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Pentagon Says Preparing For Huge Civil Unrest in U.S. (Videos)

Sunday, December 6, 2015 13:45
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Very seldom does a post come along with this level of insight into what is really happening, so I pray you’ll take the time to watch the videos, and share the post with loved ones. If you take advantage of what is provided, I am unequivocally SURE the information will not only leave you with your jaw on the ground catching flies, but could very well give you nightmares. 

“I’m Tough. That’s ridiculous,” you may say… 

We’ll just see about that… 

Your News reports:

The Pentagon has admitted that they are concerned that widespread civil unrest will hit U.S. streets in the very near future. Not far into the article, it begins to talk about a Department of Defense program called the “Minerva Research Initiative.” I want to get your undivided attention right away, so before you get into the article let’s talk about that program shall we? 

In the first video, you’ll learn that some social scientists are raising concerns over the US Department of Defense’s Minerva Research Initiative. The idea of the program is for “the Department of Defense, using social scientists along with academics from certain American universities to research issues and problems that are of interest to the military.” As you can imagine, not all academics are pleased, fearing the project could be used to someday stifle social movements opposing the military or government. Uh, If you’ve seen what’s coming out of certain universities today, no doubt the same ones that are giving significant input to the program, if you’re not fearful, you’re not very informed. 

DOD’s “Minerva Research Initiative”



This program, in the hands of the military, could do a LOT more than stifle social movements, and I’ll give you three guesses who’s presidency this started under, but odds are you’ll only need one. As David Price, Professor of Anthropology at St. Martin’s University explains, the initiative was started, “with the idea of the Department of Defense, using social scientists along with academics from certain American universities to research issues and problems that were of interest to the military.” In light of THAT revelation, now seems as appropriate a time as ever to remind you of a few major pieces of news that came out recently, that of course the mainstream media did not cover. 

First, as you’ll learn in the video below, back in September Obama issued another illegal Executive Order that is downright Orwellian in nature. Made into law illegally by none other than the Emperor himself, federal agencies can now hire psychologists to experiment and find ways to better manipulate the American people… but not to worry… “It’s for your own good… Obama promises.” The idea behind hiring psychologists is so federal agencies can better understand how Americans make decisions and act on them, and then exploit it. The order can be traced back to a 2013 policy proposal entertained by the White House called “Strengthening Federal Capacity for Behavioral Insights.” 

Obama tried to go about this policy idea the constitutional way in 2013, and rightfully it fell flat on its face. Article II of the Constitution gives the President NO legislative power, none. Does Obama care? Of course not… he’ll just make law with his phone and his pen… and as usual, no one in the mainstream will report on it, and no one will stand in his way. 



Adding even more concern to what you’ve just learned, should be Facebook’s involvement in all this, and let’s be VERY clear… they are involved. Remember, in addition to conducting a massive psychology experiment by messing with the feeds of THOUSANDS of unknowing users, it also conducted an experiment that was ACTUALLY Beta Testing For How To Influence Future Elections.






Finally, combine that with what we learned about Operation Jade Helm. In a post titled, What the Media Won’t Dare Reveal to You About Jade Helm, it said the following:

In the video, Lee Ann brings up what is conveniently being lost in all the buzz, and predictably something the media has stayed far away from entirely since word of Jade Helm first broke, and that’s the operational goal of Jade Helm: To Master the Human Domain. What does that mean?

Jade Helm is more than a simple military exercise. If you understand the technologies, you will see that Jade Helm is more an intelligence operation using Geospatial Intelligence mapping. In military terminology, “the human domain,” or “the human domain analytics,” refers to anything dealing with people.  The battlefield of the future is not going to be between Nation states, rather there is literally a war on for your mind. It’s going to be about “Total Information Awareness.” He that controls information, controls. 



