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Chaos? You Want Chaos? Ok, We’ll Give You Chaos! – Sister Ciara

Saturday, June 25, 2016 9:02
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Chaos? You Want Chaos? OK, WE’LL GIVE YOU CHAOS!!!

“I would like to see anyone, prophet, king or God, convince a thousand cats to do the same thing at the same time.” ..Neil Gaiman

Special Report from Sister Ciara

In December, 2012, the United States National Intelligence Council (NIC) published their latest 5-year report that forecasts long-term implications and is titled Global Trends 2030: Alternative Worlds.

The purpose of this document, the NIC says, is: “We are at a critical juncture in human history, which could lead to widely contrasting futures. It is our contention that the future is not set in stone, but is malleable, the result of an interplay among megatrends, game-changers and, above all, human agency. Our effort is to encourage decisionmakers—whether in government or outside—to think and plan for the long term so that negative futures do not occur and positive ones have a better chance of unfolding.”

In planning for a future the NIC says is “not set in stone” and is “malleable”, they pose the question: “Will the US be able to work with new partners to reinvent the international system?”

This question leads one to then ask, what kind of future does the NIC envision? And they answer this question by positing these 4 scenarios:

Stalled Engines: In the most plausible worst-case scenario, the risks of interstate conflict increase. The US draws inward and globalization stalls.

Fusion: In the most plausible best-case outcome, China and the US collaborate on a range of issues, leading to broader global cooperation.

Gini-Out-of-the-Bottle: Inequalities explode as some countries become big winners and others fail. Inequalities within countries increase social tensions. Without completely disengaging, the US is no longer the “global policeman.”

Nonstate World: Driven by new technologies, nonstate actors take the lead in confronting global challenges.

By these 4 scenarios posited by the NIC, and as anyone can plainly see, the US in its attempt to “reinvent the international system” clearly prefers the Fusion option where it joins with China to create a bi-polar world where these two powers reign supreme with the rest of the world being divided up into more manageable Nonstate Actors that would pose no threat to either of them.

For anyone to fully understand what the NIC, and hence US global policy, is trying to achieve one must, also, know who they are against—and in its most simplistic term is called the Nation State.

A state is specifically a political and geopolitical entity, while a nation is a cultural and ethnic one, and we know them today as countries—like the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, etc., and that have only been in existence since 1648.

In the aftermath of the 20th Century “total war” concept that decimated entire empires and nations, and killed hundreds-of-millions of people the world over, and spurred on by instant global communications and fast, cheap travel, the nation state was viewed by the Western ruling elites as a quaint, even dangerous anachronism—and in the late 1990’s, two critical, and very important, international policy papers titled The Demise of the Nation State and The Demise of the Nation-State: Towards a New Theory of the State under International Law began providing the intellectual road map on how to destroy them.

Only by understanding the hatred the Western elites have against nation states can one then begin to fathom the truest meaning of Brexit where the United Kingdom voted to exit the European Union—and which has very predictably led to Scotland saying they might leave the UK, London might become its own nation, five other nations might leave the EU, and even the State of Texas saying, once again, they might become a separate nation too.

From your propaganda Western elitist media, all you’re going to hear about Brexit (and the rise of Donald Trump too), and its deeper meaning, is that it was fueled by a right-wing nationalist movement fueled by anger toward political elites and mistrust of immigration — and primarily backed by white voters — who are gaining more and more momentum in both Europe and the United States.

Even worse, the propaganda from these elites are, also, reaching near hysterical levels too—such as the former US Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan warning yesterday: “This is the worst period, I recall since I’ve been in public service. There’s nothing like it, including the crisis — remember October 19th, 1987, when the Dow went down by a record amount 23 percent? That I thought was the bottom of all potential problems. This has a corrosive effect that will not go away. I’d love to find something positive to say.”

Now with this entire tutorial of sorts being explained to you by me, please allow me to give you an analogy of what is REALLY happening:

Brexit is nothing more than a package that was delivered to our collective door yesterday and still has to be unpacked, the instructions for assembly found, and then once it is put together in its totality can it even begin to be understood.

From the initial pieces of Brexit we can see, however, is that it is nothing more than a “show” of sorts and is meant as a prelude to the even greater chaos to come—and remember this FACT: “Fourth Turnings never peter out. They intensify to a crescendo of turmoil, chaos, violence, war, and bloodshed. This Fourth Turning intensification just got turned up dramatically. It will eventually be turned up to 11.

Also, and please don’t forget this, EVERY SINGLE mainstream news article, and poll, about Brexit were 100% wrong, just like they are about Donald Trump, and many other issues critical to your knowing too—after all, and don’t forget this either, these mainstream news sources are nothing more than propaganda designed to tell you how to think and act, so they weren’t actually wrong, they just failed to influence you because you weren’t listening!

And if millions of people the world over are failing to listen to their “media masters”, who then are they listening to?

Well, and you know this already, that’s why you’re reading this!

However, and as always, we can’t continue telling you the truth unless you help us, NOW, TODAY! And just ask yourself, how important is it to you to ALWAYS the know the truth the elites try to keep hidden from you?

We, of course, can’t do this alone without your help, so please keep helping us help you—and maybe we’ll all win out in the end!

Have great peace with God,

Sister Ciara

Dublin, Ireland 25 June 2016


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