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Bill Clinton Tells Jeb Bush, “This Trump Thing Will Be Taken Care Of.”

Saturday, July 11, 2015 19:30
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Just a few weeks earlier GOP 2016 candidate Jeb Bush was sitting atop nearly every Republican presidential poll as he used his family name, media contacts, and a still formidable and long-standing Bush dynasty fundraising machine to place himself as the prospective favorite among a growing list of White House hopefuls.

Then Donald Trump arrived and now Jeb Bush is quietly but urgently telling those around him that something must be done to diminish the sudden popularity of the New York billionaire.

Initially during Mr. Trump’s rise in the polls the Bush team was dismissive, declaring it a momentary blip. As days turned to weeks though, and Trump supporters appear to be multiplying at a pace that even has people associated with the Trump campaign surprised, the Bush 2016 operation is now openly declaring it wants help with the what is being called, “The Trump problem.”

The call for help has even been issued to Jeb Bush’s seeming Democratic rival – Team Clinton. Apparently Bush operatives believe that between the two political dynasties and their many supporters among the Mainstream Media and corporate business world, the Trump threat can be quickly terminated before it grows into a legitimate challenge to the seemingly pre-determined Bush vs Clinton 2016 showdown.

A D.C. Whispers source put it this way:

“It’s said that Hillary Clinton wants nothing to do with Donald Trump. To most they just call him a clown, but privately they’re afraid of him. The Clinton team doesn’t fear Jeb Bush because they know what they are up against and that lack of fear is mutual among the Bush operation as well. They both run in similar circles politically and financially, so it’s a choice of shades of the same color and that’s how they want to keep it.”

Apparently Jeb Bush’s focus on “The Donald” has become quite personal. Bush is said to be “deeply disappointed” that the media and corporate attacks on Mr. Trump have only made the outspoken billionaire’s appeal to voters that much stronger. It is a political dynamic for which Bush political operatives are increasingly confused and concerned over.

Those concerns were said to be given some salve in the form of assurances from Bill Clinton during a personal call he had with Jeb Bush two days earlier. While most of that conversation remains private, Jeb did share with others that the former president reminded the would-be presidential hopeful that, “a lot of this Trump thing will be taken care of during your debates, if not sooner.”

As for Donald Trump, he recently held a news conference in Los Angeles with some who have lost family members to crimes committed by those who entered the United States illegally. Several of those at the conference declared to the media that Mr. Trump was, “the only politician listening to us.”  The Mainstream Media has largely refused to report on the event.

Mr. Trump is later scheduled to appear at a legal immigration rally in Phoenix, Arizona later today that is estimated to have nearly 10,000 supporters attend. Several far-left open border groups have initiated nationwide anti-Trump protests with money that is alleged to having been funneled to them by political donors from BOTH the Clinton and Bush camps.

Note the AnswerLA signs – a group funded by many of the same donors as support the Clinton Foundation – including the infamous George Soros…

JEFFREY DAUGHERTY ( submits this news item from DCWhispers

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  • :mrgreen: :evil: You can bet a million dollars that Hillary Clinton is afraid of Donald Trump. He won’t be a staw candiate like Romney or Jeb Bush.

    • trump is nothing more than a brief crappy stench of wind from the guy who farted next to you.
      The crappy smell will pass quickly.
      :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

      • Yea, I once caught a brief whiff of a Ross Perrot fart, at the same kind of political rally!
        Ross the traitor was campaigning for president, just like this Caucasian male billionaire, trump, the prep school boy!
        PeeeeeeeeeeUuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, BOY did it stink, BUT the smell did pass quickly, and was forgotten by all!
        :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    • Ted

      Donald Trump is the best thing to happen to hillary’s campaign! Trump will run as an independent; the GOP won’t have him. He’ll peel off enough votes from the republican candidate (I hope it’s not Jeb) to assure Hillary wins.

      It happened when Ross Perot ran, (whom I voted for) and we got stuck wit “slick willy” as a result. I’ll never do that again. I hope people learn from my mistake! :cry:

      • AllRoadsLead2NWO

        The Popular (sheeple) vote- is Not Used to determine the outcome. It is an INDIRECT ELECTION. Did your ballot read ELECTORAL VOTE on it anywhere? No- i didn’t think so. Ross Perot could have won every single one of the Sheeples POPULAR VOTE and still would have lost. They do NOT Use the popular Vote to determine the outcome. IT IS AN INDIRECT ELECTION- not a local ‘direct election’ get it??????????????????

  • I was there and the house was super packed shoulder to shoulder.

