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ISIS update 11/21/2015..‘US disingenuous in fight against ISIL’

Saturday, November 21, 2015 12:17
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War in Syria: Latest News

Syria’s War Battlefield Update for 19th November, 2015

Russia kills 600 terrorists in Syria as result of cruise missile strikes

NATO Forces Russian Bomber Fleet into Atlantic to Hit ISIS

Russia’s long-range Tu-22M3 bombers carried out 60 sorties and destroyed 42 terrorist targets in Syria, the Air Force group commander told Vladimir Putin during a briefing.

Taking off from the Mozdok airbase in North Ossetia, the bombers carried out strikes on terrorist positions in the Deir ez-Zor province in Syria.

“The targets are over 2,000 km away from the base, and each mission sortie takes at least 5 hours”, said base commander Vladimir Alesenko.

“The carriers flew over the Barents and the Norwegian Seas and the Gibraltar Straight before launching strikes and returning to base”, said the Olenya base commander Trofim Kapsha.

Overall, the Tu-160 carriers spent over 16 hours in the air.

Russian warplanes bomb Bayirbucak Turkmen region in Syria

Russia says Daesh oil revenues reduced due to attacks

Target Daraa

Syrian Air Force hits anti-aircraft position in Darayya

Syrian opponents clash with Daesh near Turkey’s Kilis

Peshmerga excavates ditches in Iraq’s Sinjar

Turkey seizes 11 million pills of ‘Syria war drug’: reports

ISIL (Daesh) claims responsibility for bomb attack in Iraq

UN Security Council votes anonymously to eradicate ISIL

Putin talks of ‘next phase’ in Syria

Ex-CIA deputy-director: Working with Assad and Russia is mandatory to destroy ISIS

‘US disingenuous in fight against ISIL’

Obama: Syrian “civil war” can not be stopped before Assad go, because majority of Syrians hate him

White House refuses to change ISIS fight strategy, work with allies

“America Has A New Opportunity To Draw A Line In The Sand And Leading A Global Coalition”

ISIS bought anti-aircraft missiles in Ukraine via Kuwait terrorist cell

Shoigu: “The armed Forces have moved to the next phase of the operation” – Fort Russ

November 20, 2015

Ministry of Defense of RF Facebook page

Translated for Fort Russ by Soviet Bear

The Russian Defense Minister General Sergey Shoigu reported to the Supreme Commander about the results of the Air Force operation in Syria.

The armed Forces carry out air operation of retribution aimed at destruction of leaders of terrorist organizations and their supporters, the of their disruption of control systems and logistics, as well as the destruction of military facilities and oil and gas infrastructure of ISIL. To this end, the composition of the aviation group has been increased twice and brought to 69 airplanes.

143 sorties are being conducted daily.

The Naval group consists of 10 ships, 6 of them are in the Mediterranean Sea. On November 20, the ships of the Caspian flotilla completed 18 launches of cruise missiles at 7 targets in provinces of Raqqa, Idlib and Aleppo. All targets have been destroyed.

In total, during air operations strategic and operational-tactical aircraft carried out 522 sorties, 101 air-and sea-based were launched, 1400 tons of bombs were dropped for various purposes. In total 826 enemy targets were destroyed.

The main efforts are concentrated on undermining the financial-economic base of ISIS. 15 storage and oil refining facilities and 525 auto-tankers were destroyed.

Supply to the black market of 60,000 tons of oil per day has been interrupted, and the terrorists missed 1.5 million dollars daily.

At the same time the elimination of the gangs and their leaders is continuing.

23 training bases for the militants, 19 factories for the production of weapons and explosives, 47 warehouses with ammunition and material resources, as well as other objects have destroyed. This ensures successful operations by Syrian government forces in Aleppo, Idlib, mountain Latakia and Palmyra.

According to the data of objective control, the number of people coming to the territory of Syria has been reduced and the flow of militants fleeing the country has been increased in Northern and South-Western directions.

Gangs are suffering significant losses. As a result of cruise missile strikes on one of the targets near Deir-ez-Zor more than 600 militants have been eliminated.

In General, during operation air strikes and cruise missiles strikes were carried out from the waters of the Mediterranean and Caspian seas from a distance of 1500 kilometers, the aircraft took off from airbaes on the territory of Russia and Syria.

From the Caspian Sea side 29 long-range aircraft carried out air and cruise missile strikes.

The flight range of Tu-160 during the completion of combat objectives in the Mediterranean Sea amounted to more than 13 000 kilometers.

According to the directions of the Supreme Commander the organising of interaction with the armed forces of France has begun.

All objectives are completed. The armed Forces have moved to the next phase of the operation.

