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By Dr. William B. Mount
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Why Hillary Is Going Down Now

Thursday, June 2, 2016 20:10
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(Before It's News)



Video::: Why Hillary Is Going Down Now – YouTube


Why take down the Clinton Murdering Mob now after they have done as the CIA has directed them to do for over 40 years?


Why expose Hillary’s Emials in the main stream press now?


She knowingly  murdered 200,000 vets during and after the Gulf Wars by selling Nuclear, Biological and Chemical weapons to Iraq during the wars nobody carried the stories on TV but  me?


(((See The Power Hour for proof)))


Why expose the Clinton’s for being raping murdering sexual perverts now?


Why show her “Smoking Gun” Email where she states the State Department Emials can be sent on an Unsecure server?


Did we not show her Emails on TV, in Print, and on You Tube stating she tried to start a full scale Nuclear War killing 6 Billion People and there was no reaction by most of the press?


Is not the VA selling of Active Duty Military Records around the world not worse that a few thousand unsecured emails by Hillary – who is now having a mental break down?


Our soldiers with Nuclear Security Codes having their records sold world wide so the VA Directors can get bonuses??????


Yet they are going after Hillary – who is now Mentally Unstable?????


Why exercise USC 18, Sec 793, 794 and 796 (Espionage Act) against Hillary when the Director’s of the VA are held unaccountable?


All of Hillary’s doubles seem to be connected mentally and they are all showing signs of – a mental break down?


Hillary killed our fellow soldiers – Yet Bill treated my Little Adopted Sister like a queen when she led him around on a tour of Yalta (Ukraine) in late 2007 – a real queen. He never made a move to rape her – he was a real gentle man.


Why expose the Clinton Drug Cartel now after Bill was the Arkansas Governor for 8 years and protected the US Air Force in their Drug Running out of their main Drug Distribution Center in Mina Arkansas?



I had a good friend who was offered the position of Chief Supply Sergeant for this base and when he said no his 18 year military career ended. When I agreed to intervene and get him his 2 years by forcing the issue he got scared, said no, and gave up 18years of retirement.


Was a State Patrol/Hit Man who went public stating the murders he committed for Bill and Hillary not enough?


Is it some kind of Knights Templar vs. Jesuit Scum war?


Lucifer loves to have people fight and kill each other for money – this is what he does – kill. He hates life itself, right


So what is behind making Hillary go Caddywhompus in the brain and taking her down?



Here is the CIA/Jesuit Plan for America:


1) 1 June the world realizes the US is Bankrupt and spending worthless paper – the Dollar Cracks


2) Push Hillary out of the way like a used up bloody moldy wet rag – when literally has gone caddywhompus in the brain and it can no longer be hidden


Consider the White House Bedroom after the Monica story broke where she broke everything in the bedroom because it was exposed -


Monica is an Israeli Intelligence Operative


3) Try and Kill Trump and his double. Make him out as a racist and have some Anarchist (CIA Hit Man) shoot him. Be careful on the 20th of June (CIA Sniper, high up, directly form the front, single shooter, 30 Caliber hollow point, 32 shots) and 17th of August – Kennedy Scenario – the nutty “Anarchist” who will be shot to cover up the truth). Just be careful.


4) Venezuelan Scenario for America By September – Food Riots – Dollar Break Down —


5) Place BERNIE in the Oval Office and eliminate all of our rights. The CIA/Jesuit


The Mormon’s plan to take down the White House after this happens and on the 5th floor of the Mormon Temple near DC there is an identical room to the Oval Office already built for the US Intelligence to retake the US back and restore the Republic as “The Constitution Hangs On By A Thread.”. This is, after all, one of their Mormon prophesies.


OK – it‘s their plan any way.



May Lucifer’s Minions be reminded that the rights enumerated in the US Bill of Rights are rights enumerated in the Law of Nations and given to man by GOD – all of GOD’s Children have these rights and from this day forward any attempts to remove these basic rights shall be answered by the Living GOD.


Judges – prepare to be judged by the Living GOD – so HE has said it, so it shall be.


