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False Flag Alert! Obama Caught Smuggling in Refugees on UPS Planes? (Video)

Thursday, November 19, 2015 20:16
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(Before It's News)


Is history repeating itself? Is Obama circumventing the law once again to bring in refugees, just like he did with the “refugees” from South America who were actually given rides on D.H.S. busses for protection???

Without knowing precisely what is going on, there is no doubt something nefarious is afoot. There is no reason for 30 busses of people to be flying on a UPS flight designated for parcels, under the cover of night, filled with people, who are met on arrival with busses already waiting, and whisked away in secret. 

In the video, the person recording is in hot pursuit of up to 30 busses that he claims are filled with people he just watched land in Harrisburg International Airport on a UPS plane.

Upon the plane’s arrival, which was alleged to be a “parcel flight,” there were 30 busses already lined up, and ready receive, what turned out not to be parcels, but dozens and dozens of people.

According to whoever took the video, he watched as the planes occupants were quickly escorted onto the busses that were already waiting, and then he began filming as the busses departed with all the “mystery flyers.” 

Obama Smuggling Refugees



Understandably, the person recording is very excited, and almost flipping out over what he is filming. You can bet there is no above the board answer to who or why there were that many people secretly being flown in on UPS planes.

The video is shaky and tough to make out, but at one point one of the busses is identified as Bus #245 (a company name was not revealed), and what sounds like license plate number: J0191B. 



Find out what company that license plate belongs to, and lets get some answers! Recall, just a day ago, the Washington Examiner reported:

N.J. Gov. Chris Christie said on the “O’Reilly Factor” Tuesday night that the federal government has resettled refugees in the Garden State without giving his administration any notice.

“We have refugees in New Jersey we don’t even know about,” the GOP presidential candidate told Fox News.

Christie claimed 75 Syrian refugees have been placed in New Jersey since January and that his staff was never advised because the federal government uses local charity organizations to resettle the refugees, omitting state officials from the process.









The Last Great Stand

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  • Obola is doing what traitors to their country do.

    • According to whoever took the video :lol:

      Guess if this is even True, UPS is in a World of Sh*t :lol:

      There is no doubt something nefarious is afoot with BIN :lol:

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      The severe problem here … is that the “koran” rejects all manner of Abraham covenant writings, like the below (for example).

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      Does God have “prophets” … who are liars against His Abraham covenant writings ?
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      • PeoplePower

        Make no mistake about it the purported terror attack in France, including the supposed terrorist shooting at the Batcalan concert hall, is a terminally corrupt hoax. 

        False Flag Paris Attack Hoax Exposed:

      • Good God, give it a break already.

    • Homeowner Of Record


      At Gunpoint, Under Color of Law my family will soon be driven out of our home.
      Unlike the Bundy Ranch cattle grazing areas we own this land & home being taken.
      BNY Mellon sued with no legal interest. Judge Heath laughed saying she had immunity!

      Our family proudly fought in every American War & we are also Native American Indian.
      These thieves have destroyed my business, finances & health trying to fight them alone.
      My older brother, A Decorated & Disabled Vietnam Veteran with Cancer lives here too.

      Look at my LinkedIn Page to see this mockery of everything we have fought & died for!
      LinkedIn members:

      We currently have two U.S. Flags flying upside down here as a sign of distress & protest.
      Please forward this via mass emailing & social media. Ask others to do the same.
      I have helped others all my life & am now the one in need. Please help us.


      Jerry A. Blake: Real Estate Broker & Homeowner Of Record
      You may contact me at [email protected]
      3310 Miles Ave N.W., Canton, Ohio 44718

    • He’s not a traitor, a traitor is somebody that SWITCHES over loyalty to their home state and trades that loyalty to another state. Obomanation was never loyal to this country. He wasn’t even BORN in this country. WE been had bad. We’re finished folks.

  • when will someone call ovomit on his crimes??

  • When will someone shoot this guy already? Seriously, of all the Presidents that have/could have been assassinated, this guy isn’t one of them? Please.

    • Typically, the presidents who get shot are the ones who mess with the banking system.

  • We must remove Odama or we well be fighting for our own lives call your state people this war is brought to you by Iran Turkey Saudis the 1%ers and our infested government. Thanks a lot Bush’s- Clinton’s- Odama

  • Once the eagle falls the terrorists strikes the US then the people will rise up

    • Guess you missed that Cake Walk in Boston, the People Even Cheered Being Thrown Out At Gun Point :lol:

      From Their Own HOUSE :lol:

  • Dec12 armed march into washington d.c. To set things right! Or, all active shooters, and assassins decend on washington d.c. But, wait … ISIS says it will start attacking washington d.c. Let’s see if they can get the job done! Muahahahaha!

  • Bet the SS is buried in work right now! Obama has them working quadruple time!

  • Video of the people being hustled from plane to bus would have been good.

  • This article should be investigated for authenticity…if true…Obama will be on his way out the door permanently at the White House.

  • I was on line when that video report was released recently. we have asked for updates but haven’t gotten any yet. and, we don’t know if he followed them to their destination or not. This is what Obama has already been doing with illegals and other foreigners , so it would not be anything new. Obama wants to change the demographics of nation. he is a community organizer, trained to instigate problems. This is unconstitutional and dangerous to our nation.

  • Obama is just following orders from his banker freinds and if he is removed then the next puppet willl carry on playing the same old script.

