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Mass Shooting, 300 Shot At, 17 Wounded, Media Silent. Why?

Friday, December 4, 2015 21:01
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Take a good look at what your are about to see!

Then ask yourself why you never heard it reported on when there were 16 shot.

Warning: You won’t like the answer! 

In the first video clip below is the scene immediately following a mass shooting that took place November 22nd, at a place called Bunny Friend Park in New Orleans. One would think a place named Bunny Friend Park would be a safe enough place for families to gather on a Sunday evening, but not on Sunday, November, 22nd.

At a time when 300 visitors were allegedly still in the park, it was reported two men descended upon the scene with what were described as “machine guns,” and then began to open fire on the helpless crowds of unarmed people. What you see in the video below is the aftermath. 



When one woman was asked what she heard or saw, she said “Gunshots.” When asked how many, she quickly quipped, “Infinite.”

Clearly this was a very traumatic scene.

Remember, this was right around dinner time.

The time the incident allegedly unfolded was between 6 and 7 p.m. Central Time at the Bunny Friend playground, following a community “second line” parade that ended a few blocks away earlier in the day, police said in an earlier statement.

New Orleans police Commander Chris Goodley, speaking in a video clip posted by the New Orleans Times-Picayune website, said the crowd at the park remained “orderly” after the shooting.

“But we were trying to preserve the crime scene as best as we could and tend to the victims,” he added. New Orleans Police Superintendent Michael Harrison also was quoted by the Times-Picayune as saying, “no one has died at this time.”

Three witnesses told the newspaper they saw a man with a silver-colored machine gun, and also heard more gunshots coming from within the crowd as he ran away. Several people were lying on the sidewalk after the shooting, it said. WVUE-TV said police believed the shooting stemmed from a fight.

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu had arrived at the scene of the shooting, the Times-Picayune said.




Mad World News reports:

For the past week, the media has obsessed over the shooting in Colorado Springs near a Planned Parenthood, and while our attention was drawn to that, another mass shooting occurred. The victim count was huge, but nobody seems to be talking about it, and it’s not hard to see why.

I beg to differ. I think the reason why no one is taking about it very simple to see, however others probably won’t, and bless them for it. Years of writing abbot and covering the news has tainted many of us, myself included. Often it would be easier not to know many of the things i know.






Some may have heard about the shooting that occurred in Louisiana last week, when gunmen opened fire at a park with some 300 people in it and injured 17 people, but for the most part, there’s been silence from the media about it. According to the New Orleans Advocate, the Bunny Park shooting was an act of “domestic terrorism,” Mayor Mitch Landrieu said, and it was committed in cold-blood by several gunmen, one of which has been apprehended, but there’s several reasons the media may be ignoring it.

The Times-Picayune reports that 32-year-old Joseph “Moe” Allen was arrested on Sunday in relation to the incident, and he’s been charged with 17 counts of attempted first-degree murder. You would think that with the number of victims, the youngest being 10, and the majority of whom were under 21, and the heartless nature of the incident, the media would be all over it, but you would think wrong.




Joseph Allen

You see, Allen is a black thug with a criminal record a mile long, so his violent acts don’t fit into the current narrative that white conservative Christians are the largest threat to our nation. Plus, being a convicted felon, he shouldn’t have even had a gun to begin with. The law forbidding him from owning one didn’t work, and he was also a part of the catch and release program for violent thugs.

Allen, according to Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office records, is a convicted felon and has been charged with home invasion, carjacking, illegal carrying of weapon and possession of cocaine and heroin. In 2002, he was arrested with Travis Scott, who recently pleaded guilty to a federal racketeering charge. Scott’s younger brothers, Akein “Keemy” Scott and Shawn “Shizzle” Scott, have pleaded guilty to numerous charges related to the 2013 Mother’s Day shooting in which they opened fire into a second line crowd, leaving 20 people injured.

