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About Your Birth Certificate…

Friday, October 9, 2015 0:46
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Anna von Reitz

The Diabolical Nature of What Has Been Done

Every day I talk to knowledgeable patriots who nonethless don’t quite grasp the diabolical nature of what has been done to them by international corporations acting under color of law and pretending to “represent” their states of the union.

It’s diabolical as a Chinese headlock, but simple really:

We are born on the land and are considered heirs of the land assets of our country.

But within hours undeclared agents of the federal “State” franchise get our Mothers to sign Certificates of Live Birth. These documents are misrepresented as simple recordings of the baby’s birth. Instead, they are registrations of commercial “vessels” using the baby’s name, and serving to make the “State” franchise the beneficiary of the baby’s estate on the land.

However many days, weeks, or months later as determined by “State” law, your “vessel in commerce” is reported “missing, presumed dead” to the probate court, which then doctors the civil records and converts your living estate to a trust ESTATE benefiting the perpetrators of this scheme.

You are now officially “dead” with respect to the land jurisdiction and unless you take action to correct the probate court records, you and your assets are permanently trapped in the international jurisdiction of the sea. You are therefore unable to take recourse to your holdings on the land or the law forms of the land that you are owed. Ever heard the Constitution called the “Law of the Land”?

This is why your constitutional guarantees don’t apply. There’s no version of “you” operating on the land as a result of this fraud.

And it is all based on identity theft and unilateral adhesion contracts that are obtained under conditions of deceit while you are still just a baby. There’s no way that you could ever know that this was going on or have any opportunity to object to it.

You are kidnapped and press-ganged into the international jurisdiciton of the sea and your ESTATE is claimed and pillaged before you leave grade school.

And the monsters doing this to you? The IMF and FEDERAL RESERVE and other criminal international banking cartels and organizations like the American Bar Association that have participated in and profited from this lurid fraud scheme.

The IMF does business as the “UNITED STATES, INC.” and has franchises doing business as the “STATE OF OHIO” and so on. These franchises are no different than the franchises of Dairy Queen, Inc.

The FEDERAL RESERVE (reconfigured as a United Nations owned and operated corporation) is doing business as THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. — they are just now setting up franchises operated simply as “OHIO” and “WISCONSIN” and so on.

None of these corporations has any lawful or even legal authority over you and your assets, but, thanks to their fraud scheme, they do have control of “your” ESTATE and now, “your” public transmitting utilty which have both been created using your given name without your knowledge or permission.

JOHN QUINCY ADAMS = federal STATE estate trust owned and operated by the IMF, a UN agency dba UNITED STATES.

JOHN Q. ADAMS = federal public transmitting utility owned and operated by the new United Nation’s version of FEDERAL RESERVE doing business as THE UNITED STATES OF AMIERICA.
 Isn’t it time to take back control of your property?

~~Now, About Taking Action….

Start with the members of the Congressional Delegations responsible for letting this venal identity theft and probate fraud against babies go on. Inform them. Fully. Make sure that they all get copies of “You Know Something Is Wrong When….An American Affidavit of Probable Cause”—-available on, so that they have no plausible deniability left.

Go to your local hospitals and “State” legislatures and demand to know WTF they think they are doing? Sue the rats for their part in “seizing upon” your name and estate and vessels in commerce, and know that they have no “immunity” for fraud.

Target the so-called “State Judicial Councils” and ask why they are promoting crime in our midst? And how their behavior squares with the Bar Association Treaty allowing them to operate on our shores? Then walk on down the street and thump on some desks at the offices of the ACLU and American Bar Association and the State Commission on Judicial Misconduct.

Misconduct? I would say that identity theft of babies resulting in changing their birthright citizenship and status so as to steal their assets is beyond misconduct, but go ahead and claim misconduct, too.

Bring this shameful situation to the attention of your family, your friends, your professional cohorts, your family doctors, your pastors, priests, and ministers, your local talk show hosts…..bring it forward to the local and “State” police.

Let all the “law enforcement” personnel know that they are Mall Cops, with the exception of the U.S. Marshals. They are just corporate security goons working for the IMF or the FEDERAL RESERVE, or a franchise thereof, having no more authority or public office than Joe Schmoe floor-walking for Walmart.

Be sure and let them know that you are not an employee of their corporation and don’t consent to subject yourself to their statutory or administrative “law”, but you do accept their Oath of Office if they have one, and you want to correct some public records…..

Right NOW.

Fully inform these people that you are not only mad as Hell, but determined to get correction of the probate records implemented without further delay—- not only for your own ESTATE, but for everyone else’s, too.

Remind Pope Francis that his Predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI, entered into contract to end this deplorable abuse via The Universal Postal Union Treaty for the Americas – 2010 and promised that all titles being held under color of law would be returned to the lawful beneficiaries.

The living inhabitants of the organic states are the Priority Creditors of these corporations.

The corporate plan to kill off their creditors and claim the life insurance policies they so generously paid for out of our estate proceeds—naming themselves our beneficiaries, of course— has been duly noted.

It’s time to notify the Provost Marshal and the Joint Chiefs that you object to this plan and direct them to take action against the criminals responsible for this circumstance. These corporations are all under martial law, so let’s enforce it— and the Geneva and Hague Protocols, too.

It’s not a matter of politics. It’s a matter of crime against innocent non-combatant civilians and minors.

We spend billions of dollars every year for protection from exactly this sort of thing, only to find it being practiced in our own backyard by our own employees.

Barack H. Obama isn’t going to stop it. Loretta Lynch isn’t going to stop it. The banking cabals aren’t going to stop it. The numbnutz “law enforcement” agencies aren’t going to stop it. The local Bar Attorneys aren’t going to stop it.

God knows, I have written the FBI a dozen letters, and they aren’t going to stop it.

We have to stop it, one by one, day by day, until it finally comes home to people what they are doing wrong and what they have been a part of.

Get your pens ready and your keyboards in gear. Look up the addresses on the internet and go for it.

What are they going to do? Kill you— which is what they plan to do to their creditors anyway?
 Let them know that they are condemned to the Pit of Pits if they allow this to continue on and that you will not forget their acts nor their omissions in responding to your complaint.


Submitted by:  Wynter Moon with permission of Anna Von Rietz

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