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ISIS update 8/28/2016.. to the south of Jarablus go full fighting

Sunday, August 28, 2016 12:49
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Kurdish forces (SDF) target Turkish army near Jarablus in north Aleppo

Turkish warplanes strike Northern Syria

“Turkish soldier killed in rocket attack by Kurds”

Turkish media: rockets fired at Turkish airport

Turkey Announces Indefinite Occupation of Northern Syria

by Stephen Lendman

Indefinite means permanent unless redefined. After invading northern Syria on Wednesday, backed by US warplanes and hundreds of terrorist fighters, along with CIA and special forces operatives on the ground, Ankara expanded its aggression with more troops and heavy weapons – perhaps still more to come. On Friday, Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim lied, saying “(w)e are protecting our country’s territorial integrity and Syria’s unity.” “Our army will continue the operation until terrorists are completely driven out of this region.” Turkish troops “are providing logistics support to the Free Syrian Army forces” – terrorists responsible for massacring Syrian civilians and other atrocities.

Creating what Ankara calls a “safe zone” for refugees is code language attempted annexation of Syrian territory – a flagrantly illegal act, supported and encouraged by Washington, Russia so far doing nothing to intervene responsibly……………

……….. Moscow is clearly concerned about the latest developments – so far without taking countermeasures. Inaction is acquiescence, Washington to take full advantage, likely using its joint aggression with Turkey to expand conflict further – like always, blaming victims for its high crimes. Things in Syria look heading toward greater war than already – US and Russian diplomats fiddling while an entire country burns.

Euphrates Shield – Day 5 – Colonel Cassad

The war between the Turks / CCA and the Kurds of the YPG / SDF finally became a fact. It does not take long. Now, to the south of Dzharablusa go full fighting.

1. On the 5th day of the operation, “the Euphrates Shield” forces SAA with the support of the Turkish army launched an offensive in the south Dzharablusa SDF / YPG positions. During the night, the positions of the Kurds were deposited airstrikes, as well as the shelling was carried out by tanks and artillery. General scheme of action is simple enough – Adventure “Falah al-Sham” and To serve as cannon fodder, and go forward in this they are supported by armored vehicles, artillery and aircraft of the Turkish army. His infantry Turks are in no hurry to spend, but also because they are already suffering losses (lost 2 tanks, 1 200th, 3 + 300x 20 people lost their slain militants). Kurds losses of the order of 40-45 killed and 10 captured.

2. The offensive is being accentuated in the south in the direction manbij. with an initial goal – to reach the northern shore of the influx of the Euphrates north of manbij. And do not stop there apparently Turks gather in the second echelon of the advancing troops were marked pontoons, which are to be used to ferry troops to the south of the river. At the same time the Turkish army continues to expand its zone of control at the expense of the Caliphate, which continues to move away to the south-west providing little resistance. In the absence of a continuous front – Kurdish forces mainly sit in the surrounding villages, the Turkish offensive is developing quite easily. Serious fortifications and pre-prepared defensive positions there are in fact no – it is moderately hilly terrain with lots of small villages, where it is extremely difficult to build a long-term defense in the absence of opportunities to counter the Turkish Aviation and weak saturation of infantry anti-tank weapons combat formations. The main danger for the Turks are mobile units with antitank guided missiles, snipers and mines.

3. Pro-Turkish militants declare that in the coming weeks and months planning – connect Dzharablus and Al-Rai, to move seriously south and take the Al-Bab and manbij. That is the bottom line – put the iron block to the realization of the project of Syrian Kurdistan, and completely remove the caliphate of northern Syria. While they quite successfully purified Dzharablusu surrounding areas from the Kurds, who certainly cause them losses and even bite the Turkish army, but that is unlikely to be strong enough to ward off the blows of large mechanized formations. I believe that the Kurds will be gradually pushed to the south, and in the event of further promotion of the Turkish army, the main resistance is exerted on the outskirts of manbij, where Kurds, if desired, can seriously dig in, forcing the Turks and insurgents PAS to engage in urban fighting, that given the low fighting quality infantry CCA looks very costly in terms of loss of business. On the other hand, the Kurds can still follow the instructions from Washington, quit recently conquered territories and to withdraw to the east bank of the Euphrates, which Washington has designated a desired line of demarcation between the territories of the Kurds and the territories, that should take the militants controlled by Turkey.

