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ISIS update 6/4/2016..Syrian army enters Raqqah province

Saturday, June 4, 2016 10:16
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Syrian forces 12km away from Raqqah province

Syrian army enters Raqqah province

Breaking: Surprise Syrian Drive on Raqqah Blocks Secret US Plan | Veterans Today

By Gordon Duff with Nahed al Hussaini and Dr. Bassam Barakat, VT Damascus

Exclusive: Iraqi forces have captured an Israeli military commander trying to escape from Fallujah. We expect to have his identity in a few hours.

Advance units of the Syrian Arab Army, supported by forces of Hezbollah, Iranian volunteers and Russian Aerospace fighter/bombers are advancing on the ISIS held Tabqa Military Airport, just south of Raqqah.

Sources in Damascus have told VT that this drive, supported by Russian Aerospace sorties, is advancing through the night to seize the ISIS held airport after it was learned that America planned to open a major base there, dominating this vital region, part of a secret agreement to split Syria, a plan made showing a shocking level of cooperation between “strange bedfellows,” most notable an American deal with ISIS against Damascus.


Thus far today, ISIS has lost 15 armored vehicles to Russian air attacks, while the Syrian Arab Army is moving steadily northward against light to moderate resistance. Russia has centered its air efforts against resupply convoys moving south out of Raqqah and is choking off units in the area.

Our sources tell us that Russian intelligence learned of a meeting in Azaz, scene of what is being reported as significant fighting between ISIS and Syrian (Kurdish) Democratic Forces. Azaz is a key transit point for arms flowing into Northern Aleppo from Turkey.

The Plot

The meeting between American, Turkish, Israeli and SDF representatives, joined by military operational leaders of the Free Syrian Army, ISIS and al Nusra, outlined a staged “theatrical” chain of events intended to move ISIS ostensibly out of Northern Syria and replace them with a Turkish/Israeli consortium which has, in actuality, managed ISIS all along.

A VT source with a SDF unit near Hasakah noted that US air strikes on ISIS positions, in support of the Kurdish advance, were careful not to inflict casualties but rather to allow ISIS to safely withdraw forces on what those on site believe to be a predetermined schedule.

This schedule, we believe, was arranged for in Azaz, indicating full cooperation between the US, Turkey, Israel and terrorist forces in both Syria and Iraq, and that Kurdish forces are fully complicit.

Why Here

Much of Syria’s wealth is centered around Raqqah, explaining why ISIS sought this as their capitol.

It isn’t just oil fields south of Raqqah, this is also home to Syria’s largest hydroelectric facility as well, the real power behind ISIS. This is the largest source of fresh water in the entire Middle East, which sustains the wheat and cotton production that drove the Syrian economy.

What You Aren’t Being Told

The US had originally contracted with the Syrian Democratic Forces, paying off their leadership, to turn over areas they took control of to the Free Syrian Army, this was when the US felt there was a chance of setting up a puppet regime in Damascus.

As the situation on the ground, particularly after Russian forces rebuilt the Syrian Arab Army in 2015, changed making this contingency unrealistic. What had become clear is that the “rope-a-dope” phony war against ISIS being waged by Washington, using up time while Turkish, Saudi and Israeli backed “moderate head choppers” wore down Damascus, was no longer going to give a favorable result, not with the Syrian Arab Army on the move.

Then US then, with a decision said to be made by Secretary of Defense Ash Carter, ordered the dismemberment of ISIS units, partially shutting down ISIS as though it were an American controlled irregular military force.

The US would then have SDF forces move Westward against Manbij, in Eastern Aleppo province while temporarily suspending the drive on Raqqah, in actuality, a feint. The real purpose was to take control over the dam, the airport, and turn it all over to the Kurds, territory that had been Arab/Assyrian for 4 thousand years

Syria. VKS Russia destroyed a convoy of fuel tankers

“US asks Russia not to attack Nusra Front in Syria”

Russian night airstrikes on Jihadists positions in Aleppo countryside

Syrian Army scores a direct hit on Jihadists gathering in southern Aleppo

Intense shelling as several Aleppo neighborhoods attacked by ISIS

Syria, Aleppo, 06/03/2016 – Colonel Suheil al Hassan during meeting with his Soldiers

Syrian Army Smash Al-Nusra Terrorists Southwest of Damascus

Iraqi Forces Advance in 4 Corners of Fallujah.

