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An open letter to Jeremy Corbyn MP – a time for change

Tuesday, June 21, 2016 4:32
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Rt Hon Jeremy Corbyn MP

House of Commons




Dear Jeremy,


Firstly, let us say that we share your condolences to the family and friends of Jo Cox, who are and will remain in our thoughts and prayers at this astoundingly difficult time.

Thank you for your words of comfort, however words are no longer enough. There is a lot of anger among the people of Britain and the events of last Thursday only show the tip of the true extent of it. We pray that this is and will remain a one off occurrence and condemn violence in all forms, including all wars globally. Regardless of religious faith, or lack of, it should be a basic principle of any democratic nation to equally condemn all violence and therefore work to facilitate peace and unity, yet successive governments of Britain have and continue to promote and facilitate the spread of violence and fear.

As concerned citizens of the United Kingdom, we the members of Redesigning Democracy UK are well aware of the mass manipulation of the people agenda. We see the utter depravity and undemocratic behaviour that continues on a daily basis from our elected representatives of all political parties and when the British people see such vile and disgusting behaviour from those we have elected to represent us, they believe this to be an acceptable way to behave and sadly, as a result, we have all been forced to bear witness to the tragic events of last Thursday, which have lead to the sudden and callous death of  Jo Cox. Today, a husband is mourning the loss of his wife, two young children are without their mother, her parents without their daughter, friends and family without a loved one and an entire nation in mourning.

Let us be clear. We are not accusing any MP of either pulling the trigger, or holding the knife that Killed Jo Cox. That person will rightly face justice for their actions through our criminal justice system. What we are directly and unreservedly accusing MP’s of however, is both contributing to and facilitating the circumstances that have lead to this tragic event and we extend our accusation to the members of our media and so called “free press”, all of whom have participated in the spread of division and fear among the British people, most recently concerning the forthcoming in/out EU referendum.  [i] [ii] [iii] [iv] [v] [vi] [vii]  and we call this “the news”.

David Cameron, George Osborne and many other MP’s, including some within your own party, have been very critical of the most recent labour government and admittedly with good cause, though not for the reasons given. They have frequently claimed that the reason our economy is in such a dire state, is because the previous labour government overspent. As you well know, that is an utter lie, which can easily be rebuked by the facts. Part of the real reason is we suggest, because Alistair Darling, our former chancellor, decided that we the British people would take responsibility for the banker’s irresponsible behaviour, greed and gambling debts, when they almost crashed in 2008-09. We believe Darling knew the bailouts would never pass a vote in the House of Commons and suggest that is the real reason the matter was never discussed with our elected representatives. The bankers had become too greedy and over invested in the US housing market, which crashed in late 2007, sending massive shock waves around the world. In our opinions, this, is part of the real reason our economy is in the state that it is and was co-facilitated by the previous labour and conservative government’s, who had removed the regulations in place that once protected us all.

Most, if not all of our MP’s have lied to us about there being no alternative to a ruthless program of austerity, that has and continues to at least contribute to, if not directly caused,  more than 1 million of us being forced to endure the indignity of accepting handouts from food banks, simply because they cannot afford to feed themselves and their families, 3.7million of our children living in poverty, people dying, having had their benefits stopped for minor mis-demeanours, cuts to our police force, human rights abuses against disabled people, cuts to local government budgets, people committing suicide in our immigrant removal centres, job losses, “one in five people in the UK today are struggling to put food on the table and heat their homes”, ever increasing levels of inequality, the destruction of prospects and hope for our young people, an increase in the number of children being prescribed anti depressants, the vilification and humiliation of British people, whom for whatever reason, find themselves unable to obtain/maintain employment, at least 3,569 people sleeping on the streets of London every night, (a 30% increase on figures from 2010), and as those of us who celebrate Christmas were coming together with family and friends, 100,000 of our children did not have a safe and secure place to call home, while 7,500 council homes lay empty in London, the continuation of the agenda to privatise our NHS, which as at April ’16, was at least £2.3 billion in debt. We are confident you will agree Jeremy that as a nation, we have strayed far from the original vision of Aneurin Bevan, widely considered to be the founder of our NHS.

