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Large Banks File Claim United States is Abandoned Country, Tried to Claim It

Thursday, November 12, 2015 2:51
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So What Does All This Mean?

It means we have been defrauded by international banking cartels operating “governmental services corporations” as if these entities were our lawful government. It means that the Holy See and the British Monarch have acted in secretive Breach of Trust and Dishonor and have undermined our rightful government since 1845. It means that we have caught the rats red-handed, proved the facts, and demanded remedy.

FRANCISCUS, the dba name of the Pope, issued his Motu Proprio and made the members of the Bar Associations responsible for their errors and omissions. This effectively washed his hands of the criminality of the Bar Members and the continuing assaults upon us by the British Crown and ended their privateer licenses and other protections that had been extended to them in Breach of Trust.

So far, so good.

However, there has been no action to dismantle the mechanisms of the fraud that has been practiced against the living people. Every day, babies are born in hospitals and are “registered” as chattel belonging to privately owned and operated corporations masquerading as our government. These corporations patent and trademark our bodies and our names and create “citizens” for themselves that they ultimately control as slaves. This practice of “enslavement by proxy” is no less repugnant than physical enslavement and it has the same results.

They have accomplished this by obtaining undisclosed contracts under conditions of coercion and misrepresentation and by blatant fraud upon the probate courts and falsification of the civil records. They have had each one of us declared “legally dead”—- “Missing, presumed lost at sea”—and have seized upon our estates as presumed secondary beneficiaries. This legal chicanery has been assisted and expedited by a few evil politicians who literally conspired to sell their countrymen into slavery for profit.

They seize upon our property by presuming that it is “abandoned”. This is what has happened to every so-called “mortgage payment” you have ever made. It has been seized by the banks as abandoned property belonging to your own estate. They take title to our land, homes, businesses, and other private property and public property interests under color of law. They disguise installment leases as “land sales”. They disguise repurchase agreements as “loans”. They disguise “security notes” as “promissory notes”. And they steal us blind, taking their pay out of our treasury and otherwise using and abusing our own assets to do it.

Just as they have seized upon our private property via a process of fraud and deceit, they have attempted to seize upon our entire nation and claim that it is “abandoned property”.

To understand how this works you have to understand the first frauds committed against us, for it is in the beginning that we most clearly see the ends.

1. March 27, 1861, the actual elected Congress ceases to function.

2. Lincoln creates a corporation doing business as “The United States of America” and uses what is left of the Congress as a Board of Directors.

3. This “Corporate Congress” changes the meaning of the word “person” to mean “corporation” for their own private in-house corporate purposes. (37th Congress, Second Session, Chapter 49, Section 68).

4. The Corporate Congress changes the meaning of more words— according to them, the meaning of the words “state”, “State” and “United States” all magically mean ““the territories and the District of Columbia” (13 Stat. 223, 306, ch. 173, sec. 182, June 30, 1864.)

5. These “special definitions” adopted by “a” Congress operating a private, for-profit corporation doing business as “The United States of America” then secretly allowed the rats to “presume” that anyone who used the common meaning of these words and admitted to living in a “state” or the “United States” was submitting to be considered and treated as a “citizen” of the District of Columbia, instead. In their secretively altered lexicon, “United States Citizen = District of Columbia Citizen”

6. And as anyone reading The Constitution can see, this meant submitting to the rule of “Congress” which was given plenary control of the District of Columbia. Via the use of semantic deceit a small group of venal criminals “redefined” our Republic as a plenary oligarchy run by none other than themselves. They also endeavored to redefine all the freeborn Americans as slaves belonging to the District of Columbia. Never mind that the “Congress” engaging in this fraud and merely pretending to be the lawfully elected Congress had absolutely no public office and no delegated authority.

7. What happened with all this fraud by a hundred years later? The Congressional Record, June 13, 1967, pp. 15641-15646 – “A ‘citizen of the United States is a civilly dead entity operating as a co-trustee and co-beneficiary of the PCT, the private constructive, cestui que trust of US Inc. under the 14th Amendment, which upholds the debt of the USA and US Inc. in Section 4.”

