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The End of Homeland Security _Preston James, Ph.D

Tuesday, October 13, 2015 20:54
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(Before It's News)

read it all here….The End of Homeland Security | Veterans Today

……….We The People are now in a race for our very lives and futures. The RKM Rothschild Khazarian Mafia  is moving as fast as it can to get the TPP, Agenda 21 and also Agenda 2030 passed in order to restrict Internet freedom of the press and eliminate Alternative News websites. The RKMers are in a complete tizzy fit over Putin’s checkmate against their Israeli/USA/Saudi terror machine and becoming more desperate by the day. Will they try to set off a nuclear WW3 by using their main action-agent Israel to deploy their Samson Option in mass?

As the economy worsens and the chickens are coming home to roost, more and more Americans waking up. The RKM and their Dual Citizen Cutouts, PNACers and top NeoCons are desperate to get a lid on this powerful spontaneously emerging populism of the American People which has emerged from the popularity of the Alternative media of the Worldwide Internet, the World’s New Gutenberg Press which is truly revolutionary and is exposing many deep secrets of evil perpetrated by the RKM and its Cutouts and assets all over the World.

The RKM’s top leadership has ordered that all Americans be disarmed because they fear the American armed masses and know that if the Americans rebel against these infiltrators and hijackers of America they will be defeated just based on raw numbers and American ingenuity and raw aggressiveness when seriously provoked. The RKM has used one of their wealthy Cutouts to acquire many of the gun manufacturers to make it easy to stop production at a later designated date. But this too is all failing and more Americans are buying guns and becoming first-time gun owners than ever.

Right now there is so much discord among many DHS field agents that many will outright refuse to oppress Americans if ordered to do so. When the folks who set up DHS became exposed for their inside business deals for large personal profits and the top DHS mangers were exposed for their sexual perversions and discrimination against male employees on the job, DHS quickly fell from grace in the eyes of many DHS officers and numerous investigative journalists too. Sadly too many DHS employees have been power hungry authoritarian types that love to wield power, stalk innocent dissidents, or abuse air travelers. And the unlicensed, un-shielded X-ray machines deployed by TSA to make profits for a well-known RKM have created cancer clusters among TSA Agents standing nearby. No radiation dosage badges have been used as are required in every other application.

DHS needs to be disbanded asap and any the good folks working there sent back to their previous agencies which must be restored to operate independently, free of RKM and Israeli influence. And never again must we let any foreign entity seize our monetary production and distribution systems and use it to turn America into a terror, war making machine for their own profit at the expense of hardworking Americans.

The RKM and its Cutouts and Stateside Dual citizens and assets are a very crafty two-faced bunch of slick liars that will keep telling folks evil is good and black is white until they are stopped. They are the epitome of evil by anyone’s definition and the creators of World Terrorism and Gladio-style False-flag attacks designed to kill innocent civilians in order to create massive social fear.

So now that Putin and the Russian Federation have checkmated the RKM by decimating and exposing its Israeli/American Terror Machine in Syria, the RKM and its stateside Cutouts and assets are desperate. These two-faced liars and mass-murderers may try anything including attempts to set off more 9-11-01 false-flags, attempts to detonate nukes in American cities as threatened under their notorious Samson Option that Seymour Hersch first exposed, or may do desperate things to attempt to start a full scale nuclear WW3 between Russia and what is left of the American war machine. Certainly you can expect numerous more MK-ultra type staged mass-shooting, many virtual only but some real too.

But despite all the unpredictability of the RKMers and their slick ability to be two-faced liars and deceivers extraordinaire (some describe dealing with them is like dealing with the Devil himself), the fact is that the RKM is now checkmated for the very first time and this is good news indeed. And unless some unexpected reversal occurs, this checkmate and exposure of the RKM Israeli/American Terror machine actually means that it is only a matter of time and Homeland Security will be finished and then disassembled. And for those that know the sad truth of who set up and runs DHS and why, the end of Homeland Security cannot come soon enough.


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