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FEMA Concentration Camps Disguised As Shopping Malls Being Built Everywhere

Wednesday, July 1, 2015 4:10
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By: Voice of Reason



In the video below, you’ll see there is a whole new strain of shopping malls opening up just in time for the Christmas Season… a time that is not expected for things to be good here in the United States. The most obvious notable changes to this new design of shopping malls, is the multiple “Guard Towers” built in, along with narrow ways of entry and exit, meaning that once they are closed off and the towers are manned… good luck! 

Coming in October of 2015, all across the country, happy American shoppers will see a whole slew of new shopping malls opening, just in time for the Christmas shopping season. Interestingly enough, and possibly just by ‘coincidence’, EVERY one of these shopping malls that will be opening in October of 2015 has characteristics of FEMA concentration camps including guard towers overlooking the properties and several of them LOOKING just like fortresses!


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The story by Chris Tucker at the Central Kitsap Reporter begins: “The massive walls at the Trails at Silverdale construction site loom over the surrounding area as if it were a modern-day hilltop fortress.” Trails at Silverdale in the state of Washington will be opening in October of 2015. Trails at Silverdale can be seen in the picture seen at top right of story. Situated on 18 acres on a hill overlooking everything, Trails at Silverdale will include ‘soldier pile’ and ‘lock and load’ retaining walls and be the future home of 24 tenants.

According to the ABC Action News video below, excitement runs high for the upcoming October 2015 opening of the Wesley Chapel outlet mall in Pasco, Florida, however, there are ‘concerns’. We learn here that officials have yet to announce what retailers will be inhabiting these 100+ ‘stores’ and, after being emailed a tip by an ANP reader that this mall (seen picture top left and below right) looks almost like it could be a prison, we decided to take a look into how many more ‘malls’ across America are scheduled to be opened in October of 2015 and wanted to see what these malls will look like. To say that we found a disturbing pattern would be an understatement.



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Following up on a recent story on ANP called “Commercial Camouflage: Converting Shopping Malls Into FEMA Camps With Guard Towers Right In Front Of Our Faces? Obama Authorizes Slave Labor On American Soil” in which we told you about the Marana Spectrum outlet mall which is supposed to be opening in October of 2015 but as of yet, had no anchor stores signed up, we have found AT LEAST 5 new malls opening in October of 2015 with several more new ones having recently opened and other opening this summer and exactly WHY each one of them has characteristics of FEMA incarceration camps or fortresses has not yet been answered. If they suddenly needed to transform these ‘malls’ into a ‘security state’ apparatus, it likely could be accomplished without too much fuss and bother.


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From massive and nearly impenatrable lock and load walls to massive prison towers overlooking the mall grounds, these towers certainly are being used for the national security state, likely housing cameras surveilling and recording everything surrounding them. Take a look at almost any of the new malls across the country and they already have them, as if this was planned out long ago. We know that the national security state loves to have lookouts on high, watching everything, are these towers in new malls for the same reason, able to be transformed into prison guard towers in a blink of an eye?


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Joining Wesley Chapel outlets in Florida, the Trails at Silverdale in Washington, and the Marana Spectrum in Arizona for October 2015 openings will be the Outlets at San Clemente, California and the Outlets at Little Rock, Arkansas while the Outlets at Gloucester in New Jersey, the Grand Rapids Tanger Outlets in Michigan, and the Outlets at Foxwoods in Connecticut will each open this summer or early fall and all have some of the same characteristics we’ve seen.


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While it is quite likely that these new shopping malls will ONLY be used as shopping malls, if everything goes south with the economy and Jade Helm 15 and what comes after actually are for the roundup of those whom the terrorists in Washington DC feel pose a threat to their continued raping and pillaging of America, we know from this Intellihub story that FEMA, under authorization from the Department of Defense, has plans to use abandoned shopping malls to house a massive influx of humanity from south of the border. Imagine them needing to incarceration a hundred million Americans.

