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Barack Blames The Tool, NOT the Terrorist!

Thursday, June 23, 2016 8:43
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“Progressives” continue their rhetorical tricks to eviscerate the 2nd Amendment

As predictable as the sunrise, President Obama immediately pushed for a ban on “assault weapons”, specifically the AR15 and AR10 rifle, and similar variants, in the aftermath of the alleged shooting and massacre at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando.  Rather than condemn the radical Muslim terrorist who purportedly did all the shooting and killing, and condemn the philosophy which legitimizes killing male and female homosexuals as somehow being a fitting tribute to Allah, President Obama once again blames the tool and not the man or the philosophy which pulled the trigger.  This is like blaming the car Lakeisha Holloway drove for the wanton injury and murder of people in Las Vegas in 2015 when she deliberately and repeatedly ran her car onto the sidewalk.

How would you feel if President Obama decided, in his infinite wisdom, to outlaw automobiles because one deranged person used them to commit mass murder?  What about all the other automobile owners who drive their cars responsibly?   Using our glorious leader’s mentality,”… if we can save just one life….” then it would justify the removal of the menace of automobiles from our society and “…get them off the streets…” as he has so often advocated for firearms!  After all, don’t automobiles “kill” over 30,000 Americans every year, just like firearms “kill” nearly the same number?  Or is it the person behind the wheel or behind the trigger who decides what happens and how that tool is used?