4. The United States continues to look indifferently as yesterday’s wards mercilessly shelled and bombed. Deliveries of arms from the United States to the territory Rozhavy temporarily stopped, and the Kurds were deprived of traditional air support. Units NATO special forces withdrew to the east bank of the Euphrates, so that the Kurds against the Turks remained in splendid isolation. The Kurds do not lose heart though and say they will fight the Turkish aggression. Along the impactors and the territory of Turkey itself – yesterday rockets was fired at Diyarbekir airport (victims was not a fluke). It is expected the activation of the PKK guerrillas in south-eastern Turkey and a series of attacks on Turkish military targets, which will dilute the traditional attacks against civilians, which makes the Caliphate.

For Turkey, it is now all the attacks more profitable, as they justify this need to fight both the Caliphate and PYD / YPG, which equates to a Turkish PKK. At the same time, the United States publicly condemned recent terrorist attacks in Turkey, saying that to strengthen cooperation with Turkey in the fight against terrorism and attacks on civilians and law enforcement officers. US also concerned about the growing violence by the PKK. How quickly all the same Washington pereobulsya.

5. Regarding diplomacy, the Western media continue to exaggerate rumors that Erdogan walked in Syria itself, and in agreement with Tehran and Moscow. Former US Ambassador to Azerbaijan, Bryza said that NATO must urgently do something to stop the slide of Turkey into the arms of Russia, hinting that Russia wants so way to achieve Turkey’s exit from NATO, Bryza believes that it would be highly desirable goal.

Meanwhile, Erdogan today received another from Moscow candy – Medvedev officially разрешил ml возобновление charter in Turkey, despite the fact that Turkey obviously can not guarantee the security of its own territory. It is not difficult to understand in the case of serious differences on Syria, Moscow would hardly have started making these symbolic gifts Turkey (though the holiday season is already in any case be ruined).

| Liberation Army shield Euphrates || scene of control on a hill Alseril


Commander: Turkey-Backed Militants Heading towards Manbij

The Turkish-backed militants intend to head towards Manbij to take the city from the Kurdish forces who could drive out the ISIL, a terrorist ringleader said on Sunday.

Colonel Ahmed Osman, the commander of Sultan Murad terrorist group, told the Arabic service of Reuters that the Turkey-backed forces were “certainly heading towards Manbij” since the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) had fortified their positions instead of evacuating the strategic city.

The SDF forces won back Manbij from the ISIL earlier this month.

The Turkish Army, supported by the US-led coalition and certain terrorist groups launched a military operation on Wednesday to allegedly drive the ISIL out of Jarabulus town.

Now after finishing the job in Jarabulus, they have been witnessed as aiming to further advance in Northern Syria.

On Saturday, the Kurdish-led Manbij military council warned the Turkish army over deployment of troops to the Northern parts of Syria, and vowed to give “an appropriate response to Ankara’s aggressive plans in future”.

“We will give firm response to the Turkish army if it continues its troops’ deployment in Northern Syria,” the Manbij Military Council said in a statement.

The council that is run by the majority Kurdish forces of the SDF blasted the Turkish air force for inflicting a number of civilian casualties during its airstrikes on the city of Jarablus Saturday morning, and complained that “this action by Turkey is dangerous and was carried out by misusing the silence shown by the international community to interfere in Jarablus’ affairs”.

The council said that Turkey is trying to shift its internal crisis to Northern Aleppo, adding, “The Syrian Kurds warn Turkey not to hinder the war against terrorists in Northern Syria.”