    The line to get in was over 1/2 mile long. Never seen anything like it. A cop told me thousands were turned away just no room. No chairs standing only. It was great! It nice to hear an uncensored speech.

    The crowd was huge and I am sure the media will pan in and not show you the huge lines and all the people who came. Be interesting to watch and see. Trump got my VOTE!

    And I am sure he will make sure they actually count this time.

    • AllRoadsLead2NWO

      Trump could win on BUY all of the damn sheeple Popular Vote and WILL STILL LOSE. Why? They do not use the Popular (Sheeple) Vote to determine the Outcome. It – the presiential ‘election’ is an INDIRECT ELECTION- not a direct election. Unless Trump can murder both Jeb Bush and Billary Clinton and all of other NEW WORLD ORDER PARTY SLAVES AND BUY ALL ELECTORAL (or at least the majority) VOTES- he has ZERO CHANCE. The New World Order Party always wins- every time- guaranteed. Trump will not be any parties nominee- still doesn’t matter, he has no chance. Trump is not a blood relation like all of the other ‘presidents’ – OBAMA IS, he is bush, and cheney’s cousin. They are all related and ALL NEW WORLD ORDER SLAVES. Go watch Bush, Clinton and Obama’s New World Order Speeches- all on Youtube. The Bilderberg Group appoints- you will know who it is at the next meeting in 2016- they will be the ‘Special Guest Speaker’- just like obama was, bush was, and clinton was- all before their fake ‘elections’. The sheeple vote is not used to determine the outcome. you can vote a million times yourslef for Trump- makes ZERO DIFFERENCE- THEY DON’T USE THE POPULAR VOTE.

  • The bushes and clintons are going to be scared after today’s events in Phoenix. Those two clowns could not draw a crowd this large in a life time. They are has beens and better start getting use to waring orange jumpsuits.

    Trump got my VOTE. Watch your back Donald because you know these thugs will be coming for you.

    • Totally 1000% agree with everything you said ^^^^ mAY IAUE (Yah) help that man…

      and curses upon hitlery and bubba w’s breddah.

    • AllRoadsLead2NWO

      Jeb and Billary might as well be on the same damn NEW WORLD ORDER PARTY ticket. That is what they are both- blood related New World Order slaves. Trump has zero chance of nomination and zero chance as being appointed by the Bilderberg Group as an independent. it is an INDIRECT ELECTION FOR A REASON KIDS. The New World Order party always wins- everytime- guaranteed. you have democrat and republican ‘president’ New World Order speeches to prove it. Take your pick- they’re all the same. How about joe Biden’s 1992 article in the Wall Street Journal entitled “How I learned to love the New World Order’- gies right along with Obama’s new world order speech in berlin right before he was appointed by the bilderbergs, Bush and Clinton the same damn thing. It is an INDIRECT ELECTION- they do NOT use the Popular (sheeple0 Vote to determine the outcome. You will most likely see Trump personal jet tomahawked magically out of the sky and they will say oh no!- it was a ‘terrorist attack’- poor Donald- just to keep him from speaking to close to the TRUTH. IT IS FORBIDDEN. Unless your vote says ELECTORAL VOTE ON IT- you are wasting your time. DEMAND THE ABOLISHMENT OF THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE AND LET THE SHEEPLE DECIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hey Donald, don’t let that bitch do you like she did Vince Foster and numerous others who got in her way.

    She is truly a filthy demonic soul.

    • Yes and this worries me. Trump doesnt seem to realize what he is up against. Like he’s too honest to get the dirtiness of the system. He doesnt get it that illegals are part of a much bigger plan to dissolve our sovereignty and the whole NWO plan. Which relies on destroying nation states – even Mexico- which will be integrated into us. THAT is the real use of illegals- not for their cheap labor but to create reality on the ground for NAU. His old fashioned views spit in the face of the UN, all the EU intl groupings- and the zionists- who count on ruling the globe once all the other stuff is installed. Mossad will cause an ‘accident’ ala Lady Di etc.
      Scary what is coming, scary and sad

      • That dude has enough money to by an army to protect him. I’m sure he knows what he’s up against, as most everyone know how dirty the Clintons and Bushs’ are, and is taking the necessary precautions… Unless this whole thing is a charade. Trump is an entertainer, after all.

