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ISIS update 10/05\2015.. ‘I call on Russia to fully respect NATO airspace’ – Stoltenberg

Monday, October 5, 2015 12:01
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Russian Jets Violate Turkish Airspace: Ankara opposes Kremlin military intervention in Syria

‘I call on Russia to fully respect NATO airspace’ – Stoltenberg

US conferring with Turkey over airspace violation by Russia – Ashton Carter

NATO demand Russia stop bombing the west’s proxy terrorists in Syria !
cips clips

Russia steps up airstrikes on terrorists in Syria

Russian jets head into war in Syria

“Russian leadership serious about fighting terrorists in Syria”

Russian Military struck 9 ISIS targets in under 24 hours

More Russian airstrikes hit huge ISIS ammo hold, Syria

Syria: RuAF Airstrike on Jihadist Position Hiding Under Forest

Bombs out: Moment Russian Su-24 drops payload on ISIS in Syria

GoPro: exclusive footage of Russian bombs dropping on ISIS in Syria.

Syrian military throws leaflets for local residents on the territory where the army plans offensive

Syrians protest against Russian air strikes

‘No opposition ready to lead Syria now’ – US Intel ex-Chief

Assad: Russian failure in Syria would ‘destroy’ Mideast

President al-Assad: New Anti-terrorism Coalition Must Succeed, Otherwise The Whole Region Will Be Destroyed

President Bashar al-Assad interview to the Iranian Khabar TV

October 04, 2015 “Information Clearing House” – Full text of the interview:

Mr. President, Western countries tried, in a symbolic move, to create an international coalition against terrorism. But this coalition does not seem to have succeeded. Why?

International coalition failed because the thief cannot be himself the policeman 

President Assad: That is true, first because the thief cannot be himself the policeman who protects the city from thieves. Similarly, the state which supports terrorism cannot fight it. This is the truth about this coalition we see. That is why, and after more than a year, we do not see any results. On the contrary, we see that is has been counterproductive. Terrorism has expanded geographically, and the number of volunteers or recruits to these terrorist organizations has increased. Second, because these states which support terrorism from the beginning and which provide cover for it, cannot be serious. Take, for instance, the number of air strikes conducted by the sixty countries together in Syria and Iraq. They constitute only a fraction of what the Syrian air force is doing, despite the facts that we are a small country in the end, and the Syrian air force is not big. Nevertheless, we are conducting many folds the number of airstrikes carried out by those countries.

If the US really wanted to fight terrorism, it would have put pressure on terrorists’ supporters

There is a more important indicator of their lack of seriousness. How can the United States and its allies fight terrorism or ISIS in Syria and Iraq while their closest allies in the government of Erdogan and Davutoglu are supporting terrorists and enabling them to cross the borders and bring weapons, money and volunteers through Turkey? Had the United States really wanted to fight terrorism, it would have put pressure on those countries. That is why I don’t believe that this coalition will do anything except strike a balance between the existing forces in order to keep the fire alive and perpetuate the process of erosion in Syria and Iraq and later other countries of the region, so that we all remain weak for decades and maybe generations.

Question 13: The states which oppose your regime consider your presence in power a pretext for continuing the war. How do you respond to them, Mr. President?

President Assad: If I were a pretext for terrorism in Syria, what is the pretext for terrorism in Yemen. I’m not in Yemen. Who is the pretext for terrorism in Libya? Who is the pretext for terrorism in Iraq? In fact, if we take the example of ISIS, you will find that it did not emerge in Syria. It emerged in Iraq in 2006 when the Americans ran most things, if not everything, particularly the security issues in Iraq. It emerged there on their watch; and all ISIS leaders graduated from the prisons which used to be run by the United States, not the Iraqi government. This does not make any sense. Western officials in America and elsewhere acknowledge that they created this extremism through al-Qaeda in Afghanistan in the beginning to fight the Soviet Union. ISIS is a by-product of al-Qaeda that came in a different form and in a different region. What they say does not have any value. The West always looks for some other party or person to hold them responsible because they will not say that it was them who supported terrorism and stood against the Syrian people and sought to destroy them together with their culture, heritage and all the basics of their lives.

