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Novorossia/ Ukraine update 6\22\2015..”What truce?! I’m sick of this truce!”

Monday, June 22, 2015 12:20
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(Before It's News)

John McCain praises Ukrainian far right militia during his meeting with Poroshenko in Kiev, Ukraine

Poroshenko’s Store in Kiev Robbed by Protesters

Protest at US Embassy in Kiev: People demand removal of US soldiers and weapons from Donbass

Pentagon boss Ashton Carter has announced the United States “will contribute weapons, aircraft and forces, including commandos, for NATO’s rapid reaction force” to defend against “Russia from the east and violent extremists from the south,” according to the Associated Press.

Carter did not specify who the “extremists from the south” are, but a recent NATO military exercise in Poland left little doubt.

During the largest maneuver by NATO since the end of the Cold War, a rapid reaction force in Poland staged a mock raid in the fictional country of Botnia.

From Deutsche Welle:

“Birdman” is the name that maneuver planners have given the opponent in the Bothnian enemy camp. He must be retrieved from a wooden house in the middle of the military training grounds in the forest. Stationed in the nearby village of “Alpha” are his followers, armed militiamen, who have begun to destabilize the region in southwestern Poland.

The scene is recognizable as it is loosely based on the situation in eastern Ukraine, except this time, a NATO member has been threatened by “little green men”. After all, the planners want to make the situation as lifelike as possible.

On Sunday a senior Pentagon official told the media Carter and the United States will urge NATO allies to “dispose of the Cold War playbook” in an effort to counter “hybrid warfare,” in short the ongoing effort in Eastern Ukraine to resist the coup government in Kiev.

“Carter … will really push the alliance to think about new threats, new techniques, urge them to kind of dispose of the Cold War playbook and think about new ways to counter new threats,” the official said.

On Monday in Munster, Germany, Carter said the United States “will contribute intelligence and surveillance capabilities, special operations forces, logistics, transport aircraft, and a range of weapons support that could include bombers, fighters and ship-based missiles” for the effort.

The Pentagon has yet to reveal the number of troops that will participate in the battle against “extremists.”

The announcement coincides with the defection of a onetime aide to the Ukrainian defense minister to the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic. Alexander Kolomiyets took a wealth of classified intelligence information along with his family, according to the Sputnik News.

Donetsk resident – “What truce?! I’m sick of this truce!”

Stop this fratricidal war

Prizrak brigade: Empty food stores

Appeal for help from communist humanitarian aid workers

American volunteer “Texas” visits destroyed monastery and recalls his first battle

An American (anti-Kiev) volunteer “Texas” plays a country song about war in Donbass

TLC | Battlefield map overview – Donbass. June 21st, 2015, 7pm

Clashes at Spartak settlement 20/06/15

Something critical might be happening in the Ukraine

Two small newsitems have not received much attention recently, and yet they might be the signs of something big happening:

Poroshenko has fired the notorious Head of the equally notorious Security Service of Ukraine or SBU: Valentin Nalivaichenko.

Sergei Ivanov, the powerful Deputy Prime Minister of Russia has stated that the US and Russia have created a bilateral communications channel on the Ukraine run by Victoria Nuland, Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, for the USA and Grigorii Karasin, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, for Russia. The official reason for that was “not to complicate the already delicate “Normandy-format”.

So on one hand, we have Kerry and Nuland who came to Russia and who, by all accounts, got nothing of what the asked for but who are now getting a “communications channel” while at the same time, the 100% USA-controlled Nalivaichenko, who is rumored to be an actual CIA agent recruited many years ago, is booted out by Poroshenko. Rumor also has it that Arsen Avakov, the Minister of Internal Affairs will be next to be kicked out.

There might be no connection here, but my guess is that there is.

The reason why Nalivaichenko was fired is not so much because of the various corruptions scandals he – and all other junta members – were involved in as much as it is Poroshenko’s attempt to place “his” men in all key (power) positions. That, in turn, shows that his regime is getting weaker, not stronger – hence the need to strengthen and consolidate.

