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ISIS update 1/24/2016.. If peace process in Syria fails US ‘ready’ for intervention

Sunday, January 24, 2016 14:00
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‘Military Solution’: If peace process in Syria fails US ‘ready’ for intervention

US VP warns of military op in Syria if talks fail

America and Turkey begin Ground Invasion of Syria. How Will Russia Respond?

Amidst a almost total western media blackout, Turkey and the US have initiated a military invasion in Syrian territory. On Wednesday evening, the Turkish army reportedly entered Syrian territory near Jarablus. US troops took control of Rmeilan airfield in Syria’s northern province of Hasakah. It’s unclear what are the real objectives for western military operations on Syrian soil According to the latest news, a major Turkish intervention is expected.

‘US troops have taken control of Rmeilan airfield in Syria’s northern province of Hasakah to support Kurdish fighters against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL)”, a spokesperson for the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) told Al Jazeera on Tuesday. The airfield is close to Syria’s borders with Iraq and Turkey.

Syrian Local Coordination Committees say that the US has been preparing and expanding Rmeilan airport for a while now. When asked by Al Jazeera, a US CENTCOM media operations officer did not confirm or deny the reports.

According to information received by Sputnik on Wednesday, Turkey has been amassing military units along the Syrian border. The number of troops is estimated to be around 1,000. The troops have reportedly crossed into Aleppo province, according to Hawar News, along with military vehicles, heavy equipment, and mine detection gear. Turkey has denied reports of an invasion, but reports from the ground confirm the military incursion.

Russia Insider writes, that Turkey has seized the ISIS-controlled town of Jarabulus, but faced no resistance, according to reports:

“Eyewitnesses to the incursion reported that the Turkish forces have not encountered any resistance from ISIS fighters in the area. These reports once again raise the question of possible collaboration between Turkey and ISIS aimed at halting the advance of the Kurdish militias in north Syria.”

The Turkish operation is “officially” aimed at combating Daesh (ISIS) militants, who have fortified Jarablus. But sources tell Sputnik that Ankara may be more interested in preventing the YPG from gaining a foothold in a region of strategic importance. Various reports indicate that Ankara could soon (if it has not already) launch a ground operation in neighboring Syria, confirms Sputnik on Thursday.


“Turkey has already begun to ramp up its artillery strikes along its border with Syria to help its rebel allies and to destroy Islamic State targets. This could indicate an effort to soften enemy defenses ahead of a Turkish ground incursion once minesweeping operations have been completed,” Stratfor explained.

“Ankara’s ground operation – if launched – could deal a blow to Daesh. But many experts and politicians have pointed out that Turkey views dealing with the Kurds, not the terrorist group, as its key priority. The offensive than “would also strengthen the [Turkey-backed] rebels in northern Syria, in turn preventing the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) from expanding their reach westward,” Stratfor noted.

Turkey’s ground offensive will likely add additional stress to the already strained relations between Ankara and Moscow. According to Stratfor:

“Still, that does not mean that Ankara, with Washington’s help, is not trying to reach an understanding with Moscow, at least in terms of setting up deconfliction procedures to avoid clashing with each other in the Syrian Warzone, which is rapidly becoming crowded.”


RT reports that ISIS terrorists have increased their activities ahead of next week’s inter-Syrian talks, with insurgents in the Syrian province of Aleppo receiving reinforcements from Turkey, Russia’s Foreign Ministry said on Thursday. The much-anticipated talks between the Syrian government and different opposition groups are scheduled to take place in Geneva on January 25.

“Unfortunately, in recent days, it’s especially noticeable that ahead of the planned start of the inter-Syrian negotiations in Geneva the activities of terrorist groups have intensified. Obviously, they’re trying to turn the tide in their favor on the battlefield,” Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said during a briefing in Moscow.

Zakharova said that Russia is concerned over Ankara’s increased military incursions into Syria, adding that

“it cannot be ruled out that… fortifications [built by Turkey] along the Syrian-Turkish border may be used by militant groups as strongholds.”

“While all parties involved pin their hopes on the start of a meaningful and… inclusive dialogue between the Syrian government and the opposition, external forces continue to help militants in Syria, including terrorist groups, providing them with arms and ammunition,” she stressed.

The original source of this article is dninews

Copyright © Donbass International News Agency, dninews, 2016

Casualties in US-Led raids in Syria, Iraq expected to be raised

Ash Carter: “Turkey does nothing to fight ISIS”

At Davos Economic Forum, today the US Secretary of Defense, Ash Carter accused Turkey of doing nothing to fight ISIS (Islamic State), and should do more instead of supporting ISIS. Carter also praised the Kurdish Fighters for doing most of the fight and defeating ISIS, while put forward more ideas when it comes to collaboration with Russia in defeating ISIS.