        • AllRoadsLead2NWO

          yeah, but he is speaking to close to the truth- this is strictly forbidden. Trump’s little 9 billion dollar army cannot protect him from another Pentagram 911 tomahawk cruise missile that will blow his jet out of the sky. They will just say it was a terrible ‘terrorist attack’ -poor Donald- look what ‘they’ did to him. We need to spend more MONEY TO CONTROL THE SKIES. Lol what a sick joke it all is. Trump has zero chance of getting either NWO party Nomination and zero chance of ‘winning’ or Buying out the Electoral College. He is not blood related and Not a New world Order Slave which is required- period. The Electoral College must be ABOLISHED- and once again allow the SHEEPLE TO DECIDE. Make it a DIRECT ELECTION so our votes are actually used to determine the outcome- right now they are not. IT IS AN INDIRECT ELECTION FOR A REASON.

      • Donald is not a stupid man. He knows exactly what is going on. If he talked about it right now, it would be detrimental to his campaign. He’s playing it smart and close to the chest.

      • Yeah, I know what you mean, me too.. but wait, please check out my reply about that it hasn’t been posted here yet though…

        I know, indeed, me too

  • Americans are sick & tired of the political BS that the government has been shoving down their throats. Hitlery and Bushy Boy would be wise to be running scared at this point.

    • Hitlery Clinton is a fascist Hitler’s puppet.
      Behind the NWO Zionists plan the wedding together, transnational corporations, the Fed and the oligarchs are.
      They will not go peacefully to their removal.
      The elections will also cheat.

  • Boom, biatces.

  • Trump will trump them all!

  • Mr Trump is the strongest candidate out of the whole bunch. As it stands right now, I honestly believe, he will be the next President of America. If the game is played fair, I don’t think anyone can stop this train from rolling.
    Hillary is weak, Busch is weak, Bernie is weak, Ted is Canadian and ineligible to become President, shoot… even Rand Paul is weak compared to the Donald. From where I sit, so far, The Donald… Trumps them all.

  • Doesn’t matter….There will be no election in 2016. Country will be in total lock down via Martial Law. :wink:

    • Wouldn’t martial law
      be suicide
      for the dc gang
      the soldiers,
      and thoze who support them ?

      Not too bright ?

    • :arrow: :arrow: You could right or you could be wrong. Donald Trump is our only candiate that will tell it like it is.

    • You could very likely be right, it seems that way…

      if that is done then Hitlery et al will be licking their lips… lotta people dying

  • Then Bubba tells Hillbilly, “This Jeb thing will be taken care of”!

  • Lets just hope they don’t do to Mr Trump what the did to Ross Perot. For those of you old enough to remember???

  • Donald Trump has the balls to tell the truth and all the other candidates are known liars and members of the inner circle mafia who never work for the best interest of the country or we the people.
    We are sick of the insiders and their long histories of fleecing the public and going to war to expand the multinational corporations empire.
    Donald Trump could save this country from certain death – which it faces now.

    • What is this with all the down votes. Trump is being honest and a breath of fresh air. I would choose him as potus any day over the trash of the last fifty years. But yes we know how evil and crooked elections really are ruled by the satanists.

  • Lets see…BUSH 1… Clinton 1 and 2… Bush 2 and 3… O WHATS HIS NAME … then BUSH 4 OR CLINTON 3…then We will have CHELSEA as CLINTON 4…SOME HOW it seems as though we are now in a MONARCHY of two families and a BUNCH of IDIOTS VOTING FOR THEM!

    As Donald says…a country without borders is no country…and at 80,000 registered voters coming across the non existent border every month, it looks like we will have AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA CLINTON 3 for the NEXT 8 years.

    Having fun YET!

    • Chelsea is TOO UGLY to run!

    • AllRoadsLead2NWO

      That is the way it has always been and always will be. All ‘presidents’ except for 1 have been related. Obama is Bush and Cheneys cousin. They are all blood relations and ALL New World Order slaves. It is an INDIRECT ELECTION for a reason. The Popular (sheeple) Vote is NOT used to determine the outcome. The New World Order Party always wins- every time- guarateed. The Bilderberg Group appoints the ‘president’- they are always the special guest speaker’ right before the fake ‘election’. Unless your ‘vote’ says Electoral on it- you are wasting your time. The don’t use the sheeple vote. The American People DO NOT DECIDE. It is an INDIRECT ELECTION – not a local mayoral direct election.

  • MR Donald hold the Trump card.

  • What I foresee prbably happening is something more like this:

    Not likely since Trump is so rich and powerful (bodyguards, intel etc) will Hillary, Bill, Bushes try to off him. that would be just too implicating, (not that that has ever stopped them in the past) but we would be too too angry with them

    (not that they care about that either, in fact they like us like that, more energy to their God)

    but it would be internationally too much liability and they would not be accepted by foreign leaders if that were done. Too bad for their reps, low-level Mafioso-type reps known far and wide, too obvious. They want better for themselves in the Karmic history books.

