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ISIS update 8/23/2016..Turkey Shells ISIS And Kurdish Peshmerga Positions On Northern Border

Tuesday, August 23, 2016 11:54
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Syrian Forces Target Rebels in Aleppo

UN urges all sides to stop fighting for a 48-hour truce in war-torn Aleppo

UN welcomes 48-hour ceasefire in Syria’s Aleppo

Sec. Kerry ‘anxious for agreement’ with Russia in Syria – former Pentagon official

Footage of Syrian army operations to recapture the technical college in south Aleppo

Assad Regime Bombs U.S.-Backed Forces In Latest Syrian Battle

Russian night airstrikes on Kabbani in north Latakia countryside

Turkey: Syria border must be purged of ISIL

Turkey Shells ISIS And Kurdish Peshmerga Positions On Northern Border

Expert: Only Syria Can Abort Plan to Establish New Kurdish Country

The Damascus government is the only power with the needed authority to stop the plot that has been hatched to create a new world state or a KRG-type government near the borders with Turkey, a Syrian political expert warned.

“The firm response of the Syrian army to unrests of Asayesh Kurdish forces in Hasaka province proved to Ankara that the Syrian government is the only power that can foil the plot to set up a Kurdish region along Turkish border,” Khorshid Deli told FNA on Tuesday.

He said that the Syrian fighter jets struck the Kurdish-controlled areas in Northeastern Syria for the first time, adding, “The Syrian warplanes for the first time in the five-year crisis in Syria struck Asayesh Kurdish forces’ military positions in the city of Hasaka in the Northeastern parts of Syria to warn the PKK to avoid crossing the red line.”

He said that the Syrian airstrikes on Hasaka also had the message for Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan that Damascus is the only side that can abort the plan for the creation of Kurdistan region which would be a grave threat to Turkey’s national security.

‘Kurdish autonomous regions in Syria unacceptable’

Race for Dzharablus – Colonel Cassad


the morning of Turkey continued massive artillery shelling of positions
of the Caliphate in Dzharablusa area, as well as the position of the
Kurdish north of manbij.

Caliphate but was not in debt and by Dzharablusa fired mortars Turkish
territory, resulting in a few minutes have flown to the Turkish city
Just fire undergone Turkish city of Kilis to the west of Al-Rai.
It is expected that in the coming week, the militants have come from
Turkey and attack Caliphate position Dzharablusa area, in order to take
the city under siege and begin its sweep.

Indirectly, the offensive must maintain two Turkish teams, mostly by
artillery and armored vehicles in the border areas (though not excluded
and outdoor entry of Turkish troops on the Syrian territory).

Most likely in the battle formations of fighters will operate the
Turkish special forces, and according to reports, Turkish specialists
are already working in Dzharablusa area – there was yesterday removed
influential commander of the SDF.
Not excluded and strikes the Turkish aviation.
Turkish radio station reported that the fight against terrorism will
continue both within Turkey and in Syria, which obviously is an
information preparation before more drastic action.

The plan of operation is straightforward – to take control of the Syrian-Turkish border on the line of Azaz-Dzharablus.

continue to expand the controlled area around manbij and artillery
strikes of the Turks to the north (in fact, they help defend against the
Kurds Caliphate) are intended to restrict this promotion.

Help this now has a slightly different nature, the Turks hope that the
Kurds will keep the black long enough to coming from the north, “green”
could take as much territory to the north of Al-Bab and manbij and not
let her take the Kurds.
Caliphate in the plan to be here between a rock and a hard place.
Nevertheless, the “black” normally do not lose heart, and report on new
suicide attacks north of manbij a result of which they killed 40 Kurds
only today.
The Kurds, in turn, argue that this morning upokoit 14 adherents of “pure Islam”. For Turkey, the ongoing bloody battles between Kurds and halifatchikami frankly beneficial.

You can easily see that in northern Syria about the “struggle against
the Caliphate” has become a great excuse for all interested parties to
conduct offensive operations in their own selfish interests.

Kurds in principle understand the rules of the game and tend to move to
the maximum here, as long as the Turkish plans are not fully
Caliphate here is a nuisance.
In fact, we are seeing growing race between Turkey ( “green”) and the US (the Kurds) for control of northern Syria. From the results of this race will depend much.

Front to the north of Aleppo.
Attention is drawn to the long “green” gut along the border, which
reflects the degree of the participation of Turkey in the recent
successes of “green.”
The farther from the border, the more difficult “green” to fight against “black.”

Turkey continues and the war with the PKK on its territory. Today, Turks 2 dead and 5 wounded. Over the last week the army and security forces lost 15 killed and over 150 wounded.  

Turkish artillery fires

The artillery battery firing at targets inside Syria Dzharabulusa area.


Syrian govt., Kurdish fighters agree on ceasefire in Hasakah

Kurdish Forces Accept Ceasefire in Hasaka

Sources close to the Syrian Kurdish fighters said that Asayesh (Kurdish security forces) has finally accepted ceasefire with the Syrian governmental forces in Hasaka.