So far, nothing i’ve said has been the stuff that nightmares are made of right? Cynical yes, terrifying not really. The following video will scare the snot out of you. In the video that follows from my post titled: Hard-Core Truth on Jade Helm’s Futuristic Purpose Finally Revealed, BrewingWaves confirms much of what was learned in a previous post of mine titled, CIA and Jade Helm Surround U.S. Veterans’ Homes Thanks to Maps Provided by Bilderberg Head Peter Thiel. 

In short, Jade Helm is an artificial intelligence, nicknamed “SKYNET” of all things within the military. To save some time, “JADE” is the software application the military is now using that allocates manpower and equipment on-the-fly based on prior experience, prior events, and the capability of being able to “predict criminal activity.” It is an artificial intelligence application that learns which tactics and personnel were most successful in different scenarios.  That is the “JADE” part of Jade Helm. It was developed by a co-op between Bilderberg head Peter Thiel and our own CIA. In other words, it’s a Frankenstein Monster with access and control of our military. That was what this past summer’s exercises were about: Testing the system. 



Here’s what I can tell you: You have NEVER heard ANYTHING like you are about to on the video below… and pray you never do again! After that background, the article below all of a sudden comes into a WHOLE new light… 



Your News reports:

The Department of Defense have begun funding universities to research the areas in society that are likely to breakdown and the risks that would come with a breakdown of society at large. reports:

The program costs millions of dollars, and is designed to derive “warfighter-relevant insights”. According to the Pentagon the purpose is for senior officials and decisions makes in “the defense policy community” to come up with contingency plans should widespread social unrest occur.

The Minerva Initiative has existed as far back as 2008, and the operation began as the global financial crisis first struck. A full list of the studies being don can be found on the Minerva Initiative’s own website.

Known as the “Minerva Research Initiative”, the DOD had partnered with universities in 2008 in order to “to improve DoD’s basic understanding of the social, cultural, behavioral, and political forces that shape regions of the world of strategic importance to the US.”

One was a Cornell-led study which was also managed by the US Air Force Office of Scientific Research. It tried to create a model  “of the dynamics of social movement mobilization and contagions.”

By studying past cases of mass social unrest (such as the  “the 2011 Egyptian revolution, the 2011 Russian Duma elections, the 2012 Nigerian fuel subsidy crisis and the 2013 Gazi park protests in Turkey”) and the “digital traces” of online user behavior, the Pentagon was hoping to determine “the critical mass (tipping point)” of social contagions… They were trying to find out just how many outraged netizens and how many outraged posts would lead to actual demonstrations.

Such forewarning would obviously allow the Pentagon to act beforehand, perhaps by swiftly censoring Facebook, or by imposing a curfew in affected areas. If things ever got that bad that you had to act against the government… they already have you checkmated.

The Cornell study had analyzed Twitter and Facebook posts and conversations so that it could “identify individuals mobilized in a social contagion and when they become mobilized.”

A more recent study by the University of Washington together with the US Army Research Office “seeks to uncover the conditions under which political movements aimed at large-scale political and economic change originate,” along with their “characteristics and consequences” and focuses on “large-scale movements involving more than 1,000 participants in enduring activity.”

This is basically an attempt at decrypting  movements like Anonymous, so that the DOD could create its own manipulated variants or act beforehand to stop us from rising up.

Who Does Not Become a Terrorist, and Why?” is another DOD Minerva Initiative-funded project.

This one seeks the tipping point for “supporters of political violence” to become active terrorists. From the study:

“In every context we find many individuals who share the demographic, family, cultural, and/or socioeconomic background of those who decided to engage in terrorism, and yet refrained themselves from taking up armed militancy, even though they were sympathetic to the end goals of armed groups.The field of terrorism studies has not, until recently, attempted to look at this control group.This project is not about terrorists, but about supporters of political violence.”

Another 1.9 million dollar Minerva project tried to “anticipate what could happen to societies under a range of potential climate change scenarios.”

