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9 Reasons the Terrorist Attacks in Paris Could Be a False Flag Event

Saturday, November 14, 2015 2:59
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(Before It's News)

False Flag

My heart goes out to anyone who lost a family member in these horrific attacks, it does, but once again, history tells us to keep a watchful eye over what happens next. With details still sketchy at best, and the number of dead or injured being very fluid, one number I noticed in the video below was not fluid: President Hollande declared a state of emergency and mobilized 1,500 troops to patrol Paris streets. In the video, you’ll see an article that says “officials“ have the right to perform searches, and “military justice” may be enacted. I assume that means citizens can get ventilated if they aren’t fully cooperative, no questions asked… but who knows? Also in one article, Obama promises to do “whatever it takes” to bring the terrorists to justice. Hmmmm.

The task of keeping a city or a country safe is one that very few people in this world have to deal with, so who are we to second guess their decisions right? Is 1,500 troops a harsh response? Would 500 be better? What about 5,000? It’s easy to Monday morning quarterback a scenario after it’s over, but right now there’s no way to know if the attack is over, not for sure anyway, and the government’s priority SHOULD be protecting the people of Paris… period. 

Where things begin to get dicey, is how and when all the current hightened sensitivity begins to dissipate… or doesn’t it? Once the threat has been contained, and that is confirmed, do the soldiers remain on the streets? Are searches and “military justice” still sanctioned? Recall the words of former Obama Chief of Staff, Rham Emanuel, “never let a crisis go to waste.” It’s disgusting to think that “conspiracy theorists” jump immediately to the possibility of a false flag attack, when there are families that don’t even know to begin grieving yet… BUT… anyone who doesn’t believe a government would fire on it’s own for what it perceives to be the “greater good,” doesn’t know history very well. 

Earlier this week, the United States did our best North Korea impression with the launching of two nuclear capable missiles. Just yesterday, in a post titled, Jim Willie Explains U.S. Nuclear War Threats to China and Russia Over Challenging Dollar Supremacy, Jim Willie explained why the U.S. would risk nuclear war at this point. The world is a powder keg waiting to blow, and events unfolding in the Middle East and Europe are at the heart of the tensions. Who knows what a government might do to rationalize actions it felt were in its best interests. Whether Paris was a false flag attack or not should be more evident in the days to come as we watch and see how the government responds. Whether it is or it isn’t, doesn’t negate the fact that we live in a time that as citizens, we have to be eternally vigilant of our surroundings if we expect to survive. That includes being VERY aware of what our governments are up to.

Paris Coordinated False Flag Attack



WOW! In the second video, adding fuel to the fire that Paris might have been a false flag, is the who’s who of the intelligence world that was just in Paris. CIA Director Brennan Met With French Secuity Chief Before Paris Attacks – Report | 13 Nov 2015 | The White House correspondent for French television network Canal+, Laura Haim, reported an interesting tidbit during a live report with MSNBC’s Brian Williams Friday evening. Haim stated that Central Intelligence Agency director, John O. Brennan, recently met with his counterpart, French intelligence (DGSE) director Bernard Bajolet. The French equivalent of MI6 and CIA is the Direction générale de la sécurité extérieure. [See: CIA-GW Intelligence Conference: Panel on The Shared 21st Century International Mission --GW Center for Cyber and Homeland Security 29 Oct 2015 Panel on "The Shared 21st Century International Mission" featuring CIA Director John Brennan, former UK MI6 Chief John Sawers, Director of the French Directorate for External Security Bernard Bajolet, and former Israeli National Security Advisor Yaacov Amidror. Held as part of the 2nd Annual Ethos and Profession of Intelligence Conference, co-hosted by the Central Intelligence Agency and the George Washington University. Held on October 27, 2015.

Brandon Turbeville at Activist Post writes:

As France finds itself in the grips of martial law and its first mandatory curfew since it was occupied by the Nazis in 1944, there exists a number of questionable details surrounding the recent terrorist attacks in Paris.

Only hours after the first shots were fired, stories and reports are beginning to change and contradict one another. Considering the history of the French government, French Intelligence agencies and the Anglo-American/NATO Intelligence apparatus, particularly the recent events surrounding the Charlie Hebdo attacks that were exposed as false flags, one would be justified in wondering whether or not these recent attacks in Paris were of the same variety.

Below are a number of reasons to question the official story of the Paris terror attacks.

1.) How many gunmen? Already, the number of individuals involved in the Paris attacks is in question. While some reports suggested four shooters were involved, others suggested three. The majority of mainstream reports seem to be only acknowledging two shooters. So how many shooters were there? Two, three or four? One witness, Pierre Marie Bertin, a 36-year-old who was at the theater when the shooting began, stated that there were as many as four gunmen. Bertin described some male hostages who “went onto the balcony and tried to negotiate for the life of their wives with one of the guys [terrorists]. It was sickening.” Bertin recounted somewhat more detail than some other witnesses and was clear that there were as many as four gunmen. Australian news media is reporting that three gunmen have been killed.

This might seem inconsequential to many readers, but, in informed researching circles, it is well-known that the information that comes out shortly after the event is usually the most reliable. This is not to discount the existence of confusion related to panicked reports coming from eyewitnesses and the like. However, the information coming out early on has not yet been subjected to the top-down media revision that will inevitably take place as the story becomes molded to fit the narrative pushed by the individuals who either directed the attack at the higher levels or at least have connections with those who are able to control the manner in which various media outlets report the event. For instance, in times of false flag attacks, the initial reports may point to 5 gunmen. Very shortly after, reports may only mention two. Only a few hours after the attack, however, all references to more than one gunmen are removed entirely, with only the “lone gunman” story remaining. Any other mention of additional gunmen after this point is ridiculed as “conspiracy theory.”

2.) The types of weapons used While some reports suggest that the attackers were using AK-47s, other reports are suggesting that shotguns were used. While the contradiction in reports can certainly be attributed to victims and witnesses simply not being aware of the type of weapons being used in the attacks and panic in the heat of the moment, there is none the less contradiction in the reports being issued. As of the time of the writing of this article there has been no clarification as to what type of weapons were used. Since the assailants were supposedly killed by police it should be clear what weapons they used.

3.) Were the gunmen killed or arrested? While the number of gunmen itself is in doubt, news reports coming from Fox and Sky are suggesting that a suspected gunmen was actually arrested. In fact, the suspect allegedly stated to police, “I am from ISIS” giving us all the information we need as for who is responsible for this attack.




4.) Gunmen connected to ISIS, gunmen connected to Syria – Along with the very convenient and immediate statement by an allegedly arrested suspect that he was from ISIS, we also have screams of a shooter that “This is for Syria!” This gives us all the information that we need regarding the motivation of the alleged attackers. They are from ISIS. They hate the French because the French are “attacking” ISIS and because somewhere in France in a very darkened corner, under the sofa, there are freedoms. ISIS hates freedoms. This is quite coincidental considering the fact that a Russian airliner was recently bombed, allegedly by ISIS – at least according to the West.

