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Interview With Olga

Wednesday, June 10, 2015 23:49
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The following is an interview I did a few years ago with a Woman from the Ukraine named Olga. When I first met her she tried to “Date Me” and I was a bit stand offish because she was on welfare, had a child, and topped 300 Pounds at 5 Foot 4 Inches. I did, however, remain friends with her for many, many years but lost contact with her a few years ago.



(((Please pray – Visualize –  that those who purposely took down my computer while writing this story through updates are immediately immobilized for life)))


One day we just sat down and talked – just talked – and here is a summary of what she said:


ME: Olga, how did you get here. You came here with a child and I know you hated the father and threw him out and then you moved here.


Olga: Yes – I had a child and I threw my man out. I hated him but he gave me a child and I got Welfare. One day my church came to me and asked me to move to America and there become part of a Large Church in Tacoma and make now thousands of dollars a month.


Me: So then what?


Olga: The Church set it up and someone there sponsored me and swore they knew me even though they did not and I came to America and lived in the Church Housing. I finally figured out English and went to the Welfare Office and I got this house, free rent, really cheap utilities, a card for about $600 a month for food, a check for over $2,500 every month and then Social Security gave me another one for over $2,500 a month. So I bought stuff for the house and a brand new car.


Me: You could not have come unless your dad had committed a crime and how did you drive if you never had a car?


Olga: My dad had raped some kids when he was a doctor but got out of jail when the Americans came so I was told it is OK to immigrate to America. It was fun – all paid for by the church. When I got here someone drove me around and they told me they got $25 an hour and mileage to drive me around all over – So I made lots of friends and she made hundreds of dollars every week with me so we could go have fun.


Me: Tell me about your job:


Olga: Well – the Welfare people got me a job for $25/hour and I kept my Social Security check. We made food and it was fun.


Me: Are you a good cook, was the food good?


Olga: We made it for allot of folks and especially the Tacoma Prisons. Everyone who ate our food got really bad diarrhea so I did not eat what I cook there. I do not want diarrhea. We kept feeding it to them until we shut down – that was 3 or 4 years.


Me: So they kept getting sick and you kept feeding them and then your contract ran out, your pay got cut, and then you went back to Welfare and Refugee Pay.


Olga: Yes. I go cut from $25/hr to $12.50/hr and then the whole company went away – we lost our Government Contract and I went back on Welfare. I like it better that way – no more work. I still get full medical and dental and this card worth $600 a month and I have to spend it or it goes away. I can use it for anything – candy, gambling, McDonalds – wow.


Me: Olga – you go to food banks and do not have to buy food


Olga – Yes – I go to 6 different food banks a week  and get all sorts of food.


Me; How much food and is this what you feed your 40 chickens you keep in your small garage and how did you get to go with a full time job and where are all these Food Banks?


Olga: I get about 20 loaves of bread a week and feed my chickens with it and all kinds of other free food. Work gaves me time off to pick up the food and it is mine. I get to keep it and they have to give me the food because I am on Welfare. So I go in and they look me up and give me all sorts of meat and vegetables and rice and stuff.


Me: So is that why your house of so full?


Olga: Yes – I do not have room for all the free food.


Me: What do you do with your $600/Month in food stamps?


Olga; Oh, we like to go out and my daughter loves candy – lots of candy.


Me: So you buy lots of candy, use your Food Stamps to go out and eat allot, and then your house is full of free food. Is that why you throw 5 or 6 loaves of bread over my fence every week?


Olga: Yes – or it goes rotten and  fills my garbage can. I have a Welfare Support Group every week and they all have kids from the Ukraine and we have people in the Welfare office who help us get more money when we can. Those are the gals you met last night.


Me: Why did you date me if you get so much money?


Olga: Your house is bigger than mine. If I date you and move in I get your house. The county said I could kick you out after a few months and you have to pay the mortgage plus they pay me rent too – so I get a bunch of extra money – but I like you. I wouldn’t kick YOU out and I still get the rent money to buy the house. If I pay the rent for 2 years the county then gives me your home and I get to keep my home. I get two homes.


Me: But then where would I live if you get my home and all my stuff?


Olga: You can get an apartment. Apartment’s are OK. You have money – you can buy more furniture.


Me: So the county would take everything I own and give it to you after you get me thrown out of my house and put in jail for what?


Olga: The church teaches us how to do this in classes at the church but if you are good to me I will not do that.


Me: Wow – so lets stay friends forever but — you would loose too much if you moved in with me and married me – you loose all that money. That’s allot of free money. You don’t want to loose all that money by marrying me – do you?


Olga: You’re Right really – I would loose all that money.


Me: What about the people who work to pay for you on welfare, what about America?


Olga: Well –  the church says that everyone in In America  is rich.  I bought a car and drove to the motor vehicle office and they gave me a test in Russian and a gal to help me take the test, and had a short test where I drove around the block and I go my license – see. If I hit someone somebody pays to fix my car. Everyone in America has lots of money.


Me: So what about America and what happens if they cut off your welfare like they are supposed to after 5 years?


Olga – Oh, they just re-signed me up again after 5 years. They will never cut me off. If they do I will go back to the Ukraine – they still have welfare there.


Me: What happens when your daughter moves out, don’t you loose allot of money?


Olga: I get paid until her college is done. If she gets on Welfare when she reaches 18 she gets free college too and since she was born in the Ukraine she gets Refugee Pay too. They have to take her because she is a Refugee – they can;t say no to her.


Me: So you will both get $3,000 a month for doing nothing.


Olga: Well – yes. It’s a free country. She can get it too. The church will show us how and we go to our people there and she will get it. We just pay our church 10% and they do all the rest for us.


Me: Wow. OK. Wow.


OK – that is about it.


Screw America and go for the Big Welfare Dollar and Refugee Pay Check


Today Olga receives:


1) $2,500/mo Welfare Cash,

2)  $800/Mo Food Stamps she can go gambling with at the local casino,

3) $4,000/mo Social Security Refugee Pay

4) Free Medical for her and her daughter – $500/Mo

5) Free Dental for her and her daughter – $1,000/Mo

6) Reduced Utility Rates – Saves about $200/Mo

7) Reduced Phone Rates – Saves about $15/Mo

8) Free Food at 8 different Food Banks – $1,000/mo

10) Free Home Repairs under Habitat For Humanity – a mandatory tax for all American Born Home owners. About $500/Mo.

11) Her daughter is about to receive $4,000/mo plus free college tuition and the University of Washington, Seattle.

12) Free Bus and Train Pass – About $50/Mo

13) Free National Park Pass – $5/Mo

14) Her home was given to her at no tax consequence and she has never paid a dime of income tax her entire life.


So for 17 years this woman has soaked the system for over $11,000 a month ($134,000/Yr) in today’s dollars.


When her daughter comes on line the cost for those two will rise to about $200,000 per year tax free to do absolutely nothing but watch TV.


Multiply that by over 70 million people (Only half live in the USA)  and now you know why the system is crashing under the Cloward-Pivens Model. I has too.


Under Obama this number has risen from 35 Million to 70 Million and is rising about 1 Million a month now


This is what is holding the American Economy up and is also destroying it.


The News You


Dr William B. Mount



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