Professor David Price, a cultural anthropologist at St Martin’s University in Washington DC and author of Weaponizing Anthropology: Social Science in Service of the Militarized State:

“when you looked at the individual bits of many of these projects they sort of looked like normal social science, textual analysis, historical research, and so on, but when you added these bits up they all shared themes of legibility with all the distortions of over-simplification. Minerva is farming out the piece-work of empire in ways that can allow individuals to disassociate their individual contributions from the larger project.”

Professor Price is a veteran of such matters; The Pentagon’s Human Terrain Systems (HTS) program was previously uncovered by him. In HTS, social scientists would be embedded inside of military field operations, as well as training operations set in regions “within the United States”

The HTS training scenarios “adapted COIN [counterinsurgency] for Afghanistan/Iraq” to fit within the context of domestic situations “in the USA where the local population was seen from the military perspective as threatening the established balance of power and influence, and challenging law and order.”

“Conspiracy Theorists” who believe that Jade Helm amounts to training for an eventual US-based scenario, who are skeptical of the sudden miniaturization of the police force, the spike in police murders as well as Homeland “Security’s” decision to purchase 1.6 billion extremely lethal hollow-point rounds (which are forbidden by international law for use in war), have just been vindicated by the actions of the US military itself. In the face of an ever-worsening wealth-gap between the richest and the poorest, it would defy logic for the government to NOT be preparing to protect itself from you.

Of course, it’s a conspiracy theory to ever question your betters, or to think critically of the same regime that murdered 500,000 to 1.3 million people in Iraq for fake nuclear WMDs…








The Last Great Stand

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  • It may be a good time to know what to act like.

      • Glad we have Human Beings like Benny Fulford, Alex and his side kick Watson along with BIN to help us out

        :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

        • Lol….it’s not dem Jews, no siree! :wink:

          • Now, try to cover your tracks, by saying they are disloyal and unaffiliated. :grin:

      • Ret. Lt. Col Ralph Peters Calls Obama a ‘Total Pussy’ on Live TV…… :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


        • Col Peters is a high treasonous traitor! Sure, talk after you weaseled your way out of the uniform! So what did you do Peters to protect our nation while you WORE THE uniform? Nothing Right? You followed illegal orders, and not once say No Sir, I will not follow that order, when it was criminal. Instead, you were worried about your pension, rank and power over that of your Oath to our nation and its peoples protection. You knew you had a “Domestic Enemy” and didn’t you swear to protect us? you nor a single col, general, nor admiral did correct? Since when is “Early Retiring” considered “Honorable” rather then stand tall to criminals you faced? Lowlife scumbag!

          So Mr Peters, where are all your so called “Patriot Col, generals and Admirals” that are as mad as hell at the GOV? Nowhere right, but in hiding? Why couldn’t you gather as one voice to the public and media, march in DC, or speak out in your high level Retirement organization? Oh yeah, you are alll criminals, and each would be hanged for your criminal actions whil eyou wore the uniform. Not one of you were even willing to be thrown inthe brig, or lose a rank and say No. Yeah Honorable hey? As enlisted give their lives, and 10s of millions died in battle to protect, the spineless Col here, Generals, Admirals and all officers can’t even say NO SIR, and stand on the carpet for disobeaying an order.

          Don’t tell me they are honorable. I am a WAR VET who was on the front lines, so don’t me no bull! Each officer needs to be hanged for failure to follow their oath to protect is nation and its people from Domestic Enemies you each knew was in office above you. Instead, you just complied with all orders and not makes waves so you could retire. Yeah – you all are honorable! I look forward to peeing on your graves… Wait until I find each one of you in heaven, and I’ll expose each of out and send you all back to hell, where you all belong….

        • Where is your military leaders to protect the NCO who stopped a young boy being raped by a coilition leader when they were on the US Base? You know, the little boy was screaming being raped, and this brave NCO stop it and then the military court marshalled him?

          So he’s still in trial today, and the military will not defend his actions because he was not suppose to worry about what this colilition leader does in his own country or tent! yeah, the military officers of today sure is honest. As this guy is fighting a dishonroable discharge by military officials, he saved a young boy from being raped by a man, and he was suppose to have just put his head under his pillow.