PKK Commander ‪Cemil Bayik‬: “Anyone who help ISIS is our Enemy”

Turkish Police torture Kurdish Children

Amnesty International: “Turkey commit Genocide against Kurds”

Putin Is Winning The Final Chess Match With Obama

The world press is filled with violence and sexual attack horror stories about the Islamic refugees escaping from Syria and other war torn countries of the Middle East to Greece and consequently flooding into all areas of Europe. It is actually very easy to travel from Syria to Lebanon and then take the ferry to Turkey and from there to Greece and subsequently the mainland overland to Europe. This is now big business organized like a one-way tour package from the Middle East to Europe.

Although there obviously are some ISIS fighters and Islamic militants slipping into Europe under cover of the humanitarian crises most are simply Sunni Moslems escaping the poverty, death and destruction of foreign military intervention in the region. Yes the sex crimes are a real problem because the majority of those escaping the region are men looking for work coming from a conservative society to the open societies of Europe.

Most immigrants enter Europe through the economic basket case of Greece where the economy has already been destroyed by too much government debt, corruption and EU banking excesses so Greece can afford to do little to stem the Islamic refugee tide. While a case can be made that the location of Syria and Lebanon adjacent to Turkey and the ease of transportation to Greek islands just offshore is helping the flow to Europe. Still the organized nature of the operation makes me wonder if this is also an undercover operation designed to create a new mission for NATO at the same time weakening the economy of Europe to further Washington’s economic interests today in the Obama Crash of 2016.

The world is now in recession at best and maybe flirting with a global depression. This means politicians will do what is best for their national political future and the consequences for the national economy, citizens or business future is of little consequence to them. This also suggests that global alliances will mean little when domestic national politicians are fighting for survival.

Here is how the chess matches have turned out so far in the Putin/Obama competition.

Chess Match 1 – Consider the pattern of Washington actions against Russia. First Washington supported the overthrow of the legitimate but pro Russian government of Ukraine. The goal was three fold, first to control and cut off Russian gas exports to Europe through Ukraine, second to force Russia to vacate their warm water naval base in Crimea or else act militarily against Ukraine and create the fear of a Russian threat against all of Europe. This would force Europe to depend more on NATO that is an extension of the American military power in Europe. Putin’s response was checkmate, as he wisely didn’t take the bait and this plan failed to create the desired Russian military threat to strengthen NATO and US leadership in Europe against Russia.

Chess Match 2 – The second attempt was to overthrow Assad allowing ISIS to do the dirty work thus opening up a Qatar gas pipeline to Europe again competing with and ending European dependence on Russian gas. This would have meant curtailing much of the Russian gas profits, taxes and government revenues. Again surprisingly Putin acted to defend Syria and Assad from ISIS and again Putin checkmated Washington.

Chess Match 3 – We are now in the middle of the third chess game between Putin & Obama. This game is the reason for Washington’s destruction and desolation of much of the Middle East. Again remember Washington’s foreign policy objectives are to control Middle East energy resources and force Russia to stand down against American global hegemony.

A strong and united NATO is necessary to put pressure on Russia and since the collapse of communism and the perceived Soviet threat to Europe, NATO has had little reason to exist. Well now I would suggest that part of the Islamic threat and massive movement of refugees to Europe is being manipulated and manufactured as a means to recreate a mission for NATO forces in Europe. A strong Washington led NATO will allow the United States to bring more pressure against Russia.

If I am right here, then what is the checkmate course of action for Russia in Syria and Lebanon? The ultimate solution is for Russia to stop the movement of refugees and Islamic radicals to Europe by forcing ISIS out of Syria and back into Iraq and effectively blocking off the escape routes to Turkey both overland and by ferry.

This would probably take more than just Syrian troops as it may mean Russian troops on the ground in both countries after military security requests from Syria and Lebanon to halt the exodus and end ISIS occupation of Syria. Security in Syria and Lebanon would help to halt the refugee flow to Europe and Putin and Russia would then get the credit they deserve for this action to protect Europe. This successful outcome would guarantee good relations between the people of Europe and Russia ultimately forcing more European politicians and governments to restore friendly and close relations with Putin’s Russia.

“CIA heavily relies on Saudi money for covert operations”

Russia Sends Advanced Missiles to Kuweires Airbase

Fort Russ – 24th January, 2016

Al Masdar News

Earlier this week, a convoy of less than 50 Russian Marines arrived to the Kuweires Military Airport in the Aleppo Governorate’s eastern countryside in order to provide the necessary military advisers to expand the Syrian Arab Army’s operations in the Al-Bab Plateau and the Deir Hafer Plains.

According to a military source in east Aleppo, the Russian Marines brought a substantial amount of advanced missiles and rockets with them to the Kuweires Military Airport; these missiles have very little do with combating the Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIS) terrorists near the airbase and far more to do with protecting their aerial assets.