Question 14: The Western coalition failed in its fight against terrorism. Now a new coalition has started to form in the region bringing together Iran, Russia, Iraq and Syria. Considering that the terrorists receive a lot of support from the outside, can this coalition succeed?

New anti-terrorism coalition must succeed, otherwise the whole region will be destroyed

President Assad: It must succeed; otherwise the whole region, not only one or two countries, will be destroyed. We have full confidence in this. Of course, what you said about the support extended to these terrorist organizations by other countries will make the price of victory for these countries which are fighting terrorism very high indeed. If those countries joined the fight against terrorism in a serious and genuine manner, at least by stopping their support to terrorists, it will hasten the process of achieving the results which we all hope to see. But even if they didn’t do that and continued to support terrorism, we as states have a vision and have expertise. All of us have suffered because of terrorism. Iran and Russia have suffered different kinds of terrorism. When these countries unite against terrorism and fight it militarily and in the areas of security and information, in addition to other aspects, this coalition will, no doubt, achieve real results on the ground, particularly that it enjoys international support from countries which do not have a direct role in these crises and in this region. This is with the exception of the West, which has always sought to support terrorism, colonization and stood against peoples’ causes, most countries of the world feel the real danger of terrorism. There have been recently successive statements from countries which support this coalition. That is why I believe that this coalition has great chances of success.

Assad confident anti-terror coalition of Russia, Iran, Iraq, Syria will succeed

Iran’s deputy FM: Tehran backs Russian airstrikes against Daesh in Syria

Thank you Russia! It’s nice to see what “Mission Accomplished” really means (Scott rant) | The Vineyard of the Saker

Russia Gets Real, Pentagon Freaks Out, Jihadis Head for Germany

Russia gave the U.S., NATO and their mercenaries 60 minutes to get out of Syria.

“Most of the Jihadis … are frantically shaving off their terrorist beards and heading for Turkey and ‘safe passage’ to Germany” writes Joe Quinn

Due to the Russian presence in the Middle East, the US and EU mercenaries are saying “let’s temporarily leave Syria and move to Europe, where stupid unfaithful sheep will give us a place to stay and money.”

Jihadis Head for Germany? Surely that should read, Jihadis are heading back home to Germany. Of course, also to the UK that has “sent” tens of thousands of Jihadis, as have nearly every EU country, and not to forget the thousands from America, Canada, and Australia. As for those who came from Russia, the Russians say that they will be dealt with on the Syrian soil.

Good news, many British, German and French families will get their members back. Yes, those “children” who went to the Middle East to serve as “Jihadists,” even though everyone understands that they are not jihadis anyway, but a mercenary army. Why do you think so many Europeans and Americans joined Daesh/ISIS/ISIL? For the climate? In search for antiquities? Because they were bored? To topple Assad? Assad has done nothing to them. They are, “gastarbeiters,” who went to these remote battlefields for a good pay, and with apparent promise of safety. With the Russians coming, the Western mercenaries are going back home.

The last batch of 70 ‘moderate rebels‘ (Division 30) trained in Turkey turned their weapons over to Al Nusra and quit last weekend, right after they returned to Syria.

Their commander issued a statement on twitter explaining their actions.

Statement: “U.S. = bullshit”

It’s time to start listening to Muslim clerics, who lost their voices and got blue in the face repeating that Daesh version of Islam is nothing but a sick parody, one that only the enemies of Islam could cook up. ISIS is as Islamic, as Nazis in Germany were Christians.

ISIS essentially is a production of some Hollywood studio, like Mickey Mouse and Spiderman.

These two articles are for comedy:

Too Scared to Pray? ISIL Cancels Prayers for Fear of Russian Airstrikes [source]

“Friday prayers postponed!” The ISIS terrorists in Raqqa, their “capital,” are so afraid of Russian airstrikes, that they cancelled the Friday prayers. All the mosques are closed, until further notice. ISIS “has started to implement a plan to turn off electricity in a number of areas of the city when planes are overhead.”