          You see what happens in the middleeast and being brought into america. Its spreading in Europe right now. Who cares a honorable soldier saved a boy being raped by a man, and the military is trying to kick him out of the service as a bad conduct, dishornorable. Ok Col Peters, where are you on this? Why aren’tyou by this soliders side, or your general, or admiral retirement organization? You are corrupt in your heart and soul….

  • Hold on! “I am with the Federal gov’t and am here to help!” (11 of the scariest words you will ever hear) but “What difference at this point does it make?!!!”

  • american propaganda reports on television news reports do not share the same opinion, most of us can get along with each other when push comes to shove

  • That’s how the zio-fags roll. Welcome to the New Palestine.

  • You know it’s more BS when they include 5000 videos. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    • This one is short by 4995.

    • Thats so funny, now I feel better know the Artificial Intelligence Quantum Multi Dimensional computer was a hoax, Right?
      Plus it is also a Hoax that people must relieve their false Guilt placed on them at their main Social media Site by pressing the Like Button, being a good drone in a Hive System.
      Why use chip implants when it is so much easier to program the hive Drones using The Main Social media Drone control Site, heeehh?

      This is nothing new they been experimenting on this since WWII even longer. Your Iphones is also a programming tool for the Hive Drones.
      Although now they started WWIII, and looks like next since Turkey invaded Iraq, they are staging for the full invasion of Iran.
      They found out the past Creep destruct mission of Syria did not work out as planned, and now writing a good storyline to go full on, and invade Iran with a total Blitzkrieg type Invasion, with lots of shock&Awe.
      Soon Iran refugees will be coming, they gonna be pist, you can seek comfort on your Top Social Media site, and press the like button. Just like some said the Syrian refugees was a hoax, it is all made up anyway, right?
      After they use Turkey which is actually a big terrorist warehouse for the Elitis, the switch will be flipped, and Turkey will also self destruct. Yes, and guess who is watching all this unfold, Yeah you guessed it-CHINA!!! you get 3 ***’s
      Now how long do you think China, and their Step Child N. Korea is going to wait?, will they wait until their countries are invaded with proxies some new asian terriost threat story line for China coming soon right, bet they can think up some cool names, and really cool ninja battle suits, with swords, can you already imagine all the youtube vids about them, wow..
      Doubt China is going to wait for that, they already have their public mentally prepared for war against USA, they could invade any minute.
      Dont worry none of it is real, Right?

  • after paris it wont be long now before it is too late, it has been proven! <<< just watch the video

    • I tried to repost this to FB but it won’tlet me, saying it has a blocked link. I don’t even know what that means/ I believe most of what the guy says and I think the U.S. really is Mystery Babylon. It’s too bad this will be seen as nothing more than someone trying to make a buck off his book. I personally can’t afford to buy it even though the price is only $39. I’m an elderly divorced woman who lives on the lowest amount of Social Security there is available. I was a housewife and stayed home with my kids, even home schooling them in their early years of education. But there is no monetary pay for all the years I put in so there isn’t much Social Security for people like me. So I won’t know how to survive the end times I guess. See what I mean? Why does this have to cost money? I’m sure the man can afford to give this away or at least make it available to people like me. Do you have any ideas? :sad:

      • Don’t worry about buying any book. Check your local libraries to see if it is in stock. Check out that sucky site Amazon if you really want it. You might be able to find a used copy for cheap.

        Just because you are poor, doesn’t mean you are helpless. I’m poor too. Don’t let it stop you from finding out the things you want to know. Don’t allow yourself to get boxed in just because you have limited resources.

      • You need not worry about “the book” or any other book. No book is going to save you nor make you feel better.

        Fearing death is not going to allow you to live and enjoy life to the best of your ability.

        The happiest times in life are free. So go out and have fun with whatever time you have left.

        When it is time to go, embrace it because there is a better world awaiting you.