Now, put all this together in one big Ball of Wax, and what do you get?

The Bar Association Members employed by the District of Columbia Municipal Corporation have been “presuming” that you are “civilly dead” because you have been falsely reported as “missing, presumed dead” on the records of their probate courts. While they have been busily and secretively “presuming” this, they have also been “presuming” that you died intestate (without a Will) and that the local District of Columbia Municipal Corporation franchise doing business as (for example) the STATE OF OKLAHOMA, is the beneficiary of all your property.

How’s that for a fraud racket? How’s that for conflict of interest?

But they didn’t stop there. They also presume that the still living man is a “co-trustee” and “co-beneficiary” of his own estate trust. How can that be? Obviously, he can’t be the trustee AND the beneficiary of his own estate at the same time, because the two roles are mutually exclusive.

So they send out a false summons to you as the “presumed” co-trustee of the JOHN QUINCY ADAMS estate trust, and you, ignorantly assuming that this is your name and that this mail is addressed to you, show up in answer to their “summons”—- and they trick you into playing the role of trustee, while they suck up the beneficiary slot and milk your estate.

That is what these demons in suits have been playing at all these years. They charge your estate millions of dollars for every “felony” charge they utter and nearly as much for every “misdemeanor”. Then for good measure, they throw you in jail and make the taxpayers pay a hundred times more than any real cost for the “service” of incarcerating you—-and profiting off your labor in “prison industries”. They bilk billions of dollars out of the public treasury and out of your private “abandoned” estates every year, while parading around the town as members of “elite” society.

No doubt the word “elite” has also been redefined by these maggots to mean “common criminal”.

There is no doubt now that this system is what it is, nor is there any doubt that it must end, but before we leave this subject, please note, that they haven’t been content with defrauding, press-ganging, enslaving, and taxing you under false pretenses, oh, no, they finally maxed out your credit cards which they stole along with your identity as a living breathing man.

So the Big Game has been afoot: do the same thing we did to each one of the people to the entire nation.

How do we do that?

November 7, 2007 the rats in Washington, DC running the “United States, Inc.” bankrupted it for the third and final time. They handed it over to the UN to act as bankruptcy trustee and nobody named a successor to The Constitution contract.

That left the “Federal” side of the Constitution contract flapping in the wind, and the United Nations Trust Committee — North America overseeing our National Trust assets, and no other entity named to provide the nineteen enumerated services that the British-controlled Federal United States is supposed to provide.


Last week, the infernal bastards filed a claim on abandonment against our entire nation, claiming that we no longer exist as a sovereign nation because we haven’t been heard from in 150 years. They further claimed that we are no longer a sovereign nation because we (allegedly) don’t have a national currency in circulation.

We had to file a Declaration of Joint Sovereignty and two new sets of Sovereign Letters Patent to rebut their unending “presumptions” before the UN Trust Committee- North America and the UN Security Council.

The fact is that we are sovereigns in joint tenancy; if we don’t attend to our business in a hundred years, it’s still our business. If we don’t call a Continental Convention in 200 years, that’s our business, too. And we are not obligated to have a national currency in circulation—even though we do.

It’s the same schtick they are trying to pull only on a much larger scale— claiming that our whole nation is effectively “missing, presumed lost” and that our estate is “abandoned” ready for the taking by secondary beneficiaries and creditors.

That’s what the banks and their buddies the lawyers and their flunkies the politicians you elected in good faith had planned for you.

That’s what Wells Fargo Bank—- which is not a bank—-it’s a “securities investment corporation” using the trademarked name “Wells Fargo Bank” to pretend that its a bank—has been trying to promote this past week. And no wonder. It is partially owned and operated by the “US Attorney General”.

And now, let’s make it Perfectly Clear—- General Dunsford, you are responsible for providing for the security of the American People. You receive your paycheck directly or indirectly from funds and credit obtained from us—even if it is now in the hands of pirates and brigands and those who have colluded with them as false trustees. These evil men and women would like to start a Civil War in America, because they make their money off of conflict.