5.) The timing of the event – Aside from the obvious connotations derived from the attacks occurring on Friday the 13th, the Paris massacre has taken place shortly before a major climate summit that was set to take place in France. The French government was expecting massive protests they alleged could potentially become violent, by activists opposed to globalization and energy austerity. Interestingly enough, France had already planned to impose border controls starting on November 30th in anticipation of the U.N. Conference on Climate Change in Paris “because of the terrorist threat or risk of public disorder.” Needless to say, there will be no massive protest now considering the fact that 2015 France resembles the 1943 version of itself more than anything else.

6.) Security – Considering the fact that the security had been so heightened both on the heels of the Charlie Hebdo attacks and the anticipation of disorder for the U.N. Conference on Climate Change, how on earth did such a major terror attack slip through the hands of the DGSE? After all, France is nothing if not a police state. It is also giving the United States a run for its money in the contest for how much information it is able to nab up on its citizens. No doubt, we will be sold the line of “pre-civilized savages outsmarted first-world high end military surveillance states.”

7.) Drills – One hallmark of the false flag operation is the running of drills shortly before or during the actual attack. Many times, these drills will involve the actual sequence of events that takes place during the real life attack . These drills have been present on large scale false flags such as 9/11 as well as smaller scale attacks like the Aurora shooting.

For instance, as Webster Tarpley documents in his book 9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made In USA, at least 46 drills were underway in the months leading up to 9/11 and on the morning of the attack. These 46 drills were all directly related to the events which took place on 9/11 in some way or other. Likewise, the 7/7 bombings in London were running drills of exactly the same scenario that was occurring at exactly the same times and locations.

Although one reason may take precedence over the other depending on the nature and purpose of the operation drills are used by false flag operators for at least two reasons. One such purpose is the creation of intentional confusion if the drill is taking place during the actual attack. The other, more effective aspect, however, is using the drill as a cloak to plan the attack or even “go live” when it comes time to launch the event. Even more so, it gives the individuals who are involved in the planning of the event an element of cover, especially with the military/intelligence agency’s tight chain of command structure and need-to-know basis. If a loyal military officer or intelligence agent stumbles upon the planning of the attack, that individual can always be told that what he has witnessed is nothing more than the planning of a training exercise. This deniability continues all the way through to the actual “going live” of the drill. After the completion of the false flag attack, Coincidence Theory is used to explain away the tragic results.

All of this must be considered, when one reads reports suggesting that the UK conducted counter-terrorism drills earlier this year that included scenarios that involved terror attacks in Paris similar to those that took place on the Charlie Hebdo massacre. As the reports surrounding the UK drills were released, a number 10 spokesman confirmed “it had been agreed that future exercises, which take place on a regular basis, should seek to learn from events in France.” David Cameron himself stated that there was  a need for police “to call on military help if there was a major emergency.”

8.) Charlie Hebdo – The recent Paris attacks were similar to the Charlie Hebdo massacre that occurred earlier this year. The Charlie Hebdo attacks, however, were largely revealed as a false flag operation. Evidence for which can be seen in my article “15 Signs the Charlie Hebdo Attack Was a False Flag.” Thus, there exists a clear precedent for such attacks in France, albeit on a much larger scale

9.) Who controls ISIS? For many, claims that the attackers belong to ISIS is a deal breaker. For these individuals, ISIS is a shadowy terrorist organization that supports itself and has created a caliphate in eastern Syria and western Iraq that can scarcely be defeated (except when the Russians bomb it). However, the facts do not support such a shallow understanding of the ISIS terrorist organization. ISIS was entirely created, funded and directed by the United States, Britain, France and other NATO countries. Its actions have been coordinated by the Anglo-American Intelligence apparatus for geopolitical purposes all across the world both at home and abroad. For this reason, the declaration that ISIS committed a terrorist attack in Paris is by no means a get-out-of-jail-free card for the western Intelligence apparatus. Instead, it is the trademark of their handiwork. Please see these articles for more information on the nature of ISIS: here, here, here and here.

While the information presented above may not be enough evidence to conclude that the Paris attacks were false flag attacks, it is reason enough to question the official story thus far. If these attacks are indeed placed in the lap of ISIS, however, all fingers should immediately point to NATO and the Atlanticist Intelligence apparatus. It is they who control ISIS and they who bear the responsibility for its actions.







The Last Great Stand

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  • You’ve made some good points here…We’ll have to see how the follow-up is conducted over the next few days. Forthcoming information can then be more accurately assessed, determinations & probables can then be scrutinized. It’s important we stay aware & focused to events around us…especially from those who we have elected as our representatives…Remember, think critically…ask questions…follow your gut.

    • What really messes me up is that I just spent the last three days trying to watch the movie “Incendiary.”

      I finally managed to stay awake through to the end on Thursday night. The worst pat about the whole thing is that the movie has an attack in England and what I believe is a soccer game (never see the game). Later in the movie a detective speaks of prior intelligence of the attack….there were supposed to be ‘three.’

      This is a relatively old movie too….in it….a woman talks to Osama to start here healing process, she talks to him because at the time the movie was made he was still alive. That is how old the movie is……..

      I don’t know……I’m just unsettled by the whole thing……..

      • Well…False flag or not…I know we liberals (current Administration) have failed to close America’s borders and protect you and your family (can’t we all just get along? No boarders, language or culture). Now don’t get me wrong…I am not coming for your “guns”…only your Constitutional 2nd Amendment right to protect yourself and your family…I mean…you can protect yourself but only if you use like a pillow or broom or something that will not hurt anyone, right? Now… just because I ran a couple billion dollars in weapons to ISIS doesn’t make me a criminal, does it? Well, who the hell will convict me anyway! :evil:

      • Does that piss you off?

      • That dumb word kept going through my head today. I didn’t know why and I was getting annoyed. Then it occurred to me that it’s a movie. I never watched it. It just popped out of nowhere today and it was really annoying. I probably scanned your post on the 14th, but I did’t focus on it. Now, I think I am going to watch it.

    • The 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse may have been in Paris.

      Google it:
      Apocalypse Triggered By Paris Mass-Attacks? 4 Horsemen Of The Apocalypse Are The Paris Attack? (Video) Apocalypse?!!

      • KOS,
        You, got it all wrong. Did you personally see the 4 Horsemen? Maybe you ride with them.
        It is ok to be wrong, but best to get to the subject at hand, and not throw disinfo around, someone might think your a troll. :idea:

        They let the invaders in, borders are wide open. The So called Refugees stated they are invaders, and would create chaos.

        Now they want to close down the borders. Wow, little to late, they are already here, and apparently they have some serious connections.

        All the the Star gates have been located, now the Mid East Looks like swiss cheese.

