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Warning: Re-Education For “Uncooperative Citizens” Has Started

Sunday, September 6, 2015 12:46
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For all of you not paying attention, the warning shot has been fired by government. The shot was to say, “All you Bible-thumping, gun toting, Constitution loving Americans WILL be re-educated, or you WILL be given a very public perp walk, and you WILL subsequently be LOCKED UP in the gray bar hotel until you conform to liberal ideology. Is that clear?” My point has NOTHING to do with gay marriage or gay rights, so check your idiotic comments about either at the door. This is about tyranny gone wild. If what has happened to jailed Rowan County clerk, Kim Davis, has not sent a wake up call to the sleeping giant otherwise known as sane, law abiding Americans, nothing will. Yesterday, I posted, Deleting American History: New Standards, “U.S. Constitution Simply Ignored By Teachers,” and it got very little attention. We get the government we deserve. That post should be shared with every person you know. 

Why do you think liberals are steam rolling our civil liberties without restraint? Because there is a deliberate, and systematic effort to make sure Americans are not TAUGHT their civil liberties and God given rights that their forefathers fought and died for, so that the government can violate those rights at will, and We the People won’t even know. The more that people aware of how the Constitution DOES work, the more we are singled out as far right-wing, redneck, extremists. As our numbers dwindle, God help us all. 


SHUT UP! Every liberal jackass wants to talk about how gay marriage is the “law of the land,” and I have news for them: IT IS NOT! It is nothing more than a fiat judicial decree in what has become a banana republic gone WAY too far off the rails with the encouragement of a lawless illegitimate President. 

Article III of the Constitution does not give the Supreme Court ANY legislative power. Let me say that again: Article III of the Constitution does not give the Supreme Court ANY legislative power. I don’t give a flying you know what how things have been done for the last hundred years or so, because how they’ve been done, doesn’t make them lawful or right. We used to have slavery in this country too. Would liberals have been ok with the argument of, “That’s the way it’s been,”  during the time of slavery? Oh wait, they were. It was the Republicans who put an end to slavery, but regardless, that argument would have made no sense then, and it makes no sense now, so STIFLE IT! As with slavery, eventually SANITY must prevail, and lawlessness activist justices and courts must be stopped… Supreme Court notwithstanding.  

Do you know who DOES have the power to make law? CONGRESS! Let me summarize this very simple argument for anyone too liberal to follow it: The power and thunder of the federal government coming with the authority of the barrels of their guns for this country clerk was NOT legal, and is NO DIFFERENT than the gestapo tactics exercised by Hitler’s SS. What law did Kim Davis violate? Tell me. I won’t hold my breath, because there was no law violated, because the courts CANNOT make law. That is what the LEGISLATURE does. 

Now, let’s flip the script. There ARE actual laws regarding oh… I don’t know… say… IMMIGRATION… that are being ignored by everyone in the Executive Branch leading all the way up to Fuhrer himself, Barack Hussein Obama. Take a good look at the video below. Kim Davis is mocked, and at the moment she is in jail. This is the government telling you, “You’ve been warned. Act up, you silly little Christian patriot, and we’ll throw your ass in prison next. Got it?”

Typically, when liberals lose an argument, they pivot to some other worthless point, so for anyone that suggests this clerk should have left her job if she did not agree with the law, allow me to respond to that ridiculousness: First, let me respond with a question, “If Obama did’t like the laws when he took office, why did he swear to uphold them, and why isn’t he rotting in Leavenworth, or dangling from a rope in some government gallows for TREASON?” What about Obama’s handpicked Top General Saying That Obama Knowingly Armed ISIS Committing Treason? What about THAT “law of the land?” Second, what part of my previous statement Kim Davis did not violate any LAW did you not get? Courts DO NOT make law. CONGRESS DOES!








GRAYSON, Ky. — Hundreds of people gathered outside the Carter County Detention Center in a “Free Kim Davis” rally on Saturday and prayed for jailed Rowan County clerk, who was locked up just a few hundred feet away.

“She won’t bow, I promise you,” her husband, Joe Davis, told the crowd while dressed in overalls and a camouflage ball cap. “I’m just an old, dumb, country hillbilly, but I know God,” he said.

For the second straight day, Kim Davis awoke in the Carter County Detention Center, put there by U.S. District Judge David Bunning for her refusal to follow a court injunction requiring her to issue marriage licenses to gay couples.

Following the U.S. Supreme Court ruling this summer that made marriage equality the law of the land, Davis stopped issuing marriage licenses all together saying that it would violate her religion to issues licenses to same-sex couples.

