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Operation Terminate Trump Underway

Saturday, March 12, 2016 16:32
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(Before It's News)

Donald Trump EXPLOSIVE Rally in Dayton, OH (3-12-16)

Full Speech: Donald Trump MASSIVE Rally in Cleveland, OH (3-12-16)

Black Pastor Brings Down The House at Donald Trump Cleveland Rally!

LIVE Stream: Donald Trump Rally in Kansas City, MO

Caught On Tape: Secret Service Agents Storm Stage To Protect Donald Trump

Shortly after beginning his speech at a rally in Dayton, Ohio, Donald Trump was rapidly surrounded by Secret Service agents after an audience member grew increasingly raucous to the point of Trump appearing to duck at hearing a noise. Trump did not leave the stage and carried on with his speech, adding “I was ready for him, but it’s much easier if the cops do it, don’t we agree?” This comes after last night’s violent protests (which Soros-funded have taken credit for) and this morning’s misinformation about the cancellation of the Ohio rally.

Trump’s anxiety is understandable after last night’s violence, and expectations of further protests to come, as Infowars reports, Ilya Sheyman, a failed Illinois contender for Congress and the executive director of Political Action, has taken credit for the violence at a cancelled Trump event last night in Chicago.

He promised similar violence and disruption will occur at future Trump political events leading up to the election.

“Mr. Trump and the Republican leaders who support him and his hate-filled rhetoric should be on notice after tonight’s events,” on the George Soros funded MoveOn web page. “To all of those who took to the streets of Chicago, we say thank you for standing up and saying enough is enough. To Donald Trump, and the GOP, we say, welcome to the general election.”

The violent demonstration in Chicago on Friday may represent a precursor to the sort of activity the organization will engage in as it tries to “shut down” its political enemies and elect either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders.

On Friday night many of the protesters shouted “Bernie!” and held placards announcing their support for the socialist Democrat.

The group acts as a front for wealthy Democrats. It was founded with the help of the financier George Soros who donated $1.46 million to get the organization rolling. Linda Pritzker of the Hyatt hotel family gave the group a $4 million donation.

The “promise” of violence? Sounds like domestic terrorism? Or is that only when “the other” side do it?

Of course, the media is implicitly opining that this is all his own doing, which made us consider the alternative – Imagine if someone attacked President Obama and the media proclaimed it was Obama’s own fault?

So far it seems 45,000 people in Dayton and Cleveland were ready to peacefully listen to what Trump had to say…


The Truth About the Anti-Trump Chicago Riot

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Letters From Former Cruz Voters


Operation Terminate Trump Underway

More Untruth About Donald Trump


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  • Do you get the feeling that if trump doesn’t get nomination, the masses of voters will simply write his name in pencil on the vote sheet and tick the box anyway, rather than vote for the other ding dongs?

    …….and hitllary will win with her precious three votes……and do her acceptance speech from the Big House.

  • Haul the “protestors” away and lock em up under the patriot act, no right to a lawyer, no charges filed and indefinate detention. violence that is intended to keep people from exercising their first amendment right,or to intimidate people from voting is domestic terrorism and is exactly what the patriot act was made for.
    protesting against an elected official because you don`t agree with them is one thing but preventing a private citizens of their first amendment right is a crime but i don`t expect the odumbo department of justice to do anything about it,which is a big reason why the democrat/socialist/communist president needs to be replaced with a real american like trump.

    • Lock them away… That’s the attitude Trump TOTALLY OPPOSES. Which side are you on??

      • H.R. 347 (112th): Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011


    “An American political analyst says Jewish billionaire George Soros is attempting to destroy the candidacy of Donald Trump, because he is not part of the Zionist controlled Satanic New World Order.”

  • Notice how both the RNC and DNC have candidates that either they don’t want or the people don’t want. DNC has Barney, and Hitlery, Barney is a dinosaur, and Hitlery is going to jail. The RNC has Donald, and Ted, they don’t want either, and plan a brokered convention to put forth their own! The people will explode!

    It will be a miracle if either party unifies around a candidate the people want! It will be a miracle if we get to the election before we get to WWIII. Either way, I think we are looking at an obummer presidency, martial law, a dictatorship, the round up of conservatives, racial wars with those flooding in, and blacks. 2016 elections will be cancelled, and a national disaster will be declared, and obummer will be dictator for the next 7 years.