There are more than a few unintentional ironies with President Obama’s current push to disarm Americans yet again.  In the first place, real assault weapons are defined by the ATF as being only those firearms which are FULLY AUTOMATIC.   Or to put it in plain English for those readers who are unfamiliar with firearms in general, a REAL “assault weapon” is a MACHINE GUN.  You pull the trigger once, and the gun keeps firing until all the bullets in the magazine are gone.   This type of firearm is illegal to own in most states, and ownership is severely restricted in others, entailing a long process of licensing by the ATF that can take over a year.   
The rifle that Omar Mateen allegedly used to kill 49 people and injure 53 others in Orlando was not at “assault weapon.”  It was not a “machine gun.”   It was a SEMI-automatic assault style weapon whose variants have been available on the civilian market for more than 50 years.  Although it is cosmetically identical to a real assault weapon, it cannot fire in a fully automatic mode, like a true machine gun assault weapon.   If you pull the trigger once, only ONE bullet is fired.   It would require 30 trigger pulls to fire 30 rounds of ammunition.
Why is this distinction important?  Because ignorant politicians, media mouthpieces, and imbeciles like former U.S. Representative Alan Grayson continue to push the lie in the mind of gullible Americans that “assault STYLE weapons” are machine guns, and that such “weapons of war” must be taken “off the streets.”  It is a concerted plan to switch the blame for this atrocity on the tool, and not on the political philosophy of radical Islamic terrorism which produced this massacre, a phrase which our president still refuses to utter.
Of course, ANY firearm is a “weapon of war.”   And according to the mantra of Obama’s acolytes, we have to get them “off our streets.”   But would they also advocate dis-arming our police too?   After all, our police are out on the same streets with the same  ”weapons of war.”   If guns and firearms are so inherently evil and dangerous, why not ban ALL of them?
The answer to rational minds is that the danger any weapon may offer is utterly dependent upon the person who possesses that weapon — it is based upon the INTENT of the owner, not the tool!  For the benefit of Liberals, Democrats and Progressives, let me state the obvious:  a firearm is only a tool — any potential evil can only reside in the person behind the trigger, not in the tool itself.
Why is this “minor” distinction important?   Because rather than deal with disarming radical Muslim terrorists, the Obama administration and its minions seeks, instead, to gradually disarm the 99%+ of American firearms owners who never commit a crime.   The further irony, of course, is that any serious terrorist would never be stopped by any such law, no more than the law against murdering other human beings stopped Omar Mateen.   They would simply but a firearm on the black market and go on their merry way — killing defenseless American citizens.
It may surprise progressives dupes, but the same firearm that can be used for aggression (assault) can also be used for defense — to save a person’s LIFE.   It has been estimated by the respected criminologist Gary Kleck that firearms are routinely used between 800,000 to 2.5 million times per year to protect lives in America.   But Obama and those who foster the disarmament myth conveniently forget about that statistic!
Semi-automatic high capacity rifles, which according to the FBI are used in less than 1% of all crimes, have been demonized because THEY LOOK LIKE their fully automatic military ASSAULT WEAPONS counterparts — but they function entirely differently.  However, this distinction does not prevent the Left, who capitalize on the mental confusion fostered by this visual similarity, from pushing a pseudo-”assault” weapons ban for rifles that are not legally true “assault weapons.”  The “progressive” Left would rather blame the tool than the individual who uses it.  Followed to its logical conclusion, then, why not take the weapon to court and put it in jail, rather than the poor, innocent terrorist who was seduced by the inherent evil of the firearm itself?
But let’s take their specious argument one step further.   What exactly makes an “assault weapon?”   Why is it that in such countries as England, ALL firearms are banned, as well as long knives, or swords, or nearly anything that can be used for self-defense?   It is because the real agenda behind the “assault weapons” ban here is exactly the same as the agenda which ultimately outlawed all public ownership of firearms in England — to disarm the populace and make them prey to the criminal element in order to make the populace more dependent upon government for protection rather than to foster independence and self-reliance.
After all, ANYTHING can be used to commit an “assault.”   Just consider, for example, that long knitting needles, or even pencils, can be easily used to kill a person.   Even a convenient rock can be used to dispatch a person to the grave.  Does this potential possibility make these tools into “assault” knitting needles or “assault” pencils or “assault” rocks?   Of course not!   Assault is an ACTION, not a state of being!  Taken in the broadest context, anything that can be used to “assault” another human being can be used as an “assault” weapon!
Therefore, taken to its “logical” conclusion, any firearm, or “weapon of war” (demonized label of mind control by the Elite) can be used to commit an “assault” upon another person, just as any such weapon can be used to defend your life from a criminal predator.   If you protect your home and family from death with such a weapon, have you committed an “assault” upon the criminal?  Or have you used your weapon in an act of DEFENSE?   How can an “assault” weapon also be a “defense” weapon?   Easily – because it all depends on how such a weapon is USED and for what purpose, DOES IT NOT??!!
Ultimately, the ignorant among us who push for such an “assault” weapons ban, should they be successful, will also apply it to semi-automatic handguns.   If they can make these illegal, they will move onto revolvers and hunting rifles — or as they are mislabelled by the Left — “sniper” rifles.   You see, it is the demonization of the tool that is important to progressives, not reality; the ultimate goal being the ban and confiscation of all firearms of any type, because, after all, firearms are “weapons of war.”  But so were rocks and tree branches (clubs) when wars first began–should we ban all of them as well?
The bottom line for these blue sky Utopians is to place all trust in government, so that only criminals and government  (often one and the same) are armed and the populace, as in Bolshevik Russia, cowers in terror at the latest diktat emanating from the government.
Do not be fooled by the rhetorical tricks of the Left and gullible media talking heads, as well as predatory politicians, to abandon your  right to own any firearm, any so-called “weapon of war” that you can use to defend your life, your family and your property.   If you ludicrously believe that banning assault “style” weapons because they look like real military assault weapon machine guns will somehow make us safer, then why not simply ban ALL weapons of war from civilian possession?   Why not?   Because criminals do not obey The Law, by definition, and will always have any firearm they want to have, while you, thanks to The Left, will be stripped of all tools for your protection, rendering you helpless and defenseless against them!
Criminals will always find a way to get the weapons they want thru the black market, just as they did in France where all firearms are illegal.   The criminal mafia will import them over our porous Northern and Southern borders, or on boats and thru tunnels, and they will include REAL assault rifles, RPGs, bazookas and even surface-to-air missiles.   Anything is available on the criminal market!
Our government, the same one that was found guilty of supplying Mexican drug cartels with over 2,000 semi- and fully automatic “assault” weapons — “weapons of war” —  will be more than happy to disarm you completely if you are sufficiently stupid to allow them to do so.   Rather than lay down and roll over as the New World Order takes possession of the last bastion of freedom on this planet, I urge you to buy as many semi-automatic “assault style” weapons you can lay legally your hands on before the forces of darkness and ignorance persuade the brain-dead masses that an “assault weapons” ban will somehow make them safer, rather than easier prey, for religious or state terrorists.
For those of you who would rather trust your fortunes to the police or the military (acting illegally within our borders and violating the principles of Posse Comitatus) or the criminal gangs and terrorists Obama has deliberately allowed into this country, I leave you with the words of Founding Father Samuel Adams addressing his fellow countrymen who wished to turn in their arms to the English:  ”If you love wealth greater than Liberty, the tranquility of servitude greater than the animating contest of Freedom, go home from us in peace.  We seek not your counsel or your arms.  Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you; May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.”
Copyright 2016, LCVincent, all rights reserved

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