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ISIS update 9\17\2015.. “abject failure”

Thursday, September 17, 2015 10:50
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Disagreements grows between Russia, West on how to fight Daesh

i24news EN

Fight against ISIS not going as planned
Fox News

Only handful of U.S.-trained Syrian rebels still fighting: U.S. general

America’s ‘well intended’ intervention in Iraq proved to be more of a hindrance than help.

Senator John McCain brands US military programme to train Syrian rebels an “abject failure”

“Total Failure”: Pentagon Spends $41 Million Training “Four Or Five” Syrian Fighters

Earlier today, US Central Command Gen. Lloyd Austin III seemed to suggest that US SpecOps were fighting alongside YPG in Syria. As we noted when the news hit, if true that won’t go over well with Turkey’s Erdogan, Washington’s brand new coalition partner against ISIS who has made no secret of his distrust for the YPG.

Four hours later, the Pentagon claimed that Austin’s words were taken out of context and that in fact, US forces had not (yet) played a combat role.

But just in case Washington does finally decide to admit that US boots are indeed on the ground along with Russian boots, it can always simply point to its own miserable operational failure as justification for why the previous arrangement just wasn’t going to cut it when it comes to “degrading” militant capabilities. Read on.

As you may recall, earlier this year the Pentagon decided to try its hand at training an “appropriately vetted [group] of Syrian opposition recruits” whose mission would be to “degrade and ultimately defeat ISIL.”

 There are two immediately amusing things about the effort:

1) the notion of “appropriate vetting,”

and 2) this effectively represented the DoD training a new group of Syrian fighters in an effort to destroy another group of Syrian fighters that were trained by the CIA but who ended up adding “establish medieval caliphate” to a list of operational objectives that was only supposed to include “destabilize and ultimately remove Bashar al-Assad.”

As we reported around three months after the new initiative was launched, things weren’t going particularly well.

As of July, only 54 fighters had been trained and towards the end of the month – on the 30th to be specific – the group suffered its most embarrassing setback to date when its commander and deputy commander were captured by none other than al-Qaeda (who is rapidly becoming a terrorist also-ran) near the Syrian-Turkish border.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t point out just how ridiculous that turn of events truly was.

Effectively, the newest group of US-trained Syrian fighters was on their way to fight ISIS, another group of US-trained Syrian fighters, when their leaders were captured by al-Nusra, an offshoot of al-Qaeda, whose founder and allies received US support during the Soviet-Afghan war.

Let’s just call that “blowback squared” or maybe “blowback cubed.”

Of course that wasn’t the first time al-Nusra had succeeded in disrupting a US effort to train a contingent of Syrian “freedom fighters.” As The New York Times reminded us in July, last year the group “dealt a more serious blow to the CIA program, attacking and dismantling its main groups, the Syrian Revolutionaries Front and Harakat Hazm, and seizing some of their American-supplied, sophisticated antitank missiles.”

 If you thought this story couldn’t possibly get any more ridiculous, you’d have been wrong because on Wednesday, Gen. Lloyd Austin, head of the U.S. Central Command (mentioned above) and Undersecretary of Defense for Policy Christine Wormuth gave an update on the latest Pentagon effort to train and arm Syrian fighters and conceded that it was highly unlikely the DoD would hit its target of fielding a contingent that numbers more than 5,000 by the end of the year.

 What are they basing their pessimistic outlook on, you ask? This (via Foreign Policy):

Only about “four or five” U.S.-trained Syrian rebels remain on the battlefield to take on the Islamic State.

Secretary Kerry Speaks About Situation in Syria

State Department(ed) Vision: ISIS shrinking, Iraq better off since intervention

John Kerry wants Moscow out of Syria

State Spox: If Russia wants a role in anti-ISIL efforts. 16 Sept 2015

Russia: US-led coalition’s gains against Daesh “very modest”

Assad: US-led coalition failing to fight ISIS in Syria

Syrian army pushes militants out of more areas in Zabadani

Iraq HD – Baiji – Shiite Militia of the League of the Righteous against Offensive ISIS – September 16, 2015

Iraq War 2015. Intense Heavy Urban Firefights in Battle for Baiji

HD Iraq – Iraqi Shi’ite militias save the life of a family fleeing from ISIS – September 16, 2015

Ramadi – Iraqi Army is advancing steadily around – September 17, 2015

Ramadi – Shi’ite Army Brigades in operations against the ISIS – September 16, 2015

Cizre, flashpoint of reignited battle between Turkey and Kurds


Syria in Past 24 Hours: Ringleader of Jaish al-Hur Terrorist Group Killed in Daraa

The Takfiri terrorists in Syria admitted on their social media pages that Yaser Abdul-Rahman al-Khalaf, a self-claimed leader of the so-called ‘al-Jaish al-Hur’ terrorist group, was killed in the Southern province of Daraa.