        Between the West & Eastern coalitions they all have their share of alien technology. They picked up where Hitler left off searching the 4 corners for the ancient alien artifacts.
        The Grey Aliens are easy to shoot down, using Hyperbolic Particle Beam Radar refraction, Gravity beams.
        They shoot them down, then recover crafts.
        The Old SS Elite Family has invested lots of time, and now opening the portals to other dimensions.
        They are attempting to use these portals to change the timeline, they now can place, and extract people along any timeline, although they have not worked out the paradigms, and time shifts.
        UFO,s are now old news, The Eastern & Western Coalitions have fleets of UFO’s.
        Now, the portals are the new devices, and every country wants one. The Timeline wars have begun.
        No one could ever figure out what was really going on in the middle East, Did anything make any sense? Remember at first they said looking for weapons of mass destruction, right.
        The Stargates, is what they was actually talking about, if you was not paying attention, you may have missed it. Notice in the news a lot of Syrian ancient artifacts are missing, these artifacts hold key clues, and codes for use of the star gates.
        There has been attempts to open a portal to the WWII era to change the timeline, this is why you are seeing mass influx of refugees in the current timeline.
        The Old SS family “CERN” now has put together an emergency think tank, trying to correct their mistakes, although it may now be to late, there are to many variables.
        If your in a location near these portal test you have probably experienced identity loss, and feeling very lethargic, although people world wide are now feeling displaced.
        Europe has been in the main epi-center, and even now the harmonic resonance has changed.
        Have you even questioned why, all the chaos is taking place in the Middle East, and now Europe is paying the price?
        There are a lot of unexplained events happening world wide, they have set off a chain reaction in time.
        You must have noticed by now, your clocks have advanced, and slowed down during these major events “Portal Activations”, sometimes very noticeable depending on your locations.
        They keep activating the portals thinking they can repair the mistakes, but it just making things worse.
        Soon Europe will not even be the same at all. Notice all the sudden changes, and conflicts Europe now facing, and seemed to happen over night, it did.

        Good luck to all.

        • sitrep is a disinformation agent working for the Antichrist Obama and his System.

          The Pope says the Apocalypse has hit.

          Warning! The Apocalypse is here!

          Google it
          Pope Says End Of World Is Here (Video) After Paris, Pope Francis Tells Christians To Be Ready For End Of The World

          • doos, sitrep i way MORE right than you! omama is the MAHDI you retard , not the anti christ! and YOUR NOT A MESSIAH! MAKE IT RAIN OR SOMETHING! sigh, and THANK YOU SITREP, your info has been most tantalizing, you have found out all kinds of super-secret stuff! they cant mess with the Timeline, as its is Written before time began, its just, the special effects are going to be turned on, and we gonna have a party! these portals are old news, it was the tower of babel, “bab=gate, el=god”
            and “babylon” civilisation as derived by the dark gods. what you know about Cu Chulainn? hmmmmm?

    • So far we haven’t really seen any cell phone videos from the thousands out there on the street…Nearly everyone carries one & yet nothing of any substance has been captured on vid & posted online…Using your objective critical thinking, how are the odds plyaing out so far ?…We also have a Passport from one of the suicide bombers…not a scratch on it…looks like it just came off the press from the Passport Office…Wait a minute, didn’t something like that happen on 911 ?…Wow, what a coincidence…now what are the odds of that ?
      This attack in France may have been the Anglo/American only alternative endeavor to secure Syria…remove Assad…secure & control the energy pipelines & thus the Syrian ports…put in a puppet regime & finally move in on Iran…The U.S. is ‘on the ropes’…They need to slap their ink & paper dollar on every natural resource they can secure in the Middle East…etc, etc, etc,..I’ll stop right here…Most of you know the ‘game’ by now.
      I sure hope the ‘good-guys’ have a contingency in place to diffuse this move by these sick ba*tards…All out war is not going to be a fun time…We need more than ever now to stand ready…Take real good care of yourself, your family & your loved ones…Be prepared…Stay sharp…We all know what’s at stake here.

      • One eyewitness said that anyone trying to use a cellphone was shot.

    • Homeowner Of Record

      (((( LISTEN UP OATH KEEPERS ))))
      Millions of families are illegally made homeless to prop up Fat Cat Retirements.
      Due Process is denied in all proceedings in Civil, Criminal & Family Courts.

      I can prove it to those still asleep. Check out what I have on LinkedIn.
      LinkedIn members for full details:

      Where are the Real Oath Keepers now that my family needs them?
      We’re days from being EVICTED AT GUNPOINT for Mega-bank with no legal interest.

      Unlike the Bundy Ranch I actually own this land they are seizing…call me Oath Keepers!

      Our family fought in every American war & we are also Native American Indian.
      My brother a DISABLED VIETNAM VETERAN with cancer lives in this home.

      Jerry A. Blake – AKA: Homeowner Of Record
      3310 Miles Ave N.W., Canton, Ohio 44718

    • I can’t follow my gut. It leads to a damn DOUGHNUT!!

    • I don’t know if this is a FF operation or not.

      BUT I do know the negro has only about a year left. And they still are not able to declare the negro president for life so if this is a FF operation and one of DOZENS already they are doing a poor job of accomplishing it.

      When they are able to declare the negro president for life it looks like more than a shoot-up is needed. :lol:

  • FC

    US to France: Buy Saudi oil and use US dollars OR ELSE!

  • I know just where this is going and whilst we have ISIS in Libya and Iraq the ones we will be told to go after are all going to be in Syria and the reason for that is it borders join with Israel.

    Russia is doing an fine job in Syria of killing ISIS just like the USA said it had been doing for the past few years and now we know it was all lies.

    if you have all the money in tte world like the jewish bankers own then it’s not to hard to find someone that will blow themselves up so the bankers can come up with a story to steel land at the bottom of the garden.

    And in next weeks news we will hear how it’s turning cold in Europe and how we must now house millions of immigrants and take away our internet privacy to protect us from these new arrivals.

    Yes you are being played and this is only the start.

  • What a joke.
    The same as our governments A JOKE!!!
    Trojan Horse Is here

    They come kill our people then our governments have to pay millions to secure football grounds etc.
    We are the losers letting In Millions of migrants with primitive brains “RELIGIOUS NUTTERS”
    France to close borders __JOKE!!!

    The EU has been broken and we need to stand NOW!!!

    The people In France will be forgotten In a couple of weeks,because we have short memories today.

    IT’S THERE FUTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cool:

    WHEN IS THE WESTERN SOCIETY GOING TO WAKE UP?????????????????????????????????

  • FC

    Many have this same thought when it first happened.
    Paul Craig Roberts included (already up on BIN) -

    Another Paris False Flag Attack? — Paul Craig Roberts

    They don’t even bother to change their script.
    Guess who acts like commandos?

  • In all the objecting about “islam” … it is *NEVER* shown why “islam” is *not* a religion … “islam” is *ONLY* a political entity (with a military arm). It’s very simple to prove this.

    The “islam” political machine claims that they are from … God’s covenant with Abraham.