    UPS name is as bad as G4S so I am not suprised they are involved in this treason that americans don’t have the balls to take on and when i say take on i am not talking about having a chat with the whithouse or state department because nothing happens from the talks, it will take force to enforce the law of the land

  • The guy who took this video has photo’s of the UPS plane with the Buses by it on his Facebook page

  • They are Terrorists he is smuggling into the country, not refugees. He doesn’t give a crap about the Refugees.

  • Treason in its finest hour.

  • there is a many-fold purpose in all of this. first, they will use it to instill fear and take away your rights as american citizens. second, they will use it to take away states rights. third, your next false flag attack is slated for pittsburgh. they already dropped the clues.

  • By the Ounce ~ Hey! Cube ‘n’ To
    The Cube This ~ Shh! Cube It ET

  • Who would have thought UPS is a false flag, must be a slow day at the conspiracy HQ

    • Notice how the desperation has reached dragging out the Kennedy assassination? Elvis on the grassy knoll, coming up next, “Jack the Ripper Spotted at Coney Island Nathan’s!”

  • mitch51

    This is evidence of absolutly nothing. Nothing at all to support it but a drunk guy yelling in the dark. No links. No viewable pics. No pics of people getting off the plane. Nothing. Just terrible #FEEEEER POOOOOOORN.

    God Bless UPS and Their Planes.

    • I actually watched this video, as it involved a hypothesis, that hypothesis: this will be another “because I said so video,” visually obscure and worthless, like a blurry trash can lid thrown in the air or double exposure of a streetlight is a UFO invasion of Phoenix. That bus could just as easily been a tour bus, headed for Dollywood.

      Another compelling piece of “citizen journalism” that, of course, is way before it’s news. One can only suppose the narcissist’s fifteen minutes of fame has deflated to less than four minutes, in the dark.

    • The US economy has been on life suport for years, Dr FED Jewish does not want to take the blame for pulling the plug on the life support machine so a nuke going off or a power cut in the hospital will serve his purpose.

      UPS being the company it is could well deliver such a nuclear device but rest assured the whitehouse will know who pulled the plug on the life support machine before the fires are even out and just like we saw on 9/11

      Fighting Muslims will help you to forget that the jewish bankers all ran off with your pensions and life saving, go kill em boy

  • Not only this but someone was telling me that 300 uniforms were ordered that were not from the mail delievering people . Can you imagine a Ups or Fed X driver knocking on your door then blowing you away because they are posing as one of them ? This has really gotten serious . Why has congress , senate , supreme court or the US Marshall’s had him handcuffed and put in jail and then tried for treason ? He is nothing but a lier like his father the devil . His birth records , college records , shim wife , false family with no records passed 6 years of age . Swaring on the Koran instead of the bible , then rewording his oath which they say later they reswore him in , bologna ! He had war ships dismantled and sold for scrape , grounded planes like the wart hog ( special ground enforcement ) , removed our powerful generals , our nuke button pushers , told Putin that after the election he would deal with America’s nukes . Sold parts of Alaska to Russia , opened our southern boarders , allowed Russian bombers to land in South Carolina , has taken the weapons away from our homeland army troops but allowed the Russian troops (over 100,000 ) plus other foreign troops to infiltrate America . Now UN trucks are riding in and out of our Army bases , allowed a Russian ship to port in Cuba , has allowed Iran ships , subs and Korean sub , Chinese subs , Russian subs to set on the ocean bottom of the coast of America . This Muslim if our government does not have him removed is going to be dictator of America because of the treason executive orders ( over 110 ) he has written up agains American citizens . Not to mention 30,000 guilotines order from China to cut off American heads. . The bush administration began the work of stealing trillions in 911 , the the bank runs that also stole trillions more . Now it is said they are about to do it again . Some of the money has been used to drill holes connecting cities under ground and stocking the underground cities with over a billion rounds of ammo , tons of food and water and no to mention seeds . What the hell are they preparing for . The take down of America ? I can’t believe NONE of our watch dogs , offices , or even the pentagon has allowed this to happen . Are they in on it as well ? If the citizens of America give up their guns they are stupid ! Why ? Because you are going to need them to fight the foreign troops this jack ass Muslim has used executive orders to bring in . And by the way it looks even our own young men that have joined the army will be among them . I hope not , but some have revealed that they were ask would they go house to house and take America’s guns , many said NO ! But others said YES ! Those that said NO have been moved to locations were they can not help the people as some are being shot or removed to new locations . I pray GOD step in as HE promised . I know HE will ! The war that takes place in Ezekiel is against Judea living in Israel and Israel . Israel is America and Europe . Isaiah 17 says we are going to loose our fortress . What is about to happen is going to make you have to leave America . But during this Time pray that GODs protection be on you . Hell is going to be everywhere . GOD please protect the righteous ! And destroy the wicked , those that hate YOU and hate YOUR people ! Change those that can and will change , if they don’t change and wish to continue in evil destroy them ! They will never except you anyway but create hell for the righteous ! It’s time the righteous open their eyes and turn to you fully !

  • Leo

    with the economy the way it is how are these people going to live ? at the taxpayers expense that is how . more treason by the U.S. government . I have made this video and web page viral with the people I no . Thank you to the individual that made and posted this video . :cool:

  • what puts Washington above the law,they are breaking immigration laws,that we the people have put in place for security for are NATION, this must be stoped,the military,must get involved and Stop these Traitors of our Great Nation,Clean Washington from The Top To The Bottom

  • Has to be a hoax. Of course UPS would never do such a thing.

    And I don’t think the fed govt has any way to paint planes to match the UPS planes. What a silly idea……

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