    • What goes round,comes around.

      Arab Spring coming up in every city near you?

      No,not 7 years,just 42 months :wink:

  • Trump the ultimate trojan horse and perfect thesis/anti thesis set up!

  • Mud slinging Cruz. He says Trump’s campaign encourages violence? What R U smoking Raphael Cruz (that’s his name)? Cruz is smoke & mirrors & allegedly a Globalist puppet! He & wife worked for George W. Bush for 3 years eliminating the U.S. border with Mexico (which is where terrorists, ISIS & gangs are coming here through) , which is right out of the Globalist playbook. His orientation has been questioned because he was allegedly picked up for open alcohol in a questionable public park at night in the 90′s. I used to favor Rafael “Ted” Cruz, but not now! I smell desperation.

  • WOW! Do you know that aka “TED” Cruz is a bogus made up name and he fooled America? FACT! Imagine if Ted Cruz gets elected, the US will have the first southern Boarder Latino President. And what will the history books print as his name?

    RAFAEL EDWARD CRUZ – President

    Do you understand you all have been fooled to elect a American sounding name, rather then “RAFAEL”? How many of you would vote for “RAFAEL” in US Government? You’ve been Had! :eek:

    Not only that, but do you know that “Ted” goes to bed with the VP of Goldman Sachs EVERY NIGHT? FACT! Do you know that Ted’s WIFE WAS THE VP of a BANK BAILOUT COMPANY THAT GOT $5 BILLION Dollars from the US Gov? So Ted, what did your WIFE DO WITH THAT $5 Billion DOLLARS? How much did that VP wife and (YOU) POCKET? So you don’t have any “Lobbyist”; yet your wife is the VP of GOLDMAN SACHS? Are people REALLY suppose to “think” you are like Donald Trump, yet your very wife if A WALL STREET VP? Yeah right you really want to keep Lobbyists out of US Gov! You “ONLY” SLEEP WITH THE ENEMY EVERY NIGHT!

    Remember, Mitt Romney OWNS “BAIN CAPITAL”, another Wall Street heavyweigh Criminal with the US Gov! Romney also HEADS the Entire Republican Party! So do you really know why Romney doesn’t like Cruz? Romneys “BAIN CAPITAL” is in competition with “Goldman Sachs” to drain the US Gov from its money and are two of the biggest criminal Lobbyists in America? And Trump wants to stop both of you, and now you know why no one likes Trump. Follow the money and read More:

    • You have been posting this hogwash on nearly every article. It is NOT true. The one loan Cruz got from Goldman was prior to his run for the senate and it is paid back. Cruz is NOT for the establishment. Stop listening to Texe Marrs. Cruz was closed borders. You are trying to smear a man with dishonest tactics from FALSE rumors.

      • Hey Paid Gov Shill – Wrong little old insane lady. Read here that Heidi was the VP in 2008 when they got $5 billion dollars. How much interest $ did them make in banks for $5 billion dollars? This was exposed years ago.

        Read where his Hore worked in 2008 –

        This is Not Texe Marrs, but her very own Linkedin profile! So you see, this is fact. Then this gutter trash was the “Director of the US Treasury in all of Latin America! DA! She funnel Trillions of US dollars from Columbia and Mexico from the Drug King Pins back into the Treasury and destroyed it. That is how she got into playing a huge part to coordinate the destroying of America via NAFTA agreement by all her Treasury Director money laundering! Read it on her very own profile of the jobs she did.

        • Too, lets not forget about “Prescott” Bush back in 1945. That is grandpa to the President Bushs. He was found guilty of high treason by the highest US Courts of money laundering of Nazi money into the US during WW2. Fact little old lady! So you see, the Bush family has a proven court record of high treason during war and money laundering. Look it up yourself. So Bush owns both Romney and Cruz by bribes in their past. So you see, its in the Bush Republican history of criminal activity, thanks to grandpa Bush traitor status of supporting germany during war and not America. The truth is hard to accept isn’t it?

  • you all are sleeping. trump is a freemason and a false prophet.
    always holding up that masonic handsign.
    who cares if they kill him.
    wheres trump talking about real truths?
    like electro-magnetic radiation, chemtrails, geo engineering, gmo’s , vaccines ?
    just another faggot fascist freemason.

  • Silent Majority Flocks To Trump As He Exposes Totalitarian Leftists Who Oppose Free Speech

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