    The severe problem here … is that the “koran” rejects all manner of Abraham covenant writings, like the below (for example).

    Much more listed on > > >

    Does God have “prophets” who are liars against His Abraham covenant writings ?
    > > > No, mohammed is not a prophet
    > > > “islam” is not a religion
    > > > “allah” does not exist … all the killing is in defense of … 100% pure nothingness

    – – – – –

    The “koran” in … “maryam 19:35” >
    “It is not befitting to (the majesty of) Allah that He should beget a son.”

    Catholic Faith (pre-fulfillment) writing of Proverbs 30:4 >
    “Who hath ascended up into Heaven, and descended? What is the name of *His Son*.”

    – – – – –

    The “koran” in … “an nisa 4:157” >
    “That they said (in boast), “We killed Christ Jesus the son of Mary, the Messenger of Allah. – but they killed him not.”

    Catholic Faith (pre-fulfillment) writing of Daniel 9:26 >
    “Christ shall be *slain*: and the people that shall deny Him shall not be His.”

    – – – – –

    The “koran” in … “ali imran 3:2-3” >
    “Allah. There is no god but He, the Living, the Self-Subsisting, Eternal.”

    Catholic Faith (pre-fulfillment) writing of Genesis 18:1-3 >
    1: “And *the Lord* appeared to him in the vale of Mambre …”
    2: “And when he had lifted up his eyes, there appeared to him *Three* Men standing near to him and as soon as he saw them, he ran to meet Them from the door of his tent, and adored down to the ground.”
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    - – - – - – - – - -

    C A U T I O N: The Catholic Church has had *zero* … physical properties, priests, and bishops since 8 December 1965 … because of the Sources of Dogma on automatic excommunication for heresy.

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    (Abjuration takes about 45 minutes)

  • It is clearly a false flag in order to justify increasing military assets in and around Syria. Just one day prior to this attack the French air craft carrier set sail for Syrian waters and Syrian officials warned the French military that if it sailed into Syrian waters it would be targeted.
    Then a day later, you have this with Hollande promising to strike hard against them, along with Obama. It is so clear to see how this is all a set up!

    • It is clearly not a false flag

      • You are clearly a sucker.

        • how is the False Flag 9/11 coming along wait wait how is the Boston bombing False Flag coming along ,wait wait the moon landing , next you will say the earth is flat or its hollow wait wait humans fight ET on mars and now drum roll please ……….Terrorist Attacks in Paris False Flag :lol:
          You are clearly a sucker of all sucks

        • BillyP is a retard

    • If this were a setup, the President and the Secretary of State wouldn’t have made statements just hours before the attack about ISIS being contained and their days being numbered. They were clearly unprepared for this attack and it’s a real embarassment to the Administration, which has been claiming that its (non) policies are working to keep ISIS isolated in Syria.

      Sometimes, there’s just evil people in the world who want to force their ideology on other people and kill anyone who disagrees with them. That’s radical Islam.

      • You are correct. They are called zio-jews.

  • I was watching BBC America right after these “terrorist attacks.” Within 10 minutes, 2 different reporters from 2 sites of the “attacks” both reported live, that they have no clue what was going on and that they were being kept in the dark about the situation at hand. One of the reporters even said that the soccer match between France and Germany went on as if nothing had happened and that they completed the game. The other reporter said he didn’t see anyone dead at the scene.

    • Yes in most cases nobody knows what’s going on even the people involved

      • You do not know how bad you suck do you?

        • BillyP is called dickbreath at school I wonder why

    • Be prepared,

      The soccer match went on, even on TV, no breaking news, nothing.
      Unfortunately, there are real dead this time.
      The timing ( France – Germany match ) is suspicious, because Germany has the same problem with immigration.
      We (France) have declared war on ISIS ( and Assad. WTF?), we can’t declare war and have no victims on our side.
      In my opinion, the government planned this all.
      Take a look at the concert in Bataclan (EAGLES OF DEATH metal), here is the masonic signature.

      • I don’t think the name of the band had anything to do with it. It’s more likely that it was a target, because it’s a confined space, with more targets per square foot, than anywhere else. You ever been to a metal show? They pack em in there, tight.
        It’s odd, though. Out of curiosity, I checked the show listings for Bataclan, and they had Deftones as the group performing.

        • The attack starts same time as the “kiss the devil” song. So I think the name of the band and what they sing is not a coincidence

      • Did you really swim to the egg first ?

  • FC

    from 2012 – How French Counterterrorists Improved On Breivik’s Cockup To Make Muslims Look Like Growing Threats

    By Trowbridge H. Ford

  • So, ISIS is attacking France because France attacked ISIS in Syria. Is France working with Russia, who is helping Assad attack ISIS??

    • So you think France is working with Syria do you !

      Would that include sending weapons to “The moderate rebels” who are trying to remove Mr Assad or the moderate rebels who all defected to ISIS ?

      Things were going along just fine for Isreal untill Russia started to help Syria to turn the tide against the growning number of ISIS fighters taking land in Syria and now we have all this trouble.

      The only way this makes any logic is if ISIS is a tool for MOSSAD

      We stand on the brink and allowing our government to now pretend Syria or Russia needs help in dealing with ISIS in Syria could turn out to be suicide regardless of who the press says did the attacks in Paris

  • See the seer sees your a nut job go and bake a gay cake ,your Muslim black president you voted in twice told you

    • Wrong on all accounts for your part. Be careful that zio-fecal matter may stick to your teeth. Sucker.

      • come and say it to me you arse poker and not just type it

    • Excellent, a blind seer. John Cleese does a great rendition of a blind seer in Brother where art thou.

      • can you not think for yourself or do you always follow the crowd and say its a False Flag

      • Your a fool

  • Daniel 12:35.
    Information Increases ~ In Formation as Sincere
    Daniel ~ In Deal ~ In Lead

  • I see no reasons, and nothing but a worthless article of no merit.

  • barry was smiling and seemed very pleased about it. He loves watching unarmed citizens get mowed down.

  • I’d love to see the world find out who’s responsible for this false flag then have the entire internet rage and bring them to justice.

    • It is ISIS and not a false flag once you wake up ,You will know

      • Shut up, plank.

        • Thank you sir. seer sucks.

          • from your stupid low IQ You think its a False Flag you must be a retard

          • BillyP is a retard

        • why don’t you go outside and spray vinegar that should stop the chemtrails

        • Mick is a retard

      • I ‘see’ through you, ‘seer.’

  • Just your weekly false flag so the elite can push their agendas on the clueless masses who believe everything they are sold no matter how many times they have been fooled in the past. Some never learn or get it and likely never will and the shills and trolls will be out in force on this one.

  • first things first is the $ supply needs to be cut off from ISIS, i.e…. eXon mobile and the other big oil barrens.

  • USA CIA Director meets with French officials just before ”attack”. What could be more obvious of a hoax.