From Intellihub.:



By: Voice of Reason









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  • Hey! Job Opportunity! These new malls are hiring!
    Internment/resettlement specialists are primarily responsible for day-to-day operations in a military confinement/correctional facility or detention/internment facility.
    Job Duties:
    Supervision of confinement and detention operations
    External security to facilities
    Counseling/guidance to individual prisoners within a rehabilitative program
    Records of prisoners/internees and their programs

    Those who want to serve must first take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery, a series of tests that helps you better understand your strengths and identify which Army jobs are best for you.
    Job training for an internment/resettlement specialist requires 10 weeks of Basic Combat Training and eight weeks of Advanced Individual Training with on-the-job instruction. Part of this time is spent in the classroom and in the field.

    Some of the skills you’ll learn are:

    Military laws and jurisdictions
    Self-defense and use of firearms
    Interpersonal communications skills
    Search/restraint and custody/control procedures

    Helpful Skills

    Interest in law enforcement
    Physically and mentally fit
    Ability to make quick decisions
    Remain calm under heavy duress

  • Damn! Off to the gun store again…..

  • Those really ARE “FEMA: camps.. that is to say, emergency imprisonment for milions of displaced people. See, they’re planning the financial collapse to occur immediately before the asteroid shower that will occur several months before the arrival of Planet X. Yes, it really does exist, and no, it’s not going to hit us , although it will make a short one week appearance next year. Furthermore, you can expect official disclosiure within a few months, although they will play down any danger associated with it’s significant tidal effect. The asteroids are a far more immediate concern.Not only would the pre-collapse cost of supporting millions of displaced people but people would not br willing to abandon their possesions. Aftre the collapse though the asteroid “shower” will wreak so much devastation that they expect it to do a better job than martial law ever could, and people will willingly file into these “shelters”. This is why they’ve been artificially postponing the financial collapse as long as possible.I do not know precisely when that will occur.. Best evidence is this year though..

    • I’ve arrived at the same conclusion. My hope is that the inhabitants of Planet X will land on earth, give us free energy technology, clean up fukushima, reset the global financial system, and lock the elite inside their bunkers a.k.a. tombs. :mrgreen:

  • Nibiru is outside your window watching you surfing for internet porn.

  • :idea: :idea: Do you hvae a plan of action once martial Law starts? No pre-planning needed and it will kick the US Gov out of your town, and have your community regain control of your city. Anyone can do it, and by knowing who your #1 enemy will be is the key to your survival. This is one of the only true ways to save your life once martial law starts. Make viral and tell everyone for our nation to remain free!


  • The conditioning of the sheep goes even further than this article is covering. For awhile now, I’ve been taking notice of those attending sporting events wearing SOLID COLORED SHIRTS with brainwashing phrases splattered across the front & back.

    With TSA doing unconstitutional searches at these events + now with the addition of these solid colored brainwashing tshirts. It’s downright creepy. I refuse to engage in any activity or attend any event that requires that I allow myself to be detained and searched. I will not give up my rights simply to fly in an airplane, to enter a local-state-federal building, travel on a road, nor to attend an event for NONE of these activities are a de facto suspicion of criminal wrong on my part. Sorry but no.

    IMO, it is truly sad that so many people are willing to do so AND help in destroying freedom and liberty for all by making it easier and possible for everyone else to be subject to the same. If all people refused to fly, visit or attend these places & events, these unconstitutional searches & seizures would cease to be b/c the ‘powers that be’ would have a stake driven right through their greedy myopic brains when their need for power over others is diminished and their pocketbooks and wallets are smaller.

  • I just put this on Daves POST it fits here also!

    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” – Edmund Burke, 1795

    All over the world is tumult, orchestrated by a few. Ukraine, Yemeni, Syria and on and on.
    Millions suffer, but many in the west show no empathy, until it arrives in their back yard.
    It is coming down your street.
    These few comments are a joke, if they are that blind, surely a ditch is waiting.

    Rex 84
    Rex 84, short for Readiness Exercise 1984, was a classified “scenario and drill” developed by the United States federal government to suspend the United States Constitution, declare martial law, place military commanders in charge of state and local governments, and detain large numbers of American citizens who are deemed to be “national security threats”, in the event that the President declares a “State of National Emergency”.

