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United Front Against Austerity Tax Wall Street Party Morning Briefing | Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Thursday, September 10, 2015 2:42
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UFAAUnited Front Against Austerity | TWSPTax Wall Street PartyMorning Briefing | Wednesday, September 9, 2015
On this Tuesday after Labor Day, it has become clear that the warmonger Republicans in Congress have virtually no hope of blocking the Iran nuclear accord. Democratic Senators Wyden, Blumenthal, Peters, and Cantwell announced their support for the deal, meaning that a Democratic filibuster to prevent the repudiation of the accord should be successful, unless traitor Democrats go back on their word.
But the warmonger faction of neocons and humanitarian bombers is not likely to go quietly. The obvious option for those who seek to abort this accord remains the chaotic shooting gallery of Syria, which is coming rapidly to resemble the fabled bellum omnium contra omnes– the war of all against all. Northern Syria today is truly a paradise for those who might be seeking to unleash a false flag terror event or a new edition of the infamous August 1964 Gulf of Tonkin Incident, which was manufactured by rogue network forces inside the US government.
As of today, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, and Australia[1] are believed to be bombing northern Syria with fixed wing aircraft and/or drones. The latest British drone raid has caused a political crisis in London, since at least one of the victims is purportedly a British citizen.
In addition to these nations who currently claim to be bombing ISIS in Syria, we should note that Bahrain, Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates have bombed the same area during recent months.
At the same time, Turkey is carrying out a robust bombing campaign against the Kurds in northern Syria and in northern Iraq, and sometimes even mounts a cosmetic or face-saving sortie against ISIS positions.
The legal Syrian government forces loyal to President Assad are waging their own war against ISIS and other largely foreign terrorist rebel groups on their national territory. The Syrian Arab Army has received assistance from Hezbollah of Lebanon, and from Iran.

In Syria, A Stray Bomb Can Trigger World Thermonuclear Confrontation

The newest and perhaps most important ingredient in the Syrian situation is the presence of numerous Russian military experts, advisers, and other personnel. This means quite simply that any stray bomb dropped by the US led coalition that hits a Russian installation can quite easily lead to a superpower confrontation along the lines of the Cuban missile crisis. A Russian-Syrian military commission was formed in mid-August and was reported here on August 21. [2] , we believe that this report was the first published in the English-speaking world.
This unprecedented Syrian situation is thus made to order for strategic mischief of the most insane type, which can be accomplished there with minimum effort. No fewer than four countries, and quite possibly as many as nine countries, are free to run amuck when it comes to bombing Syria. There is no overall coordination or air traffic control, so it might be easy to arrange for a crash between coalition aircraft and one of the six MIG-31s , which Russia has reported the delivered to Damascus. The world is now in a very real sense at the mercy of some rogue pilot from Qatar or the UK, or a US surface-to-air missile commander loyal to General Petraeus or ISIS czar Allen.
And if a Gulf of Tonkin provocation can take place in Syria, a new high-profile false flag operation can take place anywhere in the world. In a situation like this, an outside event anywhere could precipitate unauthorized retaliation. So, when the US Embassy in South Africa warns that terror attacks on Americans may be imminent, such an event can no longer be considered local, but must take on a worldwide strategic dimension. [3]
Russian President Putin has confirmed in a general way the substance of the report published here on August 21. Russia is now officially training and assisting the Syrian Arab Army and providing modern weapons. Who knows if this will include the feared Russian S-300 surface-to-air missiles, which quite possibly exceed the capability of the much-touted US Patriot batteries? Putin is certainly correct that the US air campaign against ISIS has been decidedly impotent; those who do not like this situation should blame the sabotage and phony war policy of the notorious ISIS appeaser Gen. John Allen and his sidekick, Ambassador Brett McGurk.
The London Daily Telegraph reported. Putin’s comments as follows:
‘“To say we’re ready to do this today – so far it’s premature to talk about this. But we are already giving Syria quite serious help with equipment and training soldiers, with our weapons,” the state-owned RIA Novosti news agency quoted Mr Putin as saying when asked about Russian intervention in Syria during an economic forum in Vladivostok. “We really want to create some kind of an international coalition to fight terrorism and extremism,” Mr Putin said. “To this end, we hold consultations with our American partners – I have personally spoken on the issue with US President Obama.”’ [4]
Talk of Russian troops is thus “premature,” but not in the least ruled out.
If invited to do so by the legal Syrian government, Putin would have every right to provide Russian troops in whatever strength the two countries deem practical. But we should also recall that the mere mention by Secretary Brezhnev of sending Soviet airborne divisions to Egypt during the Kippur War of 1973 was used by Henry Kissinger as the pretext for putting all US armed forces worldwide on nuclear alert, without consulting or even informing the President Nixon.
Shortly after this, the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister for Middle Eastern Affairs Bogdanov confirmed that the Russian military experts in Syria are training the Syrian forces in advanced technology. This was reported by the Syrian Arab News Agency, the official agency of the Syrian government:

Deputy Foreign Minister Michael Bogdanov
‘Moscow, September 8 (SANA) -Russian President’s Special envoy to the Middle East, Deputy Foreign Minister Michael Bogdanov affirmed on Tuesday that the presence of Russian military experts in Syria is linked to the need for training its soldiers how to use military technologies offered to Syria according to joint contracts in the domain of military cooperation. “Our contracts with Syria are continuously implemented and different kinds of equipment are being exported to it… so these technologies are in need for services, and our partners of the Syrian armed forces are also in need of help and training,”’ Bogdanov said to reporters. [5]
Based on this, we can be doubly sure that any aggression against Syria by NATO will not be a cakewalk, no matter what delirium neocon observers might babble.
Some days after the report [6] made here of numerous Russian advisors and experts arriving in Damascus, US Secretary Of State John Kerry complained about Russian help to Syria, and spoke of “confrontation:”
‘Reports circulating in recent days quoted unnamed Western diplomats saying a Russian expeditionary force is already in Syria to prepare for the arrival of an “aerial contingent” of fighter jets and attack helicopters for “strikes against ISIS targets in Syria.” In a telephone call over the weekend, Kerry warned the Russian foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, that — if the reports are true — the Russian military presence “could Russian President Putin has now confirmed in a general way further escalate the conflict, lead to greater loss of innocent lives, increase refugee flows and risk confrontation” with an (anti-ISIS) coalition operating in Syria, according to a statement from the U.S. State Department. Reports circulating in recent days quoted unnamed Western diplomats saying a Russian expeditionary force is already in Syria to prepare for the arrival of an “aerial contingent” of fighter jets and attack helicopters for “strikes against ISIS targets in Syria.” In a telephone call over the weekend, Kerry warned the Russian foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, that — if the reports are true — the Russian military presence “could further escalate the conflict, lead to greater loss of innocent lives, increase refugee flows and risk confrontation” with an (anti-ISIS) coalition operating in Syria, according to a statement from the U.S. State Department.’ [7]
Note that term “confrontation,” which is exactly what diplomats like Kerry should be striving to avoid.
In a moment of excruciating embarrassment for the United States, Reuters reports that Washington is now even attempting to strong arm the Greek government into banning overflights of its territory by Russian aircraft bringing humanitarian aid to the very real tide of refugees fleeing the ISIS butchers.
“The United States has asked Greece to deny Russia the use of its airspace for supply flights to Syria, a Greek official said on Monday, after Washington told Moscow it was deeply concerned by reports of a Russian military buildup in Syria. The Greek foreign ministry said the request was being examined. Russian newswire RIA Novosti earlier said Greece had refused the U.S. request, adding that Russia was seeking permission to run the flights up to Sept. 24.” [8] We urge the Greek government to give this outrageous demand the necessary rebuff.
President Assad of Syria has now approved the power-sharing agreement put forward by Moscow as a part of the Russian effort to set up a real fighting anti-ISIS alliance, as distinct from the phony war directed by the con artists Erdogan of Turkey and ISIS Czar Allen. This concession was undoubtedly easier for Assad to make because of the virtual metaphysical certainty that the lunatic leadership of the Syrian terrorist rebels will never agree to a compromise with the existing legal government under Assad.
Therefore, it would be necessary for the great powers to step in with an international conference that would demand the closing of the Turkish-Syrian border to ISIS terrorist traffic, the arming with modern weapons of the YPG and PKK Kurds to allow for their self-defense, and the immediate roundup and repatriation of foreign terrorist fighters and all others not officially invited into the country by the Damascus government. After that, other urgent topics of Middle East peace and security and economic reconstruction and development could be broached. Here in the United States, the main sticking point to progress on Syria would be removed if Obama, as we have urged, is sensible enough to fire the insubordinate and subversive Allen as soon as the Iran nuclear accord has been signed, sealed, and delivered.
Many Democrats are now asking themselves why their party’s new front runner in New Hampshire, Senator Bernie Sanders, is so stubbornly silent – or cowardly silent – on these great issues of war and peace. Sanders is old enough to remember the Vietnam era, when President Johnson at first promised that the generous social programs of the Great Society could easily coexist with the massive expenditures of the Vietnam War. This was the “guns and butter” promise, which very soon turned out to be a cruel hoax. Sanders knows very well that not one reform he may be hinting at can be implemented if a general war occurs in the Middle East. In the view of the Tax Wall Street Party, Democrats who saw the political life of this country so thoroughly blighted in the previous decade by the Afghanistan war and the Iraq war should be loudly demanding that Sanders speak out at once against any new US military adventures in Syria, Iraq, or for that matter in Ukraine.


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