Conflicting reports regarding the arrival of S-300 missiles have been confirmed by a local military source as incorrect; however, he did add that the likelihood of these advanced anti-aircraft missiles arriving to the Kuweires Military Airport is very likely in the coming weeks, as the Russian Marines swell the number of soldiers in eastern Aleppo.

Should the S-300 anti-aircraft missiles arrive to the Kuweires Military Airport, the Turkish military will likely be on high alert because just north of the ISIS stronghold of Al-Bab is the Jarabalus border-crossing, which is currently the target of the predominately Kurdish “People’s Protection Units” (YPG) and the U.S. backed “Syrian Democratic Forces” (SDF).

Turkey is not happy about the YPG’s expansion in northern Syria; so if ISIS loses the Jarabalus border-crossing, the Turks will be forced to deal with another Kurdish military presence on their border.

Syria army seizes last key town in Latakia

Syrian forces recapture Rabia town in Latakia


Syrian Army Take Control of Rabia, Latakia

Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

24th January, 2016


LifeNews has obtained photos from the Syrian town of Rabia, which is now mostly captured by the government forces of Syria. It is assumed that the killers of the Russian pilot lurk in this city.

“The city is taken. At this point is the sweep in Rabia, the mine clearance operations. The Syrian army is tightening its forces. The assault force can’t stay in the city because they need to continue operations against militants in the North-East, towards the area of Kessab,” the special correspondent of LifeNews was told. In the near future the city will become a reinforcement, for government troops to hold the fort and lead the sweep.

Once it gets dark, the Syrian military will strengthen its position outside the walls.

Initially, after the capture of several villages, government forces took a short break. Then the terrorists seemed to stop the battle and the attack stopped, however, after an hour, the Russian Air Force and Syrian Air Force struck a powerful blow to the positions of the fighters.

Note that the town of Rabia was lost in 2013, when it was captured by the group “Jabhat al-Nusra”, which consisted of a Turkish division under the command of Sultan Salima. It was controlled by the militants that gave media interviews about the murder of the Russian pilot.

Journalists visit recently freed Syrian town

The journalists went on a tour of Salma in Latakia province and were briefed on the status quo of the strategic town. Syrian forces recaptured Salma earlier this month after weeks of fierce fighting with terror groups. The town was under control of the Nusra Front for more than three years and served as the main stronghold for terrorists in the region. Salma’s recapture tightened the noose on terrorists and cut off their access routes.

Syrian Army captures new areas in Sheikh Miskeen

Syrian Army destroys a tunnel for Jaish al-Islam in Harasta

Syrian Army makes several advances in rural Damascus

Russian Air Force Destroys Largest ISIS Camp in East Hama

Fort Russ – 24th January, 2016

Al Masdar News
The Russian Air Force has been relentlessly targeting the Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIS) between the Hama and Homs Governorates as of late, striking several of the terrorist group’s strongholds and convoys in the cities of Quraytayn, Palmyra, ‘Aqayrbat, and Qunbar.
On Saturday evening in the Hama Governorate’s eastern countryside, the Russian Air Force struck two of the largest ISIS military camps near the Al-Raqqa Governorate border, destroying these sites after conducting a half dozen airstrikes.
According to a military source from the Syrian Arab Air Force, the Russian airstrikes caused a massive explosion inside the ISIS stronghold of Aqayrbat in the Al-Salamiyah District of east Hama; this attack reportedly struck a missile depot inside the terrorist camp.
The massive explosions from the city of Aqayrbat could be heard as far west as Al-Salamiyah and as far south as the Al-Sha’ar Mountains (Jabal Al-Sha’ar) in the Homs Governorate.
In addition to destroying the ISIS military camp at Aqayrbat, the Russian Air Force also destroyed the terrorist group’s second largest camp in east Hama at the nearby town of Qunbar, where dozens of enemy combatants were reportedly killed by airstrikes.
Much of ISIS’ missiles and rockets were stored in the Aqayrbat and Qunbar camps; this is one of the reasons why the Russian Air Force targeted them on Saturday night.

Syria: Hundreds of Terrorists Fleeing to Turkey
Syrian Army Comes Close to Another Major Victory in Eastern Aleppo
Syrian Army Captures Another Strategic Town in Northern Lattakia
Syrian Army Wins Back More Villages in Aleppo Countryside
Russian Jets Increase Attacks over Sheikh Meskeen
Syrian Army Seizes Back More Districts in Sheikh Meskeen
Syrian Army Destroys Militants’ Positions, Kills Notorious Terrorist Commander in Hama
Aleppo: Militants’ Positions Annihilated in Syrian Air Raid
Syrian Army Wins Back More Areas in Eastern Ghouta


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