In preparation for trying to incite an uprising among the peaceful American people these criminals have armed corporate subcontractors that are operating under names designed to make people assume they are lawful units of government—- BATF, FEMA, IRS, DHS, FBI, CIA, local “Sheriffs” who are nothing but shills working in private corporate offices, not Sheriffs occupying public offices on the land at all —- and have armed these private commercial mercenaries with billions of rounds of ammunition and tactical weapons. For what purpose?

So that the secondary creditors of a bankruptcy that we were never legitimately any part of —international banking cartels and foreign investors—can come in here and loot and pillage America with the assistance of commercial mercenaries bought and paid for with illegal taxes extorted from Americans by criminals pretending to be our lawful government.

This circumstance and the UN’s role in it is now well-known on a worldwide basis and is well-documented and proven beyond any reasonable doubt.

What are we going to do about it? For starters, we notified the UN Trustees that we are very much alive and in charge of our own affairs and that we have been victims of crime and misrepresentation. We are not “U.S. Citizens” of any kind according to their definitions—nor ours. We are Americans. We, and our property assets both public and private, have been entrapped in the private corporate bankruptcies of these bank owned and operated “governmental services corporations” without our knowledge or consent, and we object to any presumption that we are now or ever were civilly dead, incompetent, bankrupt, or otherwise dependent on these villainous fictitious entities.

That is a good and practical start.

Written by:  Judge Anna von Retiz

Submitted by:  Wynter Moon

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  • All countries under the direct control of the private central banking cartel, are registered as companies/corporations. All tax revenues are the direct theft of the peoples labor, who are listed as assets of those corporations.

    Ergo…we are slaves!


    • Homeowner Of Record

      Cut & paste my links everywhere! Most websites block my comments. They cannot block all of us. There is no free speech unless we all work together to be heard! There is an agenda to silence the fact that many Americans are waking up & will not consent to being screwed by big banks & traitors in the courtrooms anymore. Feel free to post anything I have ever written including excerpts from LinkedIn. Put you name on it if you want. It’s not what I want, but it needs to be done! The hell with Anonymous…I want them to know who I am & what I stand for. They want you to hide behind a mask or be afraid to speak out against their destruction of this country & so many others.

  • Homeowner Of Record

    I have taken a stand against them & exposed their thievery of our Country & our children’s future.
    For that they have set out to crucify me in every manner possible. I am only one man & can’t do it all myself.

    See my LinkedIn page linked below for evidence or look up my name on that site.
    Jerry Blake – Real Estate Broker in Canton Ohio.
    LinkedIN members here for full profile:
    Non-Members here:


    Jerry A. Blake – AKA: Homeowner Of Record
    3310 Miles Ave N.W., Canton, Ohio 44718

    • Jerry, I hear you. I am getting ready to go thru this myself. This is a worthy and honorable war to be fought. Those of us on the front lines will be battered and beaten, but we must not give up. EVERYTHING is at stake! We are the new George washingtons, Ben Franklins, and T. Jeffersons!! We are the one’s history will speak of when they remember these days. Stay strong brother. I am with you. Much Love.

    • USA, USA, USA, my butt.

    • Homeowner Of Record

      (((( BANK OF NEW YORK MELLON ))))

      BNY is most likely tied to your mortgage & has been Trustee for most of the World’s Largest Banks/Home Lenders such as Countrywide & Bank of America! In fact they are currently Trustee for 67,000 different Corporations.

      They have bought almost every Courtroom in the U.S. No matter what kind of dog & pony show the court puts on for you…they win no matter how many crimes have to be committed against you!



  • #1. Get the UN out of the USA.
    #2. Go to Congress with Pitchforks, Torches and Rope and tell them to Straighten UP!
    #3. Demand Immediate Resignation of the current POTUS.
    #4. Audit the FED then Burn it Down!
    #5. Arrest and Imprison the Criminal Bankers.
    #6. Revamp our Financial system from the ground up!
    #7. Take the wealth from the 1-2% that have it all.
    #8. I could keep going for hours!