Late last week, the Asayesh forces had attacked the Syrian army positions in Hasaka to take control of the town of Shadadi, but the Syrian air force targeted their position.

The Syrian army had announced ceasefire after several days of clashes in Hasaka but Asayesh forces violated the truce and continued their operations.

Sources close to Asayesh had claimed earlier that the Syrian Kurdish group of People’s Protection Units (YPG) seized over 90% of the Syrian army’s positions in Hasaka but after some hours it was declared that the Kurds have accepted the ceasefire and stopped operations in the city.

Media sources disclosed on Tuesday that a high-ranking Kurdish delegation was to arrive in Hemimim Airbase in Lattaki to hold a meeting with Russian officials on ways to end the differences with government forces in Hasaka province.

“The Kurdish delegation is due to meet a Russian General who is to mediate between the Kurdish police of Asayesh and the pro-government National Defense Forces (NDF),” the Arabic language Al-Mayadeen said quoting informed sources on Tuesday.

“The Russian military official is to reaffirm a temporary peace-agreement concluded on Sunday nigh between the rebel Kurds of the PKK and the Syrian government officials.”

Media activists further added that a new peace agreement will possibly be inked in Hemimim.

Syrian War Report – August 22, 2016: Deep Crisis in Eastern Syria


‘US changing facts on ground in Syria to influence next president’

Syria raps Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia for “Backing terrorists”

Briefly on Syria – Colonel Cassad

Briefly on Syria.

YPG released a statement that the Kurds quarter of Sheikh Maksoud did
not block the road at the Castello. At the same time, Syrian sources
said that the road from Castello closed for repairs.

Just Syrian
sources report that in the side of the road a few mortar min.V whole
were released throughout the day, this situation is a continuation of
Hasaka and if the war between the CAA and the Kurds is happening in the
province will be complete, it is probably in the continuation of such
actions, we see the situation, when on the one hand the Kurdish quarter
shell “green”, and on the other aircraft bombed al-Assad that, in view
of full of isolation of the Kurdish enclave in Aleppo from the main
forces quickly make the situation there is disastrous, as it was
equipped with just over Syrian territory. Someone such rotations in the
Syrian war may surprise you, but for a war with so many members, the
parties do not have something amazing change. Let’s see what all will

2. But Turkey does not want to wait and tonight
Turkish self-propelled guns and cannon artillery began shelling the
positions of the Caliphate and the Kurds in the border areas, so to
speak oboznachaniya Erdogan aspirations related to preventing the
appearance on its borders of an independent Kurdistan. It will be
interesting to see the reaction to Damascus this military activity, if
Damascus would take a neutral position on this issue, then we can assume
that there is an unspoken agreement for establishing order in northern
Syria hands of the Turks and their minions. Who is this site boundary
Syria deployed 4 teams + about 1,500-2,000 fighters observed active
movement of armored vehicles near the border with Syria. The probable
site support / entrance – the front of the Al-Rai to Dzharabulusa. Among
the main objectives – to minimize the spread of the Kurds to the north
of manbij. It is noteworthy that the United States announced that they
would defend the Kurds in northern Syria, which paves the way for
further military escalation. Much will decide the forthcoming
negotiations of Turkey and the United States, where the important issue
is the issue of Gülen.

3. The Syrian missile flew in
the Jewish position on the Golan Heights. In response, Israel launched
strikes on the positions of the Syrian war in this region, but is
reported to the Syrians, there were no casualties. Either we missed, or
simply warned. However, from the border areas of the shells fly on IDF
positions with regularly enough on Israel as Duty strikes in the border
areas. So live.

4. Under Aleppo largely unchanged.
Al-Tal and Carasso Mahrukat never taken. Within two days there are
fights in the northern part of the artillery base and the Air Force
Technical College. The main building is still in the hands of militants,
as well as the quarter Ramuseh where the front stabilized. On the other
hand, the militants have not been able to recapture a hill near the
northern quarry, with the result that during the day the road Khan Tuman
Ramuseh covering not only aircraft and artillery, but was treated with
mortars and anti-tank. Great review with maps and photos tomorrow.

Russia to Deploy Giant Aircraft Carrier to Syria’s Waters
Syria: Terrorist Groups Admit Closure of Only Supply Line to Aleppo
Over 47 Jeish Al-Fatah Terrorists Killed in Southern Aleppo
Syria: Kurdish Delegation to Visit Russian General in Hemimim Airbase over Hasaka Problem
Several Terrorist Commanders Killed in Battles with Syrian Army in Aleppo
Speaker: Russia Continues Anti-Terrorism Flights from Iran’s Western Airbase
Damascus: Syrian Army Soon to Complete Siege of Terrorist Groups in Darayya
Saudi Mofti of Terrorist Groups Warns of Widening Rifts among Militants in Aleppo


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