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ISIS update 8/07/2016..the fate of Aleppo waiting for the continuation of intense fighting

Sunday, August 7, 2016 11:22
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Syrian army repels militants attack on Aleppo base


Battle for Aleppo | August 6th 2016

Syrian media deny Aleppo siege broken

The military situation at Aleppo. 07.08.2016 – Colonel Cassad

Briefly about the situation at Aleppo in the morning August 7, 2016.

1. By the morning of the enemy artillery base controls the area (although the northern part of the base with the technical college still receives conflicting messages – a plane that tried to pass off as a shot on the campus is located at the interchange in Ramusehe), and the northern part of the central part of the quarter Ramuseh ( bakery, post office, city hall), Ramuseha garages and part of the transport interchange to the north of the quarter, more than 80% in 1070 and a cement plant (though it has issues).

Action by the road through Ramuseh.


2. By night from 6 to 7 August and the CAA “Hezballa” stopped trying to patch up the corridor and take up defensive positions in the southern quarter Ramuseh, along the perimeter of the quarter Hadamaniya and quarries south of the artillery base.

Not completely clear situation with the cement plant, as militants in the afternoon on August 6 stated that the occupied and it, but photos and videos there have been reported.

3. De facto, already late in the evening, militants “Noureddine en Zina” and “Ahrar al-Sham” touched in the garage at the intersection, and the blockade was formally broken. But only formally. The main problem – there is no way for the supply of Aleppo.

The route passes along a quarter of Hamadan and development 3,000 passes directly in front of the front edge of the CAA and is easily visible from the dominant terrain Academy “Al-Assad”, so organize it supplies Aleppo impossible with the current configuration.

The road passing south of the artillery base to the junction at Ramuseha firstly forcing the militants to use is not the main road, and the road through the Khan Tuman (therefore its use is so important to control the village Amiriyah, which several times passed from hand to hand) and secondly it is still sweep a stone quarry, southern Ramuseha and industrial complex north of the water station. 779 & lon = 37.104778 & z = 14 m = b & – with the road network in the south-west of Aleppo can be found here.

4. All of this leads to a continuation of the battle for the corridor in Aleppo. militant groups requires either oust Assad’s troops in the north, occupying the building of 3000, part of Hamadan up to the Academy “Al-Assad” and the area of ​​Al-Ameria at the interchange at Ramuseh. Or take the stone quarries south of the artillery base, fully take Ramuseh and industrial zone to the south-east of the district.

CAA for its part, should at least hold these positions, to prevent militants supply of Aleppo, as well as its efforts to return to the northern part of Ramuseha, hill Amer, denouement in Ramuseha with the prospect of recovery in the front area of ​​the Artillery Academy.

For 12 days there was fighting in the central and southern part of Ramuseha, near the quarries and near Amiriyah hill. VKS Russia and Syria’s air force struck south of the artillery base.

5. The reasons for the failure of yesterday’s CAA in my opinion are as follows:

a) The enemy had more infantry, and on average, more prepared – in the evening quarter Ramuseh stayed longer mainly due motivated Lebanese of “Hezbally” (remember how rumors that they allegedly left Syria – without them now would it was difficult to ) and the Syrian special forces, regular infantry already struggling to withstand multi-day battle. It is understood that on the point of impact are the best trained militias with rich combat experience, often with a high percentage of recruits difficult to compete with them in street battles, especially as religious fanaticism pushed the attacking group ahead despite the losses (in yesterday’s fighting CAA and its allies lost 200 to 300 people were killed, the militants have lost between 450 and 650 dead). in this respect, the moral factor also played a role.

b) In the conditions of street fighting, air superiority was offset by the bombing and were not as high effect, as it would say in the battle for Mallah farm. Attempts on the basis of artillery or south of the quarry, inflict damage on the militants, but did not stop their progress. Lost tanks and carts are partly compensated by the spoils taken and replaced several hundreds of victims in recent days, it is planned to adjust svezheya meat from training camps in Idlib.

It is also worth noting that in the battle practically observed helicopters (probably fear the saturation of the attacking militants orders MANPADS) and attack aircraft, which in theory should have beat armored fighters. Bombing from a great height (MANPADS outside area) were not as high efficiency, although applied attacker substantial losses (including those due to extensive use of cluster munitions).

c) At the direction of the main attack the enemy was able to concentrate a large amount of fire weapons and equipment, partially offsetting the traditional superiority of the CAA in the artillery and tanks. We can also note that in this sector of the front, we almost did not see the new Russian equipment, which is focused elsewhere – in Latakia, Palmyra, Homs in the north of the province, near Mallah and Handarata farms. Tanks and infantry fighting vehicles at the CAA in the photo and video are generally older, even without RS – mostly T-55 and T-62 + a little T-72 + BMP-1 and BMP-2 armored bulldozers and carts. Militants approximately the same range. Excellence in the amount of conventional artillery and MLRS in combat in the residential and industrial building turned out to be offset, and how much greater value were moving mortar and improvised group MRL on carts that can more efficiently support the upcoming fire assault groups.