Week Seven of the Russian Intervention in Syria: dramatic surge in intensity

The Saker

This column was written for the Unz Review:

This week was clearly dominated by two major events: the terrorist attacks in Paris and the Russian official declaration that Kogalymavia Flight 9268 was, indeed, destroyed by a bomb.

First, I would notice that contrary to so many prediction that the Russians, Egyptians and other nations involved would lie and cover up this attack, this did not happen. Both the Russians and the Egyptians were open and honest about this attack from day 1. There is something to be learned here: while some politicians clearly have lost the ability to speak the truth even if they tried to, others did not. While lying is the standard operating procedure for most (all?) of “western” (Empire-run) states, this is still not the case everywhere else. It is simply wrong to assume that Russia is some kind of “anti-USA” and that the Kremlin has a policy of systematic deception like the White House. To the extend that Russia could be considered an “anti-USA” this ought to include categorically different methods and motives.

Second, and this might seem highly counter-intuitive, it is undeniable that Daesh did everything in its power to invite retaliation:

not only did Daesh immediately claim that it blew up Flight 9268, it also claimed the credit for the Paris attacks and even threatened more such attacks, including against the USA. Again, this might seem outright bizarre, but Daesh appears to be doing everything it can to create a large, multi-national coalition to destroy it. We must keep this in mind every time we consider the retaliatory steps taken by Russia, France and others (see below).

Third, while it is too early to call the recent French attacks a “false flag” it is logical to at least consider that possibility as likely, if not highly likely. I personally do not like knee-jerk conclusions and I would prefer waiting for more info to come out. But at this point in time whether this was a “real” attack or a “false flag” really makes no difference. Why? Because whether the French ‘deep state’ was an accomplice/culprit or whether the regime is completely incompetent, the “action is in the reaction” – that is to say that the French are getting involved with their own military operation in Syria and they are doing so in coordination with the Russians. So, at this point in time, I suggest focusing on that.

But first, let’s look at the really important development this week.

ISIL Shuts Down Internet Cafés in Raqqa City for Fear of Information Leak

The ISIL closed down all Internet cafés in the city of Raqqa as the Takfiri terrorist group intends to prevent its secret information from being leaked to the outside world.

New high-speed Internet cafés had recently launched operation in Raqqa, but now the radical militants have started a new campaign to stop residents from using the Internet, forcing the Internet cafe owners to close their shops.

The problem isn’t just that it requires a computer hooked up to a satellite Internet connection, rather than a handheld device. It’s also easily detectable by the ISIL, residents say.

Meantime, many people in the business have been arrested by ISIL in Raqqa and are now facing spying charges that would cost them their lives, specially after the Russians’ recent heavy bombardment of the city that has come to be known as the capital of the Takfiri terrorist group.

The new strict measures by the ISIL Takfiri terrorist groups come as the top leaders and commanders of the ISIL terrorist group are escaping from Raqqa after sustaining heavy casualties in the Russian airstrikes and long-range cruise missile attacks from its Mediterranean fleet.

Intelligence sources confirmed citizens’ reports on Thursday that militants’ leaders were fleeing the so-called capital of the ISIL terrorist group after hundreds of ISIL members escaped the city on Wednesday to save their lives.

Various sources from citizens of Raqqa to local villagers and intelligence sources have reported that the terrorist group has started hasty evacuation of Raqqa after the Russian strikers and long-range bombers intensifying airstrikes on the strongholds and command centers of the ISIL militants in Raqqa in recent days.

The Russian military has also been pounding the ISIL stronghold in Raqqa with cruise missiles fired from the Mediterranean Sea since Tuesday.

Syria in Last 24 Hours: Air Force Crushes Militants’ Positions in Key Provinces

The Syrian army backed by Hezbollah fighters and the Russian air force destroyed terrorists’ positions in Hama, Homs, Dara’a, Sweida, Deir Ezzur, Aleppo and Idlib over the past 24 hours.

Dozens of terrorists were killed and many more were wounded in the Syrian army’s military operations across Syria on Friday.


The Syrian Army’s operation against Jund al-Aqsa militants in the Northern part of Hama province left nearly 23 terrorists dead, provincial sources said on Friday.

The sources confirmed that nearly 23 terrorists were killed in the Syrian army’s operation against the gatherings of “Jund al-Aqsa” to the North of Suran.

On Thursday, the Syrian army intensified operations against the Takfiri militants in the province of Hama, engaging in heavy clashes with the terrorists in various regions.

The Syrian army targeted terrorists’ concentration centers in the towns of Al-Lataminah and Morek and the village of Maarkaba in Hama countryside.