Now do you see why this one has been overlooked? Heavily reporting this story would mean having to admit that more gun control wouldn’t be effective, and it would also mean having to bring attention to the problem with systemic violence in the black community. Plus, reporting it would highlight the dangers of letting violent criminals back on the streets after shortening their prison terms, none of which the liberal media would willingly do, especially when there’s a juicy story about a white man a couple of states over.

At the heart of the Colorado Planned Parenthood shooting is a crazed white male, and every effort has been made by the media to convince people he’s a Christian conservative. They’re even going as far as to report hearsay from anonymous sources as fact and completely glossing over the fact that police have refused to release the shooter’s motives and the weapon he was using, which means anything reported thus far is purely speculation. However, that speculation is being fueled by the left-wing media machine to push for more gun control and paint the Christian right in a bad light, even though none of us would ever condone violence to make a point.

Here, we have two stories portraying two different narratives, but one is based on fact rather than speculation. It’s really no surprise which one the media chose, but it does show how irresponsible their reporting has become, and it demonstrates how eager they are to jump on the anti-Christian, anti-white, and anti-conservative bandwagon to do everything they can to make us look bad.

So, as you continue to witness the frenzy over the Colorado incident, remind others that there was something much worse that happened only a thousand miles away in New Orleans, but the left doesn’t want to touch it. If anybody still isn’t convinced about the bias in the media, show them this, because it should be more than enough to convince any rational thinking human.

Mass shooting at Bunny Friend Park







The Last Great Stand

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  • No wonder! It’s a NEGRO!

    • Really…just blacks trying to kill blacks. Of course tptb have the attitude of “nothing to see here, move along.” Now if a white or Muslim had done the same thing then it fits the current narrative being pushed and it too would be plastered over the news.

      • A billion bucks says your ancestors weren’t even here in 1776, you moron. If they were, you are still an a**hole.

        • Still say this girl will not get 1 Video, too many Dumbed Down Worldwide

          • What are you talking about?

          • Rainbow, not many people care. They’re too busy getting sucked into the big media vortex. Now the crap MSM is encouraging Stasi – like activity.

          • Having looked at it, I think you are right Rainbow.

          • Crow (hex)

            Rainbow, it would help if you and red explain, here on this site, what it is all about. Going to a site titled flatearthtruth, is only going to discourage people!

        • Lol, my family has been here since the late 1600s and I would qualify for Sons of the American Revolution but I find their oath onerous. You have to resort to pathetic ad hominem. Where’s your billion bucks, troll?

          • Gee Thanks sim1776! Your family really screwed things up! Look at the mess we are in! lol Humor!

    • You and colonial dude sim 1776 are ignorant. You already know that George Soros backed “Black Lives Matterr” is already putting black people in a bad light, so shut up with the race crap.



          Until you control your tax money and not the politicians then evil will run the earth!

          Jesus is your answer for 100% Peace while living in satan’s world and that Peace is Knowing For Sure You Are Going to HEAVEN Forever and ever and ever and …….. just based on your 100% Faith Alone!

          One ONLY has to Believe with ALL their Heart that Jesus died for them and cleanses you 100% of all your sins! It is an awesome GIFT from GOD – Jesus that is!

      • Nah, the only ignorance is your failure to see this doesn’t fit the narrative being pushed. Black folks kill black folks all the time and it barely merits a mention on the evening news and most murders go unsolved. Sorry, next time I’ll explain myself even better so that maybe something will get through to that echo chamber between your ears. BLM is just something to shove more Marxism and “white privilege” down our throats..

    • Mainstream would say he is of “tan” colored. :eek:

      Eat More GMO :mad:

      • The phraseology has gone from negro when I was a kid, to colored to black to African American. In 4 years it’s going to be “person with gene #219 pigment for shadier epidermis”.

        I can understand ceasing with negro because it is associated with the slave trade and “colored” simply because we are all “colored” but I will not refer to a black person as “African American” because they are NOT African! They are BLACK.