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense Facebook page,

Islamic State fighters are in a state of “panic” and more than 600 have deserted [source]

People are asking some questions:

First, the Su-34 fighter jets use satellite intelligence, why bother the population with turning off the lights?

Second, who provides ISIS with electricity? The US “coalition”?

Third, why would “jihadists” cry and panic, when they see bombs dropping from the sky?

Isn’t it strange that, during the years of US “airstrikes,” they did none of this and generally moved around with impunity?

Ramzan Kadyrov is ready to introduce in Syria Chechen special forces to fight terrorists and mostly to look for those Chechens, Ukrainians and Georgians who sold themselves to Uncle Sam [source]

Islamo-fascism and European democracy, what do they have in common? Xenophobic rejection of other cultures.

This past week we witnessed the battle of speeches at the glorified Toastmasters International club meeting, a.k.a. the UN Assembly.

During the President of Russia’s speech, the Western part of the UN Assembly looked like they came to celebrate the funeral of their favorite cat, while the Eurasian representatives couldn’t hide their satisfaction, as if this dearly departed cat was peeing into their shoes far too long. In a staring contest between the delegates and Bibi, the Prime Minister of Israel blinked first. Most likely, he was thinking about these his people, who always hold his feet to the fire.

The Kiev junta front man, Poroshenko’s call to give him even more money was met with a stone faced silence. Obama in his sulking fury announced the US intention to support “good terrorists” against Assad, Russia, and Iran, shattering a narration of the U.S. “war on terror.”

To help Obama to find his footing, “Moscow is preparing a UN resolution proposing a coalition against the Daesh.” Will the United States expose its cheating hand by voting against it in the Security Council? You betcha.

Syria in Last 24 Hours: Over 1,000 Militants Surrender to Army in Daraa
Hundreds of foreign-backed militants surrendered to the government troops in the province of Daraa, Syria’s National Reconciliation Committee announced on Monday.

Over 1,000 terrorists laid down arms and surrendered to the Syrian authorities over the past 24 hours in Daraa, the Syrian local sources also confirmed.

The militants also turned over their cache of ammos to the authorities, both sources added.

The development came after President Bashar al-Assad in a televised address in July pardoned all soldiers who have fled the army, saying that his words served as a general decree to relevant officials.

Hundreds of gunmen have been laying down their weapons and turning themselves in to authorities in areas across the country.

This number seems to be on the rise as the army has been making steady gains in the battlefield against the terrorist groups, recapturing an increasing number of regions, including strategic sites, which helped cut off many of the militants’ supply routes and forced them to surrender or run away.

Also in the past 24 hours, the Syrian air raids destroyed concentration centers of the ISIL, al-Nusra Front and other terrorist groups in Hama and Idlib.

The Syrian warplanes conducted airstrikes against positions of ISIL and the so-called Jeish al-Fath terrorists in the countryside of Hama and Idlib.

The airstrikes hit positions of the ISIL terrorists in al-Rahjan village, 50 km to the Northeast of Hama City, destroying a number of terrorists’ vehicles with all arms, ammunition and equipment on board.

The airstrikes also hit positions of al-Nusra Front and other terrorist groups in Aqrab village in the Southwestern countryside of Hama, killing scores of terrorists.

A number of vehicles belonging to Jeish al-Fath terrorists were also destroyed in airstrikes in Abdin village in the countryside of Ma’aret al-Nu’aman in Idlib countryside.

Meantime, the Syrian fighter jets pounded hideouts of the Takfiri militants in the countryside of Homs.

The Syrian air raids destroyed Takfiri terrorists’ hideouts and vehicles in al-Qaryatain, al-Sa’an, and in the vicinity of al-Sha’er field in Homs countryside.

