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DHS and FEMA Now Using U.S. Hospitals to Monitor and Arrest Patients

Friday, October 2, 2015 3:31
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Since the first time I heard about the “Home Raid” provision of Obamacare in 2013, it seemed like it would only be a matter of time before Obamacare was used as a political weapon. Think about it. Why would a healthcare system need to raid anyone’s home for anyway? To make sure they were taking their medication? Yeah, that have been the intent right? Carry the handicapped up stairs? Yup. I bet that’s it too. Look for guns without warrants and take them? 

Whoops. Yup. I bet that too. 

Dr? Dr? Dr. Obama? Dr. Holder? Everything is fine. My ventilator is working. All of them are. See, the Constitution is the highest law in the land. Not your Bullshit Home Invasion Provision. Of course by ventilator I am referring to the 9mm. Come into my home without a warrant, and leave ventilated. Plain and simple. “Hi! This is MY home and I’m here to help!”

Freedom Outpost Writes: 

According to an Obamacare provision millions of Americans will be targeted. [ANY IDEAS WHO THEY MIGHT TARGET?]

** Families where mom is not yet 21.

** Families where someone is a tobacco user.

** Families where children have low student achievement, developmental delays, or disabilities.

** Families with individuals who are serving or formerly served in the armed forces, including such families that have members of the armed forces who have had multiple deployments outside the United States. 

There is no reference to Medicaid being the determinant for a family to be “eligible.” In 2011, the HHS announced $224 million will be given to support evidence-based home visiting programs to “help parents and children.”

The way I see it, the provision is much more likely to be used to take guns. Obama will wants to be sure those with the “know how” on how to take down a government and those with the training to do so don’t have access to firearms. You think about it and make your own conclusion. 

Later, came the issue of if a child told the pediatrician there were guns, the feds could come take them. I did a few articles on it that but I could not find them. Naturally, when DAHBOO7 starts talking about arrests being made at hospitals, I was not the slightest bit shocked. Healthcare will eventually be twisted into whatever they need it to be… after all… it’s for our own “health” or “safety.” In the video below, you’ll learn that DHS, FEMA, and Doctor offices will all be doing background checks on you regularly.. So, if you have any arrest warrants out for you… you better not get sick I guess! 




Has the Department of Homeland Security’s “See Something, Say Something” initiative, which started following the 9/11 attacks, created a nation of spies? Yes, say a growing number of Americans and others who have been caught up in it.

A recent case in point involves an illegal immigrant in Texas. As reported by the Houston Press, Blanca Borrego and her two daughters were sitting in the waiting area of the Northeast Healthcare clinic in Atascocita for some two hours. The woman had not been in to see her gynecologist in a year, when the doctor discovered a cyst in her abdomen that had been causing her pain.

When she arrived at the clinic, the staff had asked her for an ID because they needed to update her file as she filled out some paperwork. She had overstayed her original visa some 12 years ago, so Borrego handed the staff a fake driver’s license. Then she settled in to wait to be called.

Her eldest daughter told the Houston Press that the wait was taking so long that her mother nearly gave up and was about to leave, but the staff finally called her back into an exam room.

The web site further reported:

Minutes later, Borrego’s daughter saw Harris County Sheriff’s deputies march her mother out of the clinic. She says her 8-year-old sister started to cry when she saw the handcuffs.

“We’re going to take her downtown, she presented a form of false identification,” Borrego’s daughter recalled the deputy saying, adding that deputies said Borrega’s bond would probably be around $20,000.

“She’s going to get deported,” the daughter said.

We’re being watched from quarters unknown

Her attorney, Clarissa Guajardo, said the charge actually stems from a phony Social Security card found in her client’s purse. What really bothers her, however, is the fact that the health clinic called authorities in the first place on the belief that staffers had been given a false ID.

What’s more, she said, the staffers did not have to ask for an ID because her client had insurance through the company her husband – also in the country illegally – worked for.

The point of all this is not to defend illegal immigrants, especially those who knowingly violated U.S. immigration laws. Rather, what ought to disturb us is the widening network, if you will, of “official” surveillance being conducted against all of us by institutions and personnel you wouldn’t normally associate with such activities.

Take the Drug Enforcement Agency, for example. As reported by MassPrivateI, that agency is spying on medical files without proper authority or a court-ordered warrant.