  • I believe that the president of the USA will take us to war very soon. It is God’s plan. However I am starting to believe that 90% of these false flag posts are being posted by people who hate USA Christians and would say anything to justify their belief. No matter what happens their story is always ‘it was a false flag.’

  • Look…. The French were basically neutral and this happens… Now their going into Syria. Things that make you go hmmmmmm :roll:

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    • Aussie….you are correct it appears to be a hoax event.

      We have these hoaxes in the US all the time. Most of them are about gun control but not all.

      We live in a very deceptive world and have so many decades.

  • Paying attention to the BBCs reporting, some countries are definately using this as an excuse for something, be this a false flag or not. No idea about other news corps, but either the BBC is run by people who enjoy gathering round bloodthristy massacres, or they have some other reason to repeatedly drone on repeating the same thing over and over again, but I’m sickened about how much some news corps seem to enjoy this type of event.

  • False Flag? Are you for real? This bloke Muhammad was one pissed off sand monkey on magic mushrooms & smoking the reefer, who was rejected from society 1400 years ago who was so full of hate that in his delusional mind he then wrote this book of hatred know today as the Quran. Now sand monkeys are known to smoke dope hence they sit around all day bludging on welfare payments and start reading the book of hate and believe its true cause as it sounds so good to them i.e. raping little girls and boys not to mention goats and camels infested with fleas and kill non-believers and be killed in the name of Allah to get the 72 virgins in the afterlife.The attack on Paris WAS FROM ISIS, MUSLIMS, some were observed shouting Allah Akbar etc. It is written in the Quran to kill, to lie, to deceive. This Islam is a False religion, it is the book of evil, what God condones this? No God only pure evil. May our father in heaven Bless all in France. My thoughts are with you all. God bless. Reasonable civilised people need to wake up and see what is happening around our world & see that it all stems from Islamic beliefs. You need to stand up and say this religion shall not be tolerated as it is full of hate & death. Read the Quran, see for yourself.

    • Twodads

      Unfortunately ABBA ABBA you Gubermint creeps ONLY turn up in this sites recent posts after your Gubermint has cried out in pain as it has butchered people.

      • Twodads

        Also Mary was a whore

        • May God smite you with an infestation of a thousand filthiest of filthy fleas from the filthiest of goats and camels form the filthiest sand lands in all the world. May these filthy fleas infest around your crouch area for all eternity oh ye evil one.

          • Yeah.

            THAT’S not a middle eastern (Saudi) troll.

            My mistake.

      • Oh ye of the forked tongue “DamnEl” …….blah blah blah WTF, blah blah blah. In English please, I don’t understand a word your typing!!!!!!!

  • It’s still a false flag because it was committed under FALSE pretenses. Yes, there were casualties – but still a false flag. They want to make it seem as though some wayward Muslims were behind the attack. These bozos aren’t garden variety Muslims. This attack was carefully choreographed, calculated and planned out with significant emphasis on masonic numbers. This attack has the bloody fingerprints of the Masonic/Kabbalistic/Satanic NWO clowns and their puppets. Just as not all Jews are Zionists, not all Muslims are radical jihadis. It’s another one of their ritual evil sacrifices to Satan:

    FRIDAY the 13th – Anniversary of the disbandment of the Knights Templar. Jacques De Molay (a Frenchman), leader of the Templars was tortured and executed. They like the number 13 for some reason. They’ll willingly toss their own under the bus along with others because they love that number so much.

    The rock band The EAGLES of DEATH Metal – Who knows if this band had any clue. I’m not going to say that they did. The Eagle could very well represent the U.S. and just the word “death” in the band’s name would be of significance to the Satanists because they are all about being ritual.

    The Venue – Bataclan Theatre located conveniently in the 11th district. 11 is another of their favorite numbers. The address for this theatre is 50 Boulevard VOLTAIRE. Here is a tidbit of information that I pulled from Wikipedia: “Bataclan was owned by Jewish owners Pascal and Joel Laloux for decades, but the owners sold the place in September 2015 after 40 years. Previous owners reported that the venue has been a target for anti-Zionists as they often held pro-Israel events. One extremist group called “army of Islam” has threatened the place in 2011 because it’s owners were Jews.”

    This is a false flag to me because it’s not so much a religious attack, but a political attack. If you think Satan worshipers aren’t the biggest politicians in the world and the least religious, you are sorely mistaken. This mass human sacrifice was carried out under the GUISE of religion.

    Now that bonehead BONO (you know the musician that dabbles in politics and probably satanism with world leaders) is saying that this attack is against music. That bozo needs NWO tattooed on his forehead.

    There is way more to this, but I don’t feel like seeking it all out right now. It’s all out there in our faces if we pay enough attention. One person mentioned the geographical alignment of 3 locations that were attacked and mentioned that they supposed lined up with the Belt of Orion and the 3 pyramids in Giza, but I didn’t really delve further just yet. I’m sure there is probably some significance there considering one location was a Cambodian (?) restaurant. I don’t know if that Cambodian restaurant is one of the locations or not. I do know that these m’frs don’t pull anything by accident. I do know that we were told to do the math. We should also connect the damn dots as well.

    So, to me, this screams false flag. Yes, people died. They don’t care. They are all about “shock and awe”. There are Masonic organizations in practically every country, you know. They have a bazillion names, but they are all the same. You got the Fez hat (I want a Fez hat just to be sarcastic) wearing Shriners, the Knights of Columbus, Scottish Rite, Knights of Malta, Rosicrucians, Order of the Eastern Star, Order of Quetzalcoatl, etc.

    This attack didn’t have to happen, but it did and some people sadly lost their lives because of a few bozo morons hell-bent on performing Satanic rituals and sacrifice. Sadly, many of those morons are in really high positions in government and society. That’s the worst part of it all. They are a bunch of numb skulls and they are pulling this bs on the rest of us. Are we all dead? Asleep? How come we keep letting these fools terrorize the rest of us continuously? There has to be a point where we just tell them to stop. We have to do it collectively, because if we don’t they will pop back up like weeds.

    So that’s what I have to say about this real life horror. I had really bad gut feelings for the past couple of days leading up to this. It makes me mad.

    • Between 1776-1788, Edward Gibbons published a huge six volume work entitled The History Of
      The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire. Gibbons’ work was scholarly and monumental,
      as it thoroughly covered a period of history spanning approximately 1,200 years.
      His goal in producing this study was to precisely catalog the reasons for the rise of the
      Roman Empire and the factors leading to the decline and fall of the Empire.
      Gibbons was universally hailed as achieving his objective brilliantly.

      But, Gibbons not only created a document which details how and why the Roman Empire rose
      and fell; he created a document which detailed precisely how a successful and powerful
      Empire could be subverted and destroyed.

      Gibbons listed five basic reasons that the enormous Roman Empire was destroyed:

      1: The dramatic increase of divorce undermined the institution of the family.