Units of the army on Wednesday continued to launch wide-scale operations against the Takfiri terrorist organizations across the country, inflicting heavy losses upon them in arms and personnel.

The army killed a number of terrorists and destroyed their vehicles in a battle in the Southwest of Kherbat Ghazaleh and Jisr al-Ghariya in Daraa countryside.

Earlier, units of the army and armed forces on Wednesday carried out bombardments against hotbeds of Jabhat al-Nusra and other terrorist organizations in the Southern Daraa province.

A unit of the army on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning carried out precise operations against positions and supply routes of the terrorist organizations at the western entrance of the Old Customs building and in the surroundings of the Police Housing Compound and at the road near the mosques of al-Hamza and al-Abbas in Daraa al-Balad neighborhood,a military source said.

The source added that a number of terrorists were killed in the operations and others were injured and one of their vehicles was destroyed with all the arms and ammunition onboard.

Meanwhile, the Takfiri terrorist organizations admitted on their pages on the social networking websites that Yaser Abdul-Rahman al-Khalaf, a self-claimed leader of the so-called ‘al-Jaish al-Hur’ terrorist group, was killed.

Also in the past 24 hours, the army units established control on Abu Zaid hill and other surrounding hills that overlook Damascus-Homs highway in Harasta, Damascus countryside, killing a big number of terrorists and destroying their weapons.

Earlier, army and Armed Forces units, in cooperation with the Lebanese resistance, established control over more city blocks in al-Zabadani city, a military source said.

The source said that an army unit, assisted by the Lebanese resistance, established full control over a number of blocks in Ein al-Himma, al-Maidani, al-Kubra, and al-Adaima in al-city which is located around 45km Northwest of Damascus following a series of special operations.

The operations resulted in eliminating terrorists’ hotbeds in the aforementioned areas and destroying their weapons and ammo, and army units and resistance forces are continuing to advance towards the city center to rout the remaining terrorists in it.

An army unit in cooperation with the Lebanese resistance foiled a terrorists’ attempt to escape from al-Zabadani city through the sewerage network to al-Zabadani plain.

Terrorist organizations acknowledged on their pages on social media sites the death of many of their members, including Walid Abad al-hamid Alloush, Alaa Hasan al-Agha and Mohamed Shibli.

An army unit carried out intensive operations against terrorists of ‘Jaish al-Islam’ in Jabal al-Makal’a al-Hafiria to the West of Douma in Damascus Countryside, killing a number of terrorists.

The operations resulted in the destruction of ammo cache, an armored vehicle, a vehicle equipped with heavy machinegun, and a bulldozer.

Also in Aleppo, the army units destroyed armored vehicles, a rocket launcher and two heavy machineguns for the terrorists at al-Mansoura village, Scientific Research building, the neighborhoods of Khan al-Assal and al-Rashedeen.

Other army units targeted terrorists’ hotbeds in the neighborhoods of Salah Eddin, Bani Zaid, al-Mayser, al-Zebdiyeh and al-Ramouseh , killing a number of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists and destroying their arms and ammunition.

The army units defending the Air Force Academy destroyed vehicles, some of them equipped with machineguns, for ISIL terrorist organization and killed a number of terrorists in the vicinity of the Academy in the eastern countryside of Aleppo.

The army carried out intensive operations on the terrorists’ gatherings and hotbeds in Khanaser town, the villages of Balat and Tal al-Ne’am, Southeast of Aleppo city, as it targeted their gatherings in Tal Reiman and Tal al-Amodi in the Eastern countryside of Aleppo where a number of terrorists were killed and their vehicles, ammunition and arms were destroyed.

An army unit, also, smashed terrorists’ hideouts and gatherings in the villages of Abteen, al-Wudaiha in the southern countryside of Aleppo, killing a number of terrorists and destroyed their arms and ammunition.

The terrorist organizations admitted on their social media webpages that a number of their members were killed.

Also on Wednesday, the army units killed 5 terrorists and destroyed hideouts and weaponry in the village of Safouhin in Idlib’s Southwestern countryside.

An army unit targeted and obliterated terrorists’ hideout in Skaik village, a number of terrorists were killed in the process, field sources said.

The army’s air force targeted terrorists’ dens and gatherings in Kafr Awid, al-Za’ainia, Maarata Blion and Kansfra in Idlib.

The airstrikes resulted in the death of many terrorists and destroying their ammo, weaponry and vehicles equipped with machineguns.

