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Russia Starting To Train Civilians To Deal With Nuclear Attack

Sunday, November 1, 2015 17:12
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Rissian Missiles

The difference in the pragmatism shown by Russia’s leaders, when compared with that of the United States goes well beyond staggering. The world is on fire, and Obama is totally oblivious. Let’s compare: Obama is focused on making sure County Commissioners in Kentucky go to jail for not issuing same sex marriage licenses, establishing a Task Forces To Target Americans With “Anti-Government Views,” (including his ban on “Don’t Tread on Me Flags” worn by Navy Seals), establishing laws to Detain Those Who Criticize the Department of Injustice (oops) as Terrorists, and above all, making sure no one dares make the mistake of calling the 3,500+ troops we have in the Middle East as “boots on the ground.” Sounds like productive efforts and time well spent by the President of the United States right? [Eyes Rolling]




While Obama spends his days riding his unicorn in Never-Never Land, Putin is no fool. Russia has begun the preliminary discussions on how to prepare the Russian citizens for nuclear war. As this point, it becomes a worth while exercise to ask ourselves why Russia would begin doing that. If there is one thing in the world every single human on earth can agree on (even liberals), it’s that Obama is never going to attack a housefly, much less the Russians, and there really aren’t any other nation states that would have the capacity, reason, or nerve to do so, which begs the question: Why the need to prepare for nuclear war? The article below, makes mention of the fact that the nuclear balance of power is now with the Russians, with their advent of the 3M14 KALIBR CRUISE MISSILE, something discussed in the post titled, Russia’s New Cruise Missiles Shift the Strategic Military Balance. Prior to that, for my whole life anyway, the balance has always been with the United States.  

In the first video below, you’ll see that the Russians now posses a new type of cruise missile formerly only believed to be in the arsenal of China. The largest source of American power around the world is our Navy. That can be evidenced by whenever a hostile nation begins its saber rattling or acting up in some way, all the U.S. needs to do is send a few ships offshore, and the trouble maker pipes down REAL quick. In a world where U.S. Aircraft carriers could are now the biggest and most expensive sitting ducks on the ocean surface, that changes the way our enemies can go about conducting their affairs as long as they have that missile. Take a look at the Russian version:

Russia’s New Cruise Missile



As was mentioned, for a while the Chinese were the only ones with the dreaded ”Carrier Killer,” and now both Russia and China having them, and with deployed in Syria, that should make U.S. officials a bit nervous. Even better news for the U.S., is that Russia has announced plans to begin selling the “Carrier Killers” to our enemies. The following video is an artist impression of the Chinese DF-21 ballistic guided missile’s anti-ship capability. The simulation shows the missile launched against an aircraft carrier. The missile releases the upper stage that uses steering nozzles to position the payload on the required trajectory, while dodging missile interceptors in space. Before reentering the upper atmosphere the upper stage releases the unitary warhead protected by the reentry vehicle. This section is also equipped with decoys and pyrotechnical charges that are kicked in to avoid missile interceptors and reposition the warhead on target. According to missile experts, such terminal maneuvering isn’t necessary when nuclear warheads are used, but would be useful for conventional attack. DF-21 is likely to carry a 0.3-0.5kt nuclear warhead or several conventional warheads.

Chinese Aircraft Carrier Killer



As I reported as far back as September of 2013, we knew Russia was working on the development of these “Carrier Killers,” and whether we could have blunted their progress or not we’ll never know. We didn’t bother to try. Instead, Obama and John “Rambo” Kerry have traveled the globe insisting “Climate Change” is the biggest threat to the nation. 

Allow me to postulate one reason why Putin is preparing his people for a nuclear attack. If you follow the news, you know Russia has been expanding its sphere of influence in a major way during the Obama administration. At the same time, the whole world knows Obama has worked hard on his gold handicap, established (and got caught with) ‘Fake’ Cell Phone Towers That Do Nothing But Spy on Americans, and Provided the IRS With Military Grade Grade Gear to Spy on American Phone Calls. In other words, he’s a clueless idiot. Not only that, he’s the worst kind of clueless idiot, because he thinks he’s brilliant. Unfortunately for U.S. citizens, the rest of the world thinks he’s mentally unstable too, not just us “right-wing tea-baggers,” as evidenced by a Eurozone Diplomat Publicly Questioning Obama’s Mental Stability around the middle of October. Apparently an ENTIRE COUNTRY thinks Obama is a loon because John Schindler, a security expert and whistleblower who now writes for The Daily Beast, claimed that a senior EU official (from which country we don’t know) said that the ENTIRE body of his government considers Obama to be mentally unstable. 

HERE IS THE BIG QUESTION? Is it that unreasonable to think Putin would prepare his people, because he has EVERY intention of striking first?

Russia 2

Joshua Krause at the Daily Sheeple Writes:

Every day it seems like we take another step towards reliving the Cold War era, and Friday was no different. Dmitry Rogozin, the Deputy Prime Minister of Russia’s defense industry, suggested that his government should start preparing civilians for a nuclear attack much like the Soviets did during the Cold War.

After claiming that the US was upsetting the nuclear balance of power by developing new weapon systems, he suggested that the defense industry needs to keep up with our technology by putting more research and development into Russia’s nuclear arsenal. He further added that more measures should be added “so that the population, if nonetheless they were subject to that kind of aggression, could avoid colossal losses. … Civil defense should be recreated.”

This isn’t too surprising given the fact Russia never really stopped preparing for a nuclear conflagration after the Cold War ended. Since in the early ’90s they’ve been building a massive bomb shelter in the Ural mountains, as well as thousands of smaller shelters in the outskirts of Moscow to protect the general population. Meanwhile, our government hasn’t done anything to insulate the average American from the worst case scenario, and they consider preppers to be paranoid domestic terrorists. The contrast between how our government views nuclear war and how the Russian government views it, is absolutely stunning.

Read the article here at Activist Post:






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