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GOP Debates Post-Mortem…Trump Takes Title

Friday, August 7, 2015 7:50
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(Before It's News)

GOP Debates Post-Mortem: Fiorina Wins Undercard; Trump Takes Title, Threatens Independent Run | Zero Hedge

17 Entered… Despite the onslaught of attacks from the other 16 GOP Presidential nominee candidates, Donald Trump came out the ‘winner’ in his usual brash manner threatening to run as an independent and able to dominate the conversation, pitbull back at any jibes, and shrug off cozy Clintonite comments. Ted Cruz and Rand Paul appeared to have a strong showing but “had a tough night” in Trump’s words. Rick Perry blew up again, calling the former President Ronald ‘Raven’ – which his team vehemently denied the entire FOX watching audience heard. Carly Fiorina easily won the undercard against a field of has-beens and wannabes and surely deserves some more top-billing in the next Republican death-match. In the immortal words of Kenny Rogers, we hope a few of the 17-strong gaggle now “know when to fold ‘em,” and can we suggest Rick Perry’s corner “throws in the damn towel.”

The Main Event..

Trump came out swinging hard…



As AP reports,

The first Republican primary debate got off to a contentious start Thursday, with billionaire businessman Donald Trump declaring he could not commit to supporting the party’s eventual nominee — unless it’s him — and would not rule out running as a third-party candidate.

“I will not make the pledge at this time,” Trump said. He also refused to apologize for making insulting comments about women, saying, “The big problem this country has is being political correct.”

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul immediately jumped in to challenge Trump on his answer to the question about supporting the nominee.

“He’s already hedging his bets because he’s used to buying politicians,” Paul said.

Trump spoke the most…more here


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  • Trump’s a birther. Obama’s toast. He’ll bomb due to Trump now.

    • :?: KING OF THE BUTT HOLE! Why don’t you allow comments to your own stories you post? You and your DNA is criminal and you post your BS all over the boards, yet you refuse to allow open and honest comments to your BS NWO mindgame stories? May you and your entire family and children be the first in line once the gates of hell open up. If you were “honest”, you’d allow posts, good or bad, but you instead “control” your NWO stories by LYING, then not allow anyone to call you out. You call that “Godly” or “Heavenly” or “Honorable by the good book called THE BIBLE? You are Satan, by only allowing and controlling your “ONE WAY COMMUNICATION” so the masses can practice their “Freedom of Speech”; which you refuse to allow! So do you call that following THE BIBLES WORDS?

      Anyone who follows The Bible knows you are Satan, hiding under the fake pretense of being for “God”. But what a perfect way Satan to fool the clueless Bible followers, who only think that anyone who speaks of The Bible, is for good. Even Satan uses Gods name and The Bible to fool the clueless Christian sheepeople, who follow anyone who holds up The Bible, yet they don’t look past that. May you and your childrens DNA be removed from all fuutre humanity, because you were breed to serve Satans DNA into the good human DNA…. Rot in hell, as you and your entire DNA bloodline lick your Satan’s daddys’ dirty toes for eternity…

      • anonymous, I don’t want to disable comments to my stories but you Obots have been posting criminal comments like making death threats and revealing my personal address which is a crime ruled by Judge Tafoya in Colorado in 2013 in the Delgaudio Vs SPLC, the hate group: it’s forbidden to reveal an opponent’s personal address, it’s not rocket science to udnerstand that but you Obots are so thick-headed they won’t understand that. But they want to shut me up because I’m revealing the Apocalypse and I’m alone in the world, revealing Obama to be the Antichrist.
        I’m the only one in the world revealing that Obama’s the Antichrist and that that spells the Apocalypse and I’m the only messenger of the Apocalypse existing in the world.
        There are many servants of Satan and Jesus said that all those coming in his name in the Apocalypse would be servants of Satan aka “the false christs”.

  • Trump will not give up on the birth certificate. Obama’s toast. It’s been seven years already of this coverup about Obama’s birth issue. ENOUGH ALREADY!

  • The easiest thing for the Cabal would have been to role out Clinton & Bush, again. So, why didn’t this happen? How did Trump get in there? The Bush/Clinton ticket would essentially be another Kerry versus Bush or the like; two more selected candidates who work for the State and not you; pushing an agenda that sijmply wants you enslaved and/or dead without any remorse whatsoever. Note: it is next to amasing that most still believe these professional politicians- most whom are attourneys; allegiance to the Queen via the BAR -have their best interest in mind. See my thumb?

    If Trump is not the Cabal’s rep, then he is probably the one I will vote for. What next? Did my vote just wipe out evil? Have I now done my part and I can now get back to self-love via egotism? Fair questions. :???:

    • Trump may be in there to eventually become a third party candidate to split the Repub vote so Hillary can get in. Trump is friends with the Clintons.

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