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Of Gods, Terrorists, and the Pied Piper

Tuesday, August 11, 2015 8:50
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Following the execution-style killings of Charlie Hebdo and his associates, it was reported that the Muslim Terrorists who carried out the heinous act of murder shouted “Allahu Akbar” (God is Great) and that “We have avenged the Prophet Mohammed. We have killed Charlie Hebdo.” Among the myriad of questions raised in the wake of these barbaric murders, one stands out to the perceptive individual—If their god is so great, why can’t he personally exact vengeance on those people who disrespect his prophet?

Obviously, in our age of political correctness, there are certain questions that simply cannot be asked. The old adage that there is no such thing as “a stupid” question has been replaced with the Left’s mantra—“I’ll tell you what questions you can ask and if you dare ask what we consider to be a stupid question, you will be severely humiliated and destroyed by the PC police through the MSM.”

This throwback to the old methods of inquisition-styled government not only stifles the spirit of creativity and learning, but it also blinds us to the certain dangers that are coming from this deadly threat of terrorism. A prime example of this blindness can be seen in the ecstatic response to Obama’s recent State of the Union address by his many supporters.

Despite the fact that he ignored the French Muslim terrorist attack in his speech, his message with respect to what he is now calling “violent extremism”, rather than terrorism, was basically that–it has been handled. He also told us that economic prosperity is soon to come to the middle class, because he is going to implement more socialized programs.

Specifically, Obama said that he is “partnering with nations” and that his “leadership . . . is stopping ISIL’s advance” and that he is “leading a broad coalition . . . to degrade and ultimately destroy this terrorist group.” Basically, his message was to trust in Obama and his alliances for your safety, protection and well-being. From the sound of the applause, apparently everyone is buying into his promises.

Early in our national history, whenever faced with dangerous circumstances to our nation, our Presidents gave a much different message in their national speeches. A review of those times and speeches reveals a stark contrast from the one Obama gave at the State of the Union address and his most recent one at the National Prayer Breakfast this past week where he disparaged Christianity.

Following the dangers of the Revolution and the formation of our nation, our first President, George Washington, firmly declared that our “political prosperity” rested firmly on the two “great pillars” of “religion and morality.” He explained that “religion” in the context he was speaking was the religion of the day, which of course was Christianity: “With slight shades of difference, you have the same religion, manners, habits, and political principles.” Christianity and morality, therefore, are the two great pillars that support our political prosperity and safety. Washington, Farewell Address 1796.

Thomas Jefferson, our second President, went so far as to directly reference the God of the Bible in his inaugural address. During that speech, he drew the analogy that our forefathers had been brought across the Atlantic Ocean to a new promised land here in the Americas much like Moses brought Israel through the Red Sea to their promised land in Canaan and that we derived our protection and prosperity from the God of the Bible: “I shall need, too, the favor of that Being in whose hands we are, who led our fathers, as Israel of old, from their native land and planted them in a country flowing with all the necessaries and comforts of life; who has covered our infancy with His providence and our riper years with His wisdom and power.” Jefferson, Second Inaugural Address 1805.

James Madison, fourth President of the United States and father of the Constitution, declared without reservation that it was the hand of the Almighty that preserved our revolutionary forefathers and inspired the men of the Constitutional Convention to give us our form of government: “The real wonder is that so many difficulties should have been surmounted [in the Convention], and surmounted with a unanimity almost as unprecedented as it must have been unexpected. It is impossible for any man of candor to reflect on this circumstance without partaking of the astonishment. It is impossible for the man of pious reflection not to perceive in it a finger of that Almighty hand which has been so frequently and signally extended to our relief in the critical stages of the revolution.” Madison, The Federalist Papers, Letter 37.

Finally, it was Abraham Lincoln, our 16th President who specifically credited “Christianity and a firm reliance on Him” along with “patriotism” and “intelligence” as the only way to overcome the difficulties of this nation during the challenges of the Civil War: “Intelligence, patriotism, Christianity, and a firm reliance on Him who has never yet forsaken this favored land are still competent to adjust in the best way all our present difficulty.” Abraham Lincoln, Second Inaugural Address 1865.