One man held a sign that said “Judge Bunning is an abomination.”

Flip Benham, an evangelist from North Carolina, praised Bunning’s father, former U.S. Sen. Jim Bunning, as a staunch conservative but ended his kind words there.

“His son is working against the will of God,” said Benham, who carried a white cap with the name “Jesus” on it. “He’s being used by the devil to park Kim here.”

Cal Zastrow, an evangelist from Michigan, served as emcee for the event and said he hopes to do more of them. People came from as far as Wisconsin and North Carolina to attend.

“This is as grassroots as it gets,” he said.

As Davis’ mugshot flew across the Internet, it became clear that the gay rights movement must confront the idea that Christianity is under siege, said Kenneth Upton, senior counsel for Lambda Legal, a law firm specializing in LGBT issues.

“This is what the other side wants,” Upton said, pointing to an image of Davis in handcuffs. “This is a biblical story, to go to jail for your faith. We don’t want to make her a martyr to the people who are like her, who want to paint themselves as victims.”

The American Civil Liberties Union, representing couples she turned away, asked that she be fined rather than imprisoned, in part to avoid “a false persecution story,” said Dan Canon, one of the attorneys. But Bunning ordered her to jail anyway, reasoning that she would be unmoved by monetary penalties.

Contributing: Associated Press

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      • DK

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        How one emigrated to the world of the internet and was able to converse via the internet is probably a nightmare tale of alien abduction and live brain extraction as part of an organic supercomputer. :sad:

    • you are such an idiot!

    • But she IS a BIG WOMAN… shes 6’4″ tall…. an AMAZON.

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      • No she’s not. Even I know that the scale is in inches, and that she’s 64 inches tall (not counting the last inch or so because that’s her hair bunched up) making her FIVE feet 4 inches or 5’4″ and not 6’4″. Come on, does it take a EUROPEAN guy like me to tell you about the English system of measurement?
        So don’t judge someone till you’ve walked 1.61 kilometers in their shoes.

  • Good Health

  • All across America, closet shelves are moaning under the weight of ammunition bought over the last 6 years or more.
    Ohomo has been the most successful gun salesman in history.
    Congress is the reason we have an out of control government. If they did not keep approving more money to be spent, the Government would have no power to oppress.
    How many people actually think we can vote our way out of the mess we are in?
    Bread, and circuses, only go so far.

  • Christians have to pray to Jesus Christ for Help!
    One of the best books (easy to use also for New-Ones) for the prayer.
    Protestant Christian should use this book as well, because all Christains will get very big Problems with the NWO-Dictatur!

  • What about looting NON-WHITES?

  • mitch51

    I wouldn’t —- Kim Davis with your —-. (Fill in the blanks)

  • John 19
    15. But they cried out, Away with him, away with him, crucify him. Pilate saith unto them, Shall I crucify your King? The chief priests answered, We have no king but Caesar.

    There are those that have no king but that of this world. They state falsely that only the law of man must be obeyed. But God must be obeyed first.

    And those that stated they have no king but Caesar are the ones that crucified Christ.

    There is a war between those of the world and those that are only in the world but not of the world. The gates of morality are being unbolted through massive force. Those in Christ need to pray for more workers for the harvest. The enemy seeks to run over those in Christ, but it is he who must be run over.

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  • Good luck on that, the end is near for the left.

  • I am so sick of these liberal dirt bags. I see nothing wrong with gay marriage, but that does not give them the right to ignore religion. The constitution protects us from this crap. If it went to the Supreme Court there would be no way possible them to view this issue any other way. You cannot make someone do something against their religious beliefs. You cannot force people to marry other people. If they do not believe in it, so be it. Go somewhere else.

  • Pat

    SHe shouldn’t be in jail for this. That is certainly tyranny. But fired? That’s different. She’s a public servant and it’s her job as such to issue marriage licenses to the public who apply and pay for it. Not just to people she likes and agrees with, but for everyone. If the gays pay taxes, it is her job to serve them too. End of story. Don’t like it ? Quit. Do it, keep your job, but privately complain about it. Take it up with the town council or the County Freeholders about changing it officially. WHo is she to tell someone that they can’t get married? Who is anyone to tell anyone else if they can marry or not? There was a time where blacks could not marry whites. She’s not in a FEMA re-education/death camp. She’s in the county lock-up. She could get out of jail if she resigns. SHe’s got a choice here people. Now let’s talk about why we need a piece of paper and a judges “okay” (or priest or minister by proxy) and the state to allow us to marry. That’s a bigger issue.

    • You are mistaken, I think you will find she refused licenses to ALL when she was told to issue them to the sodomites.
      You need to do a lot better research!