Meanwhile however, apparently we can afford an estimated £205 billion on replacing our arsenal of weapons of mass destruction, an estimated £6.2 billion on the refurbishment of a single warship,  £29 billion on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, £320 million on the war in Libya, an as yet unknown amount on the war in Syria, and then of course the humanitarian cost of such conflict, including the deaths and displacements of millions of people, most of whom we have and continue to refuse to help, yet we consider ourselves a beacon of democracy. Apparently we can also afford to lose £2.3 billion on the sale of Royal Mail, £2 billion on the sale of Northern Rock to Virgin Money, partially owned by our prime ministers friend Richard Branson, an estimated £39.7 billion loss on the planned sale of our shareholding in RBS bank Group, despite the existence of a more favourable alternative, public sector jobs paying £530 per day for former MP’s who fail to get re-elected, an estimated £119.4 billion in unpaid taxes per annum, we are expected to accept payment of £130 million against an estimated tax bill of £900 million as a victory, while paying £57 billion in 2015/16, on our £4.8 trillion national debt, salaries of up to £2,000 per day for our NHS trust CEO’s and £6 million on an anti tax avoidance/evasion campaign through an advertising agency, ultimately owned in an offshore tax haven, to name a few.

We know at least a little about the revolving door between Whitehall and the city of London, the extent to which private banks in the city of London have influence over our government, the true extent of our governments commitment to cracking down on tax avoidance, evasion  and British tax havens, the plan to selloff NHS People, the corruption within our NHS, the plan to privatise our NHS, which has been facilitated by several successive governments, the vilification, inhumane and sometimes unlawful treatment of those among us with the courage to speak the truth, the real reason behind the junior doctors dispute, the cover-ups,[viii] [ix] [x] [xi] the plan to privatise our schools, historical child abuse, the spread of Islamophobia, the lobbying industry in Scotland, and in Westminster, conflicts of interest, the Henry Jackson society, plans for fracking in the North York national park, nuclear energy, climate change & the oil industry, financial services lobbying, political ethics, political spin, spooks and spies, war and foreign policy,  our role in the creation of ISIS, false flag terrorism, the tactics used to subjugate Syria and its people, the fight against the Islamic state, the persistent greed of at least some of our MP’s, the role of EU president Jean-Claude Juncker in what has become known as the Luxleaks scandal, the unpublished stories about the bank bail-ins in Austria, the Israel lobby and the EU, and your own previous condemnation of the TTIP agreement, which leaves us confused about why you would suggest we remain within the remit of the EU, therefore exposed to the TTIP agreement, and many other stories of utter depravity.

All that said however, what we are most bemused by Jeremy, is your repeated failure to inform the British people of the truth about money and debt, the fact that our government have the power to produce both debt and interest free money, which could ease the suffering of millions of British people very rapidly indeed. When you were elected as leader of the Labour Party Jeremy, you promised “a new kind of politics” and by doing so, raised the hopes of millions of people in Britain, many of whom had long ago given up both hope and belief in our political system, while others were just arriving at the point of being able to participate by voting. You promise that things will be different, if you are elected to the seat of power in 2020, yet this is a promise the British people are all too familiar with and then once elected, the promise maker conveniently forgets, or finds some justification for not being able to fulfil their promise. We accuse you Jeremy, publicly and openly, of failing those who placed their trust in you, by electing you as leader of the Labour Party, those who have joined the party since and the British people at large. You have and continue to fail us all, by failing to speak the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, which in a democratic nation, is the very least we should be able to expect from those we elect to serve and represent us in our own best interests.

Again, let us be clear. We do not condone violence of any kind and share a great concern that the situation has been allowed to exacerbate to the extent that an innocent civilian, loving wife, dedicated mother, much loved daughter, friend, colleague and representative of our “democracy” has had her life cut short, while serving those she was elected to represent. We are not threatening violence of any kind, however, we cannot in clear conscience, stand idly by while the circumstances that have lead to the death of Jo Cox, have and continue to be fuelled and facilitated by those we have entrusted to represent us. In due course, all of our MP’s and politicians will be held to account for their actions, but for now, we are calling you to account for both your own actions and your failure to set an example by speaking the truth and in so doing, we present you with an opportunity to demonstrate publicly and unreservedly, the true extent of your commitment to the promise you have made, of “a new kind of politics” and thus far failed to deliver.


We eagerly await your response



Yours sincerely


Damien Quigg

Founder of Redesigning


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