A close look at the Old Testament validates the comparisons drawn between our nation and the nation of Israel by Jefferson in his Presidential Inaugural Address. Not only did Columbus act as a modern-day Moses in forging across the Atlantic, as Jefferson intimates, thus, leading the way for the Pilgrims to follow, but a closer look will show that there were originally 13 districts established in Israel’s Land of Promise (Joshua 14:1-4; 17:1; Numbers 34:13, 15) just as there were 13 original colonies here in this promised land.

A closer look at the two nations reveals some significant geographical similarities as well. For example, we have our own dead sea here in the US with a Jordan River flowing into it from a fresh water lake much like the Sea of Galilee. Our lake is known as the Great Salt Lake in Utah but the river that flows into it was aptly named the Jordan River. Both the Dead Sea and the Great Salt Lake are endorheic basins–closed drainage basins that retain water with no outlet. Both lakes are hypersaline, which means they have extremely high salinity or dissolved salt content so much so that a person can float on top of the water without a flotation device. There are no other inland lakes in the world like these two.

Another interesting geopolitical analogy that can be seen between the two countries is the fact that ancient Israel split and fought wars between their Northern and Southern kingdoms much like we did in our own Civil War between the northern and southern states.

Aside from these glaringly historical and geological similarities, we also find that the God of the Old Testament, the Great I Am whom Christ later affirmed as Himself, set up a system of government that was based on laws rather than on personalities for both nations. In Exodus, Chapter 20, we find the basic Ten-point framework of laws for Israel which included those against murder, stealing, false witness, adultery, Sabbath breaking, and blasphemy.

Our system of government is also one established on the principle of law rather than on persons and was inspired, as Madison attests, “through the finger of that Almighty hand”—the God of the Bible. In the beginning of our Republic, it is also interesting to note that we adopted many of the laws given by Moses to ancient Israel—laws such as prohibiting murder, stealing, perjury, adultery, and Sabbath day observance also known as Blue Laws.

Subsequent chapters in the Old Testament also reveal similarities to additional laws created here in the US. One of the most striking was the law on debt forgiveness. In Deuteronomy, Chapter 15, verse one, the law given by Moses states that “at the end of every seven years . . . every creditor” was to make a “release” of any debt created by the creditor. This law clearly was the basis for our own bankruptcy laws which allows anyone the chance to declare bankruptcy every seven years.

While the use of these analogies might seem strange to the newcomer, the Old Testament informs us that the use of patterns such as the ones we have been discussing between ancient Israel and the United States was a common practice incorporated by the God of the Judeo-Christian world—“I have spoken by the prophets, and I have multiplied visions, and used similitudes, by the ministry of the prophets.” (Hosea 12:10) “Similitudes” is another word for patterning which employed the use of an ancient pattern to represent a yet future one.

The Psalmist understood the peculiarity of similitudes and that Israel would not be the only nation blessed of God as they had been: “Happy is the nation whose God is the Lord; and the people whom he hath chosen for his own inheritance.” (Psalms 33:12) It should not be surprising, then, to learn that Isaiah prophesied that God would “call a nation that thou knowest not” (Is. 55:5). This is clearly a reference that refers to a future nation being called of God—a nation that was not known to the Biblical peoples.

As if that were not enough, we find in the New Testament that Christ Himself predicted this all important event so as there would be no mistake about its rise to power. Christ prophesied that “the Kingdom of God shall be taken from you [i.e., the House of Judah], and given to a nation bringing forth the fruits thereof.” (Matthew 21:43) This “nation” can be none other than the United States given its parallel history and the other corresponding similarities with the nation of Israel recognized early on by our Founding Fathers. In light of this history, there is only one more place to turn–a look to the future of the United States. A detailed examination of the blessings and curses given by Moses to Israel gives us a clear picture of what lies ahead.

The blessings Moses pronounced upon the nation of ancient Israel correspond with the blessings given to the nation chosen by God during these latter-times. Moses promised ancient Israel if they would keep God’s laws then “God will set thee on high above all nations of the earth . . . And all the people of the earth shall see that thou are called by the name of the Lord; and they shall be afraid of thee.” (Deuteronomy 28:1, 10)

It should be rather obvious to anyone that this exact blessing has been placed upon the United States of America—the most powerful nation on earth. In fact, the United States is the most powerful nation in the history of the world. Of course, there will always be the skeptics who refuse to see these similitudes or believe that Christianity’s God had anything to do with our rise to such unprecedented heights. Unfortunately, these skeptics have had such a profound influence in our society over the last 50 years that many of the laws that God gave to us through Moses and then through the Founding Fathers have been repealed or ignored.