    • Exactly. She should’ve been fired for not following her employer’s orders, end of story. Jailing her is definitely a violation of her rights. It also politicises the issue needlessly, making her a martyr. The fact that she willfully violated the rules for her job are exactly the same as if a Muslim FDA employee started rejecting all pork products because of his/her religious affliction. Same thing.

  • Not only is she not breaking the law, she is upholding KY State law.

    Homosexual “marriage” is not an unalienable right; however, being able to practice your religious belief without the interference of the government is one that is specifically protected within our Constitution.
    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;

    Her freedom to exercise her religion has not only been prohibited, but she is being punished for it.
    The actions by our current set of judicial Marxists are completely opposite of our lawful heritage and completely un-Constitutional.

    Jim Stone says:

    The worst of trolls, filthy lying scumbags, are hitting the county clerk topic and attempting to ram rod “contempt of court” through as a legitimate reason for jailing her for refusing to marry gays. They are opening a slippery slope, ON PURPOSE, to completely de-legitimize Congress and the Presidency, and replace America’s lawmaking with only one branch of government – non elected Federal judges. This is a cold-hearted effort to subvert the entire nation with a few planted perverts, flaunting the title of “justice”.
    To combat these trolls, copy and paste this into any thread or comment section where you see them trolling this topic:

    It is real easy to make a case when all facts are not presented.
    _______________is an enemy troll from a subversive force that has invaded America and wants America destroyed.

    There is no Federal judge that can simply make a law and force the states to follow it. This bypasses the constitutional check and balance system, where it needs to pass all 3 branches of government to become law. There is no law in America saying all states have to accept gay marriage. Though legal precedent has been used as an excuse (successfully) in the past to sway subsequent court proceedings, it’s use is often dubious and NEVER goes outside of the court rooms where subsequent cases are heard, to use the ruse of “legal precedent” to actually initiate a warrant and force an arrest of people that never saw court is a complete violation of separation of powers.

    The trolling on this topic, in support of jailing this clerk is part of an enemy subversion force which has done all it can to make Americans ignorant to the way their government is supposed to function.

    In addition to no law enforcing gay marriage, other than that which people allow via ignorance, the county clerk, as an elected official, had a right to object regardless of what any judge said. To disallow this is a violation of states rights, as well as a violation of an elected official’s rights to represent the public that elected that official.

    These professional trolls are counting on people being stupid, and are counting on the American people simply allowing America to receive the final flush.

    It will be a bad bad day, the worst of days, when any judge can write law and apply it to all people on a whim, this is what a dictatorship is, and if these trolls succeed in bashing people into the kind of stupidity it takes to accept this, a dictatorship is precisely what the American people will have. THIS IS A TEST CASE, TO SEE IF THE JEWISH COMMUNITY HAS REACHED A STATUS WHERE THEY CAN JUST HAVE ONE OF THEIR ASSIGNED JUDGES SAY SOMETHING AND HAVE IT BECOME PUNISHABLE LAW, DO NOT LET THEM GET AWAY WITH IT.

    To allow them a free pass on this is exactly what will open the FEMA camps and be the death of all Christians. To let them get away with this is precisely what will make a true tyranny possible. This is the slipperiest of all slopes, DO NOT LET THEM GET AWAY WITH IT.

  • Marriage is a covenant between God and a man and a woman, not between the state and God and a man and a woman. If the marriage is incompatible with God’s law, then the marriage is not recognized by God anyway. In fact, marriage between two unbelievers is not a legal marriage before God. God claims no authority over non-believers. So it is obvious that the state is an unnecessary entity in the marriage process in any case. At a minimum, for a marriage to be recognized by God, at least the man or the woman must be a believer for the vows to be recognized by God. Obviously two men or two women marrying each other will not be recognized by God either. If the state refuses to honor the laws of God, they should butt out of the marriage business altogether, since God is the author of marriage and the only one with the ability to sanctify it in the first place. So all you people of God should say your marriage vows to each other in harmony with Gods law (yes you can optionally marry yourselves since all believers are priests) and then run an ad in the paper saying you were married under God’s authority and God will honor your marriage, and that’s all that counts. Phooey on the pagan state and its pagan laws.

  • Are you really that stupid to not figure out why Facebook banned you? They usually do not cotton to mentally ill people posting insanely stupid versions of their paranoia. I think you need help. Drink more beer with your meds. It’ll make the effects stronger.

    • Practice what you preach!

  • This was all foretold in the 2012 movie “I Pet Goat II”

  • How dare they call anything not connected to the 7 Liberal Arts education!

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