        There are only 3 types of people in this world and they came from 3 persons named Shem, Ham and Japheth and their wives. They came off Noah’s ark. They are in scientific terms, Negroid, Caucasoid, and Mongoloid. Respectively black, white and yellow. (by skin color).

        I’m an Italian and my skin is more brown than many black people I know but you don’t hear me screaming because someone doesn’t call me a “Sicilian American”!

        • Crow (hex)

          Answer me this. If these 3 races didn’t mix at the time of noah, then wouldn’t they be committing incest, in order to keep their races pure? What does the bible say on the matter of incest?

          • The Bible says you need to get saved and quit worrying about this world ran by satan.

          • Crow (hex)

            I’ve already been saved thanx. I don’t have an issue with the New Testament, just that in the O.T some of it doesn’t make any sense. Maybe Beef Supreme will help me out in this respect.

    • Jesus will set you free from the bondage of this satanic driven world we live in! Amen!

  • Doesn’t it seem a little odd that a fully automatic machine gun aimed at 300 people didn’t kill anyone and only wounded 17 people.

    Like, was he shooting blanks or something?

    • um nah, thats correct shootin data fer a skraeling, im from afrika, here they have AK-47s, best gun everrrr, yet the skraeling’s effective range is 20 METERS, beyond that they miss with every shot, they cannot understand the concept of “ironsights” xD we killed BAZILLIONS in the last bush war, so many we can never even tell the world, youll never believe us.

      • DK

        Never heard of Maroons then ?

      • Did you read the part that shots were coming from within the crowd of people.

        Ain’t no way he could have missed that many times…

      • Richard,

        “um nah, thats correct shootin data fer a skraeling” :lol:

        “here they have AK-47s, best gun everrrr, yet the skraeling’s effective range is 20 METERS” :lol:

        “beyond that they miss with every shot, they cannot understand the concept of “ironsights” xD”

        That’s one of the best comments I’ve ever read here. 4 good laughs in one small paragraph. I’m afraid to say what I though the 4th funny was though.

    • They were using rubber bullets possibly? lol!

  • it’s clearly RACIST to report this. Also would have been RACIST if they’d reported the three that shot up a School Bus in N.C.

  • Great reporting, thanks

  • Divide and conquer is the game, and those who think like this slimy guy are surely the losers!!

  • We did not hear about this shooting because it was real and not staged.
    You may now return to regular schedule program.

  • A quick google search of “Bunny Friend playground shooting” brings up a ton of news stories from November 23rd and onward.

    Again, you guys are showing your real agenda:

    White Shooter: It’s a false Flag

    Non White shooter: It’s a real event

    You are as responsible as the mainstream media as it relates to dividing people. Grow up you idiots.

    • Perhaps a ton of local stories but after the initial blurb on the day that it occurred, this story has disappeared nationally. Now compare this with the attention lavished upon the San Bernadino shooting. SB will remain in the news for weeks with new “evidence” making national headlines. Look at the Dylan Roof (sp?) shooting and how much attention that still garners. Please educate yourself a little and go learn some logic; hopefully you’re only ignorant and not stupid. There’s no cure for stupidity. This playground incident was gang members settling a score with illegal weaponry. Can’t push to ban guns if the guns were illegally obtained anyways. Have you heard Obama come out and say because of the “Bunny Friend” incident, guns should be banned? Absolutely not. However he’s made that statement after all the other shootings because they involved “legal” firearms. The others fit the gun control narrative, Bunny does not and therefore disappears form the national attention…

  • Simple, this wasn’t a false flag. The others were.

    • Ok, let’s just say it was not a false flag, but the others were….

      If the goal is gun confiscation, why not report it anyways? It is a shooting, and it is done by scary black people. That’s like a freebie.

      Your (lack of) argument is a tell tale sign of deep rooted paranoia, with a healthy portion of Derp on the side.

  • The premise for this article is based upon an agenda, not the facts. This was a gang war related incident; two groups of bad guys shooting at each other.