Over the last 50 years, for example, state laws regulating the observance of the Sabbath day have all been repealed, nullified or ignored. Sadly, Sabbath day observance in the United States has become one where the gods of sports, music, drama, and merchandise are all worshipped. A quick trip to any stadium across the United States on Sunday will find multitudes in the act of singing and praising their gods.

One of these gods, Louise Ciccone Richie [most know her as “Madonna”] has gone on record in an interview with Anderson Cooper calling our Super Bowl event as the “holy of holies” wherein she will give a “sermon” to the worshipers at their “church” during half-time. She clearly gets it.

With respect to adultery, a quick review of the statutes across the country reveals that there are basically no more laws regulating immoral behavior either. Immoral behavior is now glamorized and celebrated in nearly every movie and television show which are filled with the main characters committing immoral acts while simultaneously being characterized as the “hero” of the story.

Since the decision of Roe v. Wade in 1973, there are no more laws that prohibit the killing of the unborn. To date, it is calculated by the Guttmacher Institute that we have extinguished the lives of 57,496,011 in this country through so-called “abortion.” This number represents nearly 20% of our entire population today. To put this number into perspective, it would be like a terrorist attack killing every single human being in the states of New York and California leaving no one alive in those two states.

Next we can look at the laws prohibiting theft. Unfortunately, the average person does not understand how the banking system works today. Henry Ford said, “If the people understood the banking system, there would be a revolution tomorrow.” Since the establishment of the so-called “Federal” Reserve was created in 1913, bankers and politicians have legally been able to steal from the masses through the inflationary practices of paper money. Inflation is also nothing more than a hidden tax, something that our Founding Fathers would have never accepted.

To put it another way, they have been stealing your money through the devaluation of your purchasing power. For example, financial experts tell us that the dollar has lost 96% of its value since 1913. This loss means that today’s dollar is worth less than FOUR CENTS back in 1913. The bankers and politicians, of course, are the ones pocketing the difference.

Finally, it is practically impossible to watch any television show or Hollywood movie where someone does not blaspheme the name of the Lord. Isaiah prophesied that the willful violation of this law would be rampant as he predicted that the Lord’s name “continually everyday is blasphemed.” (Isaiah 52:5)

In light of the Paris killings, one could reasonably ask what is to be done about Hollywood’s blasphemous behavior against Christianity’s God? Does Christianity’s God need a bunch of masked cowards to run around and shoot every blasphemer in the face? The New Testament’s apostle Paul is quite clear on this point—“Avenge not yourselves . . . for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.” (Romans 12:19)

Obviously, it is not the responsibility of Christians to exact justice on the blasphemer. Apparently, the God of Christianity is powerful enough to handle the problem Himself. Moses affirmed that the God of the Judeo-Christian world “is God of gods, and Lord of lords.” (Deuteronomy 10:17) This said, one can reasonably expect at this point that the skeptics will chide the believers and ask—well, then, if Christianity’s God is so powerful and able to exact vengeance on the blasphemer Himself, why hasn’t he done something about it already?

Naturally, if we are going to listen to such ignorant dribble, we must first dismiss the blatantly obvious detail that we have already become the most powerful nation in the history of the world as nothing more than mere coincidence and NOT as a direct result of our Christian roots or our general obedience to the laws of Christianity. We must also ignore the stark historical similarities between the nations of Israel and the United States. Finally, we have to ignore what has been happening to our Nation, since we started breaking God’s laws.

Let me explain. After Moses listed the blessings that Israel would receive for obeying God’s laws, he then warned them about the curses that would follow if they chose to break those laws once they had accepted God’s blessings. Topping off the list of curses that would result from disobedience was none other than the plague of Terrorism. Yes, you heard that right. Terrorism was the very first curse to come from disobedience.

Speaking on behalf of the God of Israel, Moses declared: “If you will not hearken unto me . . . and despise my statutes . . . I will also do this unto you; I will even appoint over you terror . . .” (Leviticus 26:16) Is it just coincidence that Terrorism began in the US with plane hijackings during the 1960’s escalating in the 1970’s following the legalization of abortion in 1973 not to mention the fact that most states had already begun to repeal their Sunday laws and moral codes during that period?