Specifically, the site reported, the agency “has been sifting through thousands of supposedly private medical files, looking for Texas doctors and patients to prosecute without the use of warrants.”

See – just don’t say anything?

“It’s not like there’s ten of them. There’s probably thousands – I know there are thousands,” Matt Barden, spokesman for the DEA, told the Daily Caller News Foundation regarding the DEA’s use of what are called administrative subpoenas.

In that instance, at least, a federal court in Oregon has ruled against the DEA’s use of such dubious legal tools, although a separate federal court in Texas has ruled in favor of the agency’s use of such subpoenas.

In addition, MassPrivateI noted in a separate report that private companies also have a close relationship with DHS. The most disturbing aspect of all is the use of hospitals and medical facilities that employ patient tracking devices to keep tabs on their charges at all times; they, too, report to DHS.

In a column for The Hill, Katie Pavlich, news editor of, referenced the recent arrest of a Muslim-American high school student who brought a dubious looking “clock” device to school for a science project as representative of the “death of ‘See something, Say something.’”

Teachers there called police when the student brought the device into the school because they felt it resembled a bomb – and everyone knows that young Muslim males the world over (including the two who staged the Boston Marathon bombings) have used explosives to spread terror.

The teachers were highly criticized in some circles (including the Obama White House) for “seeing something” and “saying something.”








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  • It’s happening all round the western world, if you use these facilities be prepared for interrogation or worse!

    More on the agenda here……


  • The only reason this crap is happening is because the general public is allowing this to happen. It’s easier to deny the truth than to accept the crap ass bs they shove in our faces every single damn day. Most people don’t want to deal with the stress and that is totally understandable because it drive and otherwise normal person nuts.

    It can and does drive people nuts because it is just so unfathomable that so-called fellow humans could be so evil and rotten to the point that they feel the need to drive another person into the ground for their own nefarious reasons.

    It happens every day though. It happens at work. It happens in schools (I feel so sorry for the poor kids that are forced to go to school to get brain-munched into oblivion). It happens in churches. It happens in neighborhoods. It’s like an evil virus that is a heavy, smothering blanket on our very existence. It smothers our souls, our spirits and our reason for being.

    It’s a sad, sad state that we are in right now. Sometimes my belief in God slips away from me because of all of the pummelations. It’s so hard, but if nothing else, I have to shield those close to me as much as I can and with my life. However, it’s kind of hard to do and I see many innocent bystanders dropping like flies. That really sucks, it hurts and it’s really annoying.

  • The entire system of governance is totally corrupt. I mean this with all respect, if you’re not tuned in enough to figure this truism out you’re in really big trouble. Let me provide a personal example where I encountered this corruption. It is an experience where one of California’s largest healthcare providers broke criminal and civil law with absolute impunity.

    Instead of being punished or reprimanded for his diabolical behavior my physician’s illicit actions were categorically sanctioned by the Department of Managed Healthcare. The DMH literally referred my unresolved complaints back to the healthcare provider for their further evaluation rather than forwarding them to the district attorney for prosecution or to the medical board the removal of this quacks medical license.

    I lost a grievance because those in member services department responsible for documenting patient complaints outright lied or purposely distorted my complaints. The meat of my complaint was avoided altogether, substituted with ridiculously inaccurate and self implicating dialog intended to make me appear as some lowlife unworthy of pain therapy.

    Remarkably the offending doctor began a smut campaign trying desperately to discredit me, falsely implying my use of recreational drug consumption on official correspondence. Ironically I am a Christian who does not drink to excess, smoke or use drugs recreationally. The provable fact is that no such illicit use actually existed.

    One of the criminal offenses I mentioned above is a blatant violation of Section 206PC of the California Penal Code which prohibits torture. The law states that “Every person who, with the intent to cause cruel or extreme pain and suffering for the purpose of revenge, extortion, persuasion, or for any sadistic purpose, inflicts great bodily injury as defined in Section 12022.7 upon the person of another, is guilty of torture.

