submarines from 10 NATO countries plus Sweden was called “Dynamic Mongoose,” and took place throughout much of May. It immediately followed ground maneuvers in Estonia, right on Russia’s Baltic border.

Across the world in the Pacific, the war of words between the United States and China has escalated to a crisis shrill, following US surveillance overflights in the Spratley Islands, which are disputed between China, the Philippines, and several other Asian Rim countries. George Soros recently told World Bank officials that a growing alliance between Russia and China could develop if China’s economy falters. After urging the IMF to give the Chinese currency trading status, he warned that, if China and Russia fully align, “then the threat of a third world war becomes real.”

Needless to say, what is missing from this otherwise precise warning of the immediacy of the danger of all-out war is the real underlying reason: The entire trans-Atlantic British-Wall Street financial system is about to blow, and the Greek debt negotiations, which come to a head by June 5, are one immediate, obvious trigger for a desperate move to war to “save the British empire.”


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  • none of these guys touch the many huge elephants in the proverbial room…….

    larouche is pro-israel.

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