  • just because Jews run all the banks the Federal Reserve,dominate Government financial positions,and the Rothschilds control the Vatican wealth….how do you figure it is the Holy See?

    • Jews infiltrated the Catholic church and the church does have enormous wealth and power.

  • The ONLY Plan that will work against these evil, treasonous, deceitful people and their puppet politicians and policy enforcers is to return to keeping and enforcing The Law that was given to us by The Ruler of the Universe to PROTECT us from evil and keep us FREE.

    ALL man-made legislation, policies, rules, etc. (they are NOT “laws”) are fraudulent, CRIMINAL and treason against The God in Whom we claim to trust. Everything that is now happening is the direct result of our refusal to keep God’s Perfect Law of Liberty. How much more will it take before we the people say enough is enough?

  • Isn’t it a pity

  • Yes, the legal name is fraud upon humanity and it’s illegal to use a legal name.

  • Banking ~ Ban King
    The Banking ~ Think Began
    Banks ~ B Sank

  • Thank you, one of the best on BIN in some time, perhaps this may sink in

  • This is why they fear and practice for the Zombie Apocalypse. We are the walking dead!

  • AllRoadsLead2NWO

    Everything was handed over to the International Jew Bankers of the Federal Reserve System in the Bankruptcy of 1933 as per FDR’s secret Geneva agreement with them in 1930-32. All people, their labor, birth certificates, and all land here was signed over to them as ‘hypothecated collateral’ to the International Jew Bankers for the debt. There needs to be more articles here on BIN like this so the sheeple will wake up and then hopefully Wise Up & Rise Up. We live in the land of oz that is truly stranger than fiction. It is all make believe “legalese” from their made up book of laws called Black’s Lawl Dictionary. Hopefully people now recognize that there are 2 flags here. The sheeple’s old glory- and their ruler/owners old glory US INC flag with gold fringe and tassel.

    The judges, lawyers, cops and military wittingly or unwittingly pledged their allegiance to the International Bankers of the US INC’s gold fringed flag. Look at a cop or sheriff’s uniform and notice the gold outlined Old Glory flag on their sleeve- same with the bankers military- a gold fringed flag on the sleeve, and it it the same every bankers courtroom- the gold fringed and tasseled flag. Notice whenever a cop or soldier dies- his widow gets a flag without the gold fringe. Notice the congress of the sheeple’s the flag above the podium has no gold fringe but it is flanked by 2 fascist roman columns. Then finally the appointed ‘president of the US INC ‘ always has a gold fringed and tasseled flag behind him to denote whom is owner and appointees are- the International Jew Bankers.

  • Close down the 1000 federal departments the democrat communists set up that will solve the problem.

  • I’m always getting these ads in the mail, with coupons for food I don’t want. I must say want even less, because the pictures of cheeseburgers or pizza are looking more and more like plastic. Maybe they’re air brushing, photoshopping these pictures, ironic a cheeseburger picture would be processed the same as the picture of an anorexic super model, though this an entirely different discussion. But even the water droplets on lettuce look like globules of model airplane glue. The “food” could really be plastic, manufactured by the Jews, when they’re not busy causing belly button lint, probably Illuminati or Nephilim, that is Jewish bank managers who moonlight as Nephilim, which, nonetheless, begs the question as to who wants $2 off an order of plastic, anyway?

    Sometimes I feel guilty about not clipping the coupons, in case it’s just food, to give to people who don’t pay any mind to premature cardiac arrest, but do recycle the ads, so, on balance, feel good about that. Then I get to thinking they’ll just grind up the ads and turn them into cheeseburger or pizza boxes, only likely to windup in the landfill, anyway. Then it becomes depressing. A real dilemma.

    • Your right in thinking it’s not food. There are real people who make good living sculpting items to look like there so yummy. That’s why the food you buy looks nothing like the pictures–which I think is fraud.. :mad: :mad:

  • Hektor

    Let your first act of rebellion be to immediately stop all use of credit and debit cards. Think about that….. every step you take, buy gas buy food, travel, all monitored…. no card – using cash you are free!