The army’s air force also targeted gatherings and hideouts of ‘Jaish al-Fateh’ in Maardabsa, Abu al-Dohour and Saraqib in Idlib countryside, inflicting heavy losses on terrorists.

In the neighboring province of Hama, the army killed 4 terrorists and destroyed a vehicle equipped with 14.50 mm machinegun in al-Latamina in the Northern countryside of the province.

The army killed two terrorists during clashes with terrorists near Kherbat al-Naqous.

Army units also destroyed artillery for the so-called Jasih al-Fatih terrorist group in Tal Waset in Hama countryside.

The army’s air force raided terrorists’ dens and gatherings in Skik and Kafr Zita city, causing the destruction of terrorists’ vehicles and killing many of them.

Also in Homs, the army units, aided by the popular defense groups, eliminated a number of the ISIL terrorists in the countryside of Palmyra and foiled a terrorist attack on Jeb al-Jarrah town in the Eastern countryside of the Central province of Homs.

Another army unit targeted the ISIL terrorists’ positions and hideouts in the city of Palmyra, killing a number of them and destroying their weapons and equipment.

The source added that the army units clashed with an armed terrorist group which tried to infiltrate into the surroundings of Jeb al-Jarrah town, about 73 km East of Homs city.

The clashes resulted in the killing and injuring of a number of terrorists and the destruction of their weapons and ammunition, while the rest fled.

An army unit targeted the ISIL terrorists’ gatherings and hideouts in the villages of Kharijeh and Khatab and at the surroundings of Um Jamea village in the Eastern countryside of Homs. The army operation resulted in the killing of a number of ISIL terrorists and the destruction of their hideout with all weapons and equipment inside it.

Meanwhile, army unit foiled Jabhat al-Nusra and other Takfiri terrorist organizations’ attack on a number of military posts in the countryside of Talbiseh city, about 13 km of Homs city.

Also in the past 24 hours, 15 terrorists were killed, 22 others were injured and a wireless communication station was destroyed during army operations against terrorists’ dens in the area surrounding Bojak Castle and Beit Shrouq village in the Northern countryside of Lattakia.

Army units supported by army’s air force targeted terrorists’ dens in Birnass village and in Salma town.

The strikes resulted in the destruction of many vehicles, some of them equipped with machineguns and eliminating a number of terrorists.

An army unit killed during a special operation many terrorists, injured many others and destroyed their ammunition in Northeast of Jub al-Ahmar village.

Several terrorists were killed, others were injured and their weapons were destroyed during army’s strikes against terrorists’ hideouts in Deir Hanna village to the East of Lattakia city.

Syrian Forces Inflict Heavy Losses on Militants in Aleppo

Iraqi Analyst: US Pressuring Baghdad to Exclude Popular Forces from Anti-Terrorism Campaign in Anbar

The US is using some tribesmen in the Western province of Anbar to pressure the government in Baghdad to keep the popular forces away from the battle against terrorists in the volatile region, an Iraqi analyst said.

Mohammad Na’na expressed regret that Washington has succeeded in persuading certain tribal leaders in Anbar to join its so-called war on the ISIL.

“Washington is pressuring the Iraqi government to exclude the popular forces from the Anbar province mop-up operations,” he told FNA on Thursday.

Na’na, meantime, warned against the United States’ negative role in the war on ISIL, saying field reports show that the US ground troops have played no role in the operations that led to the liberation of Anbar.

Iraqi Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ahamad Jamal announced on Wednesday that Baghdad had rejected Washington’s demand for the deployment of the US ground force to Iraq’s war against the ISIL.

“Some of the US military officials and generals of the anti-ISIL coalition forces have indirectly underlined the necessity for dispatching the US ground troops to Iraq to join the combat against the terrorist group,” Jamal said.

“But, Iraq is opposed to the presence of any ground force from the US or any other member states of the coalition in the fight against the terrorist groups, because the Iraqi people do not want to see any foreign soldiers on their soil and they do not want to experience the bitter taste of the US military presence on their land once against,” the spokesman added.

Earlier this month, the Iraqi popular forces known as Hashed Al-Shaabi also underlined their opposition to the US forces’ partnership in fighting against terrorists in the Western province of Anbar.

“The US will not sacrifice even one of its soldiers for Iraq and their present meddling in the government’s affairs is a plot to disintegrate Iraq,” Karim al-Nouri, a commander of the popular forces, said.

He reminded that Hashed Al-Shaabi had earned many victories against the terrorists, and said, “Therefore, the popular forces will not wait for anyone’s permission and will continue fighting against the ISIL.”

At Least 37 Terrorists Killed, Injured in Lattakia


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