I also believe that the Americans are fully aware of this process and this is why they now want a direct channel of communication with Russia: because they fully realize that the only two powers that matter in reality are the USA and Russia, especially now that events are getting out of control in Kiev.

One of the best Ukraine specialists out there, Ishchenko, is now saying that the US have concluded that the Ukraine is a total mess and that they are now trying to get out at the least possible cost. I tend to agree with this explanation, though I am not as confident as Ishchenko that we will see this political pullout play out this year already.

Because make no mistake: the 300 million dollars allocated by Congress to arm the Ukraine is a joke. A drop of water into a desert. It will change *nothing*. Most of it will be stolen and the rest will be wasted.

The expected Ukronazi attack on Novorussia has not happened either and while the rhetoric in Kiev is more bellicose than ever, and while the Ukronazi forces along the line of contact are constantly shelling Novorussia, no real, full scale, attack has happened. Could it be that the Ukronazis are truly afraid of the consequences of an always possible Novorussian counter-attack?

It is also becoming increasingly obvious that the US has failed to isolate Russia and that the Russia economy is doing way better than anybody, including the Kremlin, had expected.

So if the Ukronazi Ukraine cannot be used to mount a military attack on Novorussia with the goal of force Russia to intervene, and if the civil war in the Ukraine has failed to produce the kind of isolation and sanctions against Russia which Washington wanted – then what is the use of the Ukraine to Uncle Sam?

Yes, sure, there is the port of Odessa, and some industrial and natural resources which western corporation will be able to acquire for a fraction of its value, but these benefits pale in comparison with the immense costs of somehow tackling the huge economic, social and political problems of the Ukraine.

It will come to that sooner or later anyway. The USA made an unholy mess of Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Libya, and they always ended up getting out, at least politically. Why should it be different for the Ukraine?

I submit that if the US analysts came to the conclusion that there is not hope of forcing Russia to sent her forces into the Donbass then the Ukraine becomes useless. The chances of Russia doing so appear to be very close to zero right now. True, there is the very dangerous situation in Transnistria which might, really, force Russia to intervene, but for some reason the USA does not seem to be eager to trigger an immediate crisis. Could it be that the USA is holding Transnistria as a bargaining chip against Russia in a “you don’t make things too bad for us or else…” kind of strategy? Maybe. I honestly don’t know.

It will be interesting to see of Avakov get’s booted out next and how the various Ukronazi death-squads will react to the firing of their patrons in Kiev.

The Saker

Donetsk held celebration of the Republic Fealty Day.

Three thousand people in the capital swore fealty Donetsk People’s Republic. The solemn ceremony was attended by Vice-Speaker of the DPR People’s Council Denis Pushilin, representatives of the public movement “Donetsk Republic”, athletes, volunteers, visitors and residents of the capital.

The event was dedicated to the anniversary of the first solemn oath of militia fighters.

Kyiv security forces held a diversion on territory under their control once again, attempting to undermine civilian object, and blamed the LPR people’s militia. This was reported today by an official source in the People’s Militia.

“The fact that it was a planned diversion is proved, in particular, by the fact that the bridge, according to the same Shkiryak, received only minor damage, but the Ukrainian media immediately provided information about it on all its channels as a team ” – the People’s Militia explained.

Adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs Zoran Shkiryak posted message on the eve on his page in the social network Facebook that, allegedly, “Russian saboteurs” undermined two levels of a road bridge, located between the village Troitskoye and Popasnaya on Saturday, June 20, at about 16.00. He also said that no one was hurt as a result of undermining, and the connection between settlements was not cut off.

Entangled in his own fabrications, Shkiryak called the explosion the result of “LPR militants’ sabotage” in the next sentence of the docked text.

The night of June 20 to 21 was tense in Donetsk. The city suffered a massive fire. Shots and explosions were heard in almost all areas of the DPR capital, the windows were shaking in houses.


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