The Syrian Army traced and targeted a long military column of ISIL terrorists near Maheen in the Central Homs province, inflicting heavy losses on them.

The ISIL militants suffered heavy death toll and their military vehicles, loaded with weapons and ammunition, were destroyed in the army attack.

The Syrian army and National Defense Forces made a rapid advance inside the strategic town of Maheen in Homs province hours after they entered the town on Thursday, locals said, adding that ISIL sent hundreds of fresh troops to the town after sustaining a heavy defeat.


The Syrian Army’s artillery units shelled heavily al-Nusra Front’s strongholds in Dara’a al-Balad South of Dara’a city.

The Syrian army artillery’s shelling killed dozens of terrorists of the al-Qaeda-affiliated Nusra Front in Dara’a al-Balad to the South of Zenobia School to the West of al-Abbasyia Bakery.

Nusra Front’s military hardware also was destroyed in the attack.

The Syrian Army troops repelled an offensive of the so-called Free Syrian Army (FSA) on their positions near the town of Sheikh Meskeen in Dara’a province and killed at least 24 militants, provincial sources said Friday.

The sources said that the FSA’s “Al-Khalifa’ Al-Rashideen Battalion” of 1st Brigade launched a large-scale assault near Sheikh Meskeen in order force the Syrian army’s 5th Armored Division to exit the Western district of the town, but the Syrian army’s 15th Brigade of the 5th Armored Division encroached enemy combatants with a powerful blow that forced the aforementioned group to retreat towards the Eastern district in order to evade the Syrian Armed Forces and the swarming helicopter gunships from the Syrian Air Force.


The Syrian Army alongside the country’s popular forces engaged in heavy clashes with the ISIL terrorists in Khirbet Sa’ad, Haqaf and al-Qasir villages across the Southern province of Sweida.

The Syrian soldiers stormed the ISIL positions in the Northeastern countryside of Sweida province near Khirbet Sa’ad village and hill, killed dozens of them and destroyed their defense lines.

Meanwhile, the army, in cooperation with the popular defense groups, foiled an attack by the ISIL terrorists who infiltrated from al-Qasir village to the surroundings of al-Haqaf village on the outskirts of al-Badiya desert.

Deir Ezzur

The Syrian Army and the country’s fighter jets, in a joint counter-assault on Friday, fended off the ISIL terrorists’ attack on the strategic Deir Ezzur airbase, leaving at least 25 militants dead or many more wounded.

The Syrian war plane targeted the ISIL combatants’ military vehicles near Deir Ezzur airbase this morning and played key role in pushing them back from the surroundings of the airbase.

The airbase defenders, for their part, carried out a rapid counter-attack after the Syrian fighter jets pounded the ISIL military column, and killed nearly 25 militants.

The pro-government forces also retook control over more areas after their successful counter-attack near Deir Ezzur airbase.


The Russian fighter jets targeted the ISIL terrorists’ media center and a large depot of their weapons and ammunition in the Northern part of Aleppo province in heavy bomb and missile attacks.

The sources said that the main ISIL media center that operates out of the Northern city of Manbij was reportedly destroyed by the Russian Air Force on Thursday.

The Russian Air Force has done more damage to the ISIL sites than any other air force in the last three years.


The General Staff of the Syrian Army announced on Friday that nearly 33 terrorists of the so-called Jeish al-Islam group were killed by the Army’s Special Forces near the Northwestern city of Saraqib.

The sources said that in addition to the militants’ heavy death toll, many of their military vehicles were destroyed in the Syrian army soldiers’ offensive.

The General Staff of the Syrian Army announced on Friday that nearly 33 terrorists of the so-called Jeish al-Islam group were killed by the Army’s Special Forces near the Northwestern city of Saraqib.

The sources said that in addition to the militants’ heavy death toll, many of their military vehicles were destroyed in the Syrian army soldiers’ offensive.

The sources confirmed that the popular forces played a significant role in the liberation of Doreen.

Syria: Army’s Special Forces Kill Al-Nusra Front Leader, Tens of Terrorists in Idlib

ISIL Left with Only 34 Bases in Iraq, Syria

URGENT: Russian Bombers Hit Jirah Airbase in Aleppo Province for First Time

Syrian Army, Allies Win Another Strategic Village in Aleppo Province

Jordanian Author: Amman No More Able to Accompany Riyadh in War against Syria

Russian Warships Launch 18 Cruise Missiles on Terrorist Targets in Syria

URGENT: Foreign Spy Drone Crashes in Southern Iran

Army Targets ISIL Militants’ Military Column North of Syria’s Deir Ezzur


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