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Trump Will Become President if There Is Not a False Flag Attack, GOP Voter Fraud, or Trump Assassination

Saturday, April 23, 2016 7:07
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There is a major story brewing. Donald Trump could actually win the Presidency. Well, that is if he can prevent the theft of the primary process from some very unscrupulous Republican officials. And can Trump stay on his feet, literally, until he reaches the White House. Also, a major false flag attack upon the Republican convention could derail all Presidential candidates and their campaigns.

Trump Is Proving to be a Resilient Candidate

Despite the abortion comment, during the New York Primary, 57% of the Republican women who cast votes, cast their vote for Donald Trump. Donald Trump has a commanding lead in California.  In fact, Fox News is reporting that Trump is winning over conservative women voters in California and the trend is continuing in other parts of the country.

Americans have never been more desperate in the modern world. They are looking for someone who is not an insider and they are willling to forgive and forget, a lot, in order to find that person. At the present moment, there is not another outsider candidate that could pull votes away from Trump.

Can Trump Beat Clinton?

What if it’s ultimately a Clinton-Trump matchup in November? Recent statement by many indicate that if they think that Rubio and Kasich’s delegates are going to automatically vote for who the low hanging fruit candidates want them to vote for, insider information says that is not going to happen.

Perhaps he Biggest Reason That Trump May Get Elected

Respected economist, Harry Dent, has made some very short-term observations regarding the economy.Harry Dent is on the record saying that the Stock Market will go 6,000. Yes, you read that correctly, Dent is saying the wheels are coming off of the economy.

The continued demise of the economy and certainly  financial collapse of the United States will cause major defections from establishment supported candidates. What is so surprising, is that America is beginning to act like the economy has crashed and burned. News is about ready to be released that the first quarter Stock Market report is going to show a complete bust. People vote in favor of their pocketbooks. The first quarter reports are so bad that it will send investors looking for a savior, not an insider-candidate.

What? MSNBC  Show Reveal That Trump Could Beat Clinton

Support for the fact that Trump can win the election comes from a very surprising source:

“News personality and Morning Joe regular told the MSNBC show he believes Donald Trump can beat Hillary Clinton and win the general election. “I’m going to say this out loud — I actually think this guy is going to win,” Deutsch told a surprised Joe Scarborough on Friday’s broadcast.

“Obviously the woman problem, the Hispanic problem, the demographics are very against him. Having said that, though, Trump voters on the right are so sticky. They’re not going anywhere. Everybody who’s voting for Hillary, ‘Well, I guess Hillary,’” he said of Trump and Clinton supporters.

“Number two, he can go to the left and right of Hillary. He can pretty much put a portfolio of issues together that he’s behind.”


Barring any nefarious behavior by the criminal elite, Trump is going to win the 2016 election and become the next President.

Meanwhile, the Cruz campaign is sinking faster than a submarine with screen doors. If Ted is not being associated with the DC Madame, his father’s face is being identified as the one in the Lee Harvey Oswald photo.

And as I just learned, Hillary has a new scandal. In the next few days you will be reading that Hillary was receiving large donations from firms directly involved with Clinton’s work with the government, in yet another conflict of interest.

Does anyone actually think that the criminal elite are going to sit  and let this happen?

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  • And He changeth the times and the seasons: He removeth kings, and setteth up kings: He giveth wisdom unto the wise, and knowledge to them that know understanding: Daniel 2:21

    Whether there is an election this November or not it matters not who will win this election in November… No man nor woman can save that which has been given over for destruction…. USA is deserving of the destruction that is being held back for the right moment in God’s timing because of her abominations against God’s Holy Scriptures.
    God has never in all of man’s history failed to bring all of His prophecies to fulfillment, thus it would be very foolish of us to believe He would turn from His plans as revealed to us in the Book of Revelation.
    Many will claim that for nearly the last 2000 years man has talked of the prophecies which were written in Revelation but never has there been such a time as this with Israel back in the land which God had given to them since the crucifixion of Jesus on the Cross.

    God has never allowed the destruction of a nation nor of it’s people before first sending His warnings hoping that the hearts of the people might turn to Him, and He would show them His love and forgiveness and save them…
    USA will most definitely be destroyed and her destruction will be like none we have ever seen before, the only thing that matters is, are you a born again Christian, washed in the Blood of Christ Jesus?

    • loveigee

      :grin: Totally agree with…….high5

    • I am not allowed to vote even though I am registered. Just letting you know your response was very well stated.

  • Things will get ugly if something happens to Mr. Trump.

    • Best ask JFK Jr about that…

  • The Clintons are one of the most filthiest people on this planet so they are well connected. Their people are more firmly embedded than a feasting bedbug and your, er their government is INFESTED with them.

    Easy money will never depart without a fight. They will put up the biggest battle and will go to the extreme length of all that you mentioned. Assassination, a horrendous FF operation or plain stick-it-in-your-guts fraud!

  • Trump will win BECAUSE OF THE COMING FALSE FLAG. He will win because he is the one the Illuminati want!

    • Actually, the Brotherhood really don’t care at all, they just sit back amazed at how profoundly stupid the flock really are.

  • Presidential ~ RE: Lip Sainted
    Presidential ~ Pleases Rid ‘n’ IT

  • Presidential ~ Preside ‘n’ Tail
    Presidential ‘n’ Lit A ~ Steadily Reptilian

    • The ‘n’ should be a ‘y’.

  • It’a to bad that we can’t just buy “Hitlary Ho’” and her spouse “Billy Bob Horn Dog Howdy” Clinton a couple of Grayhound bus tickets back to “Po’ White Trailer Trash Podunk Ar-KIN-”saw” !!! Mabey they could even get their own well deserved reality tv show there as well ; “Po’ EXTREMELY corrupt , LIE-IN’, thievin’ white trailer trash….an’ them peoples what luv’s ‘em” !!!! I think “ya’ll” calls them peoples what luv’s ‘em “Dumbocrats” !!!

  • Werr Pat a finarry back with a seemingry 5000 yeal hiatus flom the bin.
    In a China with 5000 yeals of lerigion, it seems Danier 2:11 aready have erection fatigue. China gonna’ take youl bibre plophecies and stuff’em up youl alse.
    Fat falt Dave Hoggs tark a rot about a scliptule and a Jew destluction of Amelica and it’s not in the pran. There is a Tlump cald. The brood of a Chlist use a leveration rike a scale tactic. China had a many levorutions and is stirr be a China.
    The almy wirr get off its alse and pick off the Solos and rikes of Solos and Amelicans wirr forrow to kick youl jewasses back to Herr. Thele you’rr meet the Crintons and the lest of the 犹口交人. Go to Herr hatels of Amelica!

  • The false flag is the ace in the hole ! many will beg for martial law because they are afraid of their own shadow !

    much more common sense at my site !

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