The Russian air group in Syria is using Kh-29L air-to-surface missiles to conduct airstrikes against the ISIL militants, the Russian military said Sunday.

“A Kh-29L surface-to-air missile is equipped with a semi-active laser guidance system. When the launch is conducted, a pilot illuminates a target with a laser sight. At the same time an aircraft can continue the flight,” Aerospace Forces Spokesman Colonel Igor Klimov said.

Also, the Syrian army conducted military operations against the foreign-backed Takfiri militants in Aleppo province, leaving hundreds of them killed and injured.

Hundreds of terrorists were killed or wounded in Aleppo City and its countryside in the past 24 hours, a military source said.

Elsewhere, at least 28 militant fighters of the ISIL terrorist group were killed during clashes with the Kurdish forces in the Northeastern Syrian province of Hasaka.

“The YPG forces besieged the ISIL militants near Mount Abdulaziz and killed dozens of terrorists and destroyed several vehicles,” a spokesman for the YPG Media Center told ARA News.

Also, gunmen from the Jeish al-Fath coalition of extremist groups are pulling out their forces from Idlib and other towns in Northwestern Syria.

The radical group started moving towards the Turkish border on Saturday after having experienced “the efficiency of the Russian aerospace forces’ strikes,” the As-Safir Arabic-language daily reported.

The coalition is led by al-Nusra terrorist group, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda, which is sponsored by Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar. The group seized the Idlib province this spring.

The report said field commanders fear at any moment the attack of Syrian forces supported by Russian warplanes on the key town of Jisr al-Shugour, on the Lattakia-Aleppo highway.
Russia May Use Navy to Impose Blockade on Syrian Coast
Source: 3,000 ISIL, Al-Nusra Front Terrorists Flee Syria to Jordan
Source: ISIL Terrorists Flee Raqqa Province after Russians’ Surgical Airstrikes
ISIL terrorists have evacuated the Raqqa province and fled to Iraq, local sources in Eastern Syria confirmed on Monday.

“The ISIL militants, most of them from the Caucasus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Chechnya, together with their families have left Raqqa province for Iraq,” a local source told FNA on Monday.

The source noted that at least 220 ISIL families have fled to Iraq, and said, “Notorious terrorists such as Abu Talheh Hejazi from Saudi Arabia and ISIL religious police chief Abu Abdullah al-Akidi are among the militants who have fled Raqqa province.”

Meantime, about 160 militants were reportedly killed during the fighting in Deir Ezzur province.

Early reports that came on Friday had informed that ISIL militants were on the run to save their lives after sustaining heavy casualties in the Russian airstrikes in Raqqa.

“A large number of foreign ISIL terrorists have fled Raqqa for Iraq after the Russian warplanes pounded their hideouts,” the Arabic-language El-Nashre news website quoted eyewitnesses as saying.

The report said that many ISIL militants and their families have escaped form Tal a-Saman villages in the Northern parts of Raqqa.

The Syrian air defense command said that the Russian Air Force struck the ISIL-held Tabaqa airbase in Raqqa governorate’s Western territories, destroying the military barracks after two airstrikes above this large military base.

The source said the ISIL terrorists sustained considerable damage as a result of the Russian airstrikes on the Tabaqa airbase.

In addition to their airstrikes inside Tabaqa, the Russian Air Force struck the ISIL positions at the Al-‘Ajrawi Farms; this farm area is located outside of the Tabaqa airbase and used by the terrorist group as a weapons supply depot.

To the east of the Raqqa governorate, the Russian fighter jets continued their airstrikes above the Hasaka governorate, attacking the terrorist group at the cities of Al-Shadadi and Al-Houl, while the Syrian Air Force struck an ISIL convoy along the Deir Ezzur-Hasaka Highway.
Iranian Defense Ministry: Delivery Process of Russian S-300 Underway
Source: Iraqi Forces Advancing in Different Fronts against ISIL
Russian Warplanes Pound ISIL Strongholds in East of Syria’s Hama Governorate
Analyst: Syrian Army Planning Massive Operations


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