  • DK

    Slight bit wrong, when you buy a property with the aid of a mortgage you are not the deed holder until the mortgage is paid off therefore the instrument of property abandonment is just one of Americas legal instruments, you do not own the property until the last payment, you own a mortgage, the bank holds the deeds until then, you default, the bank still is the property(Deed) owner and can sell the property on under the terms of the Mortgage contract with a default unless it itself breaches the terms.

    In 1977 my own family house was sold on by Royal Bank of Scotland when the solicitor missed a payment while the breadwinner my father was in Saudi Arabia, he still paid up the full Mortgage for the year but came back to find the house had been auctioned off and his property put into storage. The same solicitor also took his money from his share plus a lot of clients and fled to Spain, but that’s another story.

    • Your wrong about one thing..You will never ever outright own your home even when your holding the deed in your hand after paying off the mortgage. Stop paying the town taxes or the water/sewage bill. You’ll find out who owns the house..Oh and another thing–Why when your children are grown up and moved out, why do we still have to pay the part of the tax that supports the school system?? :twisted: :twisted:

  • Judge Anna von Retiz and Judge Dale should get together and draft up a cookie cutter response to summons, tickets, charges and other criminal pseudo court actions and publish it widely and tell people to exactly how to respond even before they get to court.

    Start shutting them down and put them out of business asap.


  • Moon Key ~ Money KO
    Money ~ My One

  • Sadly they don’t teach us how the beast system works and it can take years to obtain a full grasp and understanding of how it operates.

  • You guys are late in your news but never to late…

  • Very, Very phenomenal article.

  • Wynter Moon, huh? Okay. Thank you for your contributions Wynter Moon. You look beautiful in the picture and I am sure you are an effective researcher.

  • This article is trying to distract from what is really going on. The United States is doing what JFK and Ronald Reagan started out to do before the US Secret Service (secretly working for the Network of Global Corporate Control identified by Vitali, Glattfelder, and Battiston of ETH Zurich )betrayed them. On March 9, 2014, the Board of Governors of the World Bank and IMF issued this press release announcing fractional reserve fiat currencies will be replaced with gold from a trust created at the end of World War II.

    The coalition for the rule of law, consisting of the BRICS, the G-77, and the US minus the Fed is ending that scam of paper currencies (and interest on country debt), and putting the Network of Global Corporate Control into receivership in the Global Debt Facility, offsetting country debt against the 2 quadrillion in Treaty of Versailles Bonds in the Global Debt Facility
    and replacing paper currencies with local currencies and with national currencies minted out of the gold in the Global Debt Facility

    The United States is not surrendering unilaterally through an engineered crash of its currency. The world is not going into another Dark Ages. Anna Von Reitz does not deal with the threat of permanent gold backwardation, described by the foremost monetary economist: Instead, the United States is replacing Federal Reserve Notes with constitutional money minted from the gold in our monetary gold reserves, set aside at the end of WWII. The world’s monetary gold reserves are administered by the 188 Ministers of Finance on the World Bank and International Monetary Fund Board of Governors. Anna von Reitz is simply a Vatican agent.

    The Board of Governors of the World Bank and IMF represent the beneficiaries of the Global Debt Facility and not the cabal. That is what this legal opinion says: Something interesting happened on my Twitter account. First a Russian asked me some questions, which I answered this way:

    Karen Hudes ‏@KarenHudes Nov 8 This is to Björn: the fat lady is singing as loudly as she knows how.

    Then Moscow State University sent me this:
    Karen Hudes ‏@KarenHudes Nov 11 we servants to the truth are all pulling together to rescue our world

    On the DCTV series on the Network of Global Corporate Control that aired November 10th, I discussed how people can tell that I am speaking on behalf of the Board of Governors (which I clear with them first or I would lose that privilege)

  • Where did this “news” story come from? Ok, so national news would never cover this. But the “Judge” Anna Von Reitz does not divulge where she got the story. Until you have evidence, it is all hearsay. Prove what you wrote Anna, where did you get this news story?

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