Kurdish fighters attack Al Nusra positions in Aleppo

Turkish backed rebels torturing captured SDF fighters in north Aleppo

SAA Tiger forces foil Jihadists attack on strategic hill in south Aleppo

Battle for Aleppo. 28.08.2016 – Colonel Cassad

In general, the defense militias, though located in the extreme tension, but still kept the army advances are yet tactical in nature, but a breakthrough in the way of Khan Tuman – Ramuseh or loss in 1070, coupled with the Air Force Technical College may at any time to put the whole group of militants in corridor on the brink of disaster. Now many choose the material and quantitative factors, as now in the battles to the south-west of Aleppo hand grind force each other regardless of losses, losing a day on a few dozen people and spending a huge amount of ammunition, which fully meets the content of the battle for Aleppo as a general engagement of the Syrian war. In recent years, various cities in different local wars compared with Stalingrad – Stalingrad was the Libyan Sirte was “under Sanzharovkoy Stalingrad” was the “Stalingrad in Deir ez-Zor,” but all these comparisons have been strained. But the battle for Aleppo duration for the resources used, the degree of damage and the degree of hardening of the fight, more like things to these comparisons. So, as in the case of Stalingrad, the success or failure in this battle will have a watershed effect on the entire course of the Syrian war, so it is not surprising that the two sides throw all that is possible in the furnace of battle, knowing that winning all these sacrifices and the costs will pay for .

Here I can only wish good luck to the CAA and its allies. I hope that despite all the difficulties and losses, militants still dozhmut as a booster at one time fiercely defending halifatchikov under Kuveyrisom and Palmyra.

Syrian Evacuees Leave Daraya for Shelter

Darayya truce completed after militants evacuated

Syria, Darayya, Militants Leaving Darayya heading to Idlib After Deal with Syrian Government.
Ivan Sidorenko

Hezbollah Leader explains why Syria & Assad are crucial to Middle East war

Iran slams “ISIL(Daesh)-Breeding” countries in region

Ayatollah Khamenei warns foes against attacking Iran

Iraqi army fully liberates Khalidiya Island


Hadi Al-Ameri: Over 1200 ISIL Terrorists Killed in Al-Khalediya Liberation Operation

The commander of Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Forces, Hadi al-Ameri, announced that the number of the ISIL terrorists killed in the recent battle of al-Khalediya has exceeded 1,200.

“Around 1,200 to 1,500 terrorists have been killed in fierce clashes with Iraq’s joint military forces in al-Khalediya battle,” Al-Ameri said on Sunday.

He noted many ISIL terrorists have also been arrested, including some runaway notorious prisoners of Abu Ghreib prison.

“Some of the captured commanders were foreigners, including women who had military uniform on,” Al-Ameri added.

On August 20, a senior military commander announced that Iraq’s joint military forces had completely seized back the strategic al-Khalediya Island located to the East of al-Ramadi in Anbar province.

“The Iraqi security and Hashd al-Shaabi managed to fully liberate al-Khalediya Island 23 kilometers to the East of al-Ramadi and also take full control of the surrounding villages and regions of the island,” Commander of Anbar Liberation Operations Major General Esmayeel Mahlawi said.

Syrian Army Inches Closer to Key Town in Eastern Damascus
Syrian Army Ready to Launch Final Phase of Seizing Back Project 1070 in Aleppo
Aleppo: Kurdish Forces Destroy Turkish Army Tank in Jarabulus City
Syria: Jeish Al-Fatah’s Only Supply Line to Aleppo Still Closed
IRGC Navy Commander: US Not Able to Confront Iran Militarily
German Newspaper: ‘Euphrates Shield’ Operation Threatening Both Middle East, Europe
Syria: Turkish Soldiers Killed, Wounded in Kurdish Fighters’ Attacks North of Aleppo
One More Non-Syrian Commander Leaves Fatah Al-Sham Terrorist Group
Syria: Turkey-Backed Terrorists Occupy More Lands


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