    In 1988, I new of this in Beech Grove IN. They were converting an old Amtrak train station into SOMEthing. They concrete blocked the large overhead doors. The high fences at the time had the barbed wire facing in, per a friend who would deliver pizzas to the workers. They told me they had turn styles you could go in but not out, with fencing on both sides. Another friend was hired to plumb 6” main gas lines: he said no way did they need those unless they were gonna burn a lot of gas. Can you say furnaces???, train tracks in and out. There are videos on you tube you can look up. After a big stir on line and videos, they took down the fema signs and turned around the bobbed wire.
    The facility is still there.
    After the crash in 08 and billions were being spent by the wolves, fema buys up Eastgate shopping mall at Shadeland and Washington street’s in Indianapolis, IN. It is almost done. The old mall was unique because it had a full basement. They surrounded it with concrete dividers.
    I had several people tell me in the last few years they were hearing grinding and rumblings on the southeast side of Indy. So many people raised a stink they actually put on the local news with photos, that they were boring a 42′ tunnel to Beach Grove, IN, to the AMTRAK train station with 2 sets of tracks, for what?!?!?!?!?! 4.8 miles.
    Recently I was personaly told by someone who was contracted to re roof the mall at Shadeland, that they had turrets on top of the mall. A couple of days ago another friend told me that he drove by and they had just surrounded the whole place with solar panels. They are getting ready…….and I wont even tell you what all this is for. These are everywhere. Indianapolis is known as the crossroads of America. This facility is planned for a lot of “busy-ness”. Major cities are not where you want to be. Good luck to all.
    PS. Camp AtturBURY south of Indy is a very large facility.

  • Easy enough, I just won’t go into Asian Massage Parlors that are in strip malls.

  • Good grief haven’t they got enough? I heard there were already 800 detention camps and that was 2 years ago.
    Whose paying for this shet.

  • Phoenix Outlet Mall off I-10 at Wild Horse Pass has the same towers and several years ago when it was being built I told my husband they looked like guard towers. I have pictures but there’s no picture attachment icon.

  • :idea: :idea: Like WW2 freedom lovers did, Peg them off one at a time from a distance as they are travelling to or in the open and be mobile! Stop all vehicles going into FEMA camps like gas trucks entering and leaving. Cut their power, communications, block athe roads leading to them, dismantle vehicles so they can not drive in out…

    Do YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD ONCE MARTIAL LAW STARTS? If you value your life and freedom, this is a link to the REAL World what to do. If you do it, you may just beat Martial Law and the US Gov OUT of your community! Read and you let me know if you find any flaws. Bet you can’t..

    You can’t trust anyone in power, and have to question everyone… Once SHTF, you’ll have weapons to back you up to hold everyone up to their word… If not, goodbye… Remember most of all, the Blue Helmet UN are freedom Loving US Flag patriots WORST ENEMY, equal to the US Gov! The instant you see one, they need to be stopped from stepping foot on to US Soil! The “UN” IS A PRIVATE, FOR PROFIT BUSINESS CORPORATION, and NOT ANY GOVERNMENT as you were BRAINWASHED TO BELIEVE! Look it up! It is “Owned” by the Rothschilds, Bushs, Clintons, Cheney, and all the top US Gov scum and rich 1% elite! You see tons of UN vehicles because the criminal US Gov TRANSFERED many 10s of MILLIONS OF ACRES OF US SOIL TO THEM, so they quietly funnelled the land into their names while in Gov Senate and Congress, etc! Wake the hell up! Just as in 1776, we faced the “Red Coats” from Britian, and today in 2015, our “Blue Helmet” UN is trying to overthrow our nation for their private business corporation! That is why stop all Blue Helmets!

    Just like in WW2, freedom fighters did many things to help fight against the Nazis. They removed rails from railroad tracks, so no weapons, vehicles, supplies and more importantly GAS/FUEL and PEOPLE were saved by this action. It takes them days to repair each track, and needed supplies DID NOT get to where it was needed, so other freedom lovers could defend themselves, with their help. Remember too, they stopped ALL GAS TANKS and VEHICLES because if they do not have gas, THEY CAN NOT DRIVE AND SPREAD THEIR WAR! So these were the main targets that caused the most kaos… Never forget…

  • How about a CURRENT FEBRUARY 2016 report on the same place :?:

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