    So imo Hillary and Bushes, and Bill, would rather take care of it their secret way, so people if you care about poor Donald Trump please pray to IAUE after you learn about Him being your Father Creator, to avert the tragedy that they are invoking upon this dude.

    Donald has money and savvy, but he is not a practicioner of the black magik like the Clintons and Bushes, so I fear for his life.

    Please, again, people, for your own sakes and Donald’s, if you value your lives and his, do not pray any more to their evil God, the Solar Deity hates us.

    Hitlery and the rest love this vile god, and he is who you are taught to worship in the churches.
    I am telling you the truth, and it is so bizarre to you, and that is proof that they have done their job well.

    • AllRoadsLead2NWO

      You mean another PENTAGRAM 911 Tomahawk cruise missile blowing Trump’s jet out of the sky- oops- look it was another ‘terrorist attack’ -poor Donald. We must SPEND MORE MONEY and defeat these’ terrorists’ and control our skies. Are you saying the SUN- LUCIFER IS EVIL? But you must understand that EVIL spelled backwards is LIVE! Without Lucifer- our Sun the Light Bearer- the Bringer of Light into this HIS WORLD (lucifer is god of this world in the book) Then there would be NO LIFE HERE.

  • Obama – mickey mouse

    macain – el macfud

    trump – ?

    hilary – the wicked witch of eastwick perhaps?

    • Donald Trump is clearly Donald Duck. I knew the illuminati game was solid.

  • Both democrats and Republicans will be voting for him. Both are sick of the uni-party working against us.

  • Hillary is one of the most disgusting psychopathic NAZI, Communist terrorist human that has ever walked the earth. Oh darn, she has the same qualifications that Obo, “aka Oboma” has. There is a good chance she will be elected.

  • AllRoadsLead2NWO

    Trump cannot win- unless he BUYS OUT Jeb and Hillary and the ELECTORATE.
    In reality- Trump has no chance. It is an INDIRECT ELECTION. The Popular
    (sheeple) Vote does NOT determine the outcome. Trump will never be the
    Republican or Demcorat or any NEW WORLD ORDER PARTY NOMINEE.
    Not anyone can become appointed to the presidency. Why do people think
    that all of the presidents except for 1 haven been related? Another
    Coincidence- yeah, Just like the coincindence of the fact that the
    construction of the PENTAGRAM- began on SEPTEMBER 11, 1941!!!!
    Undertand this- the New World Order Party always wins- guarranteed-
    everytime. The Democrat and Republican Parties are 2 sides of the
    same NEW WORLD ORDER COIN. That is why we can all go to youtube and
    watch Democrat and Republican ‘presidents’ speeches on the NEW WORLD
    The New World Order Parties are upset right now because someone is out
    speaking – by and large- the TRUTH. This is FORBIDDEN. Do you know
    what would happen if everyone, all 340 million of the USA new the actual
    TRUTH- Total loss of CONTROL. They cannot have that you see?
    It is all a facade. All make-believe, the USA is the LAND OF OZ.
    From the top to the bottom, Our money- the Federal Reserve System
    to the JUSTus System- get it??? Your Birth Certificate, Social Insecurity,
    Drivers License, ALL A FACADE.
    The only hope is if Jeb Bush and Hillary are Killed. But even, the
    Bilderberg Group will magically appoint another New World Order slave.
    Wanna Know who is next? Wait to see who the “Special Guest Speaker”
    is at next years (2016) Bilderberg Group meeting- right before the
    fake ‘election’ Obama was, Bush was, Clinton was- all Pre-approved
    they DO NOT USE YOUR VOTE!!! You can vote until the Sun explodes-makes
    NO DIFFERENCE. The Popular (sheeple) Vote is not Used. Any ‘candidate’
    can win the Sheeple Vote and still lose the fake ‘election’.
    Unless your ballot says ELECTORAL VOTE on it- you are wasting your time.
    Look for Trump’s plane to shot out of the sky with another Pentagon tomahawk missile.
    That is all.

  • Clnton Bush Barrack Trump there all made of the same cloth,
    they want profits, and all do it for something that benefits them!
    they dont care about you an I
    get real

  • I hope he is not sending Monica over?

  • Whats the deal with all the negative votes for people supporting Trump? The TROLLS trying to take over??? Ass Wi%&’s Go TRUMP!!!

  • El Chapo behind the grassy knoll ?

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