        ***Take Note: BIN is just a place where people indulge in fear-mongering others for profit.
        They are emissaries of the dark-side by targeting the insecure, the vulnerable, the gullible, the naive, etc….

        Instead of “BIN”, I call this place “The INN” (It’s Never News).

      The content you’re trying to share includes a link that our security systems detected to be unsafe:

      Please remove this link to continue.
      If you think you’re seeing this by mistake, please let us know.

    • Who are you?

  • The “elites” hates everyone. They are waiting to launch those nukes that makes everybody’s skin fall off. as they think they will be protected in their mud slide un proofed bunkers and aqua filter contaminated water radioactive waves.
    Eat More GMO :mad:

  • Not sure about Jade 2.0 but i understand that google is feeding our data into massive A.I systems to profile us and this system they are using does not use a mouse or keyboard, you just talk to it when you want to know something.

    Not sure if this is Jade or not but do not be fooled A.I is coming, it’s smarter then me or you and geting smarter by the Gigi-IQs so god knows what it will make of our data in five years time.

  • Civilization ~ Oi! I Vital Zinc

    • Uncivilization ~ I Lout ‘n’ I via Zinc

  • The European Union and its Member States must prepare for the possibility of a chemical or biological attack on their territory by the selfstyled ‘Islamic State’

  • WHY?

    False Flags
    Confiscation of guns
    Planet X
    Martial Law
    Takeover of USA
    Invasion of homeland
    Alien invasion
    Dollar removed as World Reserve Currency
    Nuke war

    Could one of these be the cause?

  • The vast noise of the authority’s paranoia is getting really boring. Top down from the elites to their minions, they’re all scared to death that we’ll all join hands and finally take them out. If you know anything about the Law of Attraction, you see clearly that the more the people in power fear and envision this inevitable outcome, the more they bring it on. They simply cannot win in the end. If we all just stand still, take a deep breath, and clear our minds of this constant fear chatter, we win. It’s really that simple because we are billions, they are few, and the math is against them.

    • mitch51

      Great comment here.

    • I agree with Mitch51, TuffENuff made a great point.

    • Yeah, but it’s no fun when the innocent die all around us and we have to watch in horror. I, personally, am paranoid because I know how they operate. I know they can and will strike at anytime. They are way worse than any “terrorist” they fabricate out of thin air like money.

    • Yes!

  • The scope of the discussion doesn’t appreciate that successfully-brainwashed people have emotional triggers.

    State psychologists could actually cause the protests to occur, in favor of whichever policy.

  • How and Why is BIN locking up these public distrubuted videos.

    • BIN have been banning and closed down dozens of accounts and stories the last days. Other websites are reporting about having BIN removing and altering stories and comments, and straight out banning people. They listed 5 peoples accounts closed and locked since Friday. So if only 5 people so far they know of have been shut down on one real freedom website, I’m sure they have been doing 100s. Don’t know but something isn’t normal anymore on BIN.

  • Unrest that has been propagated and nurtured for years. Funny how they have the finger on the pulse yet do nothing to stop it, just keep feeling the fire with false flags, hoaxes, mysterious deaths, aiding and abetting of terrorist organisations, political correctness, black riots, pretty much calling evil good and good evil.. she’s gonna blow alright!

    • Yes, the b.s. is way past it’s expiration date.

  • Yeah, a civil unrest ‘war’ they are starting and Americans are going to have to finish! God Bless America :idea:

  • why isnt our military arresting those who got us in this mess, like trials for treason?

  • :arrow: :arrow: If you support Trump and hate these scumbags MOVEON tactics who have stated in open public they are the Real criminals behind all the illegal protesters at Trump rallies, flood MOVEON with emails telling them they are butts! They have ONLINE EMAIL! PASS THIS ON TO EVERYONE IF YOU ARE AN AMERICAN WHO LOVES OUR COUNTRY! Put Hello or something nice in the title, and make up any email address so they open it and start your comments…. Flood their email server, since its free and directly on their websitesite page! You don’t have to send from your real email address! Do it NOW!!!!

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