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The Number 1 Bernie Sanders Secret — Banned From TV

Sunday, April 10, 2016 1:37
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(Before It's News)

Bernie Sanders has a secret. The millions of supporters that follow Senator Sanders are not aware of this massive secret. Most of Bernie’s followers are amazingly dedicated because they’ve understood his position on redistributing our nations wealth through a revolutionized and fair tax system, income equality, marijuana decriminalization, big money in politics, women’s rights, and so much more. The core issues that Americans face have been front and center in the Sanders’ campaign since day 1. So it’s clear to see that Bernie Sanders’ goals hold no secrets. So what is Bernie Sanders’ #1 secret? Let’s explore…

Since 2015 when Senator Sanders announces his candidacy for president, the battle has been both uphill and noticeably unfair. The main stream media has been the largest component of corruption when it comes to dealing with fairness and public perception of candidates. Why is the main stream media biased? Because they are not “free”. The main stream media is owned by the same corporate interests that influence the political process. Read that again. The main stream media selfishly gives the American public the “APPROVED-BY-CORPORATE” version of reporting that is necessary to fit a particular narrative. This information is extremely important to know when you are electing a candidate for President of the United States.

Main Stream Media - All Rights Matter

So how is the media having an effect on the Sanders’ campaign during this election cycle? An article from the The Intercept listed below gives us a chilling description of the “approved-by-corporate” position taken by these massively influential main stream media outlets:

The Intercept searched Nexis’ database of transcripts for news shows on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and NBC from the past 30 days, looking for mentions of Trump or Sanders in the headline or opening paragraph. Nexis doesn’t collect everything, so the results are not reliable for absolute measurements, but they do allow for comparisons. There were 20 hits for Sanders; 690 for Trump.

Here’s what the transcript of mentions of Sanders looks like. Scroll through yourself.

Here’s the transcript of mentions of Trump. Scroll through, but maybe grab a snack first if you want to read all of the coverage; it will take you a while.

We also did a Nexis search focused on two major newspaper websites: The New York Times and the Washington Post. We looked exclusively at headlines over the past month, finding 22 Sanders headlines in the Times and 64 in the Post. Trump, by comparison, had 145 headline mentions in the Times and 535 mentions in the Post. 

It is clear to see that the bias taken towards the Sanders campaign is both unwarranted and untruthful. Being able to make this clear assertion we can conclude that this amount of preferential treatment is both PLANNED and MALICIOUS. The amount of “education” that the public receives from main stream media outlets has been compromised by the intentions and plans of their corporate top 1% owners. The real crime is not in the deception of how often a candidate is named. The real crime lies within the details that the public is not being told. And that is why you are here today. Let’s discuss what the media has failed to mention.

George Soros Funds Hillary and Trump

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have had the same top 1% backing them during their long careers. So who in the top 1% is in control of making sure that the billionaire class stays in power and ultimately buys the seat of the United States presidency? None other than everyone’s favorite neighborhood-friendly George Soros. The reach of Soros’ control over the global financial system coupled with his control of the political arenas in every civilized country is immeasurable. Soros has been known to overthrow democracies and help to prop up tyranny on a global scale for decades now. His drive for global control is not centered in constitutional values or Godly moral beliefs. George Soros’ only goal in controlling the outcomes of situations is purely based on one reason… Financial gain.

Knowing that George Soros is friends with both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton puts the 2016 elections cycle in a different light. Knowing that Soros has been extremely efficient at overthrowing governments in the past would be bring into question his intentions through both candidates. Since the main stream media will not focus on the fact that Soros is friends with and has funded both candidates to the tune of millions of dollars, it is up to us to expose the truth. How this truth can be found is through studying hard factual information. The following video will give you all the facts that you need to know on who the American people are really for. The “secret statistic” provided in this video also proves Bernie Sanders would not be just a good president, but possibly a once in a lifetime candidate.

Now that you see the truth for yourself, pass the above video along to someone that believes that Bernie Sanders can’t win and wouldn’t be a good president. He can win and he must win if we are going to be able to keep our constitutional values. The billionaire class is gutting what’s left of the Republican party so they can put a super liberal corporate communist in office.  And I’m certainly not talking about Bernie Sanders who has decided early on not to accept billionaire donations as the lifeblood of his campaign. Hillary Clinton is the establishment candidate and they are fighting hard to get her into office.

Every poll has Clinton beating Trump but not one poll has Trump beating Clinton in a general election. Here is where you find what is really happening at the hands of the corporate elite that control the media narrative… Marketing misdirection. Trump helps to keep the heat off of Hillary Clinton and the billionaire class knows and endorses this amazing spectacle that we’re witnessing. Trump, Hillary and Soros are committing crimes against America right now. Why hasn’t anyone questioned Trump’s allegiance to Soros and Clinton in relations to why he’s decided to run as a Republican? Why hasn’t anyone questioned the media’s clear bias towards Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and whether that bias has any relations to the intentions of George Soros?

Donald Trump Kills The Republican Party

Vote for Bernie Sanders in 2016 to send a loud a clear message to the top 1%. America will not be controlled or manipulated by those that choose to shred our Constitutional freedoms and liberties all in the name of benefiting the economic goals of global corporations and banks. Send a message loud and clear by sharing this article out to everyone you know. Let everyone know that the billionaire class is hijacking the 2016 election process by destroying one party to divert the attention away from the establishment candidate’s criminal flaws, that would ultimately disqualify her from a legal and legitimate presidential run. The big bank and corporate takeover is underway. Vote for Bernie Sanders to stop the takeover! ~Sincere #Bernie2016 #AllRightsMatter #ARM

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