    In my case highly addictive narcotic painkillers necessary to control the extreme pain associated with two chronic neurological conditions was abruptly suspended with the specific intent of conjuring the combined agony of untreated neurological pain and chemical withdrawals. This was a response to my revocation of consent. When I refused to participate discriminatory opiate prescription policy, a profit over patient policy that requires chronic pain sufferers who are federally protected under the 1990 Americans with Disability Act to enter into promissory contract where the patient as a precursor for treatment must promise not to be a criminal, must attend tolerance classes and participate in random drug screens, all of which are mandates not uniformly imposed on other patients even where the possibility of drug interaction or complication may readily exist. This discrimination is defined according to the American Medical Association’s own admission in one of their peer review magazines Medscape or the AMA Wire a few years back.

    I was targeted after putting the breaks on this degrading abuse of power. After highlighting until I was blue in the face my physical inability to attend class, my reluctance to sign a contract where there is no meeting of the minds and my principled constitutional stance of matters of privacy it was game on! I should mention that had provided a number of urine samples prior to this as a matter of good faith. I wanted the doctor to feel comfortable that I wasn’t hiding anything. What I discovered is that whether or not I was using drugs wasn’t really the issue. It was my legal rights and my insubordination in regard to corporate policy that was the real problem! The problem was that the healthcare provider had adopted policy but failed to solicit the necessary legislative support. Because their policy is discriminatory by nature enforcement is not now nor will it ever be backed by law! Desperate measures are consequently required.

    For this reason the extraordinary pain I suffer from combined with chemical withdrawals was cruelly forged into a switchblade that was inhumanely held against my throat. I was raped, the virginity of my forth amendment right stolen through coercive force. I was eventually forced by the agonizing circumstances purposely created for that reason to under duress to provide additional urine specimen.

    For those unaware, when doctors end therapies patients are as a rule tapered off addictive pharmaceuticals. This process is considered standard medical practice and adhered to throughout the industry. In my situation the accepted process tapering did not allow the doctor’s nefarious control intention to fully manifest. The agony brought upon by abrupt stoppage purposely substituted SMP with an unorthodox compliance motivator.

    If the act of torture/extortion weren’t bad enough in and by itself, there was yet another crime intentionally committed and overlooked. Currently there exists a law on the books here in California which governs all physicians who chose to for whatever reason not treat pain. They are required by this law to refer suffering patients to doctors who are prepared to treat them. To date this legal requirement has been totally ignored by the provider itself or the DMH.

    I am now on my way to federal court to resolve the issue. Unlike my predecessors I am not seeking monetary reward and I will not sign any nondisclosure agreement designed to conceal the industry cruel and inhumane policies.

    In closing I would caution anyone disagreeing with my assessment of this kind of policy to not consume the CDC’s facts and figures. If you recall their credibility went out the window with their phony pandemic. Their reasoning for cutting down on opiate painkillers has nothing to do with societal addictions. It has to do with profit.

    A huge percentage of returning service personnel have been exposed to depleted uranium. They are sufferers of undefined chronic pain. The Babyboom generation is now because of past and present environmental issues experiencing an epidemic of fibromyalgia or chronic pain syndrome. The industries preferred generic substitute for brand name pharmaceuticals is Oxycodone or Hydrocodone. Because of the current demand those profit saving alternatives are just as expensive as the more expensive brand name drugs.

    The very people the industry identifies as making the societal abuse issue a reality are the same patients that according to the American Medical Association are three times less likely to abuse or misuse their prescriptions when compared to the general population. Still these suffering patients must unfairly jump through hoops or be denied relief by a system that values profit over human empathy.

    So many legitimately suffering patients are degradingly being forced to compromise or surrender their medical preferences, or their legal rights for the sake of this contrived narrative. Many current and former patient’s desperate for relief have taken to the streets, buying painkillers marijuana or heroin contributing to an already out of control problem.

    My point is, lets all try to keep things in a realistic perspective when we consider anything coming from the systems best and brightest. They are not always our friends a reality consistently evidenced by the unbelievable audacity of their selfishness.


    • Before anyone says it let me explain one reality we all must deal with, doctors maintain discretion over what types of treatments and medications they prescribe. It is within the doctor’s rights and authority not to prescribe a particular medication.

      If the doctor would have tapered me off the medication I would may have still had issues with the policy being discriminatory, however the doctor would have been within his rights. Instead he chose an abstract means of squeezing out of me the biomaterials he desired that are in fact protected under constitutional law.

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