Iraqi army at gates of ISIL-held Fallujah

The Campaign for Fallujah amid Tensions in Iraq’s Shia Community

Civilian from Fallujah speaks of the strife endured in ISIS held Fallujah

Syrian Army Wins Back New Areas in Southern Aleppo
Syrian Army Inflicts Heavy Losses on Terrorists in Aleppo’s Khan Touman
Russian Air Force Inflicts Heavy Losses on Terrorists in Southern Aleppo
Syrian Army Seizes Back Strategic Village Near Tabaqa
Syria: Kurdish Forces Free Five Villages in Aleppo Province
Syrian Army Starts Fresh Military Operation to Win Back Raqqa
Kurdish Forces Win Back Key Hilltop in Aleppo
Faliq Al-Sham’s Senior Commander Killed in Southern Aleppo
Syria: Infighting Intensifies between Al-Nusra Front, Rival Terrorists in Western Dara’a

Death of a Caliphate: War on Terror Going Somewhere?

A new report by the United Nations Security Council says ISIL is facing defeats in Iraq and Syria, suggesting that the terror group is looking for more countries to expand into as alternative regions, with Libya seen as the start of a major move into Africa.True, ISIL has had some presence in Libya, holding oil regions in the central coast, including the city of Sirte. Still, it is wrong for the Security Council to suggest that it is ISIL and not the War Party in Washington that chooses the next frontline in the War on Terror. Obviously, terrorists don’t sign up for the local census!

With massive percentages of territory lost, there is no doubt that the days of ISIL in Iraq and Syria are numbered – notwithstanding the mass use of suicide bombers, snipers, IEDs, booby traps, and mortar teams. To date, the foreign-backed terror group is under attack in and around the last three big cities it holds in Iraq and Syria – Fallujah, Mosul, and Raqqa.

It is on track to lose these final battles as well, because it can no longer fight from fixed positions and achieve surprise by using mobile columns of vehicles packed with fighters. Nor can it withstand the Iraqi-Syrian airstrikes and ground offensives by national armies and Shiite-Sunni volunteer forces – backed by Iranian military advisors.

There might be some counter-offensives here and there, including the ability to slaughter civilians in great numbers by attacking undefended targets such as markets, pilgrimages, checkpoints and hospitals. Still, it is silly to argue that ISIL has what it takes to turn the tables, let alone “look for more countries to expand into as alternative regions.” The terror group is suffering defeats and it’s a success for the united people of Iraq and Syria rather than the US and its allies.

As is, ISIL went to Iraq and Syria as per some hegemonic and colonial designs. Now that the War Party and its coalition of regime changers have failed to partition Iraq and Syria under the “Joe Biden Plan”, they are doing the next best thing: Taking their bogus War on Terror – and their pawns – somewhere else, this time as the UN report says, to Libya, even though the territory ISIL holds there is far from any borders and there is not a significant presence anywhere else on the continent.

Nevertheless, this still provides a perfect venue for the American circus – with no timetable and certainly no credibility to sway public opinion toward its bogus counter-terror coalition. And the reason? The War Party has an interest in seeing it continue, not to mention the false flag terror crime wave that is driving the ill-considered War on Islam for Israel and its greater regional hegemony.

Taken together, the false flag pseudo-Islamist terror marketed by present and former members of the Israeli and American governments, new right politicians, high-ranking former intelligence officers, the anti-détente, pro-Cold War group associated with neoconservative journalists and intellectuals, as well as reactionary British and French politicians and publicists is going nowhere. The new report by the Security Council says the phony terror outbreak will grind on in Libya and it is a near certainty.

Of course, the UN report fails to mention that ISIL is just one small antagonist in the region’s many troubles. It fails to mention that the real and ever-present threats to regional security and peace are in fact America’s endless War on Terror, Israeli nukes and Zionism, unjust foreign policies, a profiteering Military-Industrial Complex, arms race, Saudi Wahhabism and sectarianism, plus millions of hungry and poor refugees. Not that the United Nations or the Security Council will be of much use in dealing with these genuine threats.


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