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The Culling of Whites Goes On Unabated.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016 1:15
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Politicians appear to be in the process of placing themselves above the Law.

Recently in the United Kingdom, two alleged paedophiles were denied a term in prison through the interference of death. Lord Janner and Leon Brittan, both of whom had been implicated in child abuse stretching back over many years, were allowed time to die while the good old British Bobby chose to look the other way.

There was overwhelming evidence against both men, given by those whom they had abused.

It just happens that both of these distinguished perverts were Jews, which is their own problem and should in no way interfere with any necessary prosecution, which would give some sort of closure to the abused.

Jimmy Savile, was also allowed to die, in order to severe any connection which he may have had with the Crown Prince and the Scottish arm of Abusers United, which may have lead all the way back to Hollie Greig, against whom the might of the Establishment has been arrayed. One can only wonder on exactly whom they are waiting to die.

David Cameron in his wisdom and no doubt in support of his own claim to be of Jew origin, is in the process of making it illegal to criticise Jews or to in any way take action against the Apartheid Racist State of Israel.

He did not go to the trouble of explaining how this totally illegal posture, of attempting to place Jews above the law would put in jeopardy,  our right to bring our elected servants to book, should they happen to be a Jew.

There are a lot of statistics flying around at the moment, most of them attempting to show White people in a bad light. However a closer look at the percentages of each crime, which are recorded as having been carried out by each group in a countries population, would suggest that Blacks and Asians are responsible for far more abuse of young children than are Whites. My question would be, in which group has the rather larger than average percentage of child abusers amongst Jews been recorded, as it would now appear that Jews are not as White as we may have thought them to be. 

Jews are constantly calling for the obliteration of White people and I am quite sure that they do not count themselves as members of this group, so where exactly have the large number of Jew crimes of paedophilia been recorded? I do not want them along with White numbers, as this would only increase, alarmingly, the actual amount of alleged White guilt, would it not? 

In France, as in the United Kingdom and now all across Europe, we are seeing for ourselves the unbridled behaviour of these “poor refugees,” whom apparently are unable to overcome some sort of genetic need to rape young girls, some of whom are as young as ten years old. 

We as White people are not allowed to comment on this behaviour, never mind suggest that these young thugs have been picked and paid to do exactly what they now do. 

The evidence, outlining the planning of this invasion of Europe has been unearthed and exposed and it leads all the way back to a long list of Jew names and those of proto Jews such as Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi, the man in whose vision the European Union was constructed, not to mention the destruction of the White Race, through the mass immigration of Blacks, Arabs and Asians, graphically laid out, just as it is now taking place.

To suggest that this is by sheer accident, would be to display an inordinate degree of stupidity, Nicolas Sarkozy, yet another Jew laid out his belief in the “browning” of White Europeans, he, as does the Jew President of France, François Hollande, looks very White and so he should as he is of Hungarian origin, though not at all like his Hungarian compatriots, whom are extremely White of course.

So who can we criticise? Governments across the planet appear to have an unnatural number of Jews in their ranks, even in China we are confronted with “The Strangers,” in the Politburo, the Chinese are forbidden to call them Jews, which they are.

Most all of the Central Banks are under the control of Jews. Virtually every European politician has sworn to give his allegiance to Israel, they will of course utter in Parliament no criticism whatsoever against the Holocaust in Palestine, which has been the main reason for the huge numbers of refugees in the region for the past seventy years. Ignorance is a sort of bliss, I suppose. 

Child abuse is a deplorable thing, however, it is sometimes accepted in a strange and worrying manner. 

Some years ago, I was working in the UK. A friend of mine was telling me how he had come across the car of a friend, who worked with us, parked in a manner which suggested that he may have had a mechanical problem. He parked and walked back to the car. He surprised our friend in the act of having sex with his own daughter, who was about fourteen.  He of course, quite rightly, reported this to the Police. 

However back at the office, the manager, regularly had sex with the daughter of a woman who worked alongside us and who was aware of her daughters promiscuity and accepted it. Her daughter was the same age as the child having sex, in the car with her father. Needless to say nobody exposed the office manager.  Such is the difficulty of deciding where exactly wrong becomes OK. 

So here we are, with a gag about mentioning the crimes of Jews under pain of whatever, while the two main Political Parties are in full support of one another over an upcoming referendum, in the House of Commons, which is under the control of War Criminals. 

Not simply people who give the impression of being War Criminals but REAL War Criminals, whom between them have overseen the murder of an estimated seven million Muslims since 2001, who are now reluctant or afraid, to campaign to leave the European Union alongside George Galloway, a man whom stood rock solidly against the current wars, despite his betrayal of Gadaffi along the way, simply because of his outspoken exposure of the crimes of Israel.  It should rightly be called the House of Criminals, should it not? There is very little sign of Democracy within its portals.






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