Along with the curse of Terrorism, Moses also warned Israel that there would be “consumption” and “burning” for disobedience. While the burning images of the Twin Towers should come vividly to mind, there has also been an out-of-control burning in the US that began since the 1970’s. According to the National Interagency Coordination Center, the total area burned by wildfires each year in the United States varies because of weather, but the trend is definitely upwards, since the 1980’s. For example, in the early 1980’s wildfires were below a half-million hectares burned a year. This number has shot up since then to an incredible 4 million hectares. The annual amount of land burning in the US continues to remain above the 3 million mark.

Next, Moses warned that breaking the Lord’s laws would also bring “pestilence”. (Leviticus 26:25) Can anyone say HIV/AIDS? This deadly pestilence has already infected 1.2 million people, since it was first introduced to the United States in the late 1960’s-early 1970’s and is expected to continue to increase. We have also seen the rise of other extremely deadly pestilences threatening our shores such as the Ebola virus.

Moses also warned that the nation’s resources would be depleted by other nations who will “eat . . . the fruit of thy land.” (Deut. 28:51) Everyone still remembers the crash in 2008, but few remember the crash of the stock market in 1987 that came on the heels of the two decades where we stopped obeying God’s laws en masse as a nation? It was the largest one-market crash in history. Over $500 billion of investors’ money simply evaporated into thin air. This crash and the fact that much of our land and businesses are now being bought up by nations such as China, Russia and Europe are all part of the curse Moses said would come for disobedience. Approximately 30% of America’s farmland has been bought up by foreign corporations.

Finally, Moses warned that God would eventually bring the “sword” to the land of Promise, if disobedience remained unchecked—“And I will bring a sword upon you, that shall avenge the quarrel of my covenant.” (Leviticus 26:25) The meaning of the word “sword” here is war. When war comes it brings destruction–“moreover all these curses shall come upon thee, and shall pursue thee, and overtake thee, til thou be destroyed.” (Deut. 28:45)

Basically, the agreement works like this—Christ says I will give you and your children this wonderful land to live in, and I will make you more wealthy and more powerful than any other nation on earth. All you have to do is a few simple things—don’t kill, steal, lie, commit adultery, defile the Sabbath day, and blaspheme. That’s it–fairly simple and straightforward. Of course, as with any arrangement, if we breach the contract, then there will be consequences.

The Pied Piper and his followers are telling you otherwise, not to mention the fact that they are now trying to make Terrorism part of the list of terms considered to be Politically Incorrect. This fact should not come as a surprise, since Terror is the word Moses used. The Pied Piper certainly does not want anyone thinking about the things Moses warned about thereby getting people to turn their thoughts and actions back to the God of this land. Before you choose to place your trust in Obama and his promise of safety and prosperity ponder these questions:

1. Is it mere coincidence that our history correlates so closely with ancient Israel? 

2. Is it simply coincidence that our early Presidents recognized these similarities? 

3. Is it coincidence again that our early Presidents acknowledged in their public addresses that Christianity was our nation’s only path to safety but this current President credits himself with such things during a State of the Union address? 

4. Is it coincidence that our system of government is a system of Laws and not one of personalities and was recognized as coming from the Almighty by our Founders? 

5. Is it coincidence that we adopted many of the laws that were given to Moses? 

6. Is it nothing more than coincidence that the blessings Moses promised for obeying those laws would bring unprecedented wealth and power? 

7. Is it coincidence that once we started to disobey these laws that the curse of “terror”, “consumption”, “burning”, loss of our “fruits” of our farmlands to foreign interests and “pestilence” has come to our country as warned about by Moses? 

8. Will we continue to ignore these so-called “coincidences” and continue to blaspheme Christianity’s God while breaking the laws that brought us such unparalleled prosperity and power until it is too late? 

9. Will it take the “sword” coming to our own shores to wake us up?

Unfortunately, the nation of Israel never did return to their roots and history shows that God finally did take His vengeance upon them for their disobedience and blasphemies. Hopefully, this is one similarity we will not have in common with the ancient nation of Israel.

Now is the time to heed Lincoln’s advice and repudiate the Pied Pipers of the age and keep “a firm reliance on Him [the God of Christianity] who has never yet forsaken this favored land.” Unlike the other gods worshipped in this world, Christ is strong enough to exact His own vengeance. I, for one, however, would prefer His blessings.

©February 2015 Of Gods, Terrorists, and The Pied Piper, Madame Publius™

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