  • Man

    seriously? nbc foxnews and usa today reported it….. learn to use google

    white conservative Fundamentalist Christians are a threat to our nation. since they seem to trying to make a theocracy of the country instead of abiding to the constitution. similar to ISIS

    and no this guy is got his gun from a gang… guess what? that means gun regulation isn’t tight enough. someone is making guns and selling it to them

  • Maybe because nobody died? Like San Bernadino and Colorado? They like reporting when people get killed. I highly doubt that it’s because the perp is black. There is plenty of black-bashing on the news. I’m watching some right this minute.

  • Also, they can’t connect this guy to ISIS. ISIS is their main focus so they can send more Americans to the Mideast. This guy and his rampage doesn’t fit their agenda. They are striving for martial law and stasi mentality. Quit falling for the divide and conquer strategy.

    • Crow (hex)

      You really did put some effort in to finding those links, and so I applaud you for putting in that effort!

  • 938982507112

    First, how can you people continue to believe, much less read, this crap? Everything, it seems according to all who fill BIN with BIS, is either under control of aliens from Niburu or planet X, Obama and the illuminati, Obama or the illuminati, Putin, or Obama, the devil, the pope, the pope and the devil, Obama working with Putin and G. Soros, and/or the illuminati—whom no one EVER identifies specifically–everything and everyone knowing EVERYTHING, but little ol YOU. So, you wind up being afraid of EVERYTHING. No wonder you’re addicted. Addicted to the rush of pure, adulterated fearporn. Can’t get enough of fearporn crack. Because you’re so afraid, because you’re overwhelmed by the 24-hour news cycle, the onrush of everything new from LED TV to the concept of life on other planets, to manned space flight to Mars, you feel powerless. So, you wallow in FEAR. You LOVE FEARPORN. Probably wank a bone or two over it. So, let’s review:

    We’ve gone through the 17 people shot in new Orleans and no media covered it even though media across the country covered it’ fearporn. CAN YOU SAY TYPICAL NAZI FASCIST TACTIC—TELL A LIE AND HOPE IT TURNS INTO THE TRUTH?
    We’ve gone through the ‘Putin, the devil incarnate (true), will start WW III,’ and ‘Putin, an angel of god (false, in fact, false flag), will prevent WW III’ double-dip fearporns.
    Former CIA—yeah right—agent says Obama’s a crook’ fearporn.
    We’ve gone through the ‘Obama’s going to be impeached’ fearporn. Yeah, right.
    We’ve gone through the ‘Putin will destroy Turkey (false flag)’fearporn.
    We’ve gone through ‘everything that is real is a false flag and that a false flag is a false flag for a false flag, but whatever you say against me saying it’s all a false flag is a false flag because they’ll never be a true flag because I get paid too much to say everything’s a false flag false flag’ fearporn
    We’ve gone through ‘the niburians are coming, the niburians are coming’ fearporn about once every, oh, six weeks, whenever the science fiction writer of this particular line of crap sees his bank account getting low, or wants a good laugh from setting off the usual bunch of yahoos into a fearporn frenzy’ fearporn.
    We’ve gone through the ‘there are thousands of nasty middle-east people who want to kill us all operating in plain view and no one does anything about it even though the only ones who say they exist are fearporn sites’ fearporn.
    We’ve gone through the ‘21st century version of the “yellow peril” about Syrians coming to the U.S. and they’ll all be terrorists and we won’t find out enough about them’ Fearporn. Love their food, by the way. Unless….acchhh!! I’ve… been…acchhh!!…poisoned….’ fearporn.
    We’ve gone through the ‘Nibiru will pass earth in 2017, giving the writer who came up with that bit of fiction plenty of time to fill his checking account with revenue from two years of ad clicks’ fearporn.
    we’ve gone through the ‘Texas will be taken over’ by the country it already is a part of fearporn.
    We’ve recently entered the ‘Alaska will be taken over by the country it already is a part of’ fearporn era. Good choice, since the state is full of paranoids and escapists, both from reality and the law.
    We’ve gone through the ‘military exercises really a takeover of the U.S. by the U.S.’ fearporn.
    We’ve gone through ‘texas town taken over by its own army’ ha ha, just kidding’ fearporn.
    We’ve gone through the ”all the school gun murders are false flags to take our guns’–I still have my seven or eight– fearporn.
    We’ve gone through the ‘Obama’s coming to take my guns’ –I still have mine, by the way, how many of yours has he taken’—fearporn.
    We’ve gone through the ‘all school gun murders were done by space aliens’ fearporn.
    We’ve gone thru the ‘world will end sept. 25′ fearporn.
    We’ve gone thru ‘the whole world is under the devil’s control—guess that means the writer of the trash who decreed that, too’ fearporn.
    We’ve gone through ‘the world will end Oct. 18′ fearporn.
    We’ve gone through ‘well it didn’t end on Sept 25 or Oct. 18 or 20, but it will in November’ fearporn.
    We’ve gone through ‘weather chaos will erupt in 500 days, giving the writer enough time to make hundreds of posts, earning him/her lots of money; pretty clever I’d say’ fearporn.
    We’ve gone through the ‘everyone’s an antichrist but me, the real saviour, and if anyone says anything against me, you’re the antichrist too even though i belong in a hospital, or maybe I am in one already’ fearporn.
    We’ve gone through the “someone’s piloting a comet towards earth, and you can see them inside’ fearporn.
    We’ve gone through the ‘all walmarts are now ready as FEMA prison camps’ fearporn.
    We’ve gone through the ‘there are secret tunnels leading to all Walmarts to turn them into FEMA prison camps overnight and they’re moving thousands of tanks across the nation in these secret tunnels’ fearporn. Yeah, right.
    We’ve gone through the ‘they’re knocking at my door to take my guns—even though I still have mine’ fearporn.
    We’ve gone through ‘the stock market will crash in April, June, October/take your pick of dates’ fearporn.
    We’ve gone through the ‘there are FEMA prison camps all over the nation but no one can find them’ fearporn.
    We’ve gone through the ‘city disappears and no one notices’ fearporn.
    We’ve gone through ‘the supercollider at CERN is a gateway to the devil because it’s science-based’ fearporn.
    We’ve gone through the ‘supercollider at CERN is permanently closed’ even though it isn’t fearporn.
    We’ve gone through the ‘they’re spreading poison in the contrails seen from jets even through they’ve existed since we began flying in the stratosphere’ fearporn.
    We’ve gone through, numerous times, that ‘WW III is starting any day’ fearporn.
    We’ve gone through the ‘anyone who disagrees with me is a CIA operative troll, hey what a good way to discredit someone, just fling out an accusation with absolutely no proof, just like Joe Mccarthy in the 50s, a great ‘when did you stop beating your wife statement’’ fearporn.
    We’ve gone through the ‘anyone who disagrees with me is a govt. operative…hey that’s a great way to discredit anyone, with ‘proof’ that someone made up 15 minutes ago, or presenting absolutely no proof at all, just say it anyway because the people who believe that aliens are living in their basements will definitely believe this’ fearporn.
    We’ve gone through the ‘I’m so important, the government has assigned one person to each of us on BIN to monitor me and tell us that no, there is no second moon orbiting the earth, that UFOs are not hiding in the earth’s core, that there is no ‘man in the Mars’ staring at us from that planet even though we, in our current state of dementia, know that there is so I’d better put on my aluminum foil hat now’ fearporn.
    We’ve gone through ‘the moon will be hit by an asteroid—maybe’ fearporn.
    Who wants to add more here? I’m betting very few are, because so many of you are living in a fantasy world that is the internet.
    What you should be asking yourselves is, why do i enjoy being afraid of the boogeyman so much? It’s not Halloween for another year, so why?
    Does anyone reading this crap with enough sense to climb out of their ‘build your end of the world shelter now fearporn’ plans even see ANY kind of pattern here with the crap that is posted on BIN?
    I know batboy would. But he’s retired and living in a cave, unless he’s infected with white nose syndrome.
    I’m adding to this list constantly, because the writers of this stuff lost their jobs at Weekly World News or The Enquirer and now make money this way, writing fearporn while locked in their little apartments, because ‘I’m too afraid to speak to anyone for fear they’re an alien, or a government agent, Obama or Putin spy who, apparently out of your own twisted sense of clinical narcissistic disorder, think I’m the most important person in the world and therefore worthy of being spied on, or…take your pick, but mostly because I make lots of money doing it’ fearporn.
    It’s to MAKE THE POSTERS OF THIS CRAP MONEY, people. Nothing more. They feed on your fear. YOU feed on their delusions.
    Will you be joining the ranks of ‘the guy who shot his friend during a zombie movie marathon because he was so crapped he thought his friend was turning into a zombie even though there is no such thing’ fearporn?
    And what does that say about YOU?

