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Will the True Presidency Please Stand Up?

Tuesday, May 5, 2015 8:10
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The consent of the governed.

By Brooks A. Agnew

America was ratified in 1789 and has been the greatest experiment in human liberty the world has ever known.  Since 1855, Republicans have controlled the government with a president, congressional and senatorial majorities for only 46 years.  Under Democrat leadership and control, the US has been through 5 major wars, 74 ongoing wars, and stolen the inheritance of every single American for three generations in the future.

 82 years ago, a change occurred in the organization of governmental powers.  That is to say, the balance was corrupted.  The banking industry collapsed the money supply after a decade of unprecedented growth, causing the Great Depression in 1929.  It occurred on Hoover’s presidential watch.   Although he used his engineering genius to try to solve the problem, Republicans only held a slight majority in both houses, giving Progressives the political strength to thwart every effort to recover quickly.  Why?  Well, they had a plan.

In 1932, the flamboyant and popular governor of New York was marketed as the man of the hour.  He was elected without any problem against what was propagandized as Hoover’s failed economy.  Within days of his inauguration, he implemented a new government.  It was like dehydrated government in a sealed box.  All that was needed was to add money, and a dozen new bureaucracies were staffed and funded.  The Soviets moved in with the Administration. 

They had a plan to use carefully engineered litigation to slowly build a new government that would be prepared for a future president.  In 2001, the Agency Government’s power was tested for resilience.  President Bush violated the first ten Amendments of the Constitution by creating a catalog of  new Agencies with sweeping powers generating an avalanche of new regulations, each that had the force of law.  Within 8 years, he had gone to war with two more countries, seized control of every airport on the planet that connects to the US, and created a standing army inside the country.  Still, his Administration was not fully engaged to its real potential for tyranny.  For that, there would have to be a new type of president.

In 2008, Barack Hussein Obama burst onto the scene like a movie character.  He had no past.  He had no resume.  He had never done anything for anyone, except himself.  His speeches were written for him. His agenda was more ancient than Marxism and was designed to melt the greatest nation in history into just another Fascist oligarchy. He was like a robot, able to say exactly what the people wanted to hear at precisely the right tempo and pitch.  Since the script was so perfectly designed, an old, tired, sickly white man named John McCain was easily swept aside like yellowed confetti.  It was the perfect formula for discouraging anyone from vetting the slightest thing about Mr. Obama.  No one even cared where he was born.

Within 12 months, Mr. Obama destroyed the power of Congress and his cronies in the Senate preventing any challenge to his agenda.  He slashed at the military, replacing hundreds of the most experienced flag officers with academics loyal to his plan.  Within 3 years, he took complete control of the Agency Government, and used it mercilessly against his enemies and to help his friends.  The IRS was assigned to block non-profits who would oppose him with advertisements and public reports and to audit into extinction anyone who would speak against him.  More than 90% of the trillions in stimulus funds were handed out to campaign supporters and financial contributors as a return on their investment in his presidency. 

He brazenly appointed agency Secretaries without the advice and consent of the Senate, in direct violation of the Constitution.  Although declared to be illegal by the Supreme Court, these illegal appointees remained in office for over a year, fully implementing a master plan to invade the United States with millions of illegal immigrants, provide them with union protection, and the right to vote in national elections without citizenship.  That plan has been followed without effective opposition for 6 years and shows no sign be being abated in the foreseeable future.  Agencies tasked with the duty to protect the borders of America have been ordered to stand down, while an illegal immigrant enters our country every 30 seconds 24 hours a day.

Congress has tried 3 times to block Mr. Obama’s agenda, but the ownership of the main stream media has been illegally consolidated into less than 6 Progressive companies, all controlled from within the White House like a master propaganda machine able to convince the American public that Congress is trying to prevent progress.  Each time attempts have been made to curtail the government’s lustful spending, Congress is pummeled in the press until their approval rating is less than hemorrhoids. 

Obama has most recently marshaled his new army, a special blend of militarized police, NSA data mining, and federal troops all working together on American soil.  Although neither a report on the size of this army, nor a single word on to whom this army might answer, have been offered, the manpower and equipment have been spread across the battle front for all to see.  Billions of rounds of ammunition, space-based weapons, lethal and non-lethal small arms, and the world’s most sophisticated and prolific surveillance system have now been fully implemented and tested.  The battle front is now known, and the resolve of the President has been well publicized.  He has shown his ability to assassinate people in dozens of countries, even if they are Americans.   Even the day the battle will begin has been made known to the country. 

The only thing the American people don’t know for sure?  Who is the enemy? 

The enemy is not 51 million immigrants that are consuming trillions in tax dollar benefits.  The enemy is not ISIS, a masked marketing plan to make Americans believe there is a reason to always be at war.  The new enemy is so elusive and so feared that it has become the number one priority for every plane, every missile, and every bullet on every hip the President can command.

The new enemy is carbon.  And the enemy’s army is a specially crafted soldier called the homegrown terrorist.  This soldier is profiled as one who owns a gun and believes in the Constitution.  He may go to church.  He doesn’t vote often, but when he does, he usually votes Republican.  The prospect of facing the armed American may be the most frightening in history.  It could be the only thing that has kept the concept of unalienable liberty alive for more than 200 years. 

If you own a gun, you are the enemy.  If you store emergency food, you are the enemy.  If you reload your own ammunition, you are conducting illegal manufacturing of lethal devices.  If you ever spoke on the phone, emailed, tweeted, or visited a Facebook or Internet site on the subject of federal tyranny or State’s rights, you have been already identified as the enemy.

We have one chance to stop the destruction of the idea called America.  We may only have this one chance at this one, last election in 2016.  And so it is with the utmost solemnity that I make this one plea to a Presidential candidate.

I urge you to put together your entire team now.  Choose your running mate and your entire cabinet.  Meet with your team and craft you entire agenda and bring it before the American people for a vote.  You are running against the wealthiest, most corrupt and greedy power the world has ever known.  Traditionally, it has been one person, a man or woman—or these days it could very well be “other”—that sits in the Blue corner on election day.

But you can change all that.  You can be a team of real champions and leaders in the other corner.  Announce your force of Secretaries now.  Let them each hit the campaign trail with you speaking of their agenda with the Agency they are about to lead.  Let them share their plan for balancing the budget and for getting out of the lives of the American people. 

Is it legal?  Yes.  Is it ethical?  Absolutely!  Is it what America needs right now? She will not survive without it.  There are many excellent leaders who would be willing to serve in these capacities; Trump, Fiorina, Paul, Cruz, Carson, Huckabee, and a host of others who could repair and replace the Agency government with a representative government of, by, and for the people again.  Scott Walker has already proven he is willing to withstand the union thugs and powerful bankers who wanted him dead.  He has already shown he can do the job and hold to his ethics and do what he promised to do. 

Don’t slash eachother to pieces on national television for a year.  Join your intelligences together and solidify the party as one team.  Not even Hillary and her billions in illegal paid influence could beat that team.

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