Only GOD can remove these rights. GOD himself will have to step out in a Physical Form in Jerusalem and declare these rights HE gave us as Null and Void and that we are all slaves to change this


These are part of the Malchizedekian laws set forth since the beginning of time – as formally recognized by every religion and every nation on Earth – and violation thereof will now be met by GOD ever so harshly —- so HE has said it, so it shall be.


((Expect allot of changes))



We have the right to freedom of speech, freedom to worship the Living GOD as we please (Not Lucifer or any god Lucifer the Coward proclaims).


We have the right to be safe in our homes without any taxes upon our properties or unlawful searches – this is called Freedom/Liberty.


We have the right to carry a pistol or Rifle openly or concealed without any form of Corporate Permits


You may read the rest of your rights not so Enumerated in the Bill of Rights in the Bible or “Law of Nations“ which is fully recognized by the US Constitution and the Organic Constitution of 1871



I am an American citizen and my name is written:


William B. Mount


I am not a corporate Citizen – which is illegal. My name is not written as:




The name written in Capitol Letters  is a corporation registered with the Corporation of the “Office of Registraw” in DC. You cannot be a citizen of Starbuck Corporation or the Boeing corporation, and  you cannot be a citizen of the United States Corporation (USC2, Sec 286) and this is stated in the Uniform Commercial Code despite the fact that you are forced to sign forms stating you are a US Citizen – this is 100% Illegal.


As a retired Captain I am a US Officer, but not a US Citizen


For Example: USC 38 clearly discusses the relationship between the US Corporate Military Veteran and the American Citizen and what it’s obligations are and it is now time GOD will hold their hand to the fore or HE will personally BURN them, so HE has said it, so it shall be.


Please pay your taxes, get a Driver’s License and Register you car – which makes your car Property of the state but not it‘s contents



Fight this politically and through Prayer – or these Demon Possessed “Government Lucifarian Pimps” will destroy you – fight it on the political level.


The poor cop pulling you over  for speeding – he is under enough stress. Be polite – You may tell him: “I neither stand under nor understand the English Common Law Legal System but I comprehend everything you are saying and will cooperate with you in every way”


So the Clinton’s are going down  to make room for a Communist take over of America and the destruction of freedom world wide



Pray with us that you are not effected by this Political Garbage happening at the highest levels


Pray that all the Sexual Perverts and Murders go down in this nation immediately – that they all get so sick they can never move again


Be ready for the Venezuelan Scenario in America – Looting, Food Riots, Power 2 days a week, etc.



The News You Need


Ambassador, Dr William B. Mount




The Email That Condemns Hillary under the Espionage Act – She is a Traitor:




Hung by her own tongue………………


Hillary does not have Diplomatic Immunity – She was the wife of a Corporate President and a Corporate Department Head – but she will never go to jail.


Also — President Clinton – we can cure your Parkinson’s Disease and can stop the damage caused by the degrading computer chips in your brain  - but you will have to come. I will not broadcast this openly but since you treated my little Adopted Sister so well – I will give it to you personally.


A gift for being so very polite to her.


Husband Of Prosecutor Investigating Bill Clinton For Child Sex Charges Gunned Down


Putin Orders Release Of Most Dangerous Email In World


Trips to ‘Pedophile Island’ Troubling | American Free Press


Go To WIKILEAKS – it’s all there – the leaked emails, etc.




The Email That Hangs Hillary – she is now officially a traitor


WikiLeaks on Twitter: “Is this email the FBI’s star exhibit against Hillary Clinton (“H”)?”


The Book exposing the Clinton CIA Hit Squads…


The Way of the Knife: The CIA, a Secret Army, and a War at the Ends of the Earth: Mark Mazzetti: 9781594204807: Books


Her husband was a Intelligence Plant – Duh….


Husband of Georgia assistant attorney general shot to death |


One last note CIA/Jesuit Scum: If Hillary is guilty of treason then those in the Democratic Convention who vote for Hillary are also thus guilty of Treason and need to be taken down or GOD will take your organization down. So HE has said it, so it shall be.


Consider the Californian Democratic Primary….


Look up – I am only a messenger….









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  • This law suit explains a lot but it is long and it will be hard reading if you have a short attention span and do not understand how things work. Please read it and understand it.

  • NM156

    Hillary clintoris has the spirit of jezabel. Obama ahab.

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