    • Crow (hex)

      My god! That was a long statement! Not everyone on here takes everything on here seriously. Most of it is just harmless fun. I can honestly say that not one thread on here has made me afraid- period! Sorry, but Americans love to do fear porn, its in their nature. Btw, this thread has made a serious point that, in the fact that some news stories don’t make the msm because it doesn’t fit with an agenda ie gun control.

      The people of America do fear losing their guns, however, they have to admit, they do have an issue with mass killings commited with assault weapons! Will gun control be enacted in the US? Personally, I don’t think it will happen, it would be political suicide, a bit like legalising cannabis in the UK would.

      Lighten up doggy do, for you’re wasting your time. Too many people on this site love their fear porn, and one day one of them may be right about something!

  • Maybe they only want MUSLIM shooters news.

  • The Democrats probably told the media to not cover the story, just kind of blurt it out and quickly move on. They want the black vote very bad, but they know the black community is not buying into their BS anymore. I actually heard on the bus coming home 2 black guys talking very openly about how crappy Obama and the democrats are and they even said he was a muslim. The talked about one guy they want, TRUMP. They said Trump as president would kick some ass unlike Obama yapping about climate change and other stupid stuff. I heard it all and the passengers on the bus, about half full sat there quietly and listened. I got up and thanked the guys as I got off the bus.

  • Crow (hex)

    Not every mass gun killing (4 or more) in the USA (over 360 this year) makes the news in the UK. The planned parenthood one did though, probably because it had to do with an abortion clinic! The last one did as well because it was committed by terrorists. But you’re right, gun control will not stop criminals obtaining guns!

    • did the pictures of the planned parenthood ghouls killing babies and harvesting their body parts make it into the media in the UK?

      • Crow (hex)

        No! I think I read about it on this site. There was an issue regarding harvesting childrens body parts without their parents permission a few years back, in this country.

        Other things that haven’t been reported: the US nuke, missile tests, Jade Helm etc.

      • Crow (hex)

        But you’re right. There is an agenda regarding abortion in the UK, the msm here don’t want the public to know certain things that may be critical of a certain viewpoint. Myself, I’m neutral on this matter, but I do feel that information should not be suppressed. But yes, selling body parts without permission is amoral.

  • I need to cuddle.

  • Anyone ever question why this is also yet another example of failed gun control like Paris and San Bernardino both gun controlled locations? People like this wouldn’t be so quick to open fire on crowds if they knew that the crowd could start firing back. 7 shooters in Paris averaged 70 people each in 30 minutes. Shooters in the theater reloaded 3 or 4 times before help arrived, shooting unarmed people lying on the floor. Wonder what would have happened if some started firing back?

  • The Media is owned by the manipulators of this Country….of the world. They are the Whores of this planet via which the masses get manipulated. ….. we are headed for a break down and it will be totally manipulated via the media.

  • They were blackmaled…..

  • teeboy

    I think that they are making all of this up and using actors (good paying actors) to do all of this.

  • Great report! Thank you. I’m sharing.

  • Last Great Stand with Bank of America logo. LMAO.

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