      2: The imposition of higher taxes undermined the economic stability and vitality of the Empire. Taxes were raised to pay for deficit government spending, to pay for food for all in society and to pay for government-sponsored activities of diversion, such as circuses and sports. Interestingly, as the time of the final collapse drew closer, greater emphasis was placed on sports, to divert the attention of the public from the distressing news of massive trouble within the Empire.

      3: The drive for personal pleasure had become very intense, even to the point of obsession. Gibbons noted that, at the very end, sports had become more exciting and brutal.

      4: People lost their faith, both religiously and in their government. Paganism gave way to Christianity and the efficient Roman Government gave way to chaos and disintegration.

      5: Hidden conspirators were working within the government to secretly destroy it. They worked quietly, invisibly and deceitfully; during the entire time they were secretly dismantling the government of the Roman Empire, they publicly proclaimed their unswerving support of it.

      Recognize any of the above 5 points occurring in Western societies today?

      It is too early to tell if this attack was a real massacre or a crisis actor deal.
      Some early photos seem a bit strange. Either way, the true culprits and the intended
      effect are well known to those of us who understand how the world really works.

      We don’t need no stinkin’ hypothesis — no observation of data — and no investigation here.
      It’s all about precedent, precedent, precedent (King David Hotel Bombing (1946),
      Lavon Affair (1954), USS Liberty (1967)) combined with motive, means, opportunity –
      and still more precedent, precedent, precedent (Marine barracks attack in Lebanon (1983),
      German Nightclub bombing (1986), Pan Am Flight 103 (1988)), and also, let us add,
      precedent, precedent, precedent (9/11 attacks (2001), anthrax attacks (2001), 7/7 attacks (2005)).

      Regardless of whatever ‘Muslim’ patsies (now all declared to have been conveniently
      suicided!) carried out the attacks, this bloodbath (whether real or faked) is the work of
      the clandestine intelligence services of the western / Zionist Axis of Evil.
      Case closed — no doubt about it — done deal — take it to the bank!

      It will be interesting to see if Mossad’s patsie attackers were recent ‘migrants’. Though if they were,
      Francois Hollande — that fiendish faker who is finishing off France — that slippery,
      sleazy, slimy piece of human escargot, isn’t likely to tell us.
      Only now is Hollande le Horrible even talking about “tightening the borders”. Damn
      traitorous swine!
      Clearly, France, and its Allies, are going to have to go into Syria and “do something”
      about ‘ISIS’ now. Russia is already there. China and Iran have been sniffing around as well.
      And U.S. Secretary of Offense Ass Carter had recently deployed an undetermined number of
      Special Forces.

      Said Homo-Obongo of the attacks, which oh-so-conveniently occurred during, and physically
      close to, a heavily watched soccer match between the main political powers of the EU —
      France and Germany:

      “This is an attack not just on Paris; it’s an attack not just on the people of France.
      But this is an attack on all of humanity and the universal values that we share.”

      “We’re going to do whatever it takes to work with the French people and with nations around
      the world to bring these terrorists to justice.”

      The combustible elements of World War III are being gathered all in one place —
      suggesting that a dangerous East vs West conflict – as depicted on that spooky and cryptic
      magazine cover of the Rothschild-owned (partly) Economist Magazine back in January 2015 –
      is about to unfold.

      Will an Israeli match spark the long-awaited Great War for Globo-Zion?

      Remember the illuminaty card game that came out in 1995?
      Another card was just played… Friday 13th!

  • There is no false flag about this. Stop perpetuating fear from our or any other government. Wake up with some Folgers and drop the drugs. People died at the hands of true extremists who would stop at nothing to do the same in any other country. I have read this site for years, seeking an educated alternative to mainstream media, never found it. Where’s the soldiers at my door from jade helm, why are banks still solvent, use your brain. Stop the fear mongering and constantly pushing back dates of doom. There’s got to be someone reading this that is intellectual also. But this article is the most incredulous one I’ve wasted my brain cells on yet. Hello tin foil, readjust your frequencies!! :!:

  • 3 words for ya world government…attack a people long enough just to get their securities down put them under martial law …people start asking for more protection which means more rights gets taken away pretty soon you have a fascist state since the public is not to be trusted with their own safety after all how can you tell a radical from a normal civilian…we already are looking at a gun ban whats next no longer able to travel outside a country cause they dont know whats inside your ..the pope rc church, the free masons, illuminati which is the NSA of US, jehovahs witnesses, are all connected by the pagan eye of ra …whats this got to do with anything one world government…they think the world is vastly overpopulated..what better way to control the population than to just simply kill them off..then they start begging for protections without realizing its their doom….passports no longer issued cant travel outside the country cant leave the borders if theres a so called hitler in your midst…get rid of their guns so they cant kill anybody cant protect themselves..remember hitler did this same thing….there are rumors that the isis group is the cia. yes these are all false flags secretly removing your rights one right at a time

  • 3 words for ya world government…attack a people long enough just to get their securities down put them under martial law …people start asking for more protection which means more rights gets taken away pretty soon you have a fascist state since the public is not to be trusted with their own safety after all how can you tell a radical from a normal civilian…we already are looking at a gun ban whats next no longer able to travel outside a country cause they dont know whats inside your head ..the pope rc church, the free masons, illuminati which is the NSA of US, jehovahs witnesses, are all connected by the pagan eye of ra …whats this got to do with anything one world government…they think the world is vastly overpopulated..what better way to control the population than to just simply kill them off..then they start begging for protections without realizing its their doom….passports no longer issued cant travel outside the country cant leave the borders if theres a so called hitler in your midst…get rid of their guns so they cant kill anybody cant protect themselves..remember hitler did this same thing….there are rumors that the isis group is the cia. yes these are all false flags secretly removing your rights one right at a time

  • you can always count on this site for posts about “false flags” while the bodies are still warm.

    • Yes indeed. However, dear old Obama just accepted 10,000 of those ‘false flag waving’ 18 to 35 year old male refugees into the U.S. You know….the ones who are Sunnis from Syria, who swear “death to America” every chance they get……

      So…..I guess…..when we have more blood spilled here in the U.S…….and it touches “THEM PERSONALLY” they might just stop spreading their disinformation…..when they realize they have been spoon fed b.s. …..and they ate it hungrily,asked for seconds, and forced it on the guests.

    • Yes, being canadian, I am amazed at the lack of compassion and empathy from the BIN crowd. I have been watching updates on RDI (Radio-Canada in french) and they get all their various updates from TV5 (the french network in France). Last night the began showing photos of the deceased and gave short bios on each. These were REAL people, with real lives, hopes and aspirations not BLOW-UP DUMMIES!!
      There was also a segment on the recruiting of new terrorists (14-15 year old girls). How they were groomed by their handlers to join them in Syria to become their wives. Terrorists ARE A CULT! Nothing more – a CULT THAT MURDERS innocents. One of the girls was stuck in Syria – her brother went there to get her out – in 3 days he was only allowed to see her 1 hour and ALWAYS WITH SUPERVISION of the husband(?). She WAS NOT ALLOWED TO LEAVE.
      We are dealing with MANIACS!
      But then I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised at the BIN crowd – paranoid – gun-toting-trigger-itching bigots – always making every single MURDEROUS event – a CONSPIRACY…

      • I realize that there are real victims, a real suffering that is taking place. I don’t take away from that. If the U.S. was going to take in refugees, then it should have started with the Yazidis who were stuck on the mountain and surrounded by ISIS and dying of dehydration, being starved and those who attempted escape were raped and or killed.