g) The tactics of the use of suicide bombers, which is “green” assembled from the Caliphate, though not so successfully as in “black”, but it works and sometimes baffled by the Syrians. With this need to do something, because the years go by, but the Islamists bombers are still capable of causing serious damage not only to civil or various irregular formations, but even the troops of regular armies of Syria and Iraq.

e) The overall underestimation of militant plans for unblocking of Aleppo, as after the capture of the track at the Castello and reflect the occurrence of militants Mallah farm accumulation of militants to the south-west of the city, was not of importance and likely command was confident that the onset of through tough defense in the residential and industrial building, along with artillery and air strikes will be able to reflect. Up to a point it was, but in the end the defense was breached, and the command of the CAA, Iran and the Russian Federation will have to change something in the strategy of the battle for Aleppo as to hold the ring in a comfortable environment and at the same time to clear Aleppo of insurgents will not work.

We can also state that the domestic propaganda campaign to “humanitarian corridors” and “truce” has received a severe blow, as the developments are in line with the direct military confrontation, which is very far from putting the militants and the release of the entire city. Who does not require information or humanitarian efforts, and especially the military, aimed at destroying a large enemy force. Here you just have to remember that if Assad loses this battle, it will be our loss, too.

Today, it should become clear which strategy izbiret Syrian command in further battles, will hold the current position while maintaining the ability to prevent the delivery of Aleppo by the defeat of the corridor fire weapons or try to regain their lost yesterday by entering the battle had come up reinforcements. Not ruled out the option when the CAA and Co can wait with a bang, preferring to build up sufficient forces to cut the corridor for sure that will lead to a tightening of the uncertain situation for a few days. In turn, the rebels will try to prevent such a possibility CAA by attack in Hamadan and Ramusehe. So in any case we are waiting for the continuation of intense fighting in which the fate of Aleppo.

Army repels attack by gunmen on the axis Ramouseh south of Aleppo

A tour of the art air school after its liberation and large spoils

Aleppo chemical attack victims taken to hospital

Large Number of Hezbollah Fresh Forces Arrive in Southwestern Districts of Aleppo

A large number of ready-to-fight combatants of the Lebanese Hezbollah have arrived in al-Hamdaniyeh district to join the Syrian government forces to beat back Jeish al-Fatah terrorist from the Southern and Southwestern countryside of Aleppo, battlefield sources said minutes ago.

“Hezbollah fighters, including Rezwan battalion, have now been deployed to al-Hamdaniyeh,” sources said, adding, “There is no terrorist threat in al-Hamdaniyeh and Hezbollah fighters will be dispatched to al-Ramousiyeh to confront Jeish al-Fatah’s offensives there.”

“Southern and Eastern parts of al-Ramousiyeh, cement factory, al-Ameriyeh in Northwestern side of al-Ramousiyeh and the region 606 are under full control of the Syrian army and its popular allies,” the sources said.

“The entire communication lines of the terrorist groups in the Southern and Southwestern countryside of Aleppo are being strictly monitored by the government forces and no terrorist vehicle can move on the region’s roads safely,” they added.

“In the meantime, military and logistical supplies have been provided for the Syrian army and its allies via al-Malaah farms,” the sources went on to say.

Reports said earlier today that Syrian Army troops and Hezbollah fighters inflicted major losses on the terrorists of Jeish al-Fatah in a coordinated clean-up operation across military academies and pushed them back from most of the military sites.

“100 percent of Air Force Academy, 70 percent of Artillery Academy and 30 percent of Taslih Academy have been cleaned up from Jeish al-Fatah militants by the Syrian government forces,” the sources said.

“Simultaneous with army’s mop-up operation in military academies, a large number of government forces repelled Jeish al-Fatah’s offensives to reenter the military zone but failed and retreated leaving tens of dead or wounded members behind,” the sources added.

“Army also fended off Jeish al-Fatah’s attacks to in Um al-Qara’ain Eastern side of al-Moshrefeh,” they went on to say.

Syrian army ambush 50+ Jihadists reinforcements around Kinsabba

ISIL executes 61 Iraqi civilians in Kirkuk: Iraqi Commander

Iraqi PMU and Army Aviation Combat for Khalidiya Desert Operation liberated from ISIS

Large Number of Hezbollah Fresh Forces Arrive in Southwestern Districts of Aleppo
Jeish Al-Fatah Withdraws from Parts of Two Key Positions in Southern Countryside of Aleppo
Tough Battle Underway between Syrian Army, Terrorist Groups in Aleppo Countryside
Jeish Al-Fatah Suffers Heavy Casualties in Gov’t Force’ Mop-Up Operation Southwest of Aleppo City
Hundreds of Fresh Soldiers Join Syrian Army’s Anti-Terrorism War in Aleppo
Syrian Fighter Jets Target Terrorists’ Supply Convoys Heading towards Aleppo
Terrorists’ Convoy in Southern Aleppo Pounded, Militants’ Command Room Operating from Antakya



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