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Europe Is Being Steam-Rollered!

Saturday, March 5, 2016 3:32
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Coming soon to a town near you.   What are we supposed to do with this lot?


Europe Is Being Steam-Rollered.

While checking out a video-clip the other day, which forcefully underlined the full extent of the invasion of Europe, by mainly a parasitic bunch of useless thugs, I came across several Muslims, explaining to the camera, exactly how they were going to destroy Europe and in particular, the United Kingdom, through the means of their superior fertility. 

They were suggesting that they would very soon be “breeding” with European women, adding that when Sharia Law was imposed, they would be “breeding” with four wives and possibly producing twenty children or more.

These people did not present the image of entrepreneurs, on the contrary, they looked as thick as they sounded, which could only mean that to support this sort of lifestyle, before even arriving in the UK, they are already planning their life on the “Soc.” 

Two families who recently arrived in France, consisted of the four parents and fifteen children, that is nineteen people in all. I have no idea what arrangements will be made to house these folk, nor indeed how much it will cost to take care of them, all I know for sure is that I will be footing the bill, along with others.

These folk are already out in the streets shouting for more, the default position for immigrants would appear to be to demand their Human Rights and we are expected to cough up these rights. In England on the same clip, I spotted that Mossad fraud Anjem Choudary, strutting around in London, shouting his Islamist bullshit at the top of his voice, calling for the banning of alcohol and the installation of Sharia Law. Why not call for the beheading of those like himself, whom are guilty of gross hypocrisy, he has long been outed as a “boozer” having been filmed downing his pint.

Personally, I am torn between sympathy for those whom have suffered in the Middle East as a result of cold-blooded British wars, which were started with the deliberate intention of driving people out of the Middle East, using boats which are being paid for by the British, with Life-Jackets supplied, as cover for the illegal entry of Savages from across Africa and Asia.  While at the same time I recognise the sad and sorry position in which  the British people now find themselves,  having been quite deliberately educated into the Stone Age, by one government after the other working in tandem, with the declared intention of destroying the United Kingdom.

What is happening in the streets of the United Kingdom, is the future of the UK, yet it is being totally ignored. No warnings from the Jew controlled media, the BBC, Channel Four, none of them. Have you ever heard one word of explanation or criticism of the huge numbers of immigrants into the UK? The correct answer would be no, so can you trust the numbers which they now provide,  telling you how many immigrants are daily arriving into the UK? Once again the correct response would no. You are being lied to about everything, everything, everything. Britain has already been swamped with immigrants and in your heads you know it. You are in a minority in London, Birmingham, Manchester and soon you will be a small minority everywhere in the UK and those whom screech in the streets are telling you, loud and clear, exactly what they will be doing to you, in return for the millions, of their people whom have been slaughtered by you.

Do you honestly believe that the House full of Jews, the Cameron’s, Osborne, Milibands, Boris and others, all of them Israel Firsters, are not aware of what is happening? Grow up, for Gods sake grow up, you are being destroyed. They are doing the same thing in the United States, in France, in Germany, Scandinavia and all over Eastern Europe.

Imagine the worst. They are preparing us for some stunt or other. There is nothing basically wrong with the economy, it has been quite deliberately slowed down. There is no good reason for it. They are deliberately prolonging their brutal attacks around the world. Should there be a problem in London for example. The nightmare of a prolonged outage of electricity, which would shut down the water system, electric rail services, commerce with credit cards would be impossible, there would be no cash with ATM’s out of action. There would be, within three days, Anarchy in the UK.. 

There would be the same result across the European Union, should that day come, what do you imagine, right at this moment, that the million or so rapist thugs, whom have been allowed into Europe, will be up to? They have not been allowed into Europe because our leaders are humanitarians, they have been inveigled into Europe like a Trojan Horse to destroy us. Our leaders and those Jews hiding behind the scenes in the European Commission and the United Nations have been plotting this scenario since the Nineteenth Century when Marx was preparing the playlist for them.

These so-called refugees are even now setting up camp in Greece, they are arriving by the thousand and no attempt is being made to cut them off in Turkey, which is a NATO member, why do you think that is? They want to pack in as any as they can to make sure of getting the desired result. This is so obvious as to be beyond belief that there are those whom cannot see it. 

I have remarked on many occasions, that Israel was founded through the use of the mass immigration of Jews and there were many more survivors than you might imagine, as six million had already left us of the six and a half million available, but they managed. They then set about killing the indigenous people and stealing their land. Seventy years on they are still being allowed to continue this process. 

In South Africa they made use of the same mass immigration technique. Blacks were nowhere to be found when the Boers set up their farms in South Africa. It was a huge and empty continent, with room for all. The Blacks were attracted, as usual by the possibility of an easier life. The Boers employed them on the farms, but they did not feel obliged to do any more than that, why should they, the Blacks could go home to wherever they lived could they not.

As time passed, like todays refugees in Greece and France they set up home in the surrounding countryside, where they had every possibility to erect their own towns or villages but they did no such thing. Then along came the Jews with their plan, and stirred up Black hatred against the Boers. These Blacks ultimately managed to seize all of the White built towns and cities, just as immigrants are being allowed to do across Europe. South Africa is now the World Capital of rape and murder. The Jews have control of the Gold and Diamonds, which is what they were seeking since the Boer Wars.

Today, on Sky News, I heard a tale about changing the UK National Anthem, from God Save the Queen to Jerusalem. God almighty I could visualise the funny hats being thrown into the air in Israel, Jerusalem being their preferred Capital for the New World Order. Hip! Hip! Hooray!


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    eat your ,multi cul pie. fkn other race loving skum. white people. pah. the goyim, i am ashamed to call myself white, i look foward to the cull of the useless, i will stand with the Remnant. and they dont exist yet,. cause 2/3 is still alive,. that will change thank heavens. soon the sickly sweet smell of rotting people on the breeze

  • You’re attacking the wrong person mate, I fully understand what was done in South Africa, are you calling me race loving scum? What makes you think you will be around to stand with the remnant? What sort of Jew are you? Jews are doomed, just like the blacks, anyone who is stupid enough to believe that they will be in paradise when whites have gone are in for a shock, look at the state of South Africa, where they already have black killing black industrially just as they do in the States where they try to blame whites for their own behaviour.

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