        Those are refugees. I don’t see why those people (Christians) were left over there still at the mercy of ISIS and radical sunnis (those who swear to our death) from Syria are more welcome.

      • Not everyone on here owns a gun and/or is a bigot. Paranoid, maybe and rightly so. Yes, this was a murderous event, but it was a conspiracy false flag that can be traced back to Big Money/Big Power. A bunch of Satanic idiots with extremely corrupt brains that are obsessed with ritual, symbols, sacrifices, numerology and other occult crap.

        They are absolute nuts and the only way they can fool the general public is to dumb us down through distraction, mindless repetition, War on Drugs (War for Drugs), War on Terror (War for Terror), Common Core (School to Prison or Fema Camp Pipeline probably), and so on.

        • Don’t muddy the waters with a lot of wording.

          Big Money/Big Power will do the job.

    • a false flag doesn’t mean that nobody died, however, that the official version is completely flawed and the government(s) have their fingerprints all over!

  • You would not know a false flag even if someone was waving it in your face ,you fools are so predictable its Not a false flag

    • Ooooh, MI6 has spoken, how unusual. But then MI6 created Mossad and the CIA, AND HAS HAD A BIG HAND IN DIRECTING BOTH THEIR ACTIONS. Don’t forget, the royalty of Britain are khazars…. and created both Saudi Arabia, (WW I) and Israeli (WW II) and are now creating ISIS through Mossad, to conduct all these false flags. We are not as “stupid” out here as you proffer in the protocols. Sorry about that.

      This is the hardest time you will ever have trying to start another world war to shore up your khazar zionist banker agenda. We are way tooo informed and educated now. All the false flags in the world may well result in the world attacking Israel. IS THAT WHY YOU BUILT A “NUKE HARDENED BUNKER IN THE NEGEVE DESERT?


    • Info comes down the pipes. M16, and other agencies have been infiltrated from the top down.
      There is now a new organization in charge. They also use a new cryptic style language, and speak freely on MSM new outlets to send even the Most secret information to one another.
      Although there is a very old organization, very secret people whom are in charge of protecting the real National security, they are trying to re-group, some claim they have a base in some cold region, or even gone underground, while they come up with a plan, and they have a Super Star Gate, and actively engaged in the Timeline Wars, hoping to save the world.
      The Old SS Elite Family has been trying to locate them to get rid of them.
      The SS knows people are easily mind controlled, they use social media, and MSM to employ Magic Mind Kontrol Techniques, known as “MMKT”.
      Recently They activated a Star Gate Portal over Several large California Cities under the guise code name “Trident”.
      The Old SS Elite Family sent a well trained group to the past to obtain ancient Alien Technology before it got destroyed in the Iraq War. While in the past they used mind control techniques, to be activated through DNA using analog communication waves in the future.
      They are now planning the star gate missions to include several sub-missions.
      The Tim line Wars are here, Just as people dismissed aliens, they will also not believe in the Star Gates, or even question why the Middle East looks like Swiss cheese.
      Many people still think it is all about oil, really.

      • could you elaborate more on the middle east….the reasons of disharmony over there from your point of view?

  • Screw off! False flag my ASS! Islam hates the west! To HELL with ISLAM!

  • They also heard someone shout Alah ahu Akbar, & they found a Syrian passport. Really?

  • DK introduced a corporate Solidarite logo movement, the pages had the French flag and a logo replaced top right around 2pm GMT.

    Just like to point out the attacks occurred 12.35pm Saturday 14th, given that there are several hours of confused reporting we are looking at a premature corporate promotion effort, suspicious in that all employees in Europe and the US would not be at work, save at the SARL depot in the Channel Islands(24/7 warehouse). To get permission to make any changes to any logo would require permissions to be granted from management teams and a legal department, as well as testing.


    • DK

      correction Friday 13th :oops: , but still way too fast for a multinational.

  • well im not saying it is a false flag attack…but let me just play the devils advocate here… lets pretend there is a shadow government/powerfull people, that actually want war…its crazy righjt? who in their right mind would want that?.. anyways…they can not just go on the offensive without any reason because of this :

    ” Under the domestic and international laws of war[1] citizens are forbidden from taking part in a war on the side of the aggressor and are legally bound to disobey the orders of any Government that takes part in illegal war or supports acts of genocide, crimes against humanity or war crimes. This duty to refuse to obey unlawful Government orders includes orders to pay tax [Income tax, Council tax, VAT etc]. If a government uses the funds raised by taxation to wage illegal war or to commit genocide, crimes against humanity or war crimes, then a taxpayer’s normal duty to pay tax is reversed and becomes a duty to refuse to pay tax.”

  • ISIS stands for Israeli Secret Intelligence Service. Bomb Israel and this world terrorism will stop immediately. World peace is not in the interest of Moloch, Baal and Yahweh. Sacrifice the minority and save the majority.

  • AllRoadsLead2NWO

    What I find interesting is that almost immediately after Obama, Kerry and the pentagram came out and said ‘Jihadi John’
    these attacks took place almost immediately afterwards- almost as if it was a code word to attack. But I know that could Never be because the US INC has never ever, done anything like that and has always told the truth to everyone about everything and of course speculating on such things will automatically get me labeled by all the liberal Truth Theorist brigade here on this site and in the US.

  • won’t let you post about false flags, not even ones that are directly about the Anatomy of false flags. My suggestion is that you go to this site and write about false flags. They will take your posts down for a while, but as more and more people talk about it, they are less likely to do it.

  • There’s no ‘could be’ about this being a false flag event, right down to the passport being left on the ground to be found. The fact that innocent people have been involved doesn’t seem to bother the planners, they will just spin it with compliant media.

    The NWO couldn’t wait any longer for a legit excuse to destroy Syria because there isn’t one and because their ISIS pals are getting pounded in Syria and are having to be treated in Israeli hospitals. This is threatening to spoil the atmos and finishing touches to their NWO carve-up. due to take place whilst all the parasites are in Paris.
    One would be inclined not to attend, considering that there are hoards of mad islamic murderers roaming Paris with abandon. But then again all the attendees know the script and the pigs didn’t even look up from their carbon troughs.

    The French think their air force is bombing ISIS training grounds in retaliation to this outrage against their people, when in reality the French Air Force are bombing Syria’s infrastructure, killing civilians and hampering the progress of legitimate forces. Now French politicians are allowing their electorate to be deceived and pushed towards a scapegoat…….those innocent Syrian/Iraqi/Libyan migrants who most probably lost their homes and business thanks to French bombs. Don’t look at what your gov’t is doing, just keep your eye on those migrants eh?

    Vive le …..ah forget it

  • “Might be”
    It seems the french put a lot more thought into their False Flag this time and if people die all the better for their plan to work, but give it time and it will unfold, the pass board was a major mistake but needed for some fast response bombing, the lack of mobile phone flicks makes me think it was a massive exercise, don’t give me the people running for their life, nothing gets in the way of a phone flick.

  • There’s no ‘could be’ about this being a false flag event, right down to the passport being left on the ground to be found. The fact that innocent people have been involved doesn’t seem to bother the planners, they will just spin it with compliant lazy media.

    The NWO couldn’t wait any longer for a legit excuse to destroy Syria because there isn’t one and because their ISIS pals are getting pounded in Syria and are having to be treated in Israeli hospitals. This is threatening to spoil the atmos and finishing touches to their NWO carve-up. due to take place whilst all the parasites are in Paris.
    One would be inclined not to attend, considering that there are hoards of mad islamic murderers roaming Paris with abandon. But then again all the attendees know the script and the pigs didn’t even look up from their carbon troughs.

    The French think their air force is bombing ISIS training grounds in retaliation to this outrage against their people, when in reality the French Air Force are bombing Syria’s infrastructure, killing civilians and hampering the progress of legitimate forces. Now French politicians are allowing their electorate to be deceived and pushed towards a scapegoat…….those innocent Syrian/Iraqi/Libyan migrants who most probably lost their homes and business thanks to French bombs. Don’t look at what your gov’t is doing, just keep your eyes on those migrants eh?

    Vive le …..ah forget it

  • How could this happen this world is to perfect according to some of these losers,We are so stupid people arent killing people its all wrong,Its made up,THESE IDIOTS ARE PHUKWITS,NEED TO BE DRAGGED TO THE PHUKING MORGUE,THEN BASHED AFTER WORDS

  • RE: The just released photo of the theatre:……The new type of hoax is staged on an actual stage inside a theatre.!!! Its unbelievable from the beginning. A few actors lying on the floor of the stage….huge smears of fake blood worming their way around the floor…laughable in a sick manner.

    Who dreams up this nonsense? Even the American CIA Director was in Paris to advise the French on how to do it.

    In the photo, where are the EMTs…the police, the security ? If this were real, the place would be crawling with officials. Where are the ambulance gurneys? All we see are huge smears of fake blood. Its ludicrous in the extreme .

    I was waiting for a blood photo of carnage and all I get are a lot of actors on a stage that’s smeared with gallons of theatrical blood. Silly and very inept in the extreme.

  • Paranoid Americans..

    Swedish authorities found a weapons cache inside a refugee camp.
    So why couldn’t this be the case in Paris?
    Why does it always have to be a false flag?

    Paris allready has a large muslim population, so perhaps this was a real attack?

    That there is not much cellphone footage isn’t a reason either.

    Some countries in this world are beyond “the film it all” period. (cellphone hype)
    I’ve been to several european countries where i didn’t see any smartphones.. (i know it sounds weird)

    But the corpses are real and so is the fascist #Islam

    False Flag or not? This fascist ideology has to be stopped.
    Declare it a criminal organization just like the nazis, wich they are..

  • This is the consequences of decades of wrong internal and external politics in France.
    Our “leaders” have been warned by internal and external sources for many years.

    It is also not the first time (bombing of st michel subway station etc).

    At least 1 terrorist was recent refugee and 2 were caucasian (converted).

    When you give the sword to the ones that want your death, you can’t be surprised if they do so.

  • Not every attack is a false flag, take off the tin foil hat and show some respect for the dead and grieving!!!

  • very strange! cannot find my comments anymore! things are getting suspicious! they were deleted on BIN though accepted in the first place!

    • If you write ANYTHING remotely sensible, rational and logical you’re shot down.

      • Just so, a veritable war against truth and rationality. So bad they can’t stand it! Common sense gets turned on its head, which is textbook blindness, stupidity.

        The most interesting thing about this website is plumbing the depths of delusion, mental illness, spiritual blindness and Satanism, etc. It’s in the masses, and the canary in the coal mine is gasping, singing it’s not looking good for civilization, in general.

        Romans 1:22 Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.

        Isaiah 66:4 I also will choose their delusions, and will bring their fears upon them; because when I called, none did answer; when I spake, they did not hear: but they did evil before mine eyes, and chose that in which I delighted not.

  • konsolero

    we r living in a sick sick world!

  • Every attack is a false flag, because our Governments are in on it all, and if people do actually die it’s still not the slightest bit disrespectful to talk about the truth, silence is disrespectful.
    With the whole world being spied on do you really think cocky terrorists who brag can go under the camera, only if the authority’s want them too.

    • i tend to agree…there has always been cooperation btw. the past western world and the middle easterners/muslims – latter created by the catholic church – and so it is today being used as patsies for criminal activities – as Barack “aptly” described it – or war mongers. if they don’t have anybody, then they grab just somebody! things are pretty much controlled…basically major events don’t tend to happen out of the blue! so who needs to be feared? :arrow: their agenda is crystal clear and has been pretty successful so far! europe won’t be able to survive its forced islamization without losing its dignity and U.S. involvement both in internal affairs and relationships with non-Western countries so europe seems to be lost – the U.S. obviously will only lose a lot! prosperity and staged terror attacks in any city under way for invading muslims hating their hosts before they even arrive and increased poverty and servitude for native europeans!

  • Sherry Shriner seems to be an expert on star gates – has been successfully fighting off many of them! people always will stick to their roots – no question about it – see by Eric so no wonder that folks in question support “sketchy” projects!

  • Sherry Shriner has been dealing successfully with star gates so far! unfortunately the SS – see also by Eric – experiments with “sketchy” star gate projects even endangering themselves!

  • They do not want you to know you consent to terror attacks when you Vote.


  • I have an idea of my own that popped in my head immediately after I heard about the attacks. I think that ISIS is America. I mean I don’t think it was anyone from Syria but its America who sent in their men to attack Paris to start the new world war and get Paris on their side to take over Syria and drain it of its resources. I mean could you imagine the headlines? America declares war on Syria after the attacks on Paris. The rest of the world will fall into the belief that they are heroes, making them want to fight for America. Eventually this country will have so many armies fighting for them that our own military wont have to do anything. We just supply weapons and technology while sitting on the sidelines barking orders. Sure they may send out a few soldiers, but not the ones that are vital to the war. The real soldiers are the spies undercover in the other armies, driving them to do more than they have to. So when the war is over and nearly every country is bankrupt America will swoop in and take all of Syria’s remaining resources and play good cop to the other countries, loaning them money until their government is financially stable until America wants the money back and the other countries cant pay them. Leading to America taking all of the resources in those countries in “payment” until they are too